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Andrew Russ
Andrew Pearson
Andrew Blackgrave
my name is andrew im 24 i have aa baby on the way im in the middle of a davorce there was nothing to come good of that relation ship besides my baby im a out going person im looking for a women who like me for me and not what i have i am a verry opend minded person i have 10 tatts i love to camp play football i love to do anything that is energetic butt if you wanna know anything else hit me up im a message away
Andrew Calderon
Andrey Sachakov
Andrew Craven
Andrew Hodgen
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Schafer
Andre Marshall
Drawing and bike riding Going to the movies
Andrew Acevedo
Women Cars Drinking beer
Andrew Claar
Andreas Faber
Andrea Mizell
Andrew Nelson
Andrews Legacy
Andre Woodbury
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Mcgrogan
Andre Paxton
Andre M Haechler
Andrew Purpura
Andre Freeman
Andrea Brooks
I'm an open book... just a difficult one to read. I don't recommend trying to figure me out. I'll gladly answer any question, but don't ask if you're looking for a specific answer because you probably won't get the one you're looking for. I'm interested in anyone that can teach me something new, anyone that can speak an exotic foreign language (or fake an exotic foreign accent well), girls that can kick my ass, guys that sing better than me, and anyone that can dance. I play the piano and guitar, I sing, dance, rollerblade, practice martial arts, and I look good naked. I can cook, but not very often (I try to keep to as close to a raw diet as I can, even though I'll devour a Big Mac from time to time), I read but not as much as I write. And I love... Rules: 1: I am not going to add you to yahoo messenger or MSN. First, I'm not going to install them. Screw that noise. Second, that's like meeting someone at a Starbucks and asking if they'd like to sit and talk, and them saying, "Yeah
Andrew Pafford
Andre Humes
Andrew Jessup
Andrew Dowell
Andrew Rader
Andrew Pfingsten
Andres Lopez
Andrew Murphy
Andrew White
Andre Johnson
Ask Cigars, Society for Creative Anachronism, Drinking Coffee, Hanging Out With Friends, Trying New Things, Watching Movies, Reading, Zombies, Xbox 360, Role playing, History, Computers, Movies, Sex and Other Stuff
Andrei Andreev
Andrew Coker
My name is Andrew. I am going into the Marine corp. I lieave for basic Nov. 1st I have already sworn in and im going in for 8 a good , funny, loveable guy. want to know more just ask I like to workout a lot. I like to play football and workin on cars. i lkie camaro's and the older still mustanges. And i like to hang out with friends a just have a good time
Andrew Tredway
I'm 25 have my own house, business and car. My interests sum me up, i have a big heart and love animals. Looking for someone to take the next step in life with me, something I've wanted for a while, to have a family of my own, kids that call me dad and a wife that loves me no matter what, to be there through the bad and good times, not just bail after things get rough.
Andrew Randolph
Andrew Mealy
Andrew Honea
Andrea Melong
Andrew Gibas
im a liad back guy who likes to do pretty much anything. i enjoy being a firefighter and partying with my friends.ill pretty much talk to anybody who is a nice person and not an asshole or some stuck up bitch so if you wanna chat with me feel free. i hate fake people or people that are just out there to mess with your mind and try to play you for a fool. so if you are a fake person or a bullshitter id rather not get to know you.
Andrew Gillespie
Andrew Mathis
Andrew Poirier
Andre Mcknight
Andrew Ervin
Andrean Georgiev
Andrew Santiago
Andrew Miller
Andrea Holmquist
Andrew Hanks
Andrea Cambell
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lipchik
Andrew Skillin
Andre Walker
Andrew Quiruz
Andrew Bradley
Andrea Brooke
Andrew Metcalf
Andrew York
Andrew Jones
Andrew Steele
Andrew Roach
Andrew Scriven
Andrew Loyal
Andrew Cobb
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Dickson
Andrew Miles
Andrew Newton
Andrew Harper
Andres Beltran
Andrew Pisano
Andrew Farndell
Andrew Hillier
Andrew Gould
Andre Serobyan
Andrew Richardson
Andrew White
Andrew Fellows
Andrea Acebedo
Andrew Rogowicz
Andrew Pillow
just ask me and ill be happy to share wit u
Andrea Kelchner
Andrea Palmer
Andres Santiago
Andrew Hipp
Andrew Smith
Andrew Payne
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Mckelvey
Andrew Carter
Andrew Hicks
Andrew Coles
Andrew Pingel
Andrew Juettner
Andrew Heckman
Andrew Belk
Andrew Jones
I'm a wild man to the core... I'm simple i'm easy to get along with and I love meetin new people... I'm from a country town and i'm a recording musician I love my Les Paul I love my wall of doom I plug it into and i'm all blues, rock, metal to the core !!! Simple easy ready to roll... I like Becks and I drink alot of it while im jammin... I love to have a good time !!!! Feel free to inquire about more... I like to hang out with family and friends as much as possible I live a busy life but I love what I do !!! I like great food, great music, and anything cold with barley and hopps in it.... Im a country boy so the outdoors thing is all my cup of tea... And i'm a lead guitarist and singer currently doing my own thing and working with a band or two... Lovein life everyday and never takein anything for granted is definately an interest !!!! And women are definately an interest !!!!! But I have strong faith and I know where I stand with that !!!
