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I'm athletic, 6ft tall, I'm quite at time, until I get to you know you. I like social gathering, but prefer the company of one person, with descent conversation and open minded to other things. I enjoy doing the following: 4x4, ATV, Movies, BBQ, Cook-Outs, Camping, Fishing, Crabbing off the pier in Hoodsport in Washington State, Visiting National Parks, like Mt. St. Helens (Washington State), Mt. Rainier (Washington State). If you have to ask me about any of this stuff, like where's it at, how does it look, etc then you just don't get IT! Anything else you want to know about me, you just have to send e-mail. No dudes. Movies I Like: Mostly comedy, SCI-FI, and Action, here are a few of my favorites: White Castle, Friday, Grandma's Boy, Taxi, Hustle and Flow, Alien Series, The it's not an "X" flick, but an old movie, that can still scare the crap out of you!
Brion Beecroft
Brion Black
Brion Holmes
I am a divorced father of two children, a boy and a girl. I am here to meet new people and make friends.
Brion Light
Brion Pasquale
B-ri O'neill
Brion Landry
Briona Williams
Brion Alexander
Brion Schroder
Brionna Campbell
Brion Caley
Brioldan Ortiz
Brion Mosley
Brion Johnson
Brio Kelley
Brion Volkheimer
Brion Counts
B Rips
Bri Packer
Bri Pat
Bri Ploxay
Bri Rose
Bri Rodriguez
Bri Rodriguez
I'm a pretty laid back kinda person, I like to help people and I do the best I can everyday. I would never change a thing in my life because I wouldn't be who I am today with out the things in my past. I've overcome a lot and no doubt will be faced with more to overcome. I dont back down. I love watching wwe monday night raw, And NCIS! I'm just me like me or hate me it wont phase me a bit. Say what you want to say cause its ur opinion. I may not like it but its life and everyone is entitled to their own opinion! Freedom of speech baby! I support the Troops reguardless of if I agree or disagree with the war. Barack Obama Is Gonna Be The New President!!! Yay!!! If you want to know anything else let me know I'm not shy! Drink Quiz by fun quizzes! Make a Quiz | Career Quizzes | MySpace Quizzes » » "Who Should I Vote For?" « « What Interests me... Well I love music, photography, movies, singing, dancing, playin video games, Reading, Writing, Cru
Bri / Ray Mccloud
Bri Rodriguez
Brishawn Malancon
Briseida Noriega
Bristy Stamper
Bristilia Mendez
Bri Star
Briscia Lopone
Brison Sizemore
Hey my name is Brison Sizemore iam 20 years of age iam currently going to college for graphics designing and video game making i love what i do at work part time employee at walmart for stocking iam also i full time employee for a computer company fixing and repiaring computers i have a 89 honda prelude i love my ride it is fast but it not only the car its the driver iam bad to the bone street racer i love what i do at night tearing up the streets if 100 mph is to fast for stay off the streets at night i love racing for pinks and other things well if you want to hit me up on im my yahoo im is enzorunner88 have a nice day
Briscoe Briscoe
Brisana Champlin
Brisa Martinez
Brisbee Lewis
Bri Snyder
Bri Starr
MUSIC = PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS, LIFE my name is brittney, pronounced britt-nee.. but i go by bri. i'm human, not perfect. i'm made up of chromosomes, blood, bones, and veins. I have a heart that beats, and a brain that thinks, both destined to fail one day. i'm just like everyone else, but so much different in every single way. I can make you smile, that's a promise. i'm 22 years of age, and currently reside in fayetteville, north carolina. I'm a highschool graduate from Douglas Byrd. i plan to go to college one day, i'm deff gonna be a double major, music and ciminal ivestigation...wana look at dead bodies for the rest of my life. i have been through so much shit my whole lifetime...dont believe me? ask. ive been to hell and back too many times. so if your just here to play games, keep on steppin cause im not down for your games. i really am a nice person overall, and you should get to know me. Truck Drivin.. fav trucks are Freightliners muddin fishin huntin
Bri Spurgeo
Bri Shep
Brisly Dernier
This is my dream i like pretty girl
Bris Dunlap
Brisio Javier Garfias Fernandez
Bristy Stamper
My name is bristy im 23 about to be 24.. My birthday is septemeber 13... I have a lil girl her name is brianna she is almost 4 years old.. She is my life... Im doing school online to become a nurse!! I love to party & have fun!! I love doing outdoor thangs.. I love hangout with friends.. umm if you wanna know anythang just ask!!
Bri Spike
I am a laid back guy/ Grey / Balanced Wicca. (6"2')Tall (130-150lbs)Pounds / I have a very Dark and hurtful Humor and a quick snappy tong on a good day. I general stay to my self and observe, when I am feeling down and out. I have an Obsession problum and currently on medication for my depression and obsession (Ciperlex) It is Saratonen, it increases blood pressure and makes it harder for the patient to resist snapping. slight possible side effects include/ dryness of mouth, tiredness, difficulty sleeping and a bit more. I enjoy long walks to open the lines of communication. I enjoy biking, rollerblading, exploring. I enjoy reading interesting books, I love to be very passionate and cuddly. Niki Manj, Eminem, ICP I dont watch much tv any more i use to watch a feww selective shows as a child growing up, but the movies I do prefer are vampire movies
Brisk Pit
Briseida Barcenas
Brisko Curry
Bri's Fiance Young Kee
Brison Williams
Briston Howard
Brishonne Boyce
'bris Angel
Self proclaimed American Princess, Tenebris Boojum. I am my own canvas. My most amazing and independent creation, is myself. Always changing inside and out. I'm never going to say that I am a unique being. But I'll die before I say I'm exactly like anyone else. I choose what I wish to take from what like offers to add to my canvas. My life is a contradicting pallet. I find happiness very temporary. It's created, and easily destroyed. I try to never hope for too much, so that when I get something worth having, I'm overwhelmed in awe for those moments. My thoughts are always carefully ordered. Not so carefully placed though. But one's own decisions are what makes a person wise. It's common sense and simple knowledge that create these little facts of life. But look at how truly insignificant everything is. No one lives the same, but everyone lives. Make what you will of your canvas. Take from your pallet, and cherish everything you have. Because in the end, there's always someone out t
Bristy Bd
Bristo Garcia
Call me Jacob! Anything you wanna know just hit me up
Bristian Doolittle
I care about my appearance and would like to meet someone who shares similar ideas. I believe in respecting, caring and loving as being essential in any relationship and am passionate about creating harmony and balance in life with my partner. Relocation would be considered for the right person. I would be interested in a good communicator who is fun to be with, intelligent, on the romantic side, happy within herself, with an interesting mind. I enjoy going to the movies live theater when am less busy lol.
