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Belinda Bonwick
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Belinda King
Not much to say except i'm a down to earth girl who just likes to chill with my friends,hang out at the beach,love to travel, and i love football,if u wanna know my team is the Vikings,im sure u dont like em but i probablly hate ur team too,anyways,i have alot of friends and they know who they r,and i got there back through anything,as they do me...i'm up a straight up girl,who knows how to keep it real, so all u haters,and people who like to play head games,i dont have time for all ur drama an bull-shit,so if u know how to keep it real,and be stright up with me then feel free to hit me up anytime,if ur into head games dont even waste my time trying to get to know me,i'm only here to have fun and make friends, so if ur cool with my profile hit me up anytime...Much Luv...
Belinda B
Belinda Skelton
Belinda Neighbors
My name is Belinda, BB, Blender, Blenda. just about anything like that. i love to have fun and be with my friends. specially nea and andrew. they are my loves. i love you guys. lol. but yeah thats a little about me if you want to know more just ask. sleep, party, get drunk, being me and stuff. well it would take forever to tell you all of them. lol. i have no idols. cause i am my own. lol. scary movies. lol. and big fish. lol. and nightmare before christmas. and anything that will scare the fuck out of me.
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I'm an artist who also writes poetry and short stories. I have an asscoiates in Electrical Engineering and a mother of 2 wonderful children and 2 step, and grandmother of 10 between all the children. I love the outdoors,fishing, shooting,archery, camping, poker runs, rodeos,etc. I ride a '05 XL883L Sierra Red Pearl Sportster. I love to help people and pride myself on being an honest and true friend. I love old cars and even tractors too. Big animal person nature nut. Live life to it's fullest and don't want or need anymore drama.. lol. Need to know more just ask... THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS - FANS AND FAMILY WHO VOTED FOR ME IN THE BIKER CONTEST...I WON FIRST PRIZE OF DIAMOND EARRINGS.
Belinda Morgan
Belinda Emge
Belial Leviathan
Belinda Pauling
Belinda Laird
Belinda Lemons
Belinda Mcallister
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Belinda Garcia
Belinda Bowlin
If you want to know, just ask.
Belinda Dvd Belinda Dvd
Belinda Dvd Belinda Dvd
Belinda Dvd Belinda Dvd
Belinda Dvd Belinda Dvd
Belinda Privett
Belinda Green
Belinda Baker
I am from a little town in southern Illinois called Flora I know how to have fun but can be serious when time comes I hate spiders I love storms I'm quiet I am shy until I get to know you I love to chill with my friends I love to drink beer I love to party You will NEVER get me in a airplane.(if I'm gonna die I dont want to fall a million feet I'm I collect dolphins My favorite food is Mexican I LOVE going to Casinos I hate fake people If your all about playing head games then just go the other way I am to old for all those little high school bullshit games If you wanna know anything else just ask Pool Fishing Driving around with no desitination Dolphins Being by water Bowling Movies Clubbing Partying anything funny or scary
Belinda Ramsey
Belinda Galle
I'm a single white female 36, 24, 36 .... No not really, I'm just the ol' lady in the shoe with more kids than I know what to do with sometimes! My husband and I own a small Mom & Pop resturant that I have the privalige of managing. We have one 11 year old daughter that I'm happy to say is spoiled rotten ......can't ya smell her? ;=D We also think of some of our employees as part of our family. Two of "My Girls" are members of Cherry Tap that I know of. And just like any "Moma" I check out what they are up to. Can't let 'em have more fun than me, now can I? I love to "cut up & play" as long as no one gets hurt. I read paranormal books, Christen Feehan & Sherrilyn Kenyon are two of my most favored writers at this time. Computers are my next favorite hobby. Before we bought the Shop I used to spend a LOT of time making graphics & web pages. But now the Shop and "kids" get most of my attention. These days my interests are pretty limited to family and business. I used to make a lot of w
Belinda Mercado
well im a lesbian i like playing naugthy and rough im very kinky and i like having fun hanging out and doing wild and crazy things hope u like
Belinda Fish
hello my fellow cherrytap freinds lol. my name is belinda im 21 year old live in staten island ny. i love to do anything thats fun and wild. i am a psychology major. i love kids i am a neighborhood babysitter. lol im truthful and honest i tell it how it is. im blunt and forward and if no one like it then too bad. im looking for a good friend and hopefully maybe more. i am very family oriented , so family oriented that my best friend is my sister letty. and she is also on cherrytap so show us some love. ...
