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Alyce Hughes
Aly Cobb
Courtesy of My name is Alycia. I'm a Libra so I can be extremely nice and then I can be a total bitch. Your actions towards me determine what outcome you get from me. I love my little baby girl and my fiance. I have been through to much in my life to worry about petty drama bull shit so DONT BRING THAT MESS MY WAY. I enjoy all types of things and I am into many different kinds of music. I love having a good time and I believe I know how to have a good time. I live in Pennsauken which is an extremely shitty town and has absolutely nothing to do in it. Thats why, when I want to go out for a good time Im usually in Philly or finding somewhere to go with my friends. You wanna know more? Just hit me up and ask. :)
Alycia Malar
Alycia Nonya
Aly Coleman
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Alycia Smith
Alyce M
Alycia Cross
Alyce Coob
Alycia Muse Mills
Alyce Janis
Alycia Stout
Alycia Franklin
Alycia Holloman
Alyce Margaret
Alycia Saunders
Alycia Wiese
Alyce Cartier
Alycia Glenn
Alyce Secrest
Alycia France
Alycia Henshaw
Aly Chauhan
Alycia Franklin
Alydia Nunya
Alydeya Jerry
Alyeska Venetra
Alyene Russell
Alyer Fault
i wish you all the love in the world, but most of all i wish it for myself fleetwood mac
Alyfaraz Khwaja
Aly Gideon
I'm Aly MArie. I live in Indi. The city is Avon. I'm still in high school cuz i fucked around way to much. I'm a twin. HEr name is Emily and She lives in Tex With her hubby. Okay they are getting married in like 2 months and as of 11/08/07 i am an aunt.That is my birthday and my Sis said that the baby is a girl and they are naming it Aly. I have 4 cats and the whole cast of finding nemo. I love life. I'm not hot so fucking don't tell me i am i'll fight you till you think as i do. I love to drink pop. I love shakespeare. I text more than you can or ever well. I'm a myspace whore. Yes kids if you add me you are going to see alot more from me. I got the whore flue again. I want to move to Jax Florida. I want to Marrie Dane cook. My friendsmake me smile more than you ever can. I'm single and i don't are if i said that cuz im saying it again. I have been told i'm a bitch. I don't care i dont put what u think in my mind. Dick is a putts!
Aly Hobert
Aly Hernandez
Alyklisa Drake
Alyklisa Ali
Alykhan Juma
Aly Khan
Aly K
Aly Lee
Aly L
Aly Mayhew
i like to dance. i have my lip peirced. i like to chill with my is the best. Hannah Marie is my best friend. my favorite colors are green and black (and all the neon colors). I love people who dance with me and hang out with me. I love people who dont care what other people think about them. i love all my Amazing friends.I like to watch horror movies...there the best...and i dont like bees. i like to peirce myself and draw on myself. i peirced my bellybutton like 5 times, my lip 3 times, and my ears like 20million times-not really and my eyebrow. and i did my cartalage by myself. I Love.... Black Roses Parties Drums Glow Sticks Tattos Hair Dye Cell Phones Black Eyeliner Bubble Gum Studded Belts Lip Rings Sexy Sunny Moore boxers Converse!!!heck yes i love them! Music Piercings Mountain Dew French Fries Clothes Family,God,Friends Movies Water Slides Cell Phones Parties Best friends Chocolate MDX Singing
Aly Mayhew
Aly M
Aly Maze
I'm Aly. I'm Amazing. I'm white as cocaine and just as addictive. Some call me insane. I prefer eccentric. I tell it straight up. No sugar coating. I have a general distaste for the human race. There's a good chance that I hate you. Paranoid, much? Yes, because of strange stalker people who want to beat me to death, rape my dead body, steal my kidneys and other various organs, and sell them on ebay for crack money. I have terrible mood swings. You should probably be careful. I want to do everything and nothing all at the same time. I burn liars at the stake. I'm a babysitter. It beats asking for money on the streets of a ghetto. Where you can get shanked if you don't give a bum your left sock.
Aly Mosbah
Aly Morgan
Aly Martinez
Alyna Pallotta
Im the oldest of three kids, i have a bro and sister, im a fun person to be around but some times im shy around new ppl, but once i get to know u im not shy n e more. i live in florida but i hate it cause its so hot. all my family is in N.Y. on my moms side and my dads side of the family is here. im half dominican ( its a type of spanish) and half italian,i look more dominican then i do italian. i like to linsten to music and hang out with friends. Ok here r a few things that I hate: there is nuthing worse then a cold toilet seat, but a warm one! the fact that its warm is good, but when u start to think about it its some on else's ass warmth!! EWW! that dont really piss me off its just kind of nasty. Another thing i hate is two faced ppl, GRRRR. The problem i have with them is they'll be all nice and "buddy buddy" with u, then the second u leave the room or something they start to talk shit about u. that pisses me of sooo much. Also when old ppl like 90 are driving soo slow like a fric
Alyn Farvour
Im a very open minded and easy going guy. I like to do just about anything to pass by the time. Anything that keeps me from being bored. My 2 kids.