Brison Lord
Bri Smith
Bristow Rivera
Brissa04 Ramos
Bristeen De Leon
Brittany Nielson
Britt Waller
Brittany Arnold
I'm outgoing, crazy, and love to party! I love the outdoors and love being active. I would describe myself as athletic and skinny. I have green eyes and dark brown hair, 5'2 and 105 pds. I love to have a wild time!!!! I love to party. I love to have a good time and live life to the fullest. Nothin' holds me back and I don't look at a lot of things as obstacles. I love the reef it makes me feel good. Who can't agree with me. I also like to drink and have some fun. My biggest idol is Elvis Presley! He is the biggest rock star ever. I also love 311 and any old Bands from the 60's to the 80's. 1 Dazed and Confused 2 The Notebook (this makes me cry every time!) 3 Kingdom of Heaven 4 Casa Blanca (Great classic) 5 Meet the Fockers 6 National Lampoons Van Wilder
Brittany Campbell
I have said alot about me but basically i some myself up in 3 word-ORIGINAL, SPONTANEOUS, SWEET heres some pictures to get an IDEA of these three ASPECTS of my personality * Love............................ Myself I am totally,absolutley,and in every way possible one of the most CONfident people you have ever met. Some mite say conciediet but i say thats okay because coincidet is just a boastful form of confidence its ARROGANCE that is wrong..because i am def. not arrogant. .I TREAT PEOPLE GREAT....and would never never treat someone as if there lower than me(thats wrong), I am comapssionate yet craZy and am one the most giving people you have ever met as well! im outgoing,fun, and just love to have a craazy yet legal time(most of the time that is of course) * I WILL DO anything ONCE maybe twice...and once you get to know me you will hate haters TOO:) My friends Lush- is AWESOME Bubbles- is BUBBLY CUPID- is LOVELY Tink- is
Brittani Landro
Britnie Grimm
Britt C
Hi, Name's Britt, I'm 20 and i live in Ft Lauderdale, I am pretty much fun to hang with and I am pretty spazzy, SINGLE lol so like w/e if your interested ^_^, wanna contact me fast IM me AIM- tiger catzy Yahoo- Serene_violence MSN- and maybe if i get to kno you i'll give you my Cell # BOYS, i
Brittney. 16. Adorable. Not yours. Bitch. Tease. Playful. Smarter than you.
Britney Ziegler
i am 5'51/2 i weight about 145 yes i know that is fat but i live with it i am in 10th grade i am about to trun 16 in may and i have a best friend that i talk to about everything and anything
Brittney B
i love music and meeting new ppl i have a boyfriend and im bi thats about it for now lata DONT ADD ME UNLESS YOUR BETWWN 15&21 THANKS
Brittany Cress
Myspace Backgrounds im a laid back country girl who loves the country and everything about it.I was raised in the city but somewhere along the line i just turned into a really country person.(going through puberty in west virginia,maybe?) im an easy going person and ill say or do just about anything to make someone a very proud sister and id do anything for my 5 sisters and my baby brother.ill destroy anyone who tries to hurt them in any not really what id call a girly girl....i can cut up and get dirty and burp just as loud as any guy. i love kids,theyre so awesome!I go to Mountain State University for Forensic Science then I'm gonna go back for Medical Assisting. I will admit that my worst flaw is my stubborness.I have to learn everything the hard way, but the way I see it is learning stuff the hard way and having a hard life teaches you to take care of yourself.If yall wanna holler at me on my messengers heres the names. yahoo:xlx_vanillafantasy_xlx
Brit Valence
Brittany Baker
Brittney Weer
Brittney Fallenangel
about me... umm.. lets see, i am very out there and alot of people dont know how to take me, i am very i am from a small hicktown.. lived there for most of my life, moved to Ark.. recently.. This place is Your Pornstar Name is:Ginger Belle Take this quiz at General.... lets see.. i would like to go to school for my nursing licence, but, i am one of those people that put things off till the last min.. so maybe next fall..Yes, i have a boyfriend.. the greatest guy ever..He thinks i am crazy... maybe i am .lol Gemini You are a master flirt. You know just how to pick up hotties, but it is usually just a one night stand because you are out to have fun. You like sex to be fun. You are not afraid to spice it up with some sex toys, blindfolds and food. Your ideal partner would be open minded, and into having fun too. Sex matches: Libra, Aquarius Take this quiz at I
Brittany Johnston
Brittany 20 years young. I have a son named Atreyu, He's a year and 5 months. My favorite color is yellow, and music is my life I'd die without it. I smoke weed on a regular basis don't like it get over it. Anything else just ask I'm pretty much an open book Music. Boys. Girls. My Son. Pot. Sex. Money. Ect... Bert McCracken(lead singer of the used) anything scary!
Brittany Charles
Britny Sanders
Brittany Way
Brittany Nunn
paris hilton the notebook ; a cinderella story ; saw 1&2 ; lots more
Brittany Caldwell
Brittney Downey
Britany Joseph
Britiney Perkins
Brit C
call me brit. im from RVA 804. i play volleyball and ima swimmer. i use to drive a big chevy truck, now i got my acura RSX. i love it. shout me a holla. (: volleyball, swimming, doing my thing. 8 seconds, all you've got, man in the moon... ect ect
Brittany Williams
Brittany R
Brittany Morrison
Brittney Carrier
Brittany Cook
Britt Ditchfeild
Brittney Macisaac
i like to talk on the phone and onlline and watch tv and play with my 5 year old sister charley
Brittany Bolos
Brittany Bolos
Hello, everyone my name is Brittany, i was borned and raised in hawaii, but i recently moved to the most BORING state MONTANA..i hate it, and i long for the ocean.. I have short burgandy hair, 9 peicings, 5 are above my neck.. and 4 of them are below my yeah can you guess what i have peirced? well use your imagenation! lol i have a few ghetto tattoos.*hate them* if you want to know more just ask! MyGen Profile Generator table table table td {vertical-align:top ! important;}span.blac
Britt Line
Brittany Cutshaw
About the Brittany, egh? Well let's see... I'm 16. I live in New Jersey(but of course you knew that) I'm in love. Uh huh. I love theatre and performing arts. I love learning new things especially random facts) I write poetry and am a novice photographer. I'm deeply and madly in love with vampires! Sorry 'bout that. My dad died when I was nine, so my mom is a big part of my life, you don't get along with her, it's hard for me to like you. I have two brothers, Cameron lives with me and Hunter lives with his mom in Oklahoma. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses. I'm fat and I don't care what you think about me. I LOVE watching movies. If I'm not on the computer, (which I am on all the time)you can find me in front of the TV watching a movie[usually horror] Other than a few exceptions, I hate TV. Those exceptions include: Kyle XY House Degrassi
Brittiany Sheldon
Brittany Zobrest
Brittney Mccroskey
Hey, there's not much to say about me other than this: I'm a procrastinating, nature loving, song writing, guitar playing, girl loving, emo ninja with a big, broken heart. Oh, now didn't that just sound so great? Okay, so not really, but you get the point. If you need to know more just IM me on MSN: Writing Drawing Singing Acting (shhh) Swimming Nature Fire Music Sleeping Video games Reading Guitars Secks D: Ohmy! Animals Nature Horseback riding Japanese culture Technology My friends and family. Little Nikky Memoirs of a Geisha Deep Blue Sea
Lets see...I love to have fun, act a little wild n crazy, sometimes. I'll do just about anyhing for a fun time. I love to read/write, I am a band/choir/drama/computer geek, I love sports and everything to do with them. My numero uno sport is VOLLEYBALL. I also love horses! I love everything to do with them and work hard to train them! I have 4 horses: 2 Appaloosa's, 1 Quarter/Morgan, & 1 Quarter horse. I love them to death and can't wait to see what we can do together! So you want to know about me, huh? Well...I am a lot of fun! Anything that has to do with having fun, count me in. Some of my favorite things to do are: volleyball, ride horses, ride 4-wheelers, anything to do with music (Im a band geek and play the tenor & bari saxophones), reading, writing, and basically anything you think is typical teenage stuff, I love the water, I like to tube/swim and all that good stuff. I practically live in the water. I love hanging with Hilary, Whitney, Anna, Justin, my lil bro, Dylan, and
Im Brittany and if you dont like me oh well. I wont change the way i am for anyone. Im single and I plan on staying that way.