Belinda Joyce
Belinda Nieves
Belite Mcintyre
Belinda Hill
I am a very down to earth girl. I have three wonderful children, two boys and a girl ages 8, 7, and 3. I love to go out and have a good time but I also love to just hang out at home with my family. My oldest son just started playing football on the county junior league so right now you will probably find me either watching his practices or cheering him on from the stands at his games. I am a very hands on mother and I am very involved in my childrens lives whether it be helping with homework or just playing ball outside. My kids are my life, but I also go out to just be me as a person not just a mother. Anything else you want to know...Just ask! I love playing ball with my kids, going to the races, going to my son's football games, taking my daughter shopping (got to start em early), and so many other things I don't have enough time or space to mention them all. My mother is my idol, I can only wish to be half the woman that she is. She has been through divorce, health problems, and ju
Belinda Myers
Belinda Thorsen
I am single 27 year old single female. I am from Evansville,In. I am a single parent. I have one daughter she is almost 3. She is my world. I am looking for friends, fun, relationships, and dating. I am the type of girl that wants the fairytale relationship. Lets get real that won't happen. I don't like or play head games. I have been through that enough. I do enjoy going out on occasion for a good time. I like racing, camping, fishing, movies and shopping the typical girl stuff. I am looking for someone to make me happy in and out of the bedroom. No I don't have dirty pics on here...sorry I don't put myself out there like that. If you want to see the dirty stuff well I guess you will have to wait. I want a man that knows how to treat a woman and is not going to lead her on or break her heart. I want a hopeless romantic type. If I can't find the hopeless romantic, I just want someone to show me a good time and treat me good. Like me for me. If you like what you see hit me up on yahoo m
Belinda Luchia
Hey whats up people my name is belinda and i thought i should maybe update things on here i havent been on in a long while,I am 42 and i have 4 kids who are all grown and now have lives on there own so i thougth maybe once again i would check out all the sites i used to be nad fubar was one of them i have also just recently moved back to calgary ab from saskatchewan ya nice place to visit nottt to live lol so with that said anyone interested in some good chat well u know what to do have a great day My interests are cooking,reading,spending time with freinds,long walks,camping and i dont mean in an rv that aint campin lol,cuddlin on winter nights,spendin time outdoors in the summer,goin to movies,concerts etc,i enjoy spendin time with my kids when there busy lives allow time lol other than that i am just the average girl that pretty much likes everythin well i shouldnt say everything really dont care for sports....but will watch if i really
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Belinda Rixon
Belinda Luther
Belinda Barker
Belinda Cunningham
Just read In the Interest part ... Thank You Hey guys I am Belinda, 21 Years old, I currently moved back to my home town Dayton, TN I used to live In Fayetteville, TN but me & my boyfriend moved back here at my home town. I like to dance & sing. I like to listen to all types of music. I like to watch all types of movies. I like to make friends & hanging out with friends. I like all types of sports but mostly football & basketball. I like to surf the net for pictures of anime stuff or angels. I have a mysapce page but not going to post the link here but ask for It If you want to see It, Not being mean or anything but I dont random people adding me that just seems weird lol. Anyway I like to go mudding, fishing, camping, hunting & riding 4wheelers. I like to hangout with my friends at the mall. I love to shop. I love to write poetry In my spare time. Anyway If you wanna know more about me just ask me anything If I am around ... Peace out ... Belinda
Belinda Hunter
Belinda Cameron
Hello I am Belinda and I am 38 yrs old and I have three wonderful kids and I also have a beautiful granddaughter that i love dearly and I am happily married to a wonderful man. I like to hang out with family and friends and talk on the phone and here.
Belinda Beck
I am a soon to be divorced woman who enjoys what good things life has to offer, I am kind conciderate, caring, loving, and I try to help others as much as possible, no matter who they are, I like to read, write poetry,shop, go to mall, dinner, movies, spend time with family, play with my dog and spend time with my husband. I also enjoy staying at home with a god book, or horror movie. I dont have specific idols. My idols are anybody who have over come hard times, finnacialy, physicaly, emotionally, mentally,and sexually. people who know whats it's like to be different from others but try not to let it bother them, who are bullied and doesnt let it get them down, people who doesnt let name calling, picking. taunting and harrassment give them a negative out look on themselves or the world around them. people who doesnt let othe peoples judging, bad looks, negative attitudes, or ignorance ruin thier lives. And people who have hope, faith and love nomatter what obsticals come your way. and
Belinda Dennison
Belinda Allbright
Belinda Adkins
Belinda Hall
Belinda Courtney
well nothing to enjoyable.I love listening to music and watching the sky at night i like to take walks alone.i like to hunt and ride atv's i really enjoy buiding the racing ones.I stay home and take care of my three kids.i like watching horror movies.i like to make new friends that are gonna be my friends and not want other that just about all about me want more infor just ask!!!!!!!!!!HEY I JUST WANNA HAVE A GOOD TIME AND ENJOY FOLKS THATS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL i enjoy meeting up with other people to talk with and just have fun.i love to sit and talk on net at night after the kids have gone to bed.i enjoy being outdoors,atvs,and loud to go to parties and watch all the ones that get dog faced so i can take pics of them when they say they didn't do something.i'm very easy to get along with and nothing to hide.i like spending time with the girls for a night out on the town then i like time with the guys out doors fishing,hunting,rididg horses,and atvs.i enjoy working
Belinda Price
Belinda Gomez
Belinda Evans
Belinda Leblanc
Belinda Rojas
Belinda Staten
Belinda Vela
music, tv, computers, movies, all the girly crap ie shopping, makeup, clothes, shoes bags... Ummm...animals, tropical fish, reading, scrapbooking, love knowing about new technology and owning it:P not sure what else....
Belinda White
Belinda Oettel
Belinda Todd
Belinda Stolz
Belinda Kellar
I am a 26 year old single mother of a TERRIFIC little boy named Kyle. He is almost 5 months old now and the reason for me living. I work full time and a full time mother. Thank GOD for friends and family support. I enjoy being a mother, reading, listening to music, and hanging out with family and friends. If you want to know anything more, just ask. I am a very friendly person, so I won't bite. LOL.
Belinda Leigh
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Belinda Mccune
Belinda Brown
Belinda Gay
Belinda Rileygranger
Belinda Craig
Belinda Brown Wolf
hey whats up? im just checking this site out...
Belinda Powell
Belinda Olson
Belinda Not Telling
i like to live life to the full, lotsa laughs , i love the beach, hanging with friends , parties , going out , meeting new ppl, and on winter nights happy to be home where its warm watching a movie !! also if u want to chat im usually in person dot com or face book,
I am a laid back and easy going person.. I am a gamer chick through n through .. my faves are Gears of War, Guitar hero, Rockband and arcade.. namely mini golf and texas holdem! Xbox 360 is one of the better consoles .. sorry sony lovers!
Belinda Murray
Belinda Baker
Belinda Hogan
Im 56 yrs young and live in WestChester 5/3 pettie with light brown hair and hazel eyes.Im very out going and will tell u whats on my mind good,bad and naughty.Love to laugh and have fun,love kissing and cuddling and hold hands and snugglering. I enjoy swimming,walking,festivals and flea markets and im very low maintance.I like nescar,football and will watch anything with the right man.
