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Barbara Donnelly
Barbara Freshour
Barbara Porter
I like most music. I don't watch tv or go to the movies.
Barbara Johnson
Barbie Exline
Barbara Ralston
Barb Riddle
Barbara Porter
Barbara Varney
ask and I will share ask and I will share
Barbara Wyble
Barbie Jensen
Barbara Ann Rose
Barbara Dogherra
Barbara Hibbs Culli
im barbara 43 yrs old have 3 wonderful kids married love life god my family and friends i love to write poetry dance do karaoke and love to cook and clean love to camp and i love the beach god my mom my bff margo my hubbyand kids endless love a walk to remember pretty woman note book dear john pure country and pure country 2 all the halloweens and friday the 13ths and night mare on elm streets to and love action movies to
Barbara Iwed
Barb Mcgeshick
i like people to talk be a friends. i like go to fishing,camping,walking,
Barb Mcgeshick
Barb Carrey
Barbara Anders
Barbara Anders
Barb Villeneuve
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Barbod Alex
Barbara Wnek
i like music dancin swim recording karaoke pool facebook movies beaches travel Im single 52 have a 16 yr old son i love musicians and longhair guys I like a good conversation,i would like some one to take the time to get to know my personality,Someday i hope to find mr right and run off into the sunset with. no one older than 60 please music singing dancein movies Concerts NO I DONT CAM interview with a vampire underworld comedys romance action
Barbara Blodgett
Barb Mcgeshick
Barbara Frye
I am honest, Loving, caring, Romantic, Decent, loyal,kind, respectful and friendly, and out going personality I am thoughtful and generous with everyone i meet,,.... I am a self-confident individual who enjoys talking with and helping others. As a good listener, I am very understanding and compassionate about the needs and desires of others. I am honest, Loving, caring, Romantic, Decent, loyal,kind, respectful and friendly, and out going personality I am thoughtful and generous with everyone i meet,,.... I am a self-confident individual who enjoys talking with and helping others. As a good listener, I am very understanding and compassionate about the needs and desires of others.
Barbie Doll
Barbar Tyso
Barbara Wyble
i like too hangout with my friends and do what ever like to party with my friends
Barbs James
Barb Dunmire
Barbara Smith
Barbie Cruz
Barbara Carnley
Barbara Langfitt Dash
Barb Langfitt Dash
Barbara Langfitt
Barbie Corns
Barbara Arnold
Barbara Ambrose
Barbara Carnley
Barbara Winward
Barbara Geary
Barbi Rickman
Barbara Kominek
Barbara Pappas
Barbara Rickman
Barbie Smith
Barbara Kussler
Barbara Colliver
Barbie 1 Cates
Barbi Rickman
Barbie R
Barbara Woodard
i am a mother of 3 girls that live on their own and i am divorced i like the outdoors, i like to chill out with my friends to and play cards she would be someone that would treat our country good would be dancing with wolves and i like the cops shows to
Barbi Colliver
Barb Thomas
Barbara Clarason
Barbara Pappas
Barbara Penworth
Barbara Culli
Barbie Queen
Barbie Garcia
Barbie Hayes
Barbara Pappademos
Barbara Wood
Barbara Thomas
Barbara Rose
Barbara Gonder
Barbara Biel
Barbara Zatman
I I am a proud woman who loves her kids loves my football and love scary movies. I I think that love is possible I have not dated for a while and you know the 1 day I will find that person I haven't given up the search but definitely cautious.I love my family and friends And definitely support them.I have learned many things being in this game. I'm learning there are many awesome people in this game that I consider friends.I have also learned that Owning an being owned Whatever is given should be given freely and no consequences later. We are adults here. I Try and help all I can So if that is possible I will.Life is short I think we should all try and do the best towards people I think in return that's given back.I think passing things forward with everything going On Definitely help With a good Christmas for so many people.Be safe Safe paths.I am not into fumafia so plese dont ask or include in any me it is not anything i want to be involved in.I have learned alot on here and defin
Barbara Mckee
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Bar Code
Barcley Reed
Barcode Mothuhfuhkah
Barcaly Louis
Barcamica I like
Barcelona Ealaf
Barca Waleed
Barcelisa Rhoades
Barclay Berg
Barditus Menhir
Bardolph Mcconnell
hey sexy ladys out there, my name is bluv4life! im one of the laid back drama free coolest person you can hang out new to fubar, looking to meet some friends, and have some fun, and see where it takes me. im also looking for a wonderful women to hook up with, so holla back at ya boy! one! im laid back, i like dance, i love the out doors, i love to cook, i had 2 restauraunts here in portland, now in into realestate. i like walks on the beach, i love to read books.i like to work out, im into sports, but not more then paying attention to a women!smile! i love camping and fishing, i love to cuddle and watch a good movie at home.