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Alyn Penners
Alyne S
Alyn Norris
Aly Noline
Alynna Peterz
Al Yost
Alyonda Jamil
Al Young
Alyona Celticmoon
Al York
Alyris Forty
Aly R
Alyssa Babin
Rockstar. P.S. I'm 19. Start gettin loud i wanna party now, if you hate on Undead thats a party foul. I only drink mickey's i cant afford the cans. I drink so much they call me Charlie 40 hands. if the keg is tapped, then your gettin capped, take your girl to the sack and i'll take a nap. Ladies drink em fast so i could have a blast. you got your beer gog's on and i'm gettin ass. like oh my god is that Charlie Scene ladies show me your treats like its Halloween. you got a fake I.D. and you 17. Im a complete catastrophy buzzing around you like a bumble bee. So lets take some shots, do a beer run and flip off a cop. Girls give me props and there on my jock. Paris Hilton said thats hot when she saw my cock!thats hot! And all the kids in the hood come on wave and shake your hands, Hollywood we never going down. When your drunk shake that ass like you know how to dance. Hollywood we never going down. eat. sleep. school. work. alcohol. yay! emperors new gr
Alyssa Michrina
I am a girl, full of surprises. I love excitement I can never make up my mind. I'm a complex person. I just come across as a crazy, off-beat, funny girl. I get along with almost everybody. I prolly like you, unless you make me feel inferrior, self-concious, or threatened. I love little things. I like candy buttons and sunflowers. I like rain showers, subways, and magazines. I love deep, long conversations, with no pre-set intentions. Drama can die, i absolutely hate it.. drama, liars, playas, and cheaters.. I can't fuckin stand jealousy.. it's madd beat! Stupid questions agravate me. I belive everything happens for a reason (like how your still reading this) obviousiy your intersted. I am a vegitarian. But sometimes I mess up. I think punky guys are hott, and guys that wear preppy clothes. I fall in love too easily, and I give people to many chances. I love to cuddle. I tend to flirt a lot, but only when im single. I took out my bellybutton ring becuase I was sic
Alysa Isham
Im 14 and i love to talk. But if you fuck with me or upset me i will have to kick your ass. Well if you want to know any more you will have to chat with me. My NamealysaMy Birth SigntarusMy Eye ColorhazelMy Hair ColorbrownHow I mostly Wear My HairupMy Height5My Weight114This Is The Hand I Write WithrightMy Favorite ClothingshirtsMy Favorite Movie GenrehorrorMy Favorite Cable Channels65,22My Favorite Drinkssoda,waterMy Favorite FoodseverythingMy Least Favorite Food Groupbreads
Alysha Rayner
Alyssa Tarpley
Red hair.Blue eyes.Pale.Confused.Angry.Cold.Dark.Likes Shiny things.Loves cheesecake.Hates people who can afford to wear stupid clothing like AmericanEagle and Hollister EVERY day.Hates the sun.Hates nature.Can play Sims all day(Sims2 or the old sims).Likes to set sims on fire.Plays Sims only to kill people.Likes to burn things with lighters.Loves cats.Hates school.Loves music.Hasnt had a serious boyfriend.Hates the world.Has low self esteem.Believes no one will ever love her like other people.Hates fairy tales.Feels like a ghost to the world. Poetry,Writing,Reading,Quizilla,Internet Stuff,Singing,Sims2 I don't really have an..'idol'..but I'm inspired alot by Gerard Way.. Blade,Napolean Dynamite,Lost Boys,Hide and Seek
My names Alyssa. I am 16 years old, I live in Arizona. I go to Thuderbird High School. Music is my life. Thats all for now. "Look up at me, you see a god. Look down at me, you see a failure. Look right at me, you see yourself." I love my boyfriend very much. I'm not into that internet dating stuff anyways... Yeah the only reason that I have this profile is because I'm really bored.. But I love talking to new and interesting people... If your one of those people, message me, if not, you can leave the same way you came.
Hey, my name is Alyssa. I love to party and just have fun. I'm not very smart lol, but some how I managed to graduate high school a year early so I graduated at the age 16. Anyway, I'm a fun girl, I try to make the best of everything, I can be a lil crazy sometimes but It's all part of having fun. I get a long with just about anyone. I listen to just about every kind of music, but Im big on rock, rap and country. Anything else that you wanna know about me just ask... Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hosted by Sparkle Tags I love hanging with my friends and just having fun. Going to the lake, partying, just living my life while i can, have fun while you can, your only young for so long. Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hosted by Sparkle Tags
Alysia Johns
I am Alysia Marie Johns and I am Filipino and Part Spainor and American. I am currently living on a Marine Base in Oceanside, Cali. My dad is fighting in Iraq and I will literally ball my eyes out if he doesn't make it home safely =P. I am in a long time relationship with Carlos, my bf since 5th grade and hopefully we'll keep it that awy =). My mom Juliemie Azucena Johns is my mother. She's the one who gives me my filipino and hott side lol!! But on the other hand my father Gunnery Sergeant Robert Thomas Johns IV gives me the American side with all these different ethencities. My sis Cassandra Tiffany is an annoying little turd ball who I think is racist cuz' she only hangs out with Blonde haired and blue eyed gurls and that is wierd huh? Well Robert Thomas V, my lil bro is pretty much stoopid and he's a ladies man rofl!! Well here are sum photos of us: Carlos My Mom My
Alyssa Nobilio
hey wats good this be yo gurl dont judge me by the way i look bc im not as whyte as u thik...and if u got ne beef wit mah my goons will get at u right and thing u wana learn hit a female up.....
Alyssa Generes
Roleplaying, playing vidoe games, anime, making forums, helping people, and more! Coronel Lohman because she is always there to help! Haha. I love The last Samurai, Star Wars Movies, Spirt, All Kenshin Movies and OVAS, Princess Monoke, Memoirs of Geisha and well more!
Alyssa Bri
Well I'm 5'6", blonde hair, grey eyes, I love to have fun, going to parties, being drunk, making ppl. laugh, and just having a good time. having fun
Alysia O
brunnette, blue eyes, 5'9, athletic tell it all I'm Alysia. I'm 17 i like to chill,go to the mall, minigolfing, bowling, and going to the mall hit me up if u wanna kno more my parents:-p lots!!:-p
Alyssa Sword
Alyshia Ramirez
Alyssa Na
Alyssia Works
Alysha Reynolds
I'm 5'6, (5'7 on a good day ; ) ) and I weigh 131. I love to have fun and just hang out. I am really outgoing, and can get kinda cray sometimes. I love to try new things, and I will try anything once. Also, if you add me as a friend....then talk to me. I am here for friends, not just to get points. So i don't know if anyone noticed, but i removed about 3/4 of my friends. you don't talk to me, you get removed... SO I met this guy....he's amazing...we have soooo much in common, and I can't wait to see where it goes. But I will always have a place in my heart for my first TRUE love. aim: lilyankeegurl539 msn: lilyankeegurl539
Alyssa Hopkins
Well, I'm a pretty nice person, I'm pretty open to most things. I like the out doors as long as it's not too hot. I love the winter, My Family is the most important thing to me, I can't wait to have one of my own. I am a hopeless romantic and love men who are as well. I am a very loving person, I love hugging and kissing and am not afraid to show that I like or even love someone. I am very content being at home and just watching T. V. or cooking or whatever, but I also love to get out and do new thing. I like to read and write. I love children. I've had a very hard and complicated life. I may not be very school smart, but I know how to take care of my self and other that I care for. I am very low maintenance it really doesn't take a lot to make me happy or make me smile."> I like the simple things in life, long walks on the beach, sunsets, music, writting, reading, out door activites, sitting at home ch
I'm Alysha and I live in Georgia. FOOTBALL, playin guitar, hangin out with my friends, singin. HUNTIN, FOUR WHEELIN, all that good stuff!
Alyssa Morgan
Alyssa Britt
Hay guys this is alyssa...haha yea i just signed up for this thing so i dont really know how it But anyways i have blondehair, blue eyes,and im "5'5 and i live in tennekie.yea you now you love us tennessee but yea i love my MOM to death she is so awesome unless shes in a bad mood. I have the most awesome friends ever. haha yall cant have jk. yea well i cant think of any thing elses to say well love yall......@lyssa@
Hey everyone! My name is ALyssa..I dont think anyone really reads these things but heres for the many of you that do! UMM IM officially class of 2010! I am new to this whole lostcherry thing, So if any of you have the time to help me out that would be great! and i dunno what else to really say right now, so if you wanna know anything then pleez feel free to ask!! Loves ya all I like to chill at the mall with my friends. && there isnt alot of stuff to do here considering it is small as heck! but me and my friends always try to have the best time we can. Im kinda the party girl, and sometimes i dont know when to stop! but i always have a good time. I love to talk on the phone so its usually busy..and im usually on the computer, So if u ever need someone to talk to im here!! I love movies! && i would have to say that i like to watch mostly Horror and comedy. Some of my faviortes are... Kids in America, 40 year old virgin, Mean girls, Saw 2, high School Musical, and many others.