Brittaney Spratley
Britney Vannorman
Britney Lee
IM MEDIUM HIGHT SHORT BASCILY LOOK GOOD LONG HAIR THICK PRETTY EYES DAT GIRL HOLLA BRITNEY AKA MZ MATTHEWS BKA DAT CHICK AKA DIAMOND HOLLA BACK my interest are hanfin out wit ma friends an chillen at da crib an haven fun always got something to do
Brittney Beller
heyy guyz mi name is brittney yeah people say i remind them of paris hilton lol!! soo yeah umm i love boyz!! im single rite now it SUKS ASS!! JUST LIKE I SUK DICK LOL!!
Britany Youse
My Name Is Britany, & I Have The Life Other Girls Dream Of. 2 Gorgeous Twin Boys Born 8-20-04, & A Husband Whose Main Goal In Life Is For Me To Be Happy, He's Not Only An Amazing Husband, He's Also Father Of The Century. He Does So Much For His Family, & I Appreciate Him More & More Everyday.
Brittany Kole
IM NOT WHITE,BLACK BITCH o yea im a realy nice person...when i want to be
Britt Bryan-breeding
Britnee Johnson
Brittany Bray
Brittney Dnt Worry Bout Dat
Brittany Mcgrew
You prefer Spontaneous sex! You're into spontaneous sex. Anywhere, any time the mood takes you. Just be careful that your sexcapades don't land you in a (ahem) tight spot. 'What is the best type of sex for you?' at
Brittany Spencer
Brittany Tutson
well as u can see i am 5ft 2 thick female in shape athletic built curvy and evertyhing well lets see i got brown eyes brown lips um sexxy smile i am attached u know 15 years of age i'll be 16 soon so yea i reside in ACRES HOME 44 so yea that be it well a couple of general interests are singing dancing talking whether its on the phone or in person i love talking um i love seducing people then leaving them hanging hahahaha its so hilarious and um lets see i like to chill with my friends or my boyfriend yes i am attached we're like so gonna get married so um and i have other interests i have to think of later...
Cheerleading, Motocross, And Haging Out oh And Partying Don't Have One Love And Basketball Mean Girls Titanic King Kong Purple Rain
Brittany Hoban
Brittani Davis
Brittany B
well i am about 5'5" and i have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair i am also of mexican decent so i am ya a hella good drinker so ya wat to know more hit me up holla TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The SurveyName:BrittanyBirthday:june 3 1989Birthplace:phionex airizonaCurrent Location:spokane washingtonEye Color:dark brownHair Color:dark brownHeight:5'5"Right Handed or Left Handed:rightYour Heritage:mexican The Shoes You Wore Today:flipflopsYour Weakness:dont have any and i know that for a factYour Fears:jellyfish and stupid people
Britney Bridges
Brittany Hickles
im 18 im a very eclectic young really random & strange if i must at the point in my life where im jus trynna figure out who i am...& wut i wanna do wit my life....but in the meantime im jus gonna enjoy being young & wild not really a ppl person b/c ppl tend 2 waste my time & i cant go 4 i keep a small but close circle of friends (HIP5ET & a few others)...other than that i dont fuck wit 2 many ppl...2 much drama...& ive had my share of that lol...& most ppl r jus grimey or liars...& i hate liars...& styrofoam (b/c it makes my teeth itch) & way im trynna become a director (takin philosophy classes 4 the summer yayyyyyy) & do somethin wit my life since ppl think all i do is sleep...theyre not entirely wrong about that b/c i do sleep A LOT since its 1 of my fav things 2 way im sarcastic, witty & rude & i say a lot of "stupid shit" if u dont like it then get the fuck off my page...pll tell me i sleep 2 much, talk on the p
Brittany Godfrey
Singing, dancing, rapping, and anything to deal with music and entertainment.
Britney Whateva
Brittany Klinger
I love to write and I love photography. I can't draw. I can't sing but that never stops me. I like to work out and run but I don't do it enough. I care a lot about our planet and I don't understand why people think we can just do anything we want to it. I am... -a music fanatic -constantly hungry -a romantic -easily entertained -easily bored -a lover -not a fighter -innocent (until proven guilty) -a tease I have none. Romance movies. Romantic comedies. Comedies (but not stupid ones). Musicals. -The Notebook -Saved! -Deliver Us From Eva -Rent -Chicago
Brittany Ross
Brittney Mccroskey
well i have brown eyes, blonde and brown 5"2...104 lbs. i have a nice body...and um i cant think of anything else right now so get back at me later my interests are 4wheelin when i have time...dancin (all the time) hangin wit friends...chillin...partyin...talkin on the phone...gettin on the net...SEX
Brittney L
idk just ask whatever u what and if i like it then i will answer it if i dont then bye.... I dont have Idols.. why in the hell would u want to look up to someone and be like them when u was born to Stand Out... Be ur own Idol and u will do just that... I am my own person... idc as long as i have someone to watch them with..
well im im normally a cool person, until u talk about me, or my friends, and i lov to just kick pack, and talk but i also lov to just walk around the city (or drive either 1 is fine)! but ya im almost always in a good mood! i will at least make u laugh once in every convosation we have! i cant reallyt think of wat to right so holla back love always brittany
I have short curly hair, in my picture I'm the one in the brown hoodie. Thats my best friend beside me in the orange. I love to smile, laugh and have fun.I'm a hyper person. I like to move and do things. I play summer softball. I'm 15, I have hazel eyes, and I'm short (5'2 maybe). I haven't lost my V-card yet and I am currently in a long distance relationship. Well thats about it. I like to talk to people, meeting new people is great. I like suckers, Tootsie roll pops are my favorite. Reading can be fun, my favorite authors are Lurlene McDaniel and Nicholas Sparks. I like to color and draw, yes I know thats childish but I don't care. Well thats about it. If you want to know anything just ask me. I'm not shy. My idols are my mom, my great grandmother, my best friends and my sister for taking care of her son and getting a good job to do so at a young age. I like a lot of movies. Name one and I'll tell you if I like it or not.