Belinda Perin
I'm a mother of two daughters. The oldest is 20, and the youngest is 18. They are my life! The oldest is working on an Accounting Degree and the youngerst is working on a Advertizing Arts Degree! I AM VERY PROUD OF BOTH OF THEM, THEY HAVE COME A VERY LONG WAY!!! I love computing, games, art of many types, music, swimming, reading, children, and amimals. I play most of my games on pogo/msngames. I'm not a paid member on either, just play the free ones. With two daughters and a three bedroom house I can't afford to blow money on game sites, but love to play. They pass a lot of time for me and I am always learning something new! I love my family and friends (as they were my family)I always say it is hard for me to make friends, yet I don't seem to know a stranger. I was divorced in 1997, and have been in loving relationship sence 1998! Not everyone can get that lucky! I am now disabled, do to my heart stopping (Full Cardiac Arrest) on Nov. 19, 2004. I have only 20% of th
Belinda Mckinley
Im a single mum of 2 children who will always be number one in my life. My best friends would also have to b high up on my list of importants...they may be far away but they're always in my heart and will always be my family, Love ya's, Miss ya's, wish i was there (not really!!...wish u guys were here :) lol xx) Been livin in Melbourne now for a yr and a half and just finally back on my feet after a rocky 10 months. Originally from country SA, i'd have to say i dont think i will ever get used to Melb's weather. I'm a very down to earth girl and certainly don't beat around the bush or play mind games, what ya see is what ya get. I am looking to meet new people and extend my network of friends locally and globally. I will talk to anyone about anything so feel free to chat, however, DO NOT mistake my quick wit or guttered mind for 'i want to see your bits' or that i am going to show u mine, nor will i engage in cybersex so dont push the issue. If u are that desperate go watch por
Belinda Barrett
Belinda R
basic . belinda . brown hair . hazel eyes . five foot threee . five piercings . four tattoos . dob .. december 30th love . aminals . friends/family . internet & phone . singing . dancing . 4wheeling . walking . beach . movies . etc .. hate . horror movies . fakes . just plain idiots
BeLinda - Defined as beautiful, A beautiful lie, An enigma wrapped in confusion, Obsessed with the stars, Wants to shine as one someday, Still figuring out what that cloud on the left looks like, Cries over movies, Cries over books, Cries over sad and sappy songs, Hates her hair, Has seriously considered shaving it off, Is melodramatic to the highest degree, Loves to lay in the woods and stare at the tree limbs, Making up names and life stories for the magical creatures that reside in them, Obsessed with pop music, Loves to dance around the room singing into a hair brush, Has an imaginary mischief making sidekick named Bob, Likes to name people Boris, Being on stage is her true self times eight, Thinks being grown up is for suckers, Loves the Sunday comics, Still wants to be a mermaid when she grows up, Thinks nothing compares to the beauty of a lily, Dreams of performing on Broadway, Wants a whole army of penguins, If you can make her smile and laugh you've made
Belinda Woomack
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Belinda Burton
Belinda Webb
Belinda Osborne
My name is Belinda. Im a very confidant bbw. Im not here to pick up ur man or your chic for that matter!!I like to meet new people and learn all about then. Im too old for drama or negativity...keep that b.s. moving!! I demand and expect respect. Dont talk to me like im some kind of white trash. I am single, by choice. I havent met that special someone who has swept me off my feet,but i have not given up hope. People put too much today on the way people look and fail to see whats on the inside. Im sure one day, as destiny has it, i will find my soul-mate or they will find me..Till them i keep the door to my heart open.
I'm not really in to those photo slide things or silly music players. So, hi, my name is Bindy. [: I doubt people will really bother reading this so talking about myself could be a waste of my time. If you care so much, don't be afraid to talk!!
Belinda Parnell
Belinda Hoffpauir
Belinda Cripps
Belinda Rosenquist
Belinda Johnson
Belinda Banegas
Belinda Magee
i am a 28 year old single mom with a 7 year old daughter, her name is Anastasia (everybody calls her Anna). looking for more friends to chat with... i like listening to music, hanging out with friends, and spending time with my daughter...
Belinda Miles
Belinda Curry
Belinda Solo
samoan. my family.
Belinda Valentine
Belinda Sams
Belinda Walker
Belinda Graham
Belinda Mason
Belinda Henderson
I like to live an interesting life, chill, drink and party with my goons. I am a 45 year old wowan. I have one son and one daughter. I have 4 grandchildren whom I love dearly. I am single and love spending the "free time" with my grandkids. That type of question just has to be a joke.... action, thriller, suspence and romantic comedy.
Belinda Hill
Belinda Smith
Belinda Beyerlein
Belinda Devore Joiner
Belinda Smith
Belinda Schneider
Belinda Garcia
Belinda Mccurdy
I'm unique, in everyway almost. I love food its my passion. I also love the computer and the internet that is why i started going to school for it. I have a daughter she means the world to me and that makes me the hottest MILF around LOLZ. I like chatting with people and getting to know them. I am open minded on about any subject you throw at me. Go ahead try it! I like sex I really do, although there are some people who think that just cause they show me a picture of their penis I will want to have sex with them or they think that it turns me on. well, it doesnt! i like to get to know people first HELLO! besides, didnt you read my relationship status? or are you effin blind? I am pretty laid back. I like to go out on drives just for the fuck of it. I got pimped one day on here and that made me addicted. LOLZ! I love my friends and of course i love my fu famz!! MUAHS to you all! I like to window shop and i love stars, playboy bunnies, jenna jameson (yes i am a freak) movies, music, my
Hey my name is Belinda and im a fun gurl.. i like to have fun with only the guys ya kno just hang out and wrestle around with them personality i would have to say would be that im :caring,smart,shy,quiet sometimes,sensitive,honest and friendly.i do like to laugh alot cuz im a happy person and i like to have the lil kid in me and just be playful. i like goin to the club,hangin with friends,drink,watch tv,go on computer... or talk on my cell.