Bardello Blackywell
Barış Doğan
Bardoli Farmer
Bardz Barota
Bardia Rasteh
Bardo Cavazos
Bardia Fmra
Bardia Irani
Bardo De Leon
Bardhan Babu
Bardia Kamyab
Bardhii Lazdranii
Bardocz Aba-sandor
Barderia Bee Bee
Bardo Ortega
Bardy Mcconnell
Bar De Noapte
Barent Kramer
music, good beer, scrabble, running around naked
Bare Blid
Baret Fritz
Barýþ Çelikkaya
Barent Keyser
Bareau Piterson
Barely Legal
Barış Şen
Baretta Kennell
Barış Erdem
Bare Smokey
Send me a mote woth your questions -- not sure about posting here yet............. Animated movies -- no horror...............
Barendeal Allen
Bareb Venegas
Baree Pezz
Bare Lear
Barela Barela
Barely Irish
I know who I am, what I'm about, and of course my limitations. I know what I want, how to get it, and have made the plans toward achievement. I know I am fallible, I make mistakes, and I accept it. I have anxiety and I live with it, I work at managing these anxieties and I am making progress. I am interested in friendships and connections. That is what I value. Friendships that can draw from each other's ideals, experiences, and knowledge. To address the Irish thing, I am a wee bit Irish. I am passionate about sailing. Therefore, in a few years, I will buy a sailboat (a range not to exceed 39 foot) and begin my single-handed (sailing alone) sailing career. The length of sailboat may change in the future. I want to live a comfortable, a minimal, and fun lifestyle while travelling to and from islands and eventually to other countries. Since my personality is that of an introvert, I am more talkative on-line. Therefore, I do enjoy chatting. Other miscellaneous points about
Barış Fırat
Bargardoon Shahabi
Barhomy Diego
Barhomey Click
Bari Hamric
Baris Kara
Baris Yay
Bari Cupell
Bari Kessler
MySpace Survey '06I. About MeName:bari melissa kessler Birthday:october 29 1988 Location:tallahassee Zodiac Sign: Hair Color:blue- black Eye Color:green Height:5'8 Righty or Lefty:righty Heritage:jew Tattoos/Piercings:... II. FavoritesColor:dont have one Food:dont have one Beverage:voaka Store:hot topic Movie:dont have one Song:dont have one Pizza:dont have one Instant Messenger:yahoo Shoes:dont have one III. This or ThatBlack or White:black Cats or Dogs:dogs Blonde or Brunette:both Chocolate or Vanilla:both McDonalds or Burger King:both Fruits or Veggies:both Lake or Ocean:both City or Country:Country Hot or Cold:hot Tattoo or Piercing:both IV. MiscellaneousAre you single?:
Baris Cry
fýrstly ý lýke meet new people be frýends and joggýng mountýans reserch sth beach dance musýc go out frýends drýnk sth movýe sports
Bari Pollard
Lets see, about me? 46 year old living with in Rochdale (Near Manchester) UK. Interests Walking, Scuba Diving, Home Cinema, Hot Tubbing. :) Courtesy of You are 44% BisexualYou aren’t really bisexual. You are either strait or gay, although sometimes you get a little bi-curious, and fantasize about joining the other team. You are very confident in you sexuality, and you like to flirt. Take this quiz at You Are a Fun Flirt You just can't help yourself... you flirt with everyone you know. Guys, girls, crushes, and friends. They're all victims to your charm. You're into silly innuendos, sexy jokes, and playful touches. You are a huge flirt, yet you never make anyone (too) uncomfortable! What Kind of Flirt Are You?
Baris Edessali
Barick Mccoy
Baris Yakari
if you wanna know about me only ask i am here :)
Baris Gundogdu
Baris Celik
Baris Celet
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Baris Baris
Baris Guler
Barilyn Song
Baris Gd
Baris Moon
Hello..So you wanna be friends with this Italian ??? I am a big guy with a big heart...I am the real good guy...I am in n.e. ohio...A nice place to live if you like our seasons...the weather usually plays a big part in my life... I need to work...but construction outside can come to a halt when the weather turns crappy...nicer weather is here hope it keeps warming up... to meet new friends...if you want to connect... message me...i will send e-mail address...c ya..guido.. i like all sports...cleveland indians..browns..cavaliers.. almost made the finals with' to putter around in garden...almost forgot nascar..concerts at local ampitheater...summer rock series...the country's best knock-off bands....rock and country music...really cool..