Brittany Joelson
Brittany Schneider
Britney Middlebrooks
I love 2 cheer and I am in 8th grade and I am a cheerleader for my school.That Rox...Anywayz want to know more just ask me... too many
Brittany Godin
Hi my name is Brittany I love hockey and love to "Get To Know PPL" .Im not like all the other girls on here im a lil the type of person that likes to walk and i dont like gettin pics taken if ya cant tell by my pic LOL. I love the BAD BOYS and LONG HAIR but not longer than mine.Percings are a BIG turn on. Im an easy to go to person all my friends know they can talk to me and ill listen.....well my fav NHL teams are the sens and the leafs and my fav QMJHL teams are the wildcats:)and seadogs(only cus they r my home team).....I am looking for a guy who knows how to treat me good and isnt ashamed to say hes wit me and actually like to be wit me....I Love Eminem`s Song SHAKE TAHT and the song called Dance Like This...I love kids oh yeah kids are the best they are a lot of fun can`t wait to have a not photogenic...i like to write poetry it might not be good but it keeps me happy...My fav quote is "everything is hotter when the sun goes down" :) HOCKEY , KIDS and ANIMAL
Brittany Gonsalves
Brittany Miles
heya everyone!! I'm Brittany, I'm 18 years old and at da mo I'm studying at Otago University in Dunedin NZ. I come from a tiny lil place in da middle of da South Pacific Ocean called the Cook Islands. I like things simple...chillin out with my mates, drinking and dancing socially and going on mad missions in the middle of the night!! Sunny warm days, sandy beaches, coconut trees and tropical climate are best things in the whole world! (as well as snuggling up in bed with sumone special when its cold!!) I love meeting new people, especially people who have seen and done things that I haven't. So if you think you're that person then holla at me!!! Aue Taue, te Manea!! E Purotu!!! I like chillin out at night on the beach with sum mates, drinkin casually and playin guitar or listening to music, chatting about nothing in particular and trying to guess which stars are which. I love being in love and having sumone spoil me once in a wile. I love long lazy days when u can do as much
I live in Virginia and I have blonde hair and blue eyes I am about 5'5". I LOVE to go shopping and to hang out with friends. If you want to no anything else about me just ask... I like to ride horses, draw, paint, and race dirtbikes. I race in my spare time even if I have to make time actually.
Brittany Bell
I am about 5 ft 6 inches, slender, and semi athletic. I just want to fidn a real man somewhere I love sunbathing, taking nude swims, Playing with dogs, and pretty much anything that would involve me meeting a nice guy for once. I can't say8 my favorite kind with out blushing, so i am going to have to just say my favorites are the action pacted romance vareiety :P
Brittani Dennings
Brittany Jewett
Brittany Appley
My name is Britta. I like to hang out with my friends and my family. I love music, music is my life. I'm into tatooing too. Its an art, and I respect that in a person to have enough balls to hurt somebody. I'm a lover not a fighter ( unless i have to lol ). There isnt much eles to say. so yeppers. tatoos,pirceings,music,friends,and family.
Brittany Sanchez
my name is britt.i love my friends their really nice and outgoing when you get to know me.i have my opinions and i'll make them clear.i like very outgoing and umm friendly and all that other good stuff.haha im not really good with these things at all.... parties,friends,the beach,music,camping,socializing,meeting new people,softball and alot of other things
Brittany Dunn
I'm BrittanyDunn. 19 and I start Miami University in the Fall. I still consider Indiana my home even though I haven't lived there for 4 years. Currently: On-the-market. Wrecked heart. Doubtful of any good guys. Sane .. sometimes. I am cheesy. Can be selfish. Self-centered. Very honest. Lame. Sarcastic. Falls into the same bad habits. Egotistic. Stubborn. Jealous. Gets kicked out of Walmart. Dreamer. Shy. Generous. Loving. Happy. Loathes mindgames. Demands praise. Can hold grudges like it's going out of style. Impulsive. Naive. Never really matured past the age of 3. Hot-tempered. Irritates easily. I complain like it's my job. Not the same Brittany you knew in High School. Thrives on friends. Would love to travel to Paris and Egypt. Obsessed with anything Sylvia Browne. Have been in commercials. Can't be serious for more than 10 minutes. I can find hilarity in anything. Lacy is my best friend. You can't really understand me unless you know her. Aside from Kings Island and Nick Lachey, t
Brittany But You Can Call Me Baby
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Brittany Riggs
well, what to say... i am just all around fun.. i am a cancer survivor (acute lymphoblastic lukemia), a single mom and a permanent form of an exhausted pigeon.. I like pretty much a little of everything as far as its all concerned interests wise but because I work more than I should I never really have time for it all. Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||||||| 63% Stability |||||||||||||| 56% Orderliness |||||||||||| 50% Accommodation |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Interdependence |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Intellectual |||||||||||| 43% Mystical |||||| 30% Artistic |||||||||||||| 56% Religious |||||||||||||||||||| 83% Hedonism |||||| 23% Materialism |||||||||||||| 56% Narcissism |||||||||||| 50% Adventurousness |||||||||||||| 56%
Brittany Miller
Heyy its britt... i havent really been on here in like a while... really like for 2 years... im still going to school i have a job now and i am still looking for someone =/ idk i think im having bad luck with guys haha but yeah im a party gurl i like to dance,drink,smoke, and just have fun... i can be very shy but idk most of the time im loud and outgoing... anything else you wanna know just ask! ummm idk who my idols are but i love shane west!!
Brittany Worley
My names Brittany, Im 15 and live in WV, my nickname is Munchwhore(dont ask) lol but its not what u think, Im 5'5 im short lol, ummm well u can look at my pic and see the rest but if you wanan know anyhting else about me feel free to ask and i might tell ih and if u want u can add me on yahoo messemger just ask for my I.D. and i will give it to ya k.... playing guitar, skateboarding, four wheeling, internet, hanging with my friends, talking on the phone, and most of all just going around and acting stupid with everyone lol
Brittany W
i am 18, i have brown hair blue eyes, i am a student, i work part time, i am very beautiful, i weigh 105 lbs, i am 5'1", and i am single. partying, hanging out, chillin, ect. jssica alba, jessica simpson, ect. scary movies, comdy, drama, action, romantic, ect.
Brittni Wyatt
Britt O\'harold
Brittny Bush
Britany name is britany..i'm 15..i will be 16 in july..yay!! i can't wait..well i already have a car..its a black 1996 blazer..i have a system in it and everything...well i go to ghs!! go bears!! i'm a junior!! last year on june 16 i lost one of my best guy friends...kory lyn brown!! he died of a car wreck and i miss him very much!!! R.I.P K.L.B!!! anyways,,i really don't have much more to say but if have any question you can either send me a message on here or you can im me at my screenname ababygurl08!! i love the movie the notebook...i love sad movies and scarey movies...but i really love funny movies
Brittani Walterz
my names brittani aka boo boo; i;ve been called that for as long as i can remember; ima cool ass chick; i got black hair; big brown eyes; im 5'0; 126lbs; 16 piercings(nose; tongue; clit; nipples; 5 in left ear and 6 in right); tattoos; an inch and a half butterfly on my right foot; a tribal butterfly above my right wrist; my name in cursive going across my left wrist; and 2 stars on my lower lower stomach; i drink; and smoke ciggarettes; if it bothers u im sorry i can't please everyone; i work at a tattoo parlor in Girrard Ohio; im addicted to sex; i love cuddleing; my first love is budlight; my best friends a guy; i write poetry; i design tattoos; im fasinated with art; i love guys with dark hair and light eyes. art; sex; budlight; cuddling; singing; dancing; doing hair; drivin around sportin my car; meeting new ppl; car shows; movies; sculptures; some books; working; drawing; nail art; doing tattoos; giving piercings; teasing; being outside; 4wheeling; mudding; driving around yelling
I dont wanna talk too much~a lil too lazy lol~but im really fun to talk to and love to make people laugh!i wanna meet people from all over so just hit me up on AIM or on here...and even tho i dont think im supposed to, lol i have a myspace, if you're not against it, visit my myspace its:
Brittany Lister
Britny Wild
Brittany Rose
Britt **yes I'm Taken**
IF YOU DONT HAVE A PICTURE ****** ONLY HAVE ONE ****** HAVE A BUNCH OF STUPID SHIT AND STILL NOT HAVE AT LEAST 2 PICS OF YOURSELF ****** DONT REQUEST ME CUZ I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU these are my hunni's you should check em out! just remember they are mine! ROB IS MY TATTOOED BAD ASS Rob@ CherryTAP blueydevil@ CherryTAP Pimp@ CherryTAP Brandy- -the Irish Boi@ CherryTAP Chamelion - ‡ Family ‡@ CherryTAP
Brittany Windsor
Brittany Mcnally
Brittany Molina
im 14 years old....i live in Shitty ass philmont n.y.....hahaha o n if ne 1 on here has a myspace...den send me sum requests!! *espically cute boiz!!* wayz da link!! well basically my interests r any regular interests a 14 yearl old grl would Chillin wid friendz....*Boyz*...of course!!...movies, going to the mall!!:),phone. I also like some sports...such as basketball and football. lol. I also rly like 2 dance!! Sumthin i enjoy n rly good @....HipHop dancin @ that....So basically my life revolves around friends n family...o n school of course! but summers here....n cant wait!!! cheaaa summer 06 iz gunna b da shyt!!!!