Alyssa Dinsmore
Alyssa Cagle
Alyssa Filan
If you think you know me.. You don't.. You have NO idea My Name is Alyssa Mary Filan I am almost 18 I just Graduated from AHS GO WARRIORS I drive a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Windows Down, With the Music UP I LOVE everything about the summer The days are hot and short, The nights are long and cool I am a true concert goer ROCKFEST EVERY YEAR Life is good in the fast lane! I
Alysa Haefler
I'm 20 soon to be 21... Married( which as of right now its not doing so well).. I love to have fun regaurdless... Racing and partying are my favorite... Get a long with just about anyone so if your interested in finding out more about myself hit me up!!!
Hi all my name is Alyson. I just turned 18 on June 30.
About me... i am a outgoing person who likes to have a ton of fun
Alyssa Askew
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Alyssa Jones
Myspace Codes: My name is Alyssa! You can call me Alyssa, Aly, Nikki, Nicole, or AlyssaNicole! lol! I am Hyper a lot! I love to meet new people! I have a lot of real friends! I like to watch tv! (mtv, vh1, BET, CMT, etc.) Celebs are what make the world iteresting....thats why i love them! haha! All of them are my idols b/c i want to be like them, crazy, wild, fun, and talented! lol!
Alyssa Cejka
Alyssa Smith
Alysan Polito
Alyssa Laine
LOL LOL LOL describe myself huh....okay easy, here is a list: Intelligent Geeky Blonde... means I have my moments Confused and confusing Unsure Bold Shy Scared Fearless... lol told you I am confused farrrr from me but you might see me as the usual!!!!!!! Friendly Well manored Way too happy all the time! Did I mention I am a geek I MEAN A HUGE GEEK! ummmmm I'll think of more later! General intrest.... ummmmmmm... making money and shooting pool... drinking... dancing... not being bored!!!!!! Japan Anime rocks!!!!! Does that explain enough????????? WOO HOO 9-BALL ROCKS!! GO BOUND CHAOS!!!! (that's the name of my team... lol we were Dinky Bull and the Whoppers!!)
Alyssa Kendrick
Alyssa Allen
hey what up everyone my name is alyssa aka mizz pink panther and i just started this site so email me if you wanna help me get started on things. anyways iam from zion,il,iam 14,iam mexican,black,purto rican,and indian.iam a very down to earth person,iam very friendly, iam not back stabbing, and i dont hate on people and shit cause i dont have time to deal with any drama.i have a sister named ashley which is my older sister and i love her to death. and just for the boys iam single right now and looking so holla at me please i need a boo lol. but if anyone want to know more about me send me note ight peace, alyssa table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0;} body { background-color:000000; background-image:url(""); background-attachment: fixed; background-position:top left; background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:000000; border-width:1px ; border
Alyssa Milano
Alyson Blair
Alyssa D
My Name is Alyssa but u can call me ally I'm 15 I live in Minnesota I'm Italian,German,and Belgium I'm kinda shy but other than that i'm funny,nice,easy to get along wit,i like to listen to music,watch TV,hang wit friends & family,i like to go shopping and go to the movies thats about it but if u wanna know more just ask!
Alyssa Bene
I'm friendly; talk to me =] Hey whats up yall, im alyssa. But you can call me Lyssa, Lyss,ect. I go by anything. I'm new to this site and I like making friends so send me comments and add me and talk to me.
Alyssa Carr
Alyssa Johnson
i am obsessed with music, hanging out with my friends, coffee shops, vintage/thrift shopping, designing my friends and me clothes, driving with the widows down, dancing like nobody's watching, and over-all just getting the most out of life. i like to travel & have been quite a few places over the US, Germany, and Poland. i'm looking into staying in India for a few months to nanny some missionary kids and have a passion to see the world changed with the love of Christ rather than words of Him. i'm pretty much sick and tired of people preaching at people rather than just being Christ-like in their actions and really live to serve the hurting world around them... blech. i'm done ranting for now. those who live their lives for something greater than themselves. my friends. my family. God. Cold Mountain, Memoirs of a Geisha, Moulin Rouge, Fight Club, Chicago, The Best of (Chris Farley, Will Ferrel, etc...) on SNL, etc...
Alyssa Nardi
My name is Alyssa Nardi...i just graduated from Woodruff High School...I will be attending spartanburg tech in the fall...I'm majoring in dental assistanting...I love my sister ( not my family)...and Gwen...and Laura...and Ashley..and Tanya..they are the Best People in the Whole World...I love music...any kind...Movies=Love...cheese is the greatest dairy product ever...Tuesday is the best freakin day of the week and we don't care...I'm pretty easy to get along with...I'm shy around people i don't know...but if i know you I'm a crazy bitch...if i don't like you i won't talk to you...
Alyssa Mcmaster
Alyssa Delgado
Alyssa Moyer
Alyssa Ferreira
Well theres not much to say only that my name is Alyssa and i am a waitress =)
Alyssa Tantic
Alyssa Moore
[X]My Name Is Alyssa [X]I ♥ Music [X]My FavoriteBand Is From First To Last [X]I Play Teh Guitar And Flute [X]I ♥ Teh Mall N Movies [X]I ♥Taking Pics [X]Eyeliner [X]Music♥ [X]Meh Ipod [X]CDS [X]Teh Computer [X]Teh Mall [X]Teh Movies [X]Staying Up Untill My Eyes Burn [X]Sleeping [X]Clothes [X]Puppies [X]Meh Pool [X]My Cellphone [X]Freezepops [X]My Guitar [X]Vans
[1]heyy, i'm alyssa. [2]i love music. [3]i love meeting new people. music // guys // summer // beach everything.
Alyssa Blackwell
Sexy, Outgoing, partier, funny, bad attitude, hiper at times, adopted,You're a Freaky Kisser When you kiss, you want to experience something new A new technique, a new partner, a new piercing... And your own personal kissing style is very unpredictable There's no saying where your tongue or hands will go What Kind of Kisser Are You? Myspace LayoutsMyspace LayoutsMyspace Layouts Myspace LayoutsMyspace Layouts Well not much to tell but you'll love to party, I never date anyone unless i know them well enough, I love to shop, eat, and listen to musicMyspace LayoutsMyspace Layouts
im alyssa. people call me lyss. you probably wont like me and i probably wont care. i burp and spit. get over it. i make weird faces. i can make the saddest people smile. illl probably be the goofiest person you have ever met. i like to dance and sing in the shower.
Alysha Humes
Alyssa Dominguez
Alyssa Stewart
Alyssa M.