Andrew Sohn
Andrew Mon
Andrew Plumb
My name is Andrew Plumb, I am 73" and about 225lbs. I am currently in the Army, and miserably sitting in Afghanistan. Not really much to tell about this place other than the mountains are awesome if your a mountain fan, the weather sucks and the days are busy. I am a forward artillery observer which really to simplify things means I call in helicopter attacks, artillery strikes and mortar strikes. I occasionally help out with the fighter jet bomb drops. We are otherwise known as FISTERS (fire supporters. The eyes of death if you will. My interests are hanging out with friends when im not working. reading books that deal with greek mythology, listening to music, lifting weights, drawing, and reading and writing poetry. I also play the drums from time to time. I consider myself a shy and dull individual. Until you get to know me then I open up. But if there is something you would like to know about me feel free to ask.
Andre Stone
Andrea Lawson
Andres Mendez
Andres Enriquez
Andrew Cook
Andrew Lloyd
I love video games, and playing Poker. I hope to find lots of fun friends over Xbox Live. My dream is to play in the World Series of Poker in Vegas, or the World Poker Tour in Atlantic City. My favorite place to visit, is Atlantic City, cause I usually spend my time outside casinos, rather than inside, unless I'm playing in a Texas Hold'em tourney. Video games is a part of my life. After all, I'm a casual gamer. I have an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo DSi. My favorite games are, Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero 5, Tomb Raider Legend, Peggle, Lips, DDR, Classic Sonic, Classic Mario, Pokemon, and classic compilations. I also play poker at KatManDu in Trenton. I get my practice over Xbox Live, and now on to keep my skills up.
Andrew Proctor
hi my name is andrew i a 20 years old i like to work on cars and atvs i love to go out and have a good time or go take a walk on the beach i live my life to the fullest if you want to know anything else yahoo me old skool cars
Andrew Mittenz
Andrew Dunfrord
hey im andrew hit me up hotties :"D
Andre Birleanu
Andrea Burger
Andra Joiner
Well my names andra i'm 22 i stay in texas. i'm a cool laid back guy very respectfull and honest. not to much to say but wanna know more hit me up. text it 325 455 6593 Basically Gettin to the money, Chillin wit my boys, Chillin wit my familia, Playin wit my nepfews, Watchin sports, Textin So Hit Me Up325 455 6593. Horror, Action, Drama And Porn
Andri Kristanto
Andrew Dube
Andrean Soegondho
Andrew Fosbinder
Andrew Foley
Andrea Lea Simpson
Andrea Dotson
Andrew Mushing
Andrew Monteiro
Andrew Alexander
Andrew F
i got a really fucked up sense of humor, to the point where almost no one can relate to it. growing up i played in metal bands, nowadays i'm a local emcee/artist working in both alternative and metal as well as doing stuff in the world of hip hop, i love rapping, its fun, i also promote dubstep in detroit, i love my city!!!!! if you have a bad image of detroit in your head and believe its a shit town and have never been here, then keep that thought and go fuck yourself, detroit is the best city in the midwest. don't be scared to come check it out, some of the best moments of my life have happened in detroit, i am very deep rooted in detroit city and it's revival. going to school for radio broadcasting. FEMALES! (don't get the wrong idea fellas, i do not swing that way) adam d hitch hikers guide to the galaxy
Andrew Morgan
Andrea Valdez
Andreas Tho King
If you want to know about me than just ask me. I will tell you anything you want to know. or we can just talk. Anyone can be my friend. So hit me up!!!
