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Angela Hill Hill
Angela Bautista
Angel Meeks
iam from nashville,tn now stay in utah . iam a cool ass girl and love life looking just to have fun no dumb shit love real people . iam black an fine as hell singing, danceing, cooking, fucking, drinking readind books and talking lol
Angelia Scattarelli
Angel Sleeman
Angela Mpofu
Angela Bono
Angel Rodriquz
Angelo Hicban
Angel Montero Medina
Angello Talamoi
Angelo Riveiro
Angela Morales
Angela Rice
Angel Boozer
Angela Moya
Angel Nicole Garcia
Angel Ann Hirikom
Angel Pardillo
Angela Holcomb
Angel Anderson
Angela Lilly
Angela Miller
Angel Mcgaha
Angel Nazs
Angela Dalma
Angel Vem Ian Floresca
Angel Ceja
Hello my name is ANGIE I'm here to chat I'm 37 yrs old happly married for 17 yrs now and the reason why I'm still married is because my hubby doesn't mind me shareing r love life with another lady. We r not swingers and don't do it everyday its only happend three times and only on our anniversry. So on that not that exsplains my title name . Lovein life spending time with my family .
Angela Wilcox Deborde
Angela King
Angela Wilson
Angela Webb
Angeli Dalma
Angel Jackson
Angel Lyn Carillo
Angela Servais
Angel Waters
Angelica Lee
I love to laugh more than anything! Sadly though, my jokes are terrible. My friends, family, & God are what stand a top my life. Without these things, I would not be the person I am today. Feel free to message me if you wanna know more. Am not looking for a perfect guy..Im just looking for a guy who' down to earth.. nice and funny. thats all.I love who's very romantic when he always take me out and rather go dinne
Angela Ascione
Angel Sandlin
Angelo Reyes
Angela Marideen Gonzalez
Angela Hackney
Angela Slusser
Angelica Alviar
Angela Van Wattum
Angela Mansker
Angel Carmack
Angel Oak
Angela Piippo
Angela Casey
Angela Phillips
Angel Arabia-barnes
Angel Derby-soules
Angel Adrian
Angelica Espino
Angela Blythe
Angela Yi
Ange Accuttoroop
Angel Ayala
Angel Nieves
Angela Stroman
Angela Brown
Angel Graves
Angel Kim
Angel Ferreiro
Angel Baughn
Angela Wagoner
Angelia Fogle
Angelo Tuo
Angel Perez
Angel Fernandez
Angel Mandap
Angela D'annunzio
Angel Dani
Angel San
Angela Taylor
Angela Bradford
Angela Hill
Angela Broxton-flowers
Angela Barnett
Angel Torres
Im a real down to earth type of guy. like to hang out with friends and pop a couple bottles and have fun. Don't like drama so please keep it to a min. If there is anything you would like to know, dont be scared to ask. I love to play paintball when I get the chance to. I love sports, baseball is my personal favorite.
Angel Mauricio
Angelie Rose Uvero
Angela Backhouse
Angela Caruso-carroll
Angel Tacuri
Angel Mendoza
Angel Slone
Angelica Martinez
Angel Lopez
Angela Zinke
Angela Lopez
Angel Chan
Angelina Hartbishop
Angela Ponce
Angelita Inga
Angel Smith
Angela Chin
Angel Torres
Angella Nalwanga
Angel Garcia
Angel Vander Loop
Angela Flynn
Angel Valdehueza
Angela Session
Angelo Chisholm
Angel Ritter
Angel Autman
Angela Gomez
Angel Grissett
Angela Calloway
Angel Robinson
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Angela Livermore
Angeline Chavez
Angela Lucas
The world is full of good coaches, what it takes to win is a bunch of interested players. I am in a relationship and I love the man I am with. He is the father of my child and I will do nothing to jeopardize our relationship. Therefore, do not message me if you are looking for a hookup because you will be ignored. I am here for friends since I am new to North Dakota, so if you are looking for a friend feel free to drop a line. Nature, stars, bridges, music, hugs, pools
Angela Lewis