Im just me theres no one like me and no one will ever be like me thats all i have to say any thing scary
Alyssa Allen
Alyssa Jones
Alyssa Grant
Alyssa Bazala
The names Alyssa. my birtdays may 12 im 15 years old i love my friends i also love to get high im crazy and out going i love to just hang out and be myself yes i do smoke deal with it wanna know anthing else i/m me blueyedaby5123
Alyssa Kenney
Alysia Goodwin
Alysha Ousley
Alyssa Dickey
Alyssa Biles
Alyssa Garcia
im lyss.i love myspace but its very slow, so my friend kayleigh told me about lostcherry. and its pretty cool :Dwell hmm..about me? im 14 years old. i cant live without music my bestfriend is dina ahmad who i love more than anything. well besides faaria who is my BFFTWD++i always have fun with kayleigh cuz shes pretty much as stupid and crazy as me :Dthe list could go on forever.i love taking pictures.i find the rain beautiful and peaceful. i deffinatly admire nature.i think life is pointless and some people are ment to break down and die young.althought i think life is pointless. im terrified of death.dont get me wrong. im not a pussy when it comes to taking risks. but i just dont think its my time to die yet. i wanna get thru my problems and see what happiness is like. and if i dont like it. then maybe im not ment to be alive.w.eso if you dont find me interesting, you probably will find me annoying.i hate drama. and love.i mean. love is amazing and all. but it usually only
Alyssa Bell
Alyssa Kelly
Alyssa Lavair
Alyssia Velasquez
Alyssa Kohler
Alyssa Sisco
Alyssa Brooks
Well theres not much to know, My name is ♥Alyssa♥ I'm 16, turning 17 in ♥January♥ And Im gonna be going to♥ McKay High♥. I like to hangout with all sorts of different people...Including my boyfriend ♥Chris ♥* He's the best* ♥talking is probably one of my best qualities♥it depends who im around... I like people who are mostly ♥honest♥ open minded ♥ and careless at the sametime, it allows me to have fun and then again be serious when you have to. I can get along with pretty much anyone and everyone but I have to Admit that it's sorta hard for me to get along with chix even though my best friend is a chica. They are cool and everything but I guess we disagree on allot of things... ♥Music is my life♥ I enjoy Singing♥fishing♥ Hunting♥ Camping ♥and♥ Partying♥ ¢¾My friends,My Boyfriend Chris, My family, Johnny Depp,Orlando Bloom,and, Vin Dies
Alyssa X
Alysha Julian
im alysha im 5'6 130 pounds....brown hair and brown eyes...i like to keep my body in shape...umma nice ass and 34c.... thats good enough for me.... if you dont know me im an easy person to get along with as long as you dont do me dirty and lie to me..... i am bi i like both guys and girls.....if you wanna know more then im me @ or just message me..... you can also see my profile on i like to have a good time, hang out with my friends im not the type to just sit around....i like to be able to snuggle up to the man im with and watch a movie...i act older than i am....but in general im the type of person that want to have a good time
Alyssa Jones
Alyson Shaub
Alyssa ------
Alyssa Drake
Alyssa Carr
Myspace Layouts by You Are Absinthe You are a sloppy drunk, purposely so If drinking doesn't make you feel crazy, it's not any fun Truth be told, you tend to prefer drugs to drinking But you'd never pass up any absinthe that came your way! What Alcoholic Drink Are You? a<
Alyssa Nash
Alyssa Mucklin
well to start of the goverment name is alyssa but my friends call me missy...i was brought in this world on 6.6.90! i have a lots of nationalitys in me which actually i am a mutt... most of my nationalitys are-white-puerto rican-black-italian-irish-german-dutch-slovackian nd indian. i am a spontanious girl who likes to have a lot of fun. i like to party,drink,smoke,try new things.....i am a wonderful girl to get along with but if you piss me off thats it i aint gonna either wana talk to you nemore or i will bitch you the fuck out! thats how i was raised i wasnt raised in these lil country places i was raised in the ghetto nd shyt nd i know how to fight good so fuck with me nd ill fuck with you right back! but i frew up around nuttin but black people so the way i act is the way i am gonna be for the rest of my life! wanna know more ask me! m interests are traveling, i wanna become a cosmatoalist etc.! JUST ASK
Alyssa Summer
Alyssa Ping
love me or hate doesnt matter much. there always has been and always will be someone to please me in every way.....that is part of who I am, demanding and in control of every aspect. so hate if you want, this is my world. are just in it. \"You will see that, some day, all the world will adore me.\" -Saint Francis I\'m now 26 years old...a divorced, single mother of one beautiful girl *she\'s eight* I helped my ex-husband realize his dream of becoming a tattoo artist, just like I helped so many of them with dreams, and got shoved aside...I am very jaded and do not trust people. I work in the IT field and find my work to be very stressfull but rewarding. I am a very independant girl (which really is rare) I dont have lots of time, but I stretch it and make the most of every second....Im a sexaholic and I like to drink........owell if you aren\'t down- plenty of people like me for who I am and who I am not. I am bi so I like all kinds of physical confron
Alyssa Gluth
Alyssa Romo
Alyssa Jones
Hi my name is alyssa im 25 years old i live in Midland Pennslyvania i have a 3 year old little girl her name is Hayle she is my life and i love her like crazy . if you wanna more hollar at me and ill tell ya Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Alyssa Cardenas
Alysia Salter HardCore Music Metal Sk8ting Wakeboarding Racing Anything fast and hardcore
Alysha Hoover
ALYSHA HOOVER is a crazy son of a bitch loves the mantra plays guitar listens to music adores her boyfriend likes to hang out with friends has 9 piercings loves the color black has 3 best friends a prep who's not actually a prep an emo who's not actually an emo and an individual who's alot like her want to know more? add her Skateboarding Music TV MSN Computer Hanging Out Chatting Meeting New People Sonny Moore The Notebook The Crow Eurotrip Just Married The Devil's Rejects Going The Distance
Alyssa Singleton
Alyssa Almost..
Alyssa Werley
blonde hair blue eyes 4''9' idk ask
Alyssa Chappel
Welcome love, to my Toyland... Tis a small place filled with enough things and events to last one a long life time. My Name is Alyssa, I am known by many names, for the factor of people liking to call me different things after getting to know me. I may be a young women, but I am wise beyond my years and feel as if I am in my middle thirties, I have experienced some things no one my age should have ever had to experience. Unfortantly todays world is so much different then it use to be. I don�t think like a girl, I mean from time to time I do, but otherwise I have very different views, and love to have debates. I am a rather artsy person, My first passion in life is Photography and my Second is Music. I have a wide range of things I can do. I work at Ritz Camera, and rather enjoy it A LOT! I can be one really F*cked up and Sadistic person, When give the time Most whom see my hands notice that not only are they baby soft My finger nails are sharpened to points W
Alyshia Smith
Alyssa Hamid
Alyssa Quintanilla
Alyssa Loya
Alyssa Marie
basically anything you want to know about is on my site
Alyssa White
Alyssa Elting
My name is Alyssa. i love and talk new new people so feel welcome to talk to me!! wanna know nething else? message or comment me
Alyson Dubuc
Alyssa ?????