Belinda Bounds
i am a singer here in edinburg tx i love to have lots of friends i am looking for a man i can love and love me back my son is a music prod an he makes my music he allso is a singer .....if you are out there hit me up you will love my music i will put it up i am new to this need help can you help me my new friends
Belisa Lopez
Belinda Holliman
Belinda Hubbard
Belinda Whetsell Allen Efaw
Belinda Twyman
Belinda Uhl
Belia Alves
Belinda Sailor
Believe Freeman
Belinda Turnupseed
I am single and just looking to find new friends.Going to College and bord with life right now
Belinda Readinger
not really sure i like disney movies, family movies and pretty much all movies
Belinda Maiden
Belinda Roach
Belinda Fudge
Belinda Munoz
Believe Anderson
basically im about my music and thats what keeps me moving through this beautiful life born n raised in jamacia wueens ny and after that moved to astoria queens and jus kept the music goin. u can check my page out at soundclick/youngyr or search me through my twitter and catch the link twitter me at twitter/youngrelly22 okay and the link should be there for my music or u could jus go manually to sound click .com and in the search box on ur right hand corner just search artist [young yr] in the box make sure u space after the young okay thank u too all my fans that kept me going its really appreciate so get backk and by the way i have a new clothing line addapting with polo for the summer so for more infor contact ask me to send u a picture of some of the things ive already designed get at me im here and also my elderly cashmere sweaters are coming to the market also addapting with ralphlauren so li
Belinda Croschere
Belinda Martin
Belinda Nguyen
Belinda Meyer
Belinda Roby Blythe
Belinda Campbell
Belinda Soldo
Belinda Palmer
Belinda Asare
Belinda Readinger
Belinda Hathcock
Belinda Joy
Belinda Cool
Belinda Smith
Belinda Ayuningtyas
Belinda Rea
Belinda Frost
Belinda Kaur Phinder
Belinda Ramos
Belinda Dulay
im a filipina whos fond of collecting friends all over the world,love to make friendship to everyone,but pls a good friends,not a sex friend,,im funny,witty and love to laugh specially funny jokes,im a good cook and can sing as well,youre all welcome to be my friend.. hmm,i love to travel,cooking,bar hopping,going to movies and hang out wth my friends... i love mariah carey,michael jackson and a lot more.. love to watch action,horror,love stories,science fiction,everything but it must be a good movies..
Belinda Fields
Belinda Macleod
Belinda Miller
Belinda Villegas
Belinda Knight
Belinda Skinner
Belinda Howard
Belinda Dufek
Belinda Webster
Belinda Jones
Belize Stockdale
Belinda Taylor
Belinda Rogers
i have a crush on someone
Belinda Ritenour
Belinda Smith
Believe Liao
Belinda Woody Byers
Belinda Ward
Belinda Walker
Belinda Kane
Belinda Kane
Belinda Sullivan
Belinda Hammond
Belinda Readinger
Belinda Lovemeforever
Belinda Grimes
Belinda Readinger
Belinda Osterhout
Belinda Lunsford
Belinda Messer
Belinda Dalbey
Belinda Paige Morgan
Belinda Frey
Belinda Short
A little bit about me: My name is Belinda =). Yes, thats my real name! I'm polyamorous and I have two boyfriends that I have been with for the last three years. Yes, they know about each other (for some reason people ask me if they do, I guess they assume some people can't be honest, but I think thats probably a reflection on them lol). I like to share photos. I don't mind looking at yours but I don't need to see dick photos. I see enough of those at work. If you ask me to look at your pics and they're all penis, I probably won't look anymore. I literally see hundreds every night. I don't sex chat. A little flirting here and there is fine, but I don't do sex chat/skype/kik/etc. Do feel free to chat with me, its easier for me to respond when I am on than a mail message. I have been a camgirl for the last 14 years and I'm semi retired. If you ask me nicely I can direct you to my photos, but please don't be demanding =). I love the ladies, please ladies, hit me up
Belinda Perdew
Belinda West
Belinda Lotter
Belinda Haggerty
Belinda Rodriguez
Belinda Ivy
I'm a very nice girl, usually friendly, although I choose my friends very carefully. I live by the motto of preferring four quarters over a hundred pennies. I'm both humble and outgoing, I'm responsible and crazy at the same time. I adapt very well to any environment and people I'm with, I pretty much get along with everybody. I'm trying to be very optimistic and not let stress ruin my enjoyment of life I'm simple. I love hiking, going to the gym, doing some simple stuff. I love being outdoors, I love bike riding. Just stuff that's fun! Doomsday, Despicable Me, Zombieland, A Very Long Engagement, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, District 13, District 9, Serenity, Up, The Avengers movies. Old favourites: Labyrinth, Event Horizon, Delicatessen, This Year's Love, The Taming of the Shrew (bbc adaptation), Halfbaked, Airplane, Blazing saddles, Van Wilder: Party Liason, The Haunting (60s version, not the Catherine Zeta Jones one), Stealing Beauty, anything by Kevin Smith, J P Jeunet
Belinda Dennison
im 40 yrs old and been hurt I LIKE MEN OMLY i want a man under 70 years old movies reading books do not read books
Belia Calderon
Belinda Cardona
Belinda Kane
Belinda Martin
Belinda Harrell
Belinda Cardona
Belinda Cambre
Belinda Delgadillo
I am a single mother of 3 wonderful kids. My kids do and always will come first no matter what. I am single and have been for the past few years just focusing on me and my kids I do date but as of right now not looking for anything serious... GOD I love scary movies romance comedy and of course kid movies...