Barilynne Finkel
Bariu Olayinka
Bari Hernandez
Im bari and im 21. i love to just hang out and have fun. no matter what im doing im always having a blast!
Bari Kras
Baris Ari
Bari Booker
Barin Van Krugel
Bariq Qadri
Barinford Knight
Bari Smoker
Bar Joe
06barkeho Yo
Barking Mad
First off, dont ask to be my friend unless you wanna get to know me, if you just wanna enjoy my pictures, be a fan. If I just wanna enjoy your pictures, I'll be your fan back. But i dont wanna be just another name on a list of 1000+ friends that are there meaninglessly. Secondly. I,like,girls,alot. and It takes a special kinda guy. So dont feel bad if I refuse your friend requests boys. It's nothing personal, just preference. Most Important thing to know about me is; No I do not have a cam, No I do Not want to see yours. P.S. Need Serious Spanking Oh and lets not forget My LC Husband ------- Now the real "about me"; I'm into anime, music, art, fetish and my cats. If you have a crazy cat lady on your block, and you live in south florida, it's probly me. I'm absolutely psycotic at times, and I want you to leave me a crazy, stupid, weird, fucked up voice message. Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage peace, quiet, toys, art, toys, my son, aaand chocolate. Mas
Bar Knoxville
We are the newest and hottest club to hit Knoxville in quite sometime come see us on the Cumberland strip near The University of Tennessee campus
Barker Tristan
I'm 18 and living in Asheville, NC. I graduated from Clover HS in Clover, SC, a small town in York County, SC near Charlotte. I like listening to music, working on cars, reading, and exercising. I work for Client Logic here in Asheville and I probably won't be living here for much more than a month or two. You can get at me on AIM, Yahoo or MSN if the mood takes you. Cars, computers, internet, music, history (Greek, Roman, US, UK), philosophy, reading, working out.
Barkeep Christmas
Barýþ Koçak
Barkev Baro
Bar Klondike
Barkın Yılmaz
Barkat Khan
Barkev Momjian
Bar Kollberg
Barker Gavet
Barkley Collinson
Barket Ali Devani
Barkha Rani
My Website - ------------ At Kolkata , we offer a protected and secure environment of female companion for customers with Kolkata females service , You visit my website to book call young ladies in kolkata with reasonable price.
Bar Laspalmas
Barlo Wilder
Barnaby Henshaw
Barney Scene
im 14. i have many friends. if any bois or gurls 14-18 want to add my msn here it is and check out my syte. Yes barney is my actualy name but im not the barney who raped little children during taping sessions im a real gurl and not a purple and green dinosaur. the girl in my pictures is actually me . if u have a problem with tht HTEN FUCK OFF. if u hate me dont bother typing gay comments or messages to me. i have a gf her name is jen anybody fucks with he r u better watch ur back then. I want a Virgin Lover, who kisses with emotion, a sensual freak a girl i can corrupt or a boy i can redeem.. A Romantic at heart but a tormented wild child skin deep A Sensual Seductress An complete Psycho A Sexual Poet
Barnard Thomas
Barny Kaser
Barney Barnhart
Barney Maldonado
Barnet Hellman
Barney Lorenz
Barnaba Vvidals
Barney Gumble
I sit att the bar all day drinking beer. I got a fat belly which is always full of beer, and I love it! Buuuurp! I forget to water my flower sometimes, and I like Homer Simpson, he's my idol or something. I also drink beer from ashtrays. Beer, Eating, Get drunk, Porn, Passing out, Sit at the bar, Burping. Me, Homer Simpson, Belladonna. Simpsons, Beer commercials.
Barnzie 2dope
Barney Bass
Barnaby Jones
Barney Cuchifritos
Barnett Ricketts
Barney Lewis
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Barney Coll
Barney Luce
Barney Millert
my name is barney mutha fuckerzzzz... i am 20 years old and I am ready to party... so hit me up!!