The Rev Joey Jordison Corey Taylor Ryan Shaw anything scary!!!!! i looove being scared shit-less
Alysha Wijdenes
ForYourInformation;; Name :+: Alysha B-Day :+: 10/20.. Sign :+: Libra Drink/Smoke :+: Yes/No Music :+: Everything Status :+: Single Brunette.Hazel eyed. Grad '06. I love my friends and family, I wouldnt be here if it wasn't for most of them
Alysha Graham
I'm a pretty quiet person, until you get to know me. Then... who knows? Music, cars, life.
im in love with someon i cleary have a chance with but is scared i would never have him in my heart... finding my true love.. [ but i alredy did but i dont have him ] the ones u dont watch
my name is alyssa. im 18 years old and just graduated high school last year. i am a certified dental assistant.. i live in ohio and i am SINGLE AND LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!! :-p well i loooooove my mary jane. she is the shit. i also love to sing and do street dancing. being with my friends and the people that i love.
Alyson Santos
I'm Alyson a 26 year old mom to 3 kids. I stay at home with them. I'm not engaged anymore we broke up so you might and i say MIGHt see more skin soon who knows. Anyway message me if you want:) Music Video:WEAPONS OF CHOICE (by Fatboy Slim)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com i like all sorts of things. just ask me...geesh.
Alyshia Bell
hi this is alyshia and i am 5'8 brown hair brown eyes very athletic i hang out with stephanie and angel i like every kind of music my interests are playing sports, hanging out with friends, eating, sleeping, playing with my dog, and partying my favorite video game is halo and halo 2
Alyssa Rendon
Alyssa Anderson
Alyssa R
Alyssa Giancana
Alyssa Molina
Alysia Adkins
My name is Alysia.. Im 16 years old I have lostcherry cause Yafro got shutdown and I miss it very much.. I have a boyfriend that I like VERY VERY much.. Hes name is Josh Bailey =)... Hrmm.. I love to play sports and hang out with my friends.. My bestfriends are Courtney Chamberlin and Kayla Garrett Love them both.. If i didn't have them who knows where i would be.. but yes thats about enough
ummmmm i like to jus kick back with friends have fun and play sports!
Alysha D
im a pretty easy going person whos a little crazy. i love movies, music, meeting new people, partying and most of al my animals. umm im into lots of things, just ask!
Alysia Sanders
Alyssa West
i live for rock n roll i play keyboard i write my own songs i sing i dance to.i love running and swimming and sports really i love nature it some of the little things that show so much beauty on this earth and i love it so there things about me music singing dancing writting drawin learning and having fun
Alyssa Dionne
hi my name is alyssa im in a relationship with some one whom i am deeply in love with. i have 2 piercings im fun to chill with and like to have fun. im not a bitch unless u make me. im 56 i weigh 145 i have a 36d chest and im rerally cute. Get your layout at i like to go to the club i like to dance and also sing. my uncle who died 2 days before christmas last year how high
Alyssa Rhoads
Alyssa Bert
horses NASCAR
Alyssa Trent
Alyssa Danielson
Alyssa Csuhta
I'm alyssa i'm kinda boring i like to play video games like ddr, guitar hero, and the sims i do hair, and im damn good at it i have myspace aim=xadaminx i'll judge you and stereotype you, then shove you in a category. so prove me wrong.
Alyssa Davis
I'm a 13 year old goth/punk/emo/rocker!! I love to listen to music...and hang out with guys...I love having boyfriends, who will hold me in there armsand tell me I'm beautiful...I don't think that I'm smart, or beautiful, or good at yeah...I'm told that I'm smart and beautiful and great at all these things all the time though...but I don't believe the people who tell me those things...not unless I'm in love with them, and they're in love with, if your looking for a girlfriend, I'll take you into mind...just let me know...I don't care about age or anything, so yeah...but just let me know... Graphics Making webs Making myspace layouts Listening to music Watching Scary Movies Wicca Passing Notes in church (I'm not christain, but I go to church to talk to my friends) Drawing Writing books Writing poems Talking on the phone IMing on myspace and yahoo and more shit...
Alyssa Babin
Im a normal girl im out going and love to have fun i just liek to be me... i love hanging with my friends and brother i love my boyfriend dearly Im Alyssa im from Louisiana and i loev to have fun... i have myspace but it causes lots of drama so im trying to get out of it.... but its addictive.....i love to have fun and i love my boyfriend dearly and i love to spend time with him.... =) my idols are my grandpa who passed away 7 years ago and my parents are my idols.... i idol jessica alba and jennifer lopez... also SELENA i love movies my favorites are: the notebook the lake house house of wax ladder 49 saw 1,2,3 pulse hill have eyes cinderella story Selena raise your voice marine half baked set it off and many more......
Just so Everyone knows.. i dont mean to be rude but i dont really understand this site just yet and until then im sorry if i get get messages or "shoutouts" or things like that but heres alittle bit about me you might want to know My Name is Alyssa Im 18 and Im fucking loving it... My Birthday is May 26th (buy me stuff...j/k) anyway...I love carz... if you havent figured it out yet!. My Dream car would have to be a Nissan 240sx or a Nissan 350z! I can't really say I have many Female friends... Oh Well!!! Shit Happens ! I love my attitude! Im a bitch and a very stressful one at that!! I hate falling in Love because i fall to fast!! I don't take things to heart when people tell me they don't like, nor do i care! But i do notice the little things people do for me!!! I love the color of my eyes and Yes I do wish i had bigger boobs!! Im open minded and im not afriad to say what i need to! I love working just not on the weekends, I love the people i work with but i hate the pay! I lov
Alyssa Bennett
Well what can i say about me!! Im just a country girl from a small town in WV...I like the outdoors im still in high school but this is my last year. I have a great Boyfriend who i love with all of my Heart (COREY)...when i have time i like to hang out with my friends, shopping, being with my bf, being outdoors, I like to fish and hunt, and ride 4-wheelers, and i love animals i have 3 dogs and a cat i love my animals...well if you would like to know more just ask and i might tell!! xoxo Alyssa
Alyson White
I like partying and having a good time and i espicially like dancing. i enjoy nature and photography. I also enjoy music a lot. finally, i really enjoy IMing, so you can contact me on yahoo massenger or AIM. Both ID's are aly4356.