Andrea Jackson
Andrew Mill
Andrew Redwine
Andrew Peters
Andrey Bowen
Friends would probably describe me as a gentleman, easy going, easy to talk with..I like to have fun, i love to laugh and enjoy seeing people laught
Andrew Womack
Andrea Farmer
Andrew Allen
Andrew Christie
Andrew Roy
Andre Van Der Mescht
Andrew Railsback
Andres Gomez
just on here to kill time and see what all this is about. watching tv , fishing, classic cars, music, and hanging out with my fam, and spending time with my wife
Andrea Galicia
Andre Taylor
Andrew Wooderd
Andrew Iwanov
Andre Gambrell
Andrew Briggs
Andrew Hunsley
Andrew Horton
hello my name is Andrew im 18 years old i live in the UK, i am still at college at the momment so i can look for a Job while i go to Uni. my hobbies are goin out wid m8s when i get time. The job that i would like 2 be is a por-photgrapher.
Andrew Collyer
Andrea Korkut
Andrew Zabosky
Andriy Yaroshenko
Andrew James
Im a single father of three. self employed livin in the big town of neb city looking for a good time with a girl. fishing, truck driving
Hi i'm Andrew i'm 25 and a graduate from the University of Minnesota.
Andrew Vrolijk
Andrew Smith
Andrew Chaz
Andre Nickson
Andrew Skwera
Andrea Zico
Andrea Parks
Andrea Robinson
Andrew Rodriguez
Andres Baños Geronimo
Andre Walker
i like to add clips of women with big breast and long fingernails on the internet.
Andrei Barroga
Andrew Aitken
Andrew Nicklin
Andrea Mercer
Andre Olag
Andrew Mendoza
Andrea Porter
I am not an angel with white wings and as every person I have both bad and good sides. It is not a secret that every lady believes in fairy-tales, in something very romantic and impossible, so am I My character consists of absolutely different features and that's why I am always mysterious I will be very happy to help you with solving of my riddle.I love sport and sports people, I respect those ones who care of their appearance and health. That's why I'm fond of running in the mornings and exercises, so my motto is healthy way of life. I love to spend time with my friends, listen to beautiful music and to dance, because from childhood I have been involved in the world of dancing and music art. Besides I was studying in a model agency, where I learned what a beautiful lady should be. I like to spend time outdoors, traveling and explore new things in my life.
Andres Hernandez
Andrew Ross
I'm 24 and i enjoy being outdoors. I'm a fire fighter and I love what i do. I'm pretty much up for anything. I'll try anything once.
Andrew Vroom
Andrew Stanforth
ask any thing and shall answer pussy money weed
Andrew Henson
Andrez Garcia
Andre Susu
Andrew Higgins
Andrew Castilleja
Andre Barnaby
Andrés Cid
Andrew Edwards
Andrew Campbell
Im in the U.S ARMY SPICIAL FORCES.....I love playing football, and going rock-climbing,wake-boarding,surfing,scuba-diving,rafting,running,lifting weights. and lol a little street racing haha.
Andrew Hernandez
Andrea Hutchinson
Andre Robins
Andrew Gillitzer
Andrew Lane
Andrew Bond
Andriana Messica
I love reading,listening to music,like action comedy movies,love meeting people far or near, i love been with friend and going out for camping and most of all been close to the nature.. Am looking for a man that can make me happy and be there for me through thick and thin and that can help me find the treasure that i have lost and will see me through all my up and down, a man that is loving caring,undestanding,that will respect my oppinion and most of all that play the game of love. more about me: I am a sensitive, intelligent, passionate affectionate,loyal, witty, inteligent, humorous, efficient, creative, sensitive, caring, generous, communicative, sensual, charming, reliable, cleverly neat woman looking for someone special to share my world with and potentially, to grow old with. I am committed life to living to the fullest and in growing as a person. Having fun is very important to me and I am looking for someone with whom I can share life's experiences and grow toge
Andrew Mccarty
Andrew Mcgoldrick
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Devane
Andrea Schurmann
Andrew Houseknecht
Andrada Popa
Andrej Elinik
Andre Beckford
Andrea Green
Andres Andrews
Andre Pinto
Andrejs Mironovs
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Andre' Skiwalker
Andres Cardona
Andre Layton
Andrew Blom
Andrew Smith
Andrew Locklin
Andrew Reid
Andrew Leone
Andranik Davtyan
Andrea Vanelli
Andre Morris
Andrew Sadach
Andreas Krause
Andre Underwood
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Wannell
André Huijts
Andrea Libby
I'm a 24 year old nice and simple girl who loves to be in front of a camera. I'm currenty looking for the love of my life. Physical looks is not important to me. I don't like macho boys or model type guys. I prefer those "ordinary-simple" solid guy who can give me love and security. To know more about me please visit my site I love taking pictures of myself, biking, travelling and swimming
Andrew Thomas
Well where to start. I'm Andrew I'm 23 I'm 6'5" I work in a machine shop running a cnc milling machine. I'm just a big nerd I play video games both on PS3 and the PC i watch movies and like to spend time with my family. Family is important to me because they are the ones that will always be there no matter what. I dont smoke and i dont drink except shots of Jack Daniels every so often mainly when i bowl with my family.