Brittany Swindle
Brittany Peoples
Brittanie -------------------------------
im brittanie i live in bangor maine... i am a model... im about 5 ft 6 in... i weigh 108lbs i play field hockey... i love my cay and rabbit they are spoiled... i love going to the pool and beach... i am a model shakira, angelina jolie, and the model britt kosh i love the note book, powder, titanic, chocolat, and amityville horror
Brittany Vickers
Brittany Johnson
I'm 5'3" with red hair and hazel eyes. my boyfriend (the love of my life), my dogs my parents pretty much anything
I'm from Washington. My name is Brittany. My hobbies are partying, singing, dirty dancing and fucking around. Anything with sex, and blood!
Brittany Fuller
i like to have alot of fun and if u can't have fun then learn how to and loosen up a little bit okay! :) Jessica Simpson any kind of movie is cool with me!
Brittney Sims
My interests are hanging out with frinds all tell this one no to sex playing football and all the other sport you can think off my idols is my mom for now i love all rated r movies
Brittany Anderson
the names brittany I'm quite shy infront of new people. If you don't talk to me I probably won't talk to you. But once I get to know you I don't stop. Labels are for food cans. And.. other.. stuff. Not for people. I love my friends to death I love my animals I HATE mr. patato head! Im going to save the hobos I would die without music I can be extremely blonde one day and intellegent the next Im the ONLY one aloud to say shit to my bro and sis I am a pokemon master I HATE sports I'm completely obsessed withg Blink 182 I jump in puddles and dance in the rain I LOVE the ocean I love shiney things I'm a cuddler I HATE rude people I make faces at people through car windows I often act like im stoned but i SERIOUSLY dont do that blink 182. rent, ferris, serenity, waynes world, anything disney
Brittany Reeves
Brittany Lestenkof
Brittany Tatum
Brit Reman
Im Brittany I signed up because I was bored I have no idea on how to use this site...
hmmmm....Im still trying to figure this whole thing out but for right now ill lay it down like this: I dont take shit from noone...Im not here for any pety bullshit! I am also not here looking for a man...Because I have one that I sleep next to every night in REAL LIFE! But compliments are nice keep'em coming I love to do alot its just a matter of asking I dont bite!!!!lol
Brittany Hanna
Brittiny Obit
Brittney Asphalt
well im brittany, i am a very outgoin person!! i HATE bein bored!! i can be the biggest sweetheart ull eva meet unless u piss me off and then i will become the biggest bitch eva! i go from one extreme to the next. my moods change constantly and its hard for me to keep friends cuz they give up on me sometimes but its ok cuz im used to that. I want someone who won't care that I'm incapable of sitting still, that I can't grasp the concept of cleaning, and I refuse to be ladylike. Someone who realizes that half of the decisions I make are usually ones I regret, and I have the right to overreact at any given moment. I want someone who knows how completely insane I am, and he wouldn't want me any other way. I love my YuNg K ♥!! we like em BIG so no centimeter peters! these are some lil poems/quotes that mean a whole lot to me: its just how she Lives. her big fake smiLes and Laughs have aLmost grown onto her face, but everyone around her knows shes tired of not being
i am a 20 yr old college student at the university of montevallo (al)i am a member if the purple side their...PV! i am a theatre major and a costume maker.
hey! my name is britt..i have blonde hair, blue eyes. im onli 5'2, and 115 im short, oh well! lol..anyway... my fav color is green! and i have a boyfriend who i LoVe to death :-)he is great :)
Brittany Cowles
Britin Morrison
Brittney Romano
Britney Frazier
Brittanie Wall
Brittany Williams
Brittney Peele
My name is Brittney and im 15. I attend school at acrhs and it suxz. I love to jus be myself. I will try new things all the time ... I am shy but it doesnt take long for that to change I love to hangout wit my friends and jus have fun and live life to the fullest. I like to jus chill wit my friends mostly but on ne of my time not wit my friends im either rockclimbing, swimming, or playing softball. theres to many to name... the only thing is i cant stand sad movies!
Brittney Ericksen
My name is Brittney, im 18 years old, i love to be outdoors... camping, hiking, swimming... i like to dance and like every girl, i love to shop... i have six piercings and now one tattoo it is very sexy! I like to dance, party, and drink... especially vodka! I LOVE Wentworth Miller (the hot guy off prison break) he is the sexiest man alive! Bettie Page Juice, Blow, Human Stain (the movie wasn't that great but it had Wentworth in it so it was okay)
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Britt Cece
Brittney Jones
Brittany Elkins
Brittany Brown
Brittany Rachelle Byam
Brittany Johnson
hey everyone im Brittany im 16...i live in orlando,fl....i love music im emo.....ahh i really don't kno what else to say...except i love u matt to death...........OH AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IM BI.. i love to hang out with my friends go drinkin wutevers fun... im up for pretty much anything
Brittney Thomas
Brittany Fitzs
anything with angelia jolie
I am a laid back, fun, silly and friendly kinda girl, who loves to enjoy life in any situation. I was born in California but have grown up here in Nevada. :) I have a circle of BeST FrIEndS that I love spending time with, I couldnt of asked for a greater group of girls!. Each one of them in ways is just like me, but yet we're all so different that it makes it fun. Going out to dinner, movies, shopping, hanging out, is all time well spent with friends. I love to do relaxing things. I like going on fun adventures and discovering new things! I love beautiful scenery. I like reading good books and learning about interesting things from interesting people. I also like to have long conversations. I respect those who have strong integrity and who consider others more important than themselves. I think the best part about life is making great memories and special bonds with those who care about you the most, and finding someone you will love forever. I also think life is too short to think abo
Brittany Mangino
Brittany Tyler
well i hate talking about mysel but here goes nothing.. i ama 20 year old mother.. my son is one and is my sexy man.. most say that i am a goth girl but i don't feel i fit into anyone one type.. for now my hair is redish blonde with hazle eyes.. if you wish to know more about just ask.. to much to list.. horror
Britney Hyme
Brittni Smith
My name is brittni~I gotz green eyes, blonde hair, I live in Virginia! I don't like it when ppl LABEL other people!! I love the Beach, & most of all just hangin' out with all my stupid friends!!!!! I Love BOiiZ!!!! & Spending time with my frineds, & family. I like going walking, swimming, listening to music, & a little bit of trouble every now & then!!!