Well lets see here. First off I am straight (and I say that bc some ppl assume and ask if I am or not and idk how they get their ideas). Anyhow, I am a full-time student at a nursing school and it alone seems to keep me quite busy. Boring right? Well I like to go dancing, I am very athletic (tennis, volleyball, basketball, golf, swimming, track, and softball were sports that I did my 6-12 grade years). I also was in the color guard (flag/dance on the football field) and winter guard (dance on the b-ball court) throughout high school and was a captain for those and for tennis. Enough about high school. On the side when I get time I like to dance and play sports (as I had said before), go hiking, fishing, camping, cruising around in my car (if I have extra gas money), chat on the internet, talk on the phone, shopping, and tons more stuff. If you have any questions of what I like to do, feel free to ask! Oh I forgot to mention, I absolutely love to meet new people! So feel free
Alysin B1t3 M3
Crush this person!Get your own CrushTag! OK first let me tell you that while I do love Alice in Wonderland that has also been my nickname since I was a little girl. But my friends say that I might seem like Alice on the outside, but as soon as I open my mouth it is like the Mad Hatter is talking. Yes I am a big girl and no I don't care what the h8rs have to say about me. It is only someones opinion and in my view not the person who matters to me opinion. If you want to know anything else about me give me a shout I might answer if I am around. I love to travel. I have traveled around most of the world. Some of the places that I have been to are Norway, England, Amsterdam, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, France, Spain, Portugal, Haiti, Jamaica, Bermuda, Mexico, St. Thomas, Grand Cayman, and a lot more that I can't remember. I love to go out with my friends to clubs and concerts. Especially to concerts for up and coming bands. You scored as T
Alyssa Andrews
Alyssha Campbell
I am a happy outing person, who enjoys having fun. I like to meet and hang out with cool no drama people
Alyson Santos
Alyssa Daniel
Alyssa Cummins
Alyssa Rae
Anything that is Scary like Saw 1,2,and 3. Slither, Friday the 13th Movies, etc.. I Also Love Chick Flicks like Step Up, Phat Girls, And i LOVE the Little Mermaid!!
Alyshia Barragan
Alyshia Jackson
hi my name is alyshia!! Get your layout at .contactTable{width:300px !important;height:150px !important;padding:0px !important;background-image:url("");background-attachment:scroll;background-position:center center;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-color:transparent;} .contactTable table, table.contactTable td {padding:0px !important;border:0px;background-color:transparent;background-image:none;} .contactTable a img {visib
Alyssa Frank
well im really hyper-active, i love listening to music,playing video games,and i mainly stay on the phone with my boyfriend, i love shopping at hot topic and spencers,if you want to know more ask! oh yeah i failed to mention that im bisexual
Alyssa Whitetail
Alyssa Davis
Alysia Yost
Alysia Mericle
Alysha Mcdaniel
Alyssa S
Alyssa Long
Alyssa Milano
Born in Brooklyn, New York on December 19, 1972, as Alyssa Jayne Milano the daughter of Thomas, a film music editor, and Lin, a fashion designer.After seeing the Broadway play Annie at the age of 7, I knew I wanted to become an actress. One year later, I made my acting debut as July in the same musical and toured for 18 months. After that time, I left Annie to star in off-Broadway productions and TV commercials. I made my television debut in 1984 with the role as Tony Danza's daughter on the popular sitcom Who's the Boss?, which ran for eight years. And only one year into the sitcom's run, I took a small role playing Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter in 1985's Commando. While my role on Who's The Boss? continued to garner millions of fans and allowed me to create a best-selling exercise video in 1988 called Teen Steam, I also starred in a bunch of forgettable TV movies, including The Canterville Ghost (1986), Crash Course (1988) and Voices That Care (1991). In 1989, a picture of me serv
Alyssa S>3
I love to play basketball be active and like yea if u dont luv me the way i am then i cant help u with that and i wont change for anyone except myself and thatz it but im an awesome person to talk to and hangout wit well
Get your own countdown at MySpace Layouts LOVE STL REP IT TO THE FULLEST!!!
Alyssa Barwig
Alyssa Collins
About me u sure ya'll wanna no hehe j/k. Lets see i`m a white mexican gurl who is very fun to be wit. Just to let u u no u fuck wit me ok u fuck wit my famila Nice knowin u bitch. i`m all around goofy and fun and sum time i`ma rebel hehe
Alyssa Mowery
Alyssa Harris
Alyssa Wilson
Alyssa Fuck Off Would Ya?
Not much to me. I love interior design, going to school for it infact. I love to just hang out with friends and get nicely wasted. I am an artist, I paint, Sketch, you name it I do it. I am also a pianist. I play everything from Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique to fiona apple. I usually only add people as friends if I know them. Its nothing personal, just how I am. I certainly dont mind having fans! :) for Tv first things first: SCRUBS!!! my favorite show! also: Sex and the City, House, Degrassi, and Simpsons. Plus anything else on Discovery, National Geographic, and Science Channel(YES I am a large NERD) Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Big Fish, Edward Scissorhands, Stranger than Fiction, The Departed, Good Fellas, Ace Ventura, Road Trip, Back to the Future 1,2 & 3, Fern Gully(My favorite animated movie) Lord of the Rings, Butterfly Effect, Jay and Silent Bob flicks, Requiem for a Dream, and there are SOO many more I don't have time to list.
If you wanna know anything about me just ask.
Alyssa Mihalsky
Alyssa Adorno
hey its alyssa. i crazy like a muthafcukerr
Alysa Nunnyap
fantasy layout
Alyssa Carey
I love all sports and play basketball, tennis, softball, golf and I'm a cheerleader in college.. I also model and please support me by joining my groups:
small town country girl..wanna know more ask me!
Alyssa M.
Alyson Santos
I'm Alyson. I've got a great guy, a few good friends and a rotten mind. If you want to talk to me do so at your own risk, because you never know what mood I'm in. Thanks and have a good day...or a bad one, whatever you feel I suppose.
Alysyn Hendricks
Well lets see... I'm 4'11" black hair, green eyes, and a 34d chest... rightnow im working at a car wash here in v-town (im the hot chick doing all the handwaxes on the sports cars) i will be attending VSU in the fall for early childhood education and im also working on my modeling career with suiside girls i start my first photo session in may so wish me luck!!! if ya wann know more just ask!! luv alysyn well lets see.... men in uniform, music, new cool ppl, pina coloda, jack daniels, captain morgan, bud selects, getting my hair and nails done when i have time, going to the local bars and clubs, going to concerts,hangin with freinds old and new and just having a good time!!!!! if ya wanna check me out on myspace my page is take a look and add me!!1
Alyssa R
Hmm..what is there to say about me? Well my name's Alyssa. I'm pretty much just another average girl from CA without the fake boobs. I'm up for just about anything from surfing 15 ft waves to staying home all day watching reruns of Will and Grace. I am somewhat of an adrenaline junkie always looking for the next thrill so you can't count me out of anything. Love cars and streetbikes, art, music, dance, movies, etc. Always down for meeting new people so hit me up if you wanna know more. "I wanted to see something that's different, something you said would change in me. Wanted to be, anything different, everything you would changein me." you can also find me on under i_rock_67 (where i copied and pasted my profile cause i was too lazy to type up a new one) sports, movies, music, dance, art, shopping, concerts, the beach, travel, etc etc the hostage, children of men, crash, coach carter, the notebook, green street hooligans, donnie darko, borat, the departed, all the
I love forensic science. & I love photography. Im a nice girl i suppose. im an amazing friend. ill always listen if someone has a problem. if you want my opinion ill give it to you, but i am honest. if i want your opinion I'll ask. I like to talk. i am shy. but when you get to know me im really fun to be around. i am very openminded. and i like hugs. and i guess if youd like to know anything else just ask me. send me a message ill talk to you for sure. ;) Sean Hess Ask me if you'd really like to know.
