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Ben Mayes
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Ben Mabry
hello fubar. Im a 23 yr old guy from Australia. I am currently single now but am looking forward to new surprises and getting ahead. I am a friendly sort of guy and I keep to my limits. I like to play the guitar in my free times and I am way into music. I am open to everyone and I hope I can make some awesome friends in Fubar. I like to play games, play the guitar, play sports like football, basketball and volleyball. I love hanging out with my friends and sometimes I like to paint. The Shawshank Redemption, Mission Impossible, Abraham Lincoln, Clash of The Titans, Gladiator, Batman, The Avengers, Fast And The Furious, Inception
Ben Malavé
Ben Moore
I'm ben, 22. Looking to enjoy life, you only life once so make the most of it. Up for some fun & to meet new people rugby Boxing Meeting new people Women Sex Food Film/cinema Outdoors Animals Making the most of everything
Ben Masters
Ben Moskowitz
Ben Messmer
I'm 24 from Columbus Ohio. I love music mainly metalcore. I smoke and drink a little but not very much. I'm looking for a real woman. Kik-bmessmer89 Music video games concerts football mma and fun.
Ben Makin
Ben Man
Ben M
Ben Munro
Ben Mccaffrey
Ben Mantle
Ben Mfest
Ben Morris
Ben Mills
Ben Mathis
Ben Moosley
Ben Mcm
Ben Melody
Ben Morris
My name is Ruben Morris from England, and i'm 56 years old single father with 2 grown up sons i'm new here and i wish to find a true life partner if possible but actually i'm here to try my luck serious relationship, and a life partner
Ben Michel
Ben Morris
Ben Mitcham
Ben Morris
Benny Aviv
Ben Newton
Bennie Johnson Jr
Ben Nevels
my intrests consist of working on my hot rods watching any thing that has to do with cars bikes or any other machanicle devices that would intrest a gear head like myself i also like to hang ou with the guys from my car club chip foose the man is living the life that i dreamed about when i was in middle school christine, american grafiti, corvette summer, cannoball run, smokey and the bandit, national tresure, and most of adam sandlers movies.
I'm a cool person, real laid back who wants to meet some females in the area to chill with. It's all on me so hit me up and we'll get it poppin... If you wanna know more, send me a message. I'm Lookin For Some Blazin Hot Females To Kick It With. Online and In Person. Any Females in the NapTown area, hit me up and we'll do the damn thing. I'm Easy To Get Along With And I Want To Holla At You...
Bennie Pettis
Ben Navarrette
Bennie Row
I am a single dad. My son is my life. I am also a member of Bios_, a chat group on Yahoo.
Benny Gonzalez
Benny Butler
Benny Avalos
Benny Staton
Benny Reyes Diaz
Ben Nwaoha
Benny Reyes Diaz
Benny Smith
Benny Alvarez
Benny Cochran
I am a 23 year old Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, out of the Army now and getting on with my life. Would like to do something along the lines of computer development, C++, or computer design or building..dunno yet. Taking it easy drinking a smoothie and working out everyday. I've chosen concentration rather than conformity, imagination in place of mainstream social acceptance. Let's see..being nice gets you no where; seems girls like the asshole, sucks for me. I am nice, blunt, straightforward, don't beat around the bush, honest, and I tell it how it is. I got a good sense of humour. I can get along with pretty much anyone which leans towards me being an open minded, warm and friendly person. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I dislike people who treat women like shit, rapists, slow drivers, people who try to dress/act like someone else (aka white boys trying to dress like they are black..ugh get a clue), two faced and backstabbing people, crying/scre
Benny Kurniawan
Bennilynne Fuller
Benny Dawes
My name is Benny I am 6'2 165 pounds athletic build as u can eyes blonde/brown hair. Hit me up if u wanna know more. Shit im pretty open to anything but in free time I race and fuck wit my whip. If u wanna know somethin then jus ask.
I am nearly divorced and want start my life over again. I want to meet new people and make new friends. I am a little shy at first, but once I get to know you, you have a friend for life. I would love to meet someone here that I can get to know better
Bennie Stone
Hi, My name is Bennie and I just moved to Texarkana. I have been all over the world since I was a little kid. I’ve been to places like Germany, Korea, Holland, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, hhmmm??... There’s more but I can't name it at the top of my head. Well anyways I just moved to Texarkana. Anything cool.