Barnee Caguas
Barny Yole
Barnabas Radke
I am Barnabas Radke. I have lived a life that most would never understand or ever want to. I have bounced around and changed and searched to find myself and my true happiness. I have never been one to settle and never will. There comes a point when you look in the mirror and you finally see your own worth. When you look and say I am a real man, who is meant for so much more than happy hour, ladies night or the two for one specials. I pity those who can't open their eyes and say "what the fuck am I doing with my life". Changes will always bring animosity and the haters will always try to hold you down to feel better about their disgusting weaknesses. I am one in a million, one of the strong, born to be a leader, born to be more than blind masses who do what "They" say we should do. I am covered in tattoos, i ride motorcycles, drive a pick up truck, im an old school bad boy, i love to train my body to be a machine, love hardcore and metal, but I also train my mind, work harder than anyon
Barnabas Onotu
Barney Sipes
Barnaby Brown
Hi my name is Barnaby, I’m a loving guy. I'm originally from Portsmouth, England (UK) but moved to the U.S. in 1990. I love kids. I love to travel. I'm very open minded. I’m easy going and easy to get along with. My friends say I'm a teddy bear. I’m a loving man that values my family and time with my family. I believe in morale values in a relationship. I have a great personality. I know how to enjoy life and take it as it comes. I'm a loving guy who's honest, caring, and a romantic. I’m looking for someone who is loving, caring, also who is honest, faithful. Someone who will love me for me, and isn’t afraid to try something new at least one. I’m looking for someone who wants a long-term relationship that may turn into something more.
Barnett Brown
Barney Big Purple Monster
Barney Clark
Barney Osborn
i have Parkinsons or for short ( PD ) iam married and it has been 39 years have three kids all grown and four gran kids and a dog that doesnt know that he is one... iam new to the www and would like to have someone help me out with a web page, i do surveys for alittle extra cash and also play on pogo under the sn of pointnclickers
Barney Smith
Barna Kernyaiszky
Barnabus Collins
Barnum Erin
Barnabs Siscot
Barney Nabarrette
Barny Rubble
Barney Jaszczak
Barney Cook
Barney Waller
Barney White
'barno Timothy
Barney Murphy
Barney Wright
Barney Ryno
Barnaby Fry
Barnabás Farkas
Barney Branis
Barnett Eison
Barney Gray
Barney Duckworth
Barnabas Ravindran
Barney Nyhus
Barney South
Barney Smith
Barnes Juliet
quite and calm, willing to have fun here on the site. like going to the beach and playing of volley
Barney William
I am charming man, with very humorous and happy character, very communicative and friendly. My nature is giving, energetic, opened and very loving. With people I am warm and sincere, I turn things into joke, but can be reserved when situation requires. I have agreeable character but with some spice. ;-))) I am very masculine and they say it is everywhere about me. I value friendship and real relationship most of all. I am romantic and believe in true romance and love from the first sight. Sometimes I might be very naive as a man. I am a man who believes in treating women with respect, courtesy and kindness. I like simple things in life like holding hands, walks in the park, quiet times together, dining out, movies, baseball and bowling. I have a career and am financially secure. Looking for a woman who has similar interests, who doesn't mind being pampered and put on a pedestal? Someone to share my life with. That person must be open, honest, Trustful, truthful. I am looking for someon
Barney Bubb
Barney Reese
Barney M
Barnard Johnson
Barnwell Barnwell
Barney Burkman
none young guns f&f
Barnett Hughes
Barnshark Excavations
Barney Warren
Bar None
Baron Abramitis
Baron Von Preussen
Baron Von Preussen
I am single age 40 never married and work as an attorney, specializing in corporate. securities, taxation and real estate law. I am quiet and reserved by nature. I work a minimum of 100 hours a week. I travel 320 days a year. I would like to meet a woman for a long-term relationship. I want a woman that is inteligent, articulate and attractive. I would like to have a relationship based on mutual respect and trust mayerling
Baron Soprano
I'm just a new CherryTAP addict looking to meet new people, so please rate me, leave me a comment and add as a friend.
Baron Of Metal
Baron Edwards
Baron Poullion
Baron Coates
my name is baron im 19 and i have a son name Darrien he is one yrs old. and i live in South Hadley ma i like to party ,chill with my boys and go out to the clubs in Springfield but besides that Im a chill guy
Baron B
Baron Latham
Baron Sutton
crazy fun insaine thats a good start im a singule dad i work for myself i came to this sight to see whats up meet new people n give a shout out to the world if ther is anything you would like to know just ask books movies gaming skydiving street raceing anything that is fun in life .. if you would like to know more about me just ask
Baron Bates
I am a full time electrician. I love it. We do residential service work. I live in beavercreek ohio close to the green mall. I love my house here. It is my first house and I really really like it here. I love toyota trucks older ones because that is what I go 4 wheeling in. It is so much fun. I really value my relationships with anyone. My family is really important to me and so are my friends. I would do anything for all of them. The main thing that I dedicate myself to is my job. I love my job and i really am trying to be able to someday be like my boss, and own my electrical company. I have big goals and dreams and I will reach them. I have met some of them already. I work out a lot at urban active at the green. Other than that about me you will just have to ask. Hockey, 4 wheelin, dirt bikes, hunting, fishing, toyota trucks, fast cars, beer, women, making money, becoming a beter person, I am interested in anything outdoors or self improvement type things!!!