female...obviously...sarcastic beyond comprehension...thats about it :) Sports, computers, music, concerts, reading books, tv, breathing, sleeping, know, the normal stuff. Concerts I've Been To: January 27th 2006 - Avenged Sevenfold with CKY, Bullets and Octane, and Day of Contempt June 26th 2006 - Demon Hunter with ZAO, August Burns Red, Spoken, and Becoming the Archetype July 18th 2006 - As I Lay Dying with Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Terror, Through the Eyes of Dead, and TBD July 19th 2006 - Jani Lane (formerly of Warrant) with Confliction August 8th 2006 - Avenged Sevenfold with Lacuna Coil and Bleeding Through September 28th 2006- Crossfade with Mercy Fall, Dropping Daylight, and Revelation Theory October 11th 2006- Hawthorne Heights with Relient K, Emery, Plain White T's, and The Sleeping October 18th 2006 - Atreyu with From First to Last, Chiodos, and Everytime I Die November 3rd 2006 - 30 Seconds To Mars with Head Automat
Alyssa R
Im pretty laid back and out-going i guess you can say. I am not like every other female... {{i know i know}} thats what they all say. I can show and prove im not like any of them.. Im one of a kind.. lol jp but real talk,Im real about my shit, if you dont like what i say i really dont care.. i speak my mind and how i feel... Im really straight up.. i dont really care what anyone think about me, you either like me or you dont. I think im a pretty easy person to get along with. If you wanna know anything just ask.But if ur gonna come at me thinkin im a ho.. or easy like half of these other females..Datz a Negative...
Alyssa Contreras
Im 21 yrs of age and live in Exeter CA. I have a baby boy on the way due in june and proud to be a single parent. Hanging out with friends,Meeting new people,Going to bars and shooting pool,Concerts,Going to the beach,And just having fun.
Alyssa Labbe
Alyssa Baker
i am a very outgoing person, i luv to meet new people and have alot of fun, i have a wonderful baby boy who is very loving, i like to party and most of all i luv being myself and if people dont like who i am than they dont have to, i dont care what people think of me anymore as long as i like the road i am making for me and my son, i feel like a kewl person and i luv everybody...although the one thing i do need to say is everybody will be fine as long as they are on my good side because i am a huge bitch wen im mad.\ if you wanna chat more look me up or yahoo mess.....imthegirlforyou1989 i love playing sports like, football, hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, ice skating, skateboarding, snowboarding,boonin, those are jus sum of the basics that i really enjoy
Alyssa Olnger
Alysia Non Ya
Alyssa Burton
i'm bi & i'm down w/ da clown um 6ft 2in ask me on aim sxysprtybtch .................... enuff
Alyssa Willey
Alysson Harper
Alysia 48453
Alyssa ....
F late 20/s from a town near Pittsburgh work for TSA and i live with my b'f of 7 years no kids one dog and cat sports my family great sex lol getting to meet people at work
Alyssa Ralston
im a senior varsity cheerleader at my high school. im bi but do date guys as 5'8 ,38d, and have brown hair which i just dyed bc i got soo sick of having blonde hair. i have green eyes and im a very social butterfly. i love meeting new ppl so hit me up. i am a senior varsity cheerleader at my high school. i love to paintball and party with my friends. i am a social butterfly and im always on the go!
Alyssa Grgc
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Alyssa Jones
Hi im Alyssa im 23 years old i live in ohio.Ihave a 20month old little girl her name is Hayle Cianna shes a lil princess she is a character.She is my world my everything and i love her so much . Iam a nurses aide iv been 1 for 5 years now ,im planning on going back to school to be a lpn ill be doing that soon, table, tr, td { background-color: transparent !important; border:none; border-width:0;}body {background-color: transparent !important;background-image: url( !important;background-attachment: fixed !important;background-position: center center !important;background-repeat: repeat !important;scrollbar-face-color:000000;scrollbar-highlight-color:000000;scrollbar-3dlight-color:SILVER;scrollbar-shadow-color:000000;scrollbar-darkshadow-color:SILVER;scrollbar-arrow-color:SILVER;scrollbar-track-color:000000;}table, tr, td, li, p, div { font-family:'Palatino Linotype'; color:WHITE; font-size:10px; f
Alyssa Potato
Name's Alyssa. Get to talking. :]
I'm a young Domina... wonderfully talented in making men do what I want them to! Come see... 3 Free Minutes!
Alyssa Hintergardt
Alysia Simmons
Alyssa Montgomery
Alyssa Spikin
Alysha Vaughn
Hello Everyone, my name is alyssa. i like to take photos, go to the movies, visit the maine coasts, spend time with my beautiful son, meet new people. I enjoy watching tv shows such as grey's anatomy, lost, one tree hill ect. I also enjoy driving, hanging out with friends. If youd like to get to know me better, add me and we can chat. :]
Alysia Himes
Hi my name is Alyssa im 22. I love to make new friends and meet new people.I have a 4 year old son name d Kyle and he is my whole world! So if u don't like kids get the fuck off my page!! I live in the new port richey florida area so if anyone wants to talk or hang out just hit me up! ~*^Alyssa^*~ I LOVE TO HANG OUT WITH MY FRIENDS AND GO TO THE BEACH AND JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME
Alysia Donovan
Alyssa Smithinsss
im not looking for an online relationship, so dont try it =) i love my friends i like going to football games im not a bitch unless you make me be one and ill talk to anyone unless theyre like creepy i love cheerleading being with my friends talking on the phone and talking to new people oh and of course i like guys =)
Alysia Jenkins
I like skating snowboarding swimming rain dancing thunderstorms phones =) fast cars beaches cherries
Hi. My name is Alyssa. - I'm 18. - I'm emo. Get over it. Seriously. - I have myspace, - I have piercings and a tattoo. Go me? - I hang out with the crew every friday. - The crew consists of Duane, Jim, Josh, Julie, Jared, Tony, etc. - I've been used. I know it. I thought I could trust him. I thought he was the one. Ive gotten over it. - I love Walmart. Hate target. - I love texting, text me sometime. - I love Chewbacca but Ive never seen Star Wars. - I might give a shit what you think. Try me. - I like going to shows. Meet up with me sometime. - I think bread smells weird. But gas smells amazing. - I'm German, Native American, Dutch, Irish, etc. - I love pink. - I chew gum ALOT. - I hate drugs. I'v never done them. I'd appreciate it if you didnt do them infront of me. - I love meeting new people. - I love bright, flashy lights. - I plan on going to Germany someday. - I'm scared of clowns, sea crabs, heights, open waters, being in po
Alyssa Rutledge
- My name is Alyssa, do NOT get it wrong or i WILL kick you in ur mouth. - I think too much. - I ask LOTS of questions, many of them are very random and i say many random things. - I do not really make sense only to those who know me as well as they could. - Do NOT try to understand me, it is not gonna happen. - I do not care what people think of me. - I do what I want and if that upsets you, it is really not my problem. - I do not have any self-confidence nor do I believe in myself. - I do not accept compliments only on certain or special occasions. - I do not dress up for anybody; I do not see a point in it. - I do not wear makeup; it is too much of a hassle. - I have been told that i have high standards for beauty. - It is very rare for me to keep saying your gorgeous unless you have true natural beauty like a few of my heroes do. - I often keep to myself. - I prefer to be a loner. - I prefer to be mysterious. - I prefer to be unknown. - I am a bit of a MASOCHIST an
Alyssa Snyder
What do you want to know that isnt already in the the rest of profile? Shopping, Movies, Music, Photography, parties, The Beache, Swimming, hanging with friends etc etc Always will be my parents I love movies that make me squirm in my seat and can scare the crap out of me
Alysia Wilson
football basketball campin chillin partyin thats about it id have to say
Alyssa Philipps
adopt your own virtual pet! adopt your own virtual pet! adopt your own virtual pet! adopt your own virtual pet!