Brittany B
Brittany Morst
Brittany Morst
Brittany Hoit
Britt He
married! so pervs stay away im not interested in how hot u think i am at all... and furthermore yea imi can be a really good person but i am a bitch! and ill tell u exactly what i think of you ...i hate whores and pervs and ill tell anyone who i think is a fuckin disgusting sight! yea u heard me im not as nice as other ppl but im real at least.. fuck off if i wanted to tell u shiit i would the truth is you are dead to me
Brittany Tomes
im funny dareing and love to act out i dont care who is watching boys and shoppin and just hanging
Britttany Benz
well i am 15 in august and it will be my golden birthday. i have long brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin,usually working. i love to skateboard, snowboard, volleyball, basketball,softball,um anything really. ummmm..... i dont no if u want to know more about me email me or idk.
Brittany Evans
I'm Brittany Nicole Evans I'll be 19 years old in August Im single Jessica Lynn Scott is my Best Friend I'm 5 Feet 5 Inches I have blonde highlights I like to party and have a good time I love my job I refuse to change for anyone I don't have a problem w/ telling you what I think I love the color pink My sister is my life I'm very open minded I love for randon people to talk to me I'm a momma's girl My mom and dad are the greatest
Brittney Conway
Britney Cogburn
My name is britney. I like to do almost anything thats fun but not illegal. i also like to ride 4-wheelers talk on the phone and shop. thats about all you should know besides i very sarcastic and i try to make people laugh!!!! If you want to know anything else just ask me!!!
Britney Lynn
Brit D
i love sports. well not all of them but mii fav.s r Softball and cheer. my hobbies r mostly dancing and singing and hanging with mii friends.......hum....thats all i can think of right now. so yeah. byebye .lol The waterboy, Click, Greace 2, any movie wit Adam Sandler, 50 first dates, Honey, and the best movie in the whole world ...GREACE!!
Brittany Clark
Brittanie Jeffries
um....yeah.... um... brian (pinky and the brain), zim (invader zim), shredder (old school teenage mutant ninja turtless), beetle juice (the cartoon), sonic (old school sonic), etc anything "scary"...though our society has lost it touch with scary nowadays
Brittani Roberts
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Brittany Ford
Brittany Moseley
Hostel,Napoleon Dynamite,Clerks,Running Scared,The Breaksfast Club, House of 1000 corpses, The Devils Rejects.
Brittany Roe
Brittany Fournier
I am 16 years old. I am 5'1 and I have red hair with blonde highlights. I love to talk to new people as long as they dont creep me out. I have a wonderful boyfriend, who I love very much, his name is Danny. Um.. I like to go to Baja Mx and watch my boyfriend and his family race there. I like to go to the movies and go shopping. But most of all I love spending time with Danny. I dont really have any Idols My favorite movie is A Walk to Remember. I also like The Notebook, The Longest Yard, Grind, and Save the Last Dance.
real laid back kinda chick...5'3 145 all in the right places...folk will tell ya and...i also like long slow walks on the beach, cute cuddly animals...OH! and watchin the leaves turn in the fall *sigh* jus kiddin' u wanna kno about me then aim me... u kno who to ask i really look up to my sister rae she keeps on truckn wateva wateva darlin...wateva wateva
Brittany Sager
well lets see i have a boyfriend,,,, damn this shit is hard i dont know what else to put...... if you talk to me mabe it will be eisier to talk lol....
Brittany Watson
Brittney Reed
Brittney Reed
i am me. idk what to say exactly.... what does one say about themself to total strangers?? well i love the color purple and i am really tired.... i will fix this later. promise!!!
im 17 years old...i live in virginia...i love my boyfriend ond my a down ass lette and always will be... chillin partyin hangin out and havin a good time...i love pit bulls...tattoos are hott...travis barker and marilyn manson...RIP phil sgt.overkill...JUGGALETTE 4 LIFE!!!!!.down with the clown til im dead in the ground..jf4l...nothin like a redneck at heart but it only comes out some times... every one who speaks there mind and doesnt conform to the governments idealist ways...anarchy is the true nature of all things....the lizard bro... lots....fear and loathing in las vegas...easy rider,donnie darko,american history x,big money hustlas,ne thing scary or funny..
Hey everybody my name is Brittney...... I love racin,street racin, Nascar racin all kinds lol... I love to go to partys when i can. I am tryin to get my GED so i can be a nurse one day. Or i might want to be a model dont know yet. i guess that all i can say if want to know more about just ask. Britt Brat
Brittney O\'conner
Brittani Woods
The Names Brittani. --Remember It--. I have the best boyfriend ever--Michael Graham. My bestfriend is my mom. My 2nd mom is Mikes Mom Beth. My Bestfriend is Amber Nicole. Myra Lowery is my brides maid one day. My 17th & 18th birthdays are going to be the best ever. Hang'n out with my boyfriend--Michael Graham. Go'n to the movies. Play'n Put-Put with my baby. & Be'n in my baby's arms. Road Trip. The Notebook. "O". 2 Fast 2 Furious. Little Black Book. Friday Night Lights.
Brittney Smith
Brittany Ambrosio
Brittney Pomichter
Brittany Watkis
*I Love Horror Movies: ~Saw1 ~Saw2 ~Cabin Fever ~The hills have eyes ~The Exorcism of Emily Rose ~Underworld ~Underworld: Evolution ~Resident Evil ~Resident Evil: Apocalypse ~The Fog ~And.. White Noise *Some other movies I like are: ~The corpses Bride ~The Nightmare before Christmas
Sup? I'm Brittany. Yah.. If you want to know anything, you can make the effort.
hey wuts up its ya girl brittany... reppin the class of 2006... i am a freshmen at delta state university and just really chillin and working as my summer slowly winds down.. im new to this so holla at ya girl comedys, chic flicks and a few scary movies. gives me an excuse to cuddle under my boyfriend
Brittany Pedersen
Brittany Orie
ahhh well i guess im not ur average girl... im in love with cars... i think there is nothin better than the sound of a loud car goin down the drag strip..the faster the funner... umm...i also like the girly things ya kno..goin to the always on my phone...the usual...
Brittnay Jean
Brittney Rodriguez
Well, I'm a single mother and I work full-time...other than that I don't do much, but wish I could! Making new friends!
Brittany Slater
Hey wats up everybody... my name is Brittany i live in Augusta Georgia ..... umm i am new at this ,,, i enjoys sports,,, parties,,,dancing,ect... i have two piercings my tounge and my ears soon to be my eyebrow... well i have a good personality i love to make people laugh,,,, well thats about all i can say
Brittany Fowler
brittany -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at brittany blacketer will go to jail for ... Carrying around a gun shaped like a penis 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at The Twelve Days of Christmasfor jaydens_mommy:Day #Who?What they got you1stsyphillis2ndA booklet of sexual favors coupons3rdmost of a dead hooker4th
Brittany Brown
Brittany Slater
my names Brittany i am a down to earth person.. i have a great personality.. i love to make people laugh.. i am here for friends but i may lead further.. i am a very outspoken ferson,, i say wats on my mind... i dont live my life with drama i take it day by day... i am looking for someone to treat me right,,,, like the queen i am,,,, so if your that one let me know... i play the piano, guitar, trumpet... i love music... well thats about it i think.. Get your own countdown at dont be a menace to society... and scarface... and diary of a mad black women
Brittney Cureton
Brittney Day
Brittani Mulkey
Britni Sealey
HeY! whats up everyone! My name is Britni and I'm from Dallas, Texas!!! what yall know bout' that?! haha ok well mostly i am just a kick ass girl whos down for just about anything, i love to party and hang out with my friends... if you wanna know more just HOLLA!