Baronex Baronex
I am a great guy and a very nice person. I always like to meet new people. If you want to talk by email my address is My fubar screen name is Baronex. I have a pic and profile at : I also have a page at Please let me know. Thanks. Below is a little bit about myself. Interests: I like a lot of different things. Like hearing music driving cars and nature and outdoors. Being with nice friends, especially nice girls. Favorite Music: I listen to different types of music. But mostly classic rock music. Like Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Led-Zeppelin, Black Sabbath. Favorite Movies: I like different types. Mostly classics like Clint Eastwoood cowboy movies and Star Wars etc.. But mostly anything even though most current movies are not as good as the movies from the 60’s and 70’s. Movies I Want to See: Movies don’t excite me so mu
Baron Merced
Barot Singh
Baron Hendrix
Baron Gogarn
Barok Bereket
Baron Brown
Baron Bass
Baron Bestro
Baron Riswandi
Baroon Syria
Baro Gudino
Baron Jc
Baron Head
Baron Prine
Baron Black
Baron Caple
Baron Wynter
Baron Davison
Baron Wilson
Baron Vonwolfstein
Baron Vaughn
Baron Whale
Baron Hardy
Baron Scott
Baron Rangkuti
Baron Wilson
Baron Johnson
Baron Davison
Baron Paulo
Barquita Love
Barrie Mccabe
Hello Folks, I'm into wrestling, soccer and pretty much all types of music apart from country an classical :P. Message me if u wanna know more Bazz x Jim Carrey, Steven Gerrard and Matt Lucas. Any horrors and love true stories! Labyrinth kicks ass!
Barry Johnson
Barry Mill
Barry Osmon
Barry Oneal
Barry King
Barry Cleary
Hey guys and girls, well i'm from Newfoundland, Canada and i'm attending college. I want to meet some new people, and i'm looking to be YOUR friend, So leave some comments, and holla at me if you wanna chat and lets see some good RATINGS! My interests are:Hockey, Basketball, Driving Quads, and i must say women. My idol is carmen electra....she's hot. The best kind of movies are horror and action
Barry Ward
F1,driving-(i do a lot of that myself) Freddie Mercury-always missed Ayrton Senna
Barry Thomson
Barry Johnson
Barry Barton
Barry Parsons
Barry Oaks
Barry Larry
Barry Stoops
Barry Stone
Barry Shaffer
Barry De Haas
The Barry Go Round
I'm The Barry Go Round... I'm not like anyone you've ever met... SEX...altared states of consciousness... Eastern philosophy... esoteric art...dancing...BDSM...secrets and mysteries of the world...the meaning of life...
Barry-michael Jesske
Barry Mize
Barry Lein
Barry Barry
Barrett Isaza
Barry Mierzwa
i am a out going. I love the have fun and spend time with my sister kide. i like to go all over the us i love to go for long rides to the lake
Barry Mcnatt
Barret A.
Barry Cameron
Barry H
Barry Decko
Barry Cole
Barry Jay
Hey what's up? My name is Barry, yea that's how it's spelled. I just finished my first year in college and tryin to figure out life and how it works. I'm think I'm easy going and I try to get along with everybody. I love to be goofy or silly because way too many people are way too serious and it's no fun! Hobbies and Interests? Well I Like To Sleep In And Stay Up Late, But I Think Everybody Likes That. I Like To Play In The Band At School; I Like To Pretend That I Know Everything (Too Bad It Doesn't Work With My friends!) I Always Love To Be A Smartass Around My Friends. I Like Computer Games Such As The Sims, The Sims 2.
Barry Lumsden
Barry Louis
Barry Barnard
Barry B
Barry Flaherty
Barry Garner
Barra Cuda
Barrett Springer
Barry Ligard
Barrie Mcculloch
Barry Fryer
Barry Brightwell
Barry Eason
Barry Montgomery
im me i like like hunting,fishin ilike to work on cars 4wheelers motocycles anything really i would like to get my own buss. going doing auto body work i like to fuck and listen to rock and that is about it
Barry Nelson
Barry Meier
Barry Jones
Barry Carter
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Barry Esser
Barry Emmons
lol spin the bottle, and strip poker
Barry Roberts