Belkis Munoz
Belkis Irizarry
Belkys Valerio
Belkis Albertt
Belkis Whitfield
Thats pretty much me! If u dont know by now im kind of a big deal, im that crazy, dorky, cutie u just gotta meet, im ur late night head rush, im the one ur thinkin of when u go to bed at night, im very outspoken, im out going, if i dont like u i will tell it to ur face, im a 100% real, 50%evil 50%sweet. if u make me mad piss me off, ur gonna regret the day u met me, im down to do ne thing fun and as long as it doesnt involve getting arrested! im ok!... but make note that in the end I WIN U LOSE GET OVER IT! i dont like drama if u come with drama and baggage LEAVE IT AT THE DOOR dONT COME searchin for trouble, i hate liars, cheaters and fakes, and i will know by the time u meet me face to face! so dont FUCK WITH A DGAF GIRL or else u will pay! im up for meeting new ppl, so hey dont be afraid... my type of guys are BRO TYPE LIFTED TRUX TATTS PIERCING...if ur not the discription keep on walkin.... im single and i have a daughter if u want to date me still and see past that then u are
this is such a selfish box for me but what the heck... here goes my blah blahs... well, i'm mostly perceived to be snobish which is certainly not true. my friends often think i'm crazy for spendin so much time on my pc... and i agree.. hah! ;) i am not the girly girl, well, sometimes i am. i can't tolerate idiocity, fakers, posers and most of all PERVERTS... i dispise retards and people who think they know it all as well ( fuck you!) i don't do cyber.. nor body flashes.. i can be a tease to people i want to tease... just be patient and let me do the deed.. so please don't go askin' me for some coz the fuckin answer is NO.. and if you can't understand those two lil letters.. then i'm sorry but i don't have time for dimwits either. i like and am happy with people who are funny.. articulate.. goofy and self spoken.. i don't judge you with the way you look but rather how you think.. immature people are welcome but please don't get into my nerves.. ;)i luv my family.. i luv my friends.. i l
I'm me. I try not to be like anyone else...but really there is no one in the world who isnt like someone else, cause eventually someone will copy you. *shrug* If you want to know about me you pretty much just have to talk to me and get to know me. Music Theatre Art Fashion Design Computers Men Sex (what can I say I'm honest) Movies
Bella Donna
Bella Sirena
hEy..ThAnX FoR ChEcKiNg mY PrOfIlE...SoMeThInG AbOuT Me...hM..WhAt AbOuT U FiGuRe It OuT AnD TeLl Me? LoL.. Ps. .. No mAtTeR WhAt CoUnTrY U r In..aS LoNg aS U R AHoCkEy FaN...WeLcOmE To SeNd Me MsG!>sOhH WaIt!! If U R NoT A HoCkEy FaN...HmM..It'S Ok..I ReSpEcT OtHeR SpOrTs U LiKe! AnD..I ThInK U MiGhT FeEl I Am So WeIrD ThAt AlL I InTeReStEd ArE NoT WhAt A GiRl WoUlD LiKe..BuT!! I ThInK It Is B/c I WaS GrOwInG Up WiTh My 6 MaLe CoUsInS..sO..yEaH..pLs dOn'T DoUbT AbOuT My GeNdEr ..:P. Ps. C'mOn!! InStEad Of ClIcKiNg " AdD To FaVoRiTe"...WhAt AbOuT ClIcKiNg "CoNtAcTiNg InVeL"??? HaHaHa...DoN't Be ThAt ShY, I DoN't BiTe!!!:P Ps*Ps.sRy But No IM PlS.!!!!!!.I PrEfEr MsGs...AnD!!! I HaVe To SaY SrY ThAt SoMeTiMeS I Am JuSt ToO BuSy To RePlY RiGhT AwAy...BuT I'lL Do It AsAp...:P Pu'S QuOtEs: *WhY MeMoRy iS LoVeLy?? bEcAuSe iT'S BuIlD Up bY U AnD Me!" "BeInG LoVeD Is bEtTeR ThAn lOvInG SoMeOnE.." "SeXy Is NoT WeArInG LeSs ClOtHeS BuT KnOwInG HoW To ExPrEsS UrSeLf" Co
Bella Saona
Bellgy James
Bella Tiramisu
Music Eye Liner ____TAYLOR____ Love Shoes New York Fashion Clothes Design Singing Night Dancing Crazy Part alcohol Guns Katie Shopping Lips Cuddling ROXY ^ ^
Bella Bosco
This is new to me... if you would like to know about me feel free to ask...doesn't mean you're gonna get an answer!!
Belle Sebastian
Bella Thompson
Bella Rodriguez
Belle Brady
Bella Munroe
Bella Morta
Bella Chaubette
Belle Morte
Bella One
Bella Aydun
Bell James
Belly Sawyer
Belle Dawg
Bella Baby
Belleah May
Myspace Icons As if i needed another site!! ~*~*~Well as u see im 28 and from the Legally seperated from 11 yrs of marriage, which i will nv ever regret i have my two LiL Angels from it and i look at it as a HUGE learning experience. I have a Son who is 10 and So Smart and intelligent ...Love u Aussie and my Daughter who is 8..shes So Sweet but yet Very Sassy...Love ya Bay. "GOD" is Most and Formost the #1 person there is....without him we would have nothing and i am Thankful to him for everything he has givin me and the ability to have what i do. I have siblings to whom im VERY close with is all u have cherish every min as if it was your last! My Mom was my Bestest Friend God could have ever given me She died 2 yrs ago.....Xoxox's Mom in Heaven I LOVE U. Her sis is now my Best Friend and like a Mom i love her to pieces too, Her Daughter is also like a sis to me. Im addicted to Online so ppl have told me....i have met SoOoOo Many wonderful ppl and u all know who u
Belle X
Bella Sherrill
Hi Guys, My name is Destini I am 21 years old and i live in the Beautiful State of North Carolina. I am a fun outgoing exciting girl who loves to have fun in anything she does. I'm not you're normal average Everyday girl. I do get out and do stuff! LOL! I love hanging out with my friend and just being stupid. =] I talk alot of Random Shit. haha. Anyways, I'm a prettu fun girl to be with, I'm spontanoues, Adventurous, and I live to life life to its fullest Extent! Haha. But I do some random stuff, so If I am doing something random means that I am enjoying life. Also, If I have a camera, Please beware That I take random pictures and yes I will put them on my myspace for people to see and laugh at my randomness LOL! Atleast my B/f loves it! haha. but yeah, I'm a pretty laid back girl who just takes life one day at a time. THINGS THAT MAKE ME SMILE hearts;shopping ♥ ♥ my awesome friends ♥ ♥ my loving family ♥ ♥ Smirnoff Ice &h
Bella Boo
Bella Luna
Bella S.
Belladonna Deadly Night Shade
My main interests would have to be, in no certain order... 1. Art... I love to paint, draw, etc. using any media. Absolutley love to create. 2. Yes, I'm into ink.(look at me!) I have 17 tats. Sorry if that bothers anyone but I love them all and will never regret getting them. I apprentice ink at a local tatoo shop, but it's just a hobby. 3. I love kids but never really plan on doing the family thing. Still single. 4. School- still in it actually, I may end up a lifer. I love learning new things. I taught myself Spanish and now working on learning French. 5. Having fun, hanging out with friends, traveling, music concerts, traveling...did I mention traveling? I love to see new places. I've been as far as Canada as far south as Mexico and all over the U.S. I'd like to go to Alaska one day and India. (Have friends in both places). 6. Meeting new people!!!!!