Brittney Carlton
Ask And i Might Tell R.V.D and The rock
Britney Vaughn
Brittney Rawr
Brittany Rodriguez
okay... well i guess im kinda new on this site... i dont really know what its about but everyone seems cool. if you like what you see let me know and ill get you back when i can. i just moved to texas from hawaii... loooong story. ill let you know when i get the chance or if you ask. ive been here for what like 12 days and its different. i like everything... my motto is to try everything atleast once... even if you dont want to( you can think about this with a good mind or a corrupted mind cause when i say everything... i MEAN everything...) okay well if there is anything you want to know... let me know peace!!! oh god... i love the godfather series and all of sandra bullocks movies... well most of them. i like action, and comedy... i dont like horror!!! ew
Brittney Davis
Brittany Bruce
Britt Smith
Brittany Henninger
Brittany Mooty
Brittany Payne
Hello.My name is Brittany D. Payne.I absolutley hate my name.Well,anywho,Im 14.So yeah,I dont have any kool piercings or tattoos.But,I might get a tattoo in a month or so.Im,far from skinny.I have gray-blue eyes,depends on the lighting.One of my favorite colors is black.I love to hang out with my friends:Lindel,Kat,other people.Well,Im in a band called Such-A-Tragedy.Along with some other people.I am the bass.I can be very loud depends on how I feel and where I am.I don't really talk about my problems but thats what I love about the net,I can blog.Well,anywho,I like to help my friends with their problems and everything else in between,that includes the ones on the net.I have noticed that there aren't hardly any kool people in Bz,Al.I really hate living here,one reason no Hot Topic :'( Well,thats all I can think of right now,so any questions,feel free to ask. Lttle man,Cry Wolf, SILENT HILL!!!(I love that movie)Anything scary, comedy..DONNIE DARKO lovers that movie...Scary movie 4, He
Brittany Kemper
i am from harrisburg arkansas and i have grow up around guys and that is all my friends are is guys and that is just me and i am a counrty girl and i love to watch football and play football and watch wrestling and party and that is pretty much it and that is it i am a lame girl i like to go mudding to! i am into spongebob that is what i collect i know it is kind of silly for a 15 year old to like spongebob i love to do guy things like play football and ride fourwheelers and party and go mudding and i am a redneck and that is pretty much what i do bye love brat my mom is my best friend and my brother and those are my idols and i love to watch wrestling and damn john cena is hott
Brittni Gonzales
Brittney Ragan
Hey whats up? im 5'8 brown hair red & blonde highlights baby blue eyes 38d nice ass long legs im white not fat not skinny i love to hang out im very outspoken spontanious and sweet but im also fiesty and sassy so dont get on my bad side i love to party, dance,chill,play sports sing, drink, have sex, shopping, mudding,4wheeling,jetsking,going out to the lake ,camping, getting my hair & nails done, going out to the club i look really sweet and innocent but watch ut boyz im Wild & crazy and a lil fiesty. i like it rough in the sheets if you can hang with me let me know my dad PORN~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Britany Diaz
hmm about a pretty kick back person and pretty much calm...i know how to have fun and keep any party alive. im a nice person and i dont judge people unless they are really asking for it...i also dont just judge people for no apparent reason or just to get even with them. i DO get jellous very easly and that is not gunna change...i dont hold grudges except for this one and if you knew the story then you'd understand why, i dont hate anybody and if you end up being hated by me then you must hav done something really REALLY BAD!!! well there is alot more about me that must be kept a secret so talk to me and you'll find out. i have tons of intrests so just add me or message me if your up for the chat and i'll tell you what you want to know
Brittany Sember
Brittney Altherr
Brittany B
Brittany Neville
My name is brittany i live in enderby i love drinking no drugs and i love hanging out with my bestfriends and being hyper and talking on the phone and dancing, (the mix
Brittany Sage
Brittany Ours
not much to say about me..umm...i love to fucking party hard, smoke cigs, adn yes im 16 and i get cigarettes..umm i wanna hang out with my friends more and my boyfriend since they usually all live in different states...and i love my southern rock, country, and hard rock muse so dont fucking piss me off or tell me other wise cause i will shove it down your fucking throat...i was top champ in my kickboxing class and im retired now because of a severe knee injury..and im thinking about going back into kickboxing cause i FUCKING LOVE it that much...
Brittany Michele
Brittany Hell
So it's been six years since I've been on here. I had completely forgotten about this profile. I don't know if I'm going to keep it or delete it yet. Mary Jane && all her friends The Cyberworld Hair Makeup Sleeping Playing dress up Porn Pornstars Platinum blondes && fiery redheads MySpace Barbies Mannequin heads Big Boots Skirts Marilyn Manson && Trent Reznor A Clockwork Orange && Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Brittany James
Brittany Harris
hey yall im relle the only thing ab me is i am funny..and fun to be around! im me to find out more! =) the notebook, the 40 year old virgin, AMERICAN PIE 1, 2, AMERICAN WEDDING, BAND CAMP, the longest yard..and a whole bunch more i cant remember lol..
Brittany Zahirniak
hi my name is brittany i have brown hair and hazel eyes !! i am very athletic i run track and play soccer !!! i am 14 and i am living life fun !!!
my name is 18 and jus graduated from highschool...i am bisexual and im looking for that special tired of bein single so hit me up if ur interested
Brittany Lehman
I have short blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, im 5''3 (shorty), N e.t.c Shopping, Work, Family, Friends, Having a good time n e.t.c
Brittany Reinhardt
Brittney Poynter
Britt Lala
Brittany Moraze
My name is Brittany... and I don't know why I joined this site.. cause there's a good chance I won't use it. But we'll see.. maybe it'll end up being awesome. For now, I'll just write something short about myself... I just graduated High School and I'm going to the School of Visual Arts in NYC in the fall. I'm going for graphic design/advertising and hopefully minor in Illustration. I love art, obviously, and music. My favorite band is Nine Inch Nails. If you want to know more, find me on myspace. You can look me up by my email... Toodles! Art Music.. all types of rock.. favorite being industrial rock..and I like some rap/hip hop and whatever other random stuff I happen to get into. Favorite band is Nine Inch Nails. I love going to shows.. and I love meeting new people. Sooo yes. Enough of this. Ferris Bueler's Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Wedding Crashers, Waiting... and lots of others I don't feel like filling out.