Angel Malbrough
Angelina Andreoli
Angela Norris
Angelica Gaspar
Angel Panganiban
Angel Mallari
Angeline Deguzman
Angeli Malang
Angel Blu
Angela Cabiling
Angel Gibbs
Angelbirth Malubag
Angelica Pino
Angela Pineda
Angelina Jackson
Angelina Creek
Angela Green
Angelica Reyes Dela Cruz
Angela Purcell
Angela Borders
Angel Zhunio
Angelica Montemayor
Angel Sulu
Angel Kwick
Angelica Rocha
yes im sexy and hot but yall guys cant touch this b/c its for one person my soon to b husband and the wedding is in september 30 and i have 2 kids and look this good i cant help it i have alot of interest and the only one that need to kno that is my husband
Angel M Pcastro
Angel Tongco
Angelking Ii
Angela Artis
Angela Peters
Angela Spark
Angela White
Angels Moonstars
Angela Andujare
Angel Espinosa
Angela Carli
Angel Greene
Single Mom of 4 grown daughters Amy,Mistirae,Tiffany and Jessica and grandmother of 13 Joshua,Justin,Nevaeh,Jayden,Lydia,Matilda,Joslynn,Kaylie,Kiara,Sarah,Brailyn and Alex and new grandbaby due in July. I am an Avon Representative and love to make new friends.I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love to sing and go to karaoke as much as possible,also enjoy dancing,cookouts,watching movies and relaxing,reading romance novels and VC Andrews books Patrick Swayze,Julia Roberts,Demi Moore,John Travolta Ghost,Dirty Dancing,Grease,Grease 2, Grease Live,Pretty Woman,Lethal Weapon,Annie,Charlottes Web,Beatle Juice, Jumanji,Jurrasic Park,
Angel Lovesdaryl
` AngelCCL! ` Turned 18 on 25th April. ` Attached to DarylCZY since 231110, 10:59PM. I'm a very straight-forward girl, i'm nice to everyone. But dun ever climb over my head, i'll treat u like dirt if u ever do that. Try me. ` Shopping! ` Watching movies! ^^ ` Hanging out with my boyf and friends! ` Making more friends! ` Sleeping! ` Eating!
Angel Rodriguez
I am all for finding that special NSA! All things good and none of the consequences of the opposite!
Angelica Nakagawi
Angela Yabes
Angelica Bieren
Angela Flores
Angeline Peñalosa
Angela Parshall
Angela Cash
Angelita Gaimaro
Angela Harger
Angel Lino
Angel Arora
Angela Ham
Angel Quinones
Angennette Arrington
Angelie Gemarino
Angel Jôshuå
Angel Calyen
Angela Porta-farina
Angelica Hernandez
Angela Kirk
Angel Castillo
Angel Slone
Angel Flores
Like playing sports with friends & family, like having fun going out to the beach and watching movies, am always out trying to have fun cause we only live once living life to the fulliest...... Am those guys that are nice and caring, sweet , adorable, funny, not jealous type, etc.
Angela Severns
Angel Goree
Angelita Silaban
Angel Vega
Ange Peters
Im a easy going, down to earth kind of lady, love to meet people from any walks of life...... I live in a beautiful country and so proud to be a New Zealander, (Maori), I lived in Auckland one of our main cities, but got sick of the fast paced and expensive life and now live in the country side and so lucky to have a house right on the beach.... I love to sun bath as much and often as i can, i love motorbikes i belong to a Harley Club where most of my best freinds belong too, I own a couple horses that i get to ride often along the beach and 2 dogs that are my babies ....I enjoy drinking and smoke a joint wont be to far behind this either hahahahaha, I enjoy any type of music, but must admit i do love my reggae!!! I love to watch football NRL and of course our All Blacks, So thats pretty much me ~~~~~~~~~~~LIVE TO LOVE.......LOVE TO LIVE~~~~~~~~~~~
Angel Rodriguez