I love all kinds of music pop,rock,country.I love to sing even though i cant sing well lol.To me singing is like a refreshment to ur soul.I love the out doors,camping.I also love to travel.I like to party to going to clubs sometimes and just dance and have a great time.
Bella Nitya
Bella Rossi
Bella Luna
Bellaâ„¢ Aka
*Ashley* Y 19/f Monroe Township, NJ. tongue ring. green eyes. 5'7" guys and girls feel free to message me and/or add me. if you live close by.. or even if not, LOL, i'll probably send you a friend request/fan. I love meeting and just getting to know people. IM BACK! I miss talking to you all. Send me a message. :) Been on myspace recently updating that page. /ashleyx0x0
I'm a fun loving person. I love to go out and dance when I get the chance. I enjoy being with my husband and kids. Being around family and friends means allot to me. I'm a loyal friend until the end. You may not like my advise but I'm honest with it. I feel you are only as old as you let yourself be. If you want to know more just ask. I might answer you I might not. You never know until you ask. Hmmm I don't know where to start. I love to dance, listen to music, watch movies. Go out and have fun.
Bella N/a
Wow and what to say here. Well first of i am from canada . Grandmother of 2 . Mom of 4 there is so much about me. Just ask me i guess and see what kinda mood i am in lol I love Tat's i have a few . I am just me i guess i TELL it like it is . Ppl don't always like that but i am who i am . Life is too short to pretend to be someone where not. ADD ME ! RATED ME FAN ME . I WILL DO THE SAME FOR U . I don't have to show my skin as u can see in my pic's . The ladies that do u all look wonderfull.I am just shy i guess. But i am sexy in my own way ! I think the sexies part of someone is there brain . Because it's where your most sexy thoughs come from ........ RIGHT ? Courtesy of MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of
Belle Connolly
Belle Guess
Welllllll I dont really like to brag.. My name is Bella, I live in SoCal and I'm a crazy ass.. yeah thats it.. and I love movies and music, books and writing, all that crapola... who caresssss.... =) My interests.. almost anything and everything but not.. music, books, movies, comedy,spirituality, paganism, and whatever else that is remotely even close to being as interesting.. My idols are some song writers, and anyone that lives the life they chose.. The Crow, Donnie Darko, Gladiator, True Romance, Cleopatra, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, Queen of the Damned, Interview with a Vampire, Dracula, The Matrix, and some other stuff..
Belle Sc2
Hi! I am 33 year old, married with no kids. I absolutely LOVE pets/animals. I have 2 dogs (pomeranians) 2 short haired cats, and 1 outdoor rabbit which lives in my back yard fence. I love to feed the birds and squirrels and watch the wildlife. I love being wild myself I can't seem to get enough sex, I feel like a nympho often. My husband usually only comes one time a day so I seem to pleasure myself often since he is not enough. haha!! I love to make friends on here and meet you in person after getting to know you. Let's keep in touch! Love, Belle I enjoy taking sexy pictures and sharing them with the world here on the internet. I love making new friends on here including meeting people in person after getting to know you on here. You are welcome to email me at anytime. I love getting emails and getting to know you and hearing how much you love my pictures and my body!! Tell me all your thoughts, clean and dirty!! I do have websites at http://www.yoursout
I'm an antisocial moth When they add more chlorine to the gene pool I might become a social butterfly But that doesn't mean I don't love seeing friends requests...
Bella Girl
Bella Lombardo
Cool Slideshows!
wow....theres so much id like to say lol but i dont want to sound conceited. can i update this another time? ok. much love to all of you!
Bella Artois
Bella Kiss
Bella Marella
Bell S
Belle Kennedy
Yes I am Depriving The Villiage of it's Idiot! Im Belle..A mom,A friend, separated from husband... I'm loud and insane!but can also be shy as hell!!.I have 5 kids, Kayla..drama queen, Myra who has cancer,Brittney who wines",Joey who is Tourettey!(Kidding, not serious)And Willow, who was 1bs 3oz.A.K.A The Boog! I know my Kids cant wait till i'm old enough for them to ship me off to a nursing home. And i Love My BFF CATFORD ! she's my hook!Always And Forever! movies ...horror!! Red Hot Chili Peppers drawing a blank dang it!! Marylin Monroe gwen stefani anthony kiedis fear and loathing in las Vegas STEP and hoes!
Going to short list it: Single mom, College Grad Batchelor of Science in Multidisciplinary science (big title for environmental science), Working on a master in Social Work, Ask about work I love my job, If you want to know more ask. Quote "In this world you can be two things smart or pleasant well I tried being smart for many many years I recommend pleasant" Elwood P Dowd Your Kiss is Pink For you, kissing is pure happiness... simple as that. You definitely get a little blissed out from kissing, even if you're a bit shy about it. You won't kiss just anyone. Your kisses are special! Young at heart, you still get very excited the first time you kiss someone. Kissing Type: Generous People See Your Kisses as: Sweet You Kiss Best With: A Black Kisser Stay away from: An Orange Kisser What Color Is Your Kiss? I am an outdoor kind of girl. I grew up in the Hill Country where hunting, fishing, farming and ra
Bella Bo
Belle Marnine
Bella Sanchez
Belladonna Solla
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Ok so here's the deal I have done alot of watching on this site and decided so of ya'll are dumb as hell. So I am 28 and from a small town in Iowa, I am lucky enough to have an awesome life....I know I am hott and am not afraid to admit it...but it isn't easy I have to bust my ass in a gym 2 hours a day so ladies don't get bitchy with me cause you eat chilli cheese fries all day and watch your "shows" while your ass goes on a growing spree....not my problem. I can be nice but I am isn't personal I just don't care enough to lie to ya. I will not post nude pics so please don't ask I am single cause I wanna be. I like sex so I have sex am I a whore....yeah but a classy one (means I sleep with hott guys with not dirty shit floating around in their blood) **RATING** I am not rating you a 10 unless your a 10...I expect the same...I will not rate you add you or fan you just because you did if this upsets you...blast it in a mumm. Anything else..ASK! XoXo
Bella Martin
Hey I am Bella from Rhode Island. I am 29 yrs old and just love life, country music, Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. Kyle Wyley Rocks if you like country music please check out his website u can join his circle of friends now for free please put my name in for who referred u Bella Martin I just love Tom Brady and Jason Varitex. Country music is a huge part of my life and it always will be. i dont think I could live without it. I am a very loving, caring, honest and kind person. Yes guys I am single. I love doing promo work for Kyle Wyley Country Music , Kyle Wyley, Brad Paisley, Rodney Atkins, Keith Urban, JoDee Messina, Taylor Swift, Billy Ray Cyrus, Rascal Flatts, Alabama and more. Boston RedSox , New England Patriots, Tom Brady and Jason Varitex. Boston Celtics, Prov Bruins, Kickboxing, Vinny Paz, Boxing, Beach, Ocean, Country music concerts and festivals. horses, dolphins, whales, Camping, fishing, hiking, rock climbling, playing sports and watchin th
Bellinda Johnson
Bell Haven
HI AGAIN FUBAR!!!! So I've been here since before I was suppose to be lol but I guess I'm back! At least for a while. I'm kind of just a pile of chaos and cuteness but over all I try to keep things fun and light hearted! I'm not here to be sexin up your sb or anything like that. Just here to have fun and meet some new friends! OOOO I like all kinds of things! I like to read, to travel, Pokemon GO, Video Games, Tattoos, random adventures, music (I am totally a rock star in my car so watch out!)