Benny Rodriguez
Benny Perez
Well what is there to say? lol i'm just here for fun so add me if you want i'll add you back well ladies mostly anyways i'm out!
Benny Pontious
Benny G.
Benny Gardner
Benny Fairchild
Benny Adorno
Benny Fdfd
Hanging out with my second family (friends),Takin pictures,Drinking and Smokin(pretty much just gettin fucked up), Listening to good fuckin music,Ink and peicings,I sleep a little too much sometimes, Im a vocalist in my band Bloodless Suicide, im the most psychotic and creative person ull ever meet , i speak my mind and dont fuckin if u dont like me FUCK YOU :)
Benny Jo
Benn Dover
well i am 5'8'' or so i am irish blondish redish hair depending on how long i let it grow blue eyes about 160 lbs kinda toned body i am bi i do love women and men i do take and give
im bennie .. just a nice guy .. easy-going friend with wise words and an average style .. .. 21 years old .. not an alcoholic .. lover of cartoons, skittles, starbursts, cereal, smiling faces, peanut butter n jelly, and other awesome favorite things .. im just myself .. nobody else .. anything else is just a big ball of crap. ... im a good friend .. cuddleworthy and 100 percent huggable .. the guy you take home to mom .. even if we are just friends. college student .. eastern michigan university here i come .. goin for that doctorate in psychologyyy .. hopefully i'll make it .. if not .. i still have my music n art to fall back on. im sure one of these bands will give me some kinda job lol .. sports fan .. deeeetrrrooooiiiitt baaassketbbaaaaaalll!!!! i watch all sports .. all .. i've been bungee jumping, rock climbinng, mountain hiking .. i like that nature stuff .. i like lots of stuff .. this is just a summary .. i like football .. i like rain .. i like milk .. i like oranges .. hehe
Well.. I kinda walk the line between "really nice guy" and "creepy deviant" I tend to be a little off my rocker. I spend most of my days playin music and forgetting to record it. I dig movies and gin and all guitars .and the ladies.. i love em.. but they love me not sometimes hmm. Music. Intoxicants. Music. Sex you. and your shoes I am on a horror kick right now. I've seen them all. and I want to see the rest of em.
Bennie Maes
Benny Rhodes
i am 6 feet tall i have brown hair i am 25 years can see me in my pictures. i like going to movies i like playing poker,i like playing sports.and i like having fun with all my friends.
Ben Nishie
Smokin, blazin, drinkin, football, and my girl kim Boondock Saints
Benny Taylor
Ben Nielsen
Benny Leonard
Benny John
Benny Jets
I'm Benny 33 from New York. I am Hispanic and Italian. I am a freelance photographer and graphic artist. I have been on this site since it was called Cherry Tap. I just take prolonged breaks. lol
Benny Martin
Ben Neelema
Benny Borrero
Benny Colon
Benny Rodriguez
I am a 27 yr old, Nuyorican male. I currently live in New York. I am a clinical social worker by profession. I work with the mentally ill population in Queens, NY. I am also a part-time summer counselor for the Youth Advocacy Center. Any e-mail or messages will be appreciated. found this guys layout at :: MyHotComments
Benny Fleming
Bennie Eidson
Benny Polanco
Bennie Hill
Ben Nease
/" target="_blank">Check me out on InkedNation!" target=_blank>Check me out on InkedNation!
Hello, My name is Benny and I live in Lakeland, Fl. I'm looking to meet friends. I am as optimistic as they come. My glass is always half full and everything I do, I do with passion. Hey everyone. Things I like to do. I like bowling...203 average and 2 perfect games. I like going to theme parks here in Florida. I like to go bass fishing. My favorite hobby is paintball (speedball or X ball) Go OUTLAWZ. I like to dance...especially couples dancing like 2 step. I like to hangout with friends at the local Tiki Bar and I like going to stockcar races. Last, but not least..I love women!
Bennie Foy
My wife Sandra and I own Eastwood Arabians. Come by and visit us on-line or here at the farm. All info is on our web site. Hope to see you soon. HowManyOfMe.comThere are 3 people with my name in the U.S.A.How many have your name?