Alyssa For Girlz
im young not dumb and guys want me full of their umm, yea but thats wont happen Girls girls and um m oh yea girls
Alysia Blakeman
I am a pritty chill chick! i love to party and to laugh and i hate drama. my best bitches always go my back so careful what you hit me up we should party!!!! my neice and nephew the cutest kids ever!
Alyssa R.
Alyssa Guinn
Alyssa Mccormick
Alyshia Hill
Alyssa Johnson
Alyssa Mainhart
Alyssa Maze
Im the prettiest package chaos will ever come in.. I'm Aly. Im Amazing. Im white as cocaine.. And just as addictive. People call me insane. I prefer eccentric. I have terrible mood swings. You should probably be careful. I burn liars at the stake. I think jello is perverted. && I want to be a Betty Crocker Housewife some day. sittin down on the river bank.. kiockin back and dirnkin a few beers..
Alyssa Smith
20 years old, 21 in march!! =), live in MA, love my best friend amy & obviously my other friends, 100% korean, 5'1" and 91lbs, single, anddddddddddddd i love my baby clyde! (my hampster
Alysa Brantner
Alyssa Cook
Alyssa Wolfe Freemont
WeLL UhhMM I GUeSS I LiiKe Too DAnCe SInG PArTy and UhMM I wUnnO Im InDiAn AnD I LiiVe In BaGo ToWn Fa ShO!HaHa AnD I HAVe 4 SiStErZZ AnD 2 BrOtHErZZ Mii MoThER DiEd LaSt YeAR On OcToBEr 9Th Mii BiRtHdAyy Is OCtObEr 6Th!!!AnD I LiiVe WiT MUWWhh DADDyy !!!AnD UUhhMMM ThAtS aLL BouTzz Mii !!!PEAcE
Alysia Hall
Alysa Wells
Alyssa Gambrel
Alyssa Warner
i have three kids. they are very young. i am a stay at home mother. i don't drink or smoke. i am looking for friends not lovers. my ex refered me to here. if you would like to talk to me then go right ahead. i am 23 years old. blonde hair and blue eyes. 5'4". 106lbs.
Hiii. Im Alyson. Im from Alabama. Im not like most girls. I have OCD & ADD. I have a bad anxiety problem. I am NOT psychotic, though. I like skittles and red bull. Im gonna be a psychologist. My self esteem is like zero. I
Alysa Gglisson
I'm just your everyday girl... I served in the U.S. Army for a year as an ammunition specialist. I never got to go over seas but I wanted to. I want to go back in, but it seems impossible, because of my injuries. I have the worlds best boyfriend. I love dogs, pit bulls are my favorite. I enjoy doing just about anything and everything. I am just your general person... I like general things, and people in general, unless you are a stupid person that likes drama then stay the hell away from me.... I HATE STUPID PEOPLE I HATE DRAMA I HATE PEOPLE THAT HOLD ME BACK Who are my idols you ask? My idols would have to be, all my battle buddies that are still in the military, my battle buddies that are no longer in the military, the soldiers that I never got to meet and will never meet that have died fighting for this country, my oldest brother, and anyone who can make me smile. I love movies. I have too many movies that I like so here is a short list. Labrynth Sweeny Todd the
I'm funny, intelligent, witty, charming, and fucking sexy! I love my family, and my friends and guys! I like to play music, sing music, party, hang out with friends, and family, and take baths and I cannot forget about my rubber ducky! I'm sorry I'm drunk right now so if I left anything out let me know LOL
Alyssa None Ur Business
Alysha Banks
Alyssa Thompson
Alyssa Brooks
Alyson Holcomb
Alyssa Powell
Alyssa M.
Alyssa Arsenault
My name is Alyssa (UH-lys-UH) I remember the most useless things Friends mean more to me than oxygen I love meeting new people People watching is my favorite sport I've only left New england four times in my life and one of those times i left the country. ANIMATION OWNS ME I'd like hearing stories of peoples days I've been in love with the Nightmare before Christmas since i was 7 years old. My bed is covered in anime plushies from shows i don't even watch. I love cupcakes, ghost stories, hippos, the victorian era, old playgrounds and comic mythology My perfect day would be spent with good people, telling stories and doing damn near anything so long as we ended up at a pancake house or the beach. Quite often my hair makes me look like a fraggle, this is only intentional half the time. Meoweth is my favorite pokemon, Blink is my favorite xmen and delirium is my favorite endless I will read anything in comic/graphic novel form and almost anything bookwise that i can get my
Alyssa Stoner
I'm Alyssa, I live in Arizona and plan on moving as soon as possible. I attend school for massage therapy and practice thai massage, thai foot massage, sports massage, shiatsu, and barefoot shiatsu. I paint and write more than I breathe and enjoy every aspect of life. Smoke weed everyday! Karma, Dreadlocks, Hot tea, Standing, Sitting, Laying, Body modification, Thai massage, Big rings, Nudity, Winter, Lazy days, Collages, Ghosts, Gemini, Outer space, Buddhism, Yoga, Organic, Thinking, Vivid dreams, Pastels, Wildflowers, Imagination, Painting, Oceans, Creating, Gross hair, Napping, Indigo
Alyssa Conley
Aly Stevenson
Alyssa West
I am a teacher and love hanging out. Out of school for the summer and loving my time off! I love hanging out with friends, being outside, drinking... I am a social person and love to be arond people. The more people to talk to the better so hit me up!
Alyson Wiltshire
Yes, I'm VERY openly bisexual, so if that bothers you, now's the time to leave my page. LOL! Otherwise, if you're a girl who is either bi too or curious, hit me up. And guys, well, you're ALWAYS welcome to hit me up ... as long as you slap my ass when we're done. ;)~ Muah! Alyson PS: Life isn't ALL about hot, wild sex ... mostly, but not all. I have lots of interests that may coincide with yours as well. Ya never know. ;) Sex, writing mainline horror, sex, movies, SEX (especially with other pretty girlie-q's).