Hi my name is angel and my middle name is evil................. Sike No for real, my name is angel, my parents named like that and I like it. Well I don't know how to describe my self but lets see what I can write, well I don't like people who talks shit behinds me but anyways is only words nothing to be worried or something else that can hurt me because im strong and I can handle that so I don't care about them I care about me and my family. I have goal like everyone else but my goals are like steps, one by one until I get there, but everything is in my decisions that I make everyday, goods or bads I don't know, one thing I know is that my goals are important to me and im gonna reach them no matters what. I like to be friendly and play around with my friends. I don't have 100% of angel thats for sure, also i don't like to lie or to other people lie to me. If you want to know me more or ask me something just send me a msg. Well I like to party with my friends. Im interested on girls/
Angel Cortes Valga
Angelia Tullos
Angel Bloss
Angela Boudloche
Angela Alonzo
Angela Miracle
Angela Delaney
Angela Ochuba
Angelika Phar
Angel Ellis
Angel Galvan
Angela Scott
Angela Burns
Angela Adaya
simple but roooooooccckkkkk! \m/ i like to play tennis, because it is the only game where love means nothing! saba jah! ahahaha P
Angel Kennedy
Angelia Newell
Angela Hamilton
Angela Walker
Angela John
Angel Gualan
Angela Ward
Angela Allbright
Angelia Romero
Angela Gunawan
Angel Liptus
Angel Borges
Angela Howard
Angel Hérnandez De Jesús
Angel Jordan
Angela Hopkins
Angela Ferguson
Angelo Arnel
Angelina Ford
Angelica Alvarez
Angelic Akon
Angela Moore
Angel Bousquet
Angela Lovelace
Angeleca Deccesare
I just want someone I can enjoy spending some time with and wherever it leads is fine by me. Come talk to me, get to know me better, see if I'm the one you're looking for. I gotta FaceBook page too if ya wanna add me.'Angeleca Deccesare'... K well, ttys!! music, swimming, beaches, parks, travel, road trips, video games, chatting, dancing, partying, camping, volleyball, boating, amusement parks, roller coasters, bonfires, snowmobiling, art, poetry, romance, chick flicks lol
Angel Taylor
Angela Strautz
Angel Hernandez
Angelina Fomina
Angel Rene Flores
Angela Snow
Angela Hedrick
Angela Davenport
Angel Boyles
I am a very nice person. I'm a Pisces. I love my friends, family, music, motorcycles, fishing, and camping. I like to get dirty. I have a lot of things I like doing plus things I will not do. I have 4 wonderful and beautiful daughters. I have my heart set on someone and right now him and I are working things out. Don't ask me if I have a job or what I do for a living it's none of your business I will not ask if you have a job because I honestly don't care. Your personal life is just that PERSONAL!!! Just like my life is. If you decide to ask me a question and I decide to answer then that is one thing. I won't just come out and ask about your wife/husband or kids unless I know your personally. I'm here just to pass time away. Yes I have a NSFW folder no I will not just add you so you can see my dirty pictures. If you live near me that is cool, if I see you in public I will go the other way. I will not make a big scene if I see you. This here like I said is to pass time. I do have health
Angel Cakes
Angel White
Angel Aries
First Name: Angel Last Name: Aries Age: 25 Location: WV Status:: Snuffy's Angel...enuff sedd heehee:].
Angel Strausburg
heyy there da name is angel, i am 20 yeaaars yunnq. brouqhtt into this lamme ass world 4-2-1991 i am a student at daymarr college last class will be mar-21-2012 get to know me, add me hmu. music dancing piercings & tats.
Angela Thomas
Angel Pena
Angeline Bardin
Angela Maria Davila
Angel Park
Angel Hartley
Angelica Bebi
Angel Roblero Sr.