I'm 22, happily married with a little one on the way...when I joined I didn't know that...guess I'll be drinking virgin sangria for a while. I love getting tattoos and going to concerts. I like making my life worth living. PLEASE VOTE ON PROPOSITION 3-17 AT WWW.PROPOSITION317.COM
I messed up and my first profile was deleted....sorry didn't mean to do that. So I'm starting over. My cousin...Geoff (lead singer for the Expendables). He Rocks! Do I ever do "stickam"...No. Will I ever do stickam...Probably. What I like... Cash Cab (Discovery Channel) LUV IT.
Belle Mara
Bella Aldama
Bellami Cacciapouti
Bella Sin
Name: Bella Sin a.k.a Beautiful Sin Age: 23 Location: Burlesque-Land OHIO Mission: To encourage the hidden side of people to come out and play. THE SEVEN DEADLY SIN'S GAME Interested? Persona: Siren Likes: Fishnets, Lace, Garters, Corsets, Bras, Crimson lipstick, Black Eyeliner and Big sexy hair. The rest is up to your Imagination. I like a person with vision for a future. A person with a since of individuality and creative spirit. Dislikes: Fake People along with people that are afraid to be there self?s. Quote: "Sin is best when is dressed in black" & ?Sodomy? Favorite Food: I like a lot of different food, Indian, Mediterranean, Spanish, Japanese and Yes? Mexican! Favorite Desert: Ice Cream Favorite Movies: Cabaret, Chicago, Interview with a vampire, The Crow, Bruce all mighty- Action-Drama-Love-Anime-Horror-..aries. Favorite Music: Industrial/Metal/Rock/Classical/Oldies/Dark Wave/Latin.. anything BUT country. Favorite Color:Purple,Red, Burgundy
Hey everyone...Just trying out something new besides myspace Dont be shy...always looking to meet new people!
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Bella O'hara
Belle Mort
Bellaco Malo
Bello Hammad
a total wild child :P i live for crazy times! im here for nothin, lol kiddin. just hangin around. im a metal bitch, all sorts from atreyu to sepultura then lamb of god to slayer! runway rockstar :P dirty dancin is my forte. lol im bubbly, sweet, love to cuddle, starbucks baby.
Belle Vonb
Bella Nonono
Belle Verde
Bella Louise Scott
I'm a free-spirit, a romantic and a dreamer. I believe in honesty, true love and awesome friendship. I'm originally from Manila,Phillipines but I moved to Kentwood,Louisana in 2006 to attend college I enjoy playing tennis and guitar in my spare time, as well as writing songs and drawing make-believe characters for the children's books that I also like to write. I have a passion for fashion design and costume design, too, and I totally love to model whenever the opportunity presents itself. My "girl next door" looks are deceptive as they are accompanied by a rather perverse mind and I've been keenly aware of my power and kinks since adolescence. As for any other information about me, please feel free to ask and I will feel free to answer or not to answer depending on the question. FREE TO TALK TO ME: yahuU : sexy_bella2020 I am looking for that one guy out there that knows how to treat a women with respect and dignity . Look out at the stars. Write poetry , and short stories. I lik
Bella Carey
Bella Johnson
Bella Richard
Bella Richard
I am outgoing and adventursome. I like to try new things and am always ready to learn.
Bella Morte
I am me! That is all I will be! So here is a little story! I am a mommy, I have 2 wonderful demons. I love dying my hair different colors so far it has been red, purple, hot pink, blue, orange and green. Now it is just black. I have my nose pierced on the right side. I think that is all about now. So make sure you all stop and smell the roses once in a great while. And if you want cookies im here! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A girl asked a boy: Do you think I'm pretty? ~He said NO.... Do you want to be with me forever? ~He said NO... Would you cry if I Left? ~Once again he replied NO. She had heard enough; as she walked away tears ran down her face. The boy grabbed her arm and said: You're not pretty you're BEAUTIFUL! ~I don't want to be with you forever. I NEED to be with you forever. ~And I wouldn't cry if you walked away..... I would DIE!!!!! My interest are well okay let me think! Okay I am interested i
Bellia Ramos
I don't judge a book by its cover. I have three kids who mean the world to me!!!! table table table td.text div img {visibility:hidden;} table table table td.text div { backgrou
Belle Bryan
Belle Jordan
I'm here and VERY recently single. Not desperate or looking for some sort of rebound thing. I'm ok and whole. :) I'm a kinky, lesbian, femme, babygirl who is into poly relationships. I'm a wild child of the original brand and am eating up life and all it has to offer always! I drink occasionally and don't do drugs beyond an occasional doob with close friends or for spiritual reasons. I'm a gypsy/nomad with strong roots in my new home of Dallas. I plan to make my dream come true very soon: working while travelling and making money visiting people all over the U.S. There are three people in the world who know me; truly, intimately and thoroughly know me. I don't give me away; I'm too valuable for that. But I do love a good time, whether it's an hour, a night, a week, a month or, as in the case of my forever love (who introduced me to this site), a lifetime.