Okay.. about me!! I'm 19, I live in Pennsylvania and my friend has nick named me The Hardcore Butt~Slut. Don't take it heart, I don't like things up my butt. LMAO. Uhm, I'm an honest person and I tell it like it is. I don't sugarcoat anything. MUAHAHAHA. I'm an outgoing person and willing to do anything once. I'm not stuck up and I'm low maintenance. I'm easy to get along with and so easy to talk to. I will listen to anything I would do anything for my friends and family. I'm really not into the whole "online horny cyber thing." That isn't right, don't shoot it at me because I'll ignore you. One last thing, if you're ignorant to me, I'll be ignorant back. If you took the time to read it, thanks! Okay, here are my general interests: -Music -Writing -Hanging out with friends -Computers -Video games -Talkin online -Meeting new people -Talkin on the phone -Playing pool -Bowling -Driving around (I cant drive, but my friends can ^_^) -Make up random stuff with my friends
Brittany Carroll
hey Im Brittany and Im not on this thing a lot im on myspace all the time so if you want to talk more than go to or go to my aim nicegirl020 or my yahoo nicole_love56 well i hope to talk to someone soon much love ~*Brittany*~
Britney Reynolds
Brittany Collins
i have blonde hair blue eyes i dont stereotype ppl unless they stereotype me and i am obsessed with ¢¾¢¾Frank Iero¢¾¢¾ i wish i could meet him in real life and im 13 going to be 14 next year in november my favorite thing to write umm....hmm..i get angry easly and i get depressed easly too i have really bad bipolar and some ppl think i have A.D.D i probably do haha... i get hyper alot too YELLOW!!! dont ask why i always scream out yellow because yellow isnt my favorite color green is and i pretty much talk alot well write alot too as u can see so pretty much thats it except the way personal stuff like i lost 20 pounds since last year so now im only 100 pounds and i eat non-stop and dont gain weight when a stranger calls, SCARY MOVIES 1234, secret window, cars, Click, um....i dont know anymore of the movies that i watched i watch too much to name
Brittany Lawrence
Brittney Keophoxay
¨name is brittney ¨born on april 15 ¨entered this world 13 years ago ¨asian and proud :] ¨ add me /> ¨have a bad temper so watch it ¨you go pass my anger meter i can't help it but to throw a fist ¨wrestling is my life ¨favorite female wreslter is Lita(the old Lita) ¨favorite male wrestler is Batista ¨i love to work out ¨i'm an okay person once you get to know me ¨i can't stand cocky, selfish, dumb, queen bees (etc) ¨i'm an aries ¨i dont give a s*** about what people think about me ¨my #1 thing in life is to be a WWE wreslter ¨i get high honors and perfect attendance evrey quarter in every grade so far(lol) ¨i speak my mind ¨once im out of school i'm different. ¨at school i'm quiet, and normal and at home i'm loud, crazy, and say what i want to say. ¨i walked into the wall a billion times because i'm that stupid ¨i'm scared of migets (SERIOUSLY) ¨i think people should
Brittany Fuller
Brittany Boom
Brittany Davis
Brittany Barney
i cant leve with out music i love people and paintball i love slc punk and just about anything with jake Richardson!!
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Brittany Stafford
Brittany Hall
flatter me with gifts on August, 15th... I do have tattoos and piercings. I'm generally really nice and I can be a bit of a bitch at times. I like meeting new people... message me if you want to know more
Brittany Idk
Brittany Portillo
I love Sexy Mexys
I'm a strawberry blonde blue eye'd beauty lookin for a good time. I like all kinds of things the beach movies and hanging with friends are a few favorites.....basically i'll try ne thing once before i knock it im a girl so duh the chick flics but scary movies are freakin awesome nothing like scaring yourself shitless lol.
Brittany Moeser
♥...Stuff That I Like...♥ by Brittany Moeser Candy Popsicles La Musica Reading Writing Conversing with the Tequilas guys in espanol Funny shit Funny people Chasing gummi bears with Smirnoff... hardcore shit. Smut Honesty Honest people Fishing Sleeping Not sleeping Quesadillas Concerts The Gallery Raisins *Looks pointedly at William* Horror movies Singing in the shower Talking Fascism Masochism Sadism Brittanism Sex within the confines of a healthy, meaningful relationship Gay Ninjas MySpace Led Scroller Scholar bowl, shopping, reading, writing, watching you shower, being cool 24/7, dancing in my underpants, OWNING you, being owned, and last, but certainly not least, pizza. Shaun of the Dead, Crash, Kill Bill Volumes I and II, Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead movies, Sin City, the Fangoria movies, The Matrix movies, Jacky's Full Service Salon (tee hee), Donnie Darko, Resident Evil movies, Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs, Silent Hill, etc...
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Brittany Gallegos
I have been married for 7 years and have been at the same job for over 2 years (which is a new record for me). I have some boring friends who never call or want to hang out, and the other friends dont like to have a fun time at all. My family is all divided on both sides and I have to pick and choose what to talk about for failure to be considerate of others feelings will cause more tension. But that is just how life is and we make the best with what we can. I like to weld and draw. I am compulsive and like to redecorate my house, and am always re-arranging things. I relax by digging in dirt in my garden. I enjoy bowling, like to have a few drinks every now and then. I dont really have idols but I do have people that I have interest in. Like Marilyn Monroe and all the pin-up girls of her era. I really find intersting the entire Eqyptian dynasty. I like weird movies and I hate love stories, and all that mushy crap. I dont agree with my friends as t
I have the tendency to be a bitch, but I can also be a sweetheart =) I love making new friends The biggest goal in my life is to become famous Which if followed by meeting Brendon Urie ♥ ♥ Cars/Driving ♥ Rollercoasters ♥ Sushi ♥ Movies ♥ Fruits ♥ Laughter ♥ Dancing ♥ Publix ♥ Shopping ♥ My drums ♥ Remodeling ♥ Boys ♥ Animals ♥ Glitter ♥ Bubbles ♥ Partying
Brittany Womack
Brittany Womack
ok im brittany i am usually on myspace so yeah i live in a itsy bitsy town in texas i have pretty good friends uuuuummm... yeah check me out on myspace my url i think its called is CUZ IM ME :PLOL BE HAPPY NOW :D Free MySpace Layouts body { background-color: 06d6fa; background-image:url(""); background-position: bottom left; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; scrollbar-arrow-color: FFFFFF; scrollbar-face-color: fa9b47; scrollbar-3dlight-color: FFFFFF; scrollbar-darkshadow-color: FFFFFF; scrollbar-shadow-color: FFFFFF; scrollbar-highlight-color: FFFFFF; scrollbar-track-color: 06d6fa; } body, p, td, font { font-family: century gothic; font-size: 10px; color: FFFFFF; text-transform: normal; } table, td, tr, th { font-family: century gothic; font-size: 10px; color: FFFFFF; text-transform:
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Brittany Hallman
what is beautiful to me, may be nothing to you. and what may be something of you may be not of anything to me everyone is beautiful, in their own special way. beauty truely is in the eye of the beholder. When the love of power is overcome by the power of love the world will know true peace There isnt much better in this life than finding a way to spend a few hours in conversation with people you respect and love. You have to carve this time out of your life because you arent really living without it.
well, i will be starting college in the fall. i'm just going to a community college for now, but i'm going to nursing school afterwards. i have to get my pre credits before i do. and hey i have a free ride so far so why not. lol. I just graduated in may of 06, oh yea. i am 18 years old. love my doggies. i have a weiner dog and a chocolate lab. twinkie and tootsie. and so much more I love to shop, hang out with my friends, sleep. I recently started to love sushi. i love to talk on the phone, and be with people that i enjoy hanging out with. if u want to see a pic i'll have one up soon.