Andrea Edi
Andrew Aubert
i am just me talk to me text me I play Basketball have alot of friends. 2 sisters and one brother. I go to colville highschool and i love spokane.
Andrew Scruggs
Andrea Vitileia
Andrea Bernardinis
Andrew Vanman
Andrew Fonseca
Andrew Ferris
Andrew Stanley
Andrea Coco
Andrew English
Andrew Gonzales
Andrea Dye
Andrew Newman
Andrew Williams
Andrew Cuccookachoo
Andrzej Kurowski
Andre Ackbersingh
Andre Richardson
Andrew Muehlberger
Andrew Martin
Andrew Johnson
Andres Moore
Andrew White
Andri Firmansyah
Andrea Wilkins
Andrew Bessette
Andreea Dumitru
i like to swim run and play soccer and also camping my friend also say that am funny. i love to meet new person and do new thing
Andrea Sokell
hey im a single nearly 36 year old mum love meeting new people and having fun so come and chat to me. i'm totally devoted to my kids but i like to spend time with my friends socialising, i'm loads of fun and have bundles of energy and love to talk xxxxxx
Andrew Black
Andrew King
Andrew Braddy
Andrew Smith
I am here for just friends. Who like to all types of rock music!
Andrew Ata
Andrew Eloja
Andrew Summers
Andrew Fuqua
Andrew Romero
Andrew Burrows
Andrew Henley
Andrew Lizotte
Andre Hunt
Andrew Mcallister
Andrea Smith
Andrzej Spang
Andrew Vaughn
Andrés Jimenez Zafra
Andres Acosta
Andrew Arendt
Andrew Servaty
Andrew Clarke
Andrew Brock
Andre Williamson
Andrew O.
Andrew Ague
Andrew Steinbacher
Andrews Gyening
Andrew Beggrow
Im a down to earth dude and easy going. I help any friend in need if it is possible at all for me to help them i try my best. I like to be honest to my friends and dont like it when people fuck with there emotions so if you fuck with my friends and i find you watch your back. if you really want to get to know me give me a message and ill get back to you my general outlook on life shit happens get up and keep moving the men and women that helo other with out anything in return. Scary movies are awesome my soul to take was awesome so is drag me down to hell any scary movie i havent seen is because i dont have the money for it. Action; Movies are also my favorite the transporter series is awesome anything action is awesome.
Andres Rodriguez
Andrew Schofield
Andrea Oliver
Andre Blaylock
Andrew Skipper
Andrea Ablaza
Andrea Mcbride
Andre Amiri
Andreas Asimakopoulos
Andrew Etzweiler
Andrea Marie Knowles
André Aurelius
Computer programmer. Rock music lover. Firm believer in inforcing the rights of one's expression of one's self. But also, I think people need to cooperate more and stop taking advantage of each other =] science, computers, women. not always in that order ^.^
Andrea Sue
Andre Larrimore Sr.