Angela Lofthouse
Angel Thompson
Angela Montgomery
Angel Jose
Angel Heart
Angel Capo'
Angela Miller
Angela Kelly
Angela Azevedo
Angel Woodrow
Angel Queen
Angela Craven
Angelica Dyer
Single white female 40 yrs old 3 boys only one @ home...Loving life love to laugh n have lots of fun... Remember the 3 F's if your not Fucking me, Feeding me, or Financing me I could care less about your personal opinion! family,friends ,kids
Angel Willis
Angela Anderson
Angela Templeton
Angela Moore- Bronson
Angela Burgess
Angel Ceballos
Angela Welch
Angelique Garr
Angel Nunez
Angel Ramos
Angel Acevedo
Angel Scott
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Angel Brookes
Angela Ebenstein
Angelie Gruta
Angel Rivera
Angel The Ordinary
Angel Tnae
Angela Holt
Angela Parks
Angelina Tostado
Angela Schoolcraft
Angelica Gorman
I am a direct girl who's truely open to new ideas, people, and stuff. chatting and gossiping
Angela Kennedy
Angela Mielke
Angela Hanson Turner
Angelika U Lyk
Angel Williams
Angel Gimenez Montano
Angel Barbosa
Angela Spiers
Angela Deno
Angel Tenezaca
Angela Findlay
Angela Dabu
Angel Hartley
Angelique Perez
Angela Harrington
Angelo Giorno
Angel Luce
Angelina Stone
Angela Perry
Angelique Skopec
Angela Rice
Angela Spiers
Angel David
Angela Idle
Angel Ibukun
Angela Stevens
Angelina Love
Angelica Maxim
Angela Nichols
Angel Delumen
Angela Bloyer
Angela Spiers
Angel Mmfwclforlife
im bi and im jus meh got a problem fu lol
Angel Juli Juli
Angelica Pickles
Angel Oflight
What up everyone my name is Marrissa i'm 22 from the awesome state of Oklahoma i'm on here to share my love and passion witch is the unknown and also to meet fellow believers such as myself. So if you believe in the paranormal or just wanna chat hit me up and if you want to know more about me then ask my soul is a open book!!! the unknown whatever it is i'm curious as a cat when it comes to that but other than that i love hanging with friends,going to the casino,learning anything about anything and watching movies
Angela Jones
Angel Tigner
Angel Soeft
Angela Noblin
Angela Harris
Angel Sanchez
Angel Alcala
Angela Holmes
Angel Ca
Angel Alimon
Angel Johnson
I am funny, exciting, a little crazy, always up for something fun... I don't do web cam's so don't ask. I have seen what you have before even if you think it is awesome... Not saying that it's not but hey I have seen one before. I speak my mind if you can't tell. I love to talk and bull shit most the time it's harmless fun... I am honest and will give you the truth if that's what you want. I am not on here to hook up or find a romantic partner, I have no time for that. I am just me.. Take it or leave it.
Angel Arellano
Angela Bolster
Angela Voyles
Angel Franco
Angela Goor Bowerman
Angel Minaj
Angel Morales
Angel Hdez
Angela Martinez
Angela Fuller
Angelito Prado-gonzalez
Angel Foster
Angela Brison
Angel Vergara
Angel Lara
Angel Perez
Angelica Ledesma Anchali
Angel Ramirez
Angel Lung
Angel Ornelas
Angela Richter
Angeles Olivares
Angel Williams
Angel Rios
Angela Birmingham
Angel Oliver
Angel Medrano
Angel Rodriguez-agurto
Angel Cruz Calderas
Angela Curtis
Hello my name is Angela. I am 24 years young, I do have a boyfriend, whom i have been with for 18 months, we are looking for a girl, who is looking for some fun, and a new friend, someone who can come hang out, and just be herself around us! I have a 6 year young son, named Nicholas! On April 27th, 2005 my whole world changed for the better, thats the day I became a mother! I later had a Beautiful little girl! Her name is Trinity, and she is 4 years young! My children, boyfriend, And Fam trying to find some good clean fun with a sexi white bi female who doesnt mind having some adult fun and maybe see where things go!
Angel Martinez
Angel Heart
Angel Lopez
Angelas Davis
Angela Mosby
Angela Davis
Angela Chesbro
Angel Micaiah Bantilan
Angelot Paul
Angela Hart
Angela Johnson
Angelina Mislang
Angela Sleets
Angela Buchanan
Angela Johnson
Angel Jimenez
Angel Ramirez
Angel Shinigami
Angeliajames Smith
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Angel Gothard
I am married to a wonderful guy.I have 3 kids.
Angela Packard
Angela Herman
I am very calm, but outspoken. I am exciting and very adventurous and will try anything once. I am moderately tattooed and looking to get more. You get what you get with me and thats it. Any questions just ask I am not afraid to share. Photography, and hanging out with friends. Tattoos and Zuma
Angel Cox
Angel Blais
Single mother of 4 beautiful children( yes all the same and proud grandma. Started working again. Love the outdoors and walks on the beach at night.Like to read,watch movies and go for long walks in my spare time.
Angela Westmoreland
Angela Benbow Rollin
Angel Bratcher
Angelic Braun
Angelica Maria
Angel Cordero
Angel Lewis
i a very caring person,i have a big heart unless you hurt me or my kids I am in to all kinds of music action.horror,the old love movies
Angelo Coppolella
Angel Trice
Angel Campos
Angel Jamison