Bella Unknown
Bella Walker
Belle Ramirez
Bella Anderon
Bella-mia Carduci
Bella Russo
Bella Key
Bella Morris can call me Bella! I'm 5' 8", 145lbs. even though u cant tell by I'm Italian and Spanish , long light auburn hair to my waist, green-hazel eyes. I'm a MILF, but my offspring arent ur business unless were serious! I love to dance, hang out with my girls and drink with the guys like one of the guys....just cuter! Hah. This girl can and vodka are my poison. I'm a lady so if u had any dirty thought, nix them before you message me cause i will shoot you down faster than you can turn ur head! I need a real man not a man-whore, not sexxy! I like a man who can say no until he meets his ultimate match! *DING*
Bella Johnson
Bella Angel
"Don't let the means of others change who you really are. You are you, and that is that." *Gasp* Oh, Hiya Thar. How are you? I'm Bella, and this would be my profile. Just so you know before hand. I'm me, and if you don't like that, then just go. I am who I am, your opinion isn't needed. I'm Taken by a guy that I adore. He's my world, let alone my everything. I'm Bi. [[.:Not that it really matters:.]] I'm Random at the most worst times. I love to make people laugh. I love rainbows, hearts and Bright colors. I adore vampires. I'm surly not picture perfect. I have my Flaws, and I'm loved for them I make mistakes. I do wrong deeds. What more do you expect? I love taking pictures. (Even if it's not me) I love my friends. Without them, I would be ~*~Nothing~*~ No ones opinion matters but my boyfriends and my own. I'm loved for who I am, not for what you want me to be. Music is my life. Without it, I would die But most of All... I'm loving. I'm Twisted. I'm
Bella Cullen
Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan, later Isabella Marie Cullen, is an average, clumsy, accident-prone girl who moves from Phoenix, Arizona, to Forks, Washington, to live with her father, Charlie. Though many boys are attracted to her when she arrives, she falls in love with Edward Cullen, a mysterious boy she discovers to be a vampire. Desperate not to lose him, Bella vows to stay with Edward, even if it means turning into a vampire herself, despite Edward's wishes. In an effort to keep her safe, he leaves the town of Forks. Jacob Black, a werewolf from the Quileute tribe and the son of Bella's father's best friend, comforts her in that time and Bella falls in love with him as well. Bella is described as an understanding, caring, serious, shy, and intelligent person, with a very dry sense of humor, and is noted for being very clumsy, and also stubborn. She has a very private mind, which is thought to be why Edward is unable to see her thoughts, and she is determined to become a vampire. She
Bella-donna Stockings
What can i say about me? Well i'm a BBW and i love life and myself atm I have wild curly red hair with green eyes I love to sing, dance, have a laugh, read, cook and genenrally have fun with my mates I am Pagan Loud & Proud
Bella Emig
Just here to pass the time. Yes, I have a boyfriend. No, I don't want to show you nude pics or have cyber sex with you. Here for visual stimulus. Likes: Working out, helping others, playing & coaching softball, reading a good book, cleaning my house (weird I know), the smell after it rains, my family and friends, a good and hard laughing session, random compliments, good surprises, happy endings, working hard towards a goal. Dislikes: dishonor, not being driven to better oneself, liars, cheats, drama queens and drama kings, shit disturbers, those who think WAY too highly of themselves, ones with no loyalty, negativity for no reason. My family, and those willing to stand up for what they believe in.
hello i"m Bella. im 23. i'm told I am very outgoing (once i get to know you anyway) i have too many piercings and tatoo's tro count, but ask and i might tell you. umm other than that, if you'd like to know something, just ask
Bella Clark
Bella R
Bella Belisimo
Belle Aquino
kind hearted.. single and looking for love if possible my soul mate.. caring and thoughtful, i love to cuddle and be cuddled.. all the time.. kisses are so important to me.. i love outdoor activities, sports minded.. do workout most of the time.. reading and watching quality movies on my spare time. I have been looking for the right girl a long time. I once fell in real love but never got the feeling back. I miss being with someone who can make me laugh, appreciate me and with who I feel c i wanna meet the man that can knock me off my feet.. will make me smile all the time, loving caring.. and will accept who i am.. wants to kiss a lot cuddle.. romantic as i am.. thoughtful, honest..
i am simple,easy going, and lots of fun just dont lie to me!!!!!! I love music, art, friends, and ufc, and kicking ass in the cage
Bella May
I'm an obnoxious, vain, silly, intelligent little twat. My own blunt attitude scares me. I'm annoying, I fiddle with everything. If I haven't fucked up your ego by now, I'm sure I'll fuck up your hair. I spend my time filling my lungs with tar and my kidneys with alcohol, so piss off. I'm a clever kid, A to be precise. My heart is in my chest, not ohio. I'm a girl, boobs and all. I'm not a hopeless romantic, I'm FAR too choosy. To be honest, I dont have a problem with labeling, labeling someone pretty is just the same as calling someone emo. I have abnormally straight hair, skinny legs and big eyes which is a good reason people hate me, but it makes me slightly retarded. If you clean your teeth 3 times a day obviously I'm going to like you more.
Bella P
Belle Stinson
Belle Claud
Bellamy Davis
You can call me Bella I have three beautiful girls.. Ariana, Giuliana & Seraphina. I have a great man in my life who I love and I am thankful to have.. Love you Bug :)
Bella Mancini
Bella Flagbe
Bella Pizarro
I'm 21 y/o, in college, and ready to stop being the good little daddy's girl. I've had lesbian urges since I was 13 and tried to hide them. I've had only one lesbian experience in my life and I loved it. I've played volleyball since middle school and I was on the swim team and softball team in high school. I was always turned on in the locker rooms.
Bella Smith
Bell Smitn
Bella Cullins
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Bell Noor
Bella Eden Alexanderjohnson
Belle Lee
I'm happy. I'm married, and I love him dearly. :3 Videa games. Movies. And My Husband.
Belle Lyons