Andrew Skuse
Just ask me
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Willson
Andrew Cowan
Andrew Bucchino
Andrew Bird
Andrew Kern
Andrew Simpson
Andrea Kiebler
Andrew Rudsky
Andrew check me out
Andre Miguel
Andres Aguillon
Andrew Smith
Andre Gilbert
Hi my name is andre duane gilbert Im 20 years old and i am lookin for a serious relationship im in collge studyin business management im currently lookin for a job because it is hard out there to get one. all
Andrew Packer
Andrew Poulin
Andrew Armstrong
Andrew Rainey
Andrew Cummings
Andrew Hogan
Andre Monteiro
First off, i love to be spontaneous, I'm a Very friendly (people person) The main thing about me is that i'm honest, straight foward, and I don't screw around. I speak my MIND why hold back. Love working with and Riding horses. I have good hygiene (Unless working out or in hot sun) "Thers alot smelly people out there LOL Also Like a clean house - Well a house that looks like someone lives there, not a trash dump, not someplace ya feel like ya have to take your shoes off before entering. Unless its outta respect and part of there Rules of house I like a good Beer Not to picky on what kind (not cheap beer or Good mix drink to pass the time. "I LOVE to COOK" yes, cook almost every night Sea food, Steaks, Roasts, I'm there cooking it since woman, most woman don't for some reason or other. U only live once. It's what u leave behind that matters. I like hanging out with friends and family throwing a party from time to time. Been engaged, but never married, --> Someday i hope -- No kids ye
Andrew Horspool
Andrea Nicole
Andrea Mesexy
Andrew Corona
Andres Martinez
Andrew Farnsworth
Andrew Niper
kidnve a regular guy always down for a good time and lookin to keep good company and always wanting to meet new people hit me up! cars bikes music etc. 8mm, final destination, godfather, goodfellas,
Andre Turner
Andrew Godoy
Andrew Roberts
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Andrea Kling
Andrew Parker
Andrew Ford
Andrew Jones
Andrew Davis
Andrew Walter
Andrzei Pakrouski
Andre Correll
Hello, Im Andre. 20 years old. Im from the Cincinnati area. I am a full time student at Hocking College/Police Academy. I am in training to become a police officer. My goal is to become a K9 officer then work my way up to homicide detective. I also work full time with two different police departments as a internship.I am single and have no children. However, I am looking for a long term relationship and wanting a child in the future.Im very independent. Looks arent everything, however, I do have a type that I like. I normally only go for the white chicks but that could change. She must be a working woman, someone thats laid back, trustworthy, faithful and someone who is a family person and someone who is drama free and is willing to try new things and have a sense of humor. I have alot of hobbies. Some of them are, martial arts,(I have my 2nd degree black belt in tae kwon do), traveling, camping, hiking and being outdoors, family and friends outings, swimming, going to the shooting ran
Andrew Hagedorn
Andrew Pratt
Andre Braham
Andrey Neverov
Andrew Gavrilov
Andrew Holman
names andrew holman im from dayton ohio im in the army i recently got stationed in california anything you want to know hmu
Andrea Ogle
i am a sweet heart loving and caring. i am an easy person to get along with too. i am not telling that if you want to know ask
Andrew Aidoo
Andrew Nolan
My names Andrew, They call me Beavis or DJ Beavis im a blast to be with and love to have fun all the time. I love to party and do fun stuff and have fun. You need anymore info hit me up. Im a dj and I love to cook and play music and I do karate and work on cars and engines and love to have fun party and do crazy stuff whenever I can.
Andrew Cool
Andres Carrion
Andrea Kilpatrick
My names andrea I'm a 25 year old single mother to a beautiful son and he's my world and the greatest gift god ever gave me and love him more than anything in this world. I am lover of all punk rock and rock music. I love meeting new interesting people and am open to try almost anything.I am looking for Mr. right that I can love as he loves me and I dont have the stomach for pervs so if you want hit me up but know that if your looking to fuck go to hell I love music and good times with friends and family love tattoos and both men and women
Andrew Provencio
Andrew Golik
Andrew Marriner
Andrew Hampe
Andrew Greene
Andrew Martin
Andrew Sudbury
Andrew Sanchez
Andrew Adwell
Andrew Howard
Andrew Kearney
Andrew Pacely
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Jones
Andre Van Lill
Andrew Nutter
Andreus Davis
Andrew Coleman
Hello I am a country boy from Ft Worth that loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, sports, shooting pool, cooking, and cuddling. I am single and seeking something real.
Andrew Harmon
Andrew Carlson
I'm just a regular old white guy. A New Jersey local transplanted to South Daytona, Florida. I'm pretty damn bored down here, actually. No time to go fishing, no money for anything else. Photography, writing, indie movies, books, target shooting, archery, knife collecting
Andre Crawford
Andrew Trepte