Benny Mcpherson
Work for an engineering cars and motorcycles on the side. I drink, smoke and play music.....thats about it. British Motorcycles, Old Cars, Tattoos, My Bulldog
Bennie Unknown
Ben Neff
Benn Johannes
Benny Seagal
I have superman on my underpants
Benny Dial
freelance photographer. going back to school! photography, rock climbing, fishing, hangin out. lots more but typing isnt on of my interests lol
My name is Brenda aka precious my husbands name is Mica .. another one of my nicknames is sugapuss see my husband and i would love to just one time have an extra woman with us sexually you know a threesome see i'm bi and i have had a girlfriend and a threesome before but he hasnt had the pleasure so i am looking for a female 19 to 25 white, dosent matter what color hair or eyes, height or weight (he likes chubby girls with big boobs like me lol) and you have to be clean of course we just want to have fun a little threesome action so if your in wirte me please and i'll even give you my number kisses
Bennett Prud'homme
Benny Cray
Music Video:SHE'LL LEAVE YOU WITH A SMILE (by George Strait)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone I'm a pretty simple guy, and my interests are many. Just a few of the things that occupy my free time are.... paintballin, snowboardin, anything related to fitness (the more unorthodox the better!), movie watchin, scuba, mtn. bikin, and last but not least... (yes, it's a hobby!) I like to try out new mexican food joints... as often as possible. My first "idol" and certainly one of the larger parts of why I am who I am today is Arnold! Say what you want about the man's politics, acting, and accent.... but if you read about what he went through to get where he is... you'd have a whole new appreciation for him. I mean c'mon... the guy came over here from Austria at the age of 19 with a set of big ass arms, and NO english speaking abilities. He saw unending opportunity all around him, and did whatever it took to attain his goals, wether it be Mr. Olympia, a box office supastar,
Benny Bass
Benny Grant
born and raised in melbourne Australia, spent the last 10 yearz skateboaring and the last 7 yearz working even thou im only 20. love to get out of the city and go away to the bush for dayz with nothing but grog some smoke and a car, thats all we need to have a good time , also im a drummer palying on a pearl expert at moment! skateboarding,chillin with mayes , getting shit face as usual! tony hawk, rey mysterio, billy kidman, nicoles cage, john travolter lords of dogtown, american history X, holloween 2007,scareface!
Ben N
Ben N
Benno Ov
Benny Honna
Benny Brown
Benny Broughton
Benny Friend
Hello! Regular guy here...led a squeaky clean life. What did I miss?! I want to find out. So I'm looking for fun, friends, and maybe even something naughty. You too?! Let's talk about it. If you are local we could probably work something out. YIM down_go42
Benny Gutierrez
Benny Cagle
Ben Nichols
Benny Riddell
Benny Blanco
music, sex & hanging out
Ben N.
My names Ben and I hate filling these damn things out just wanted to meet new people so figured I'd try it out.
im pretty much an open book on hea...well where do i half jamiacan an half carribean..i like to sing dance watch movies etc etc the usuals you know..just tryin to meet people an see where things go..get at me :) New Graphics Profanity Images Top Comments New Graphics Animated Images Top Comments
Ben N
Free Comments & Graphics Free Comments & Graphics
Benno H
Benny Bottabing
Benny Combest
Benny None
Benniejoe Hudley
Benny L
Benny Fowler
Bennie Hill
Ben Norman
hey hey all im ben and im 18 i LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! music, it builds itself into the fibre of my being and the esence of my soul. im a cheerful,fun loving guy...if you wanna know anything just ask...i answer ALL questions...but brutally honest
Benny Cichocki
Benny Bowers
Bennie Aroonde
Benny O'brien
Bennie Ayers Jr.
I 30 yr old Tattooist/ Owner of DV8 Atr's Tattoos in Huntington, Wv, 6'3" tall 191 lbs with 44 tatts, ice blue eyes, brown hair, and a big flirt...
Bennedict Radke
Benny Brown
I'm laid back down to earth. I love hanging out with friends goofing off and having fun. I love music and anything artistic. I'm friendly so feel to add me or message me.
Bennett Fitzgerald
Bennie Montgomery
MySpace Graphics Poker Run 2010 Lake Havasu
I've played hockey and soccer most of my life and love both, also love drawing, painting, writing and photography... and gettin tattoos aand i listen to just about any kinda music... indie rock, rap, hip hop, whatever.... aaalso, i'm a lifelong sabres, red sox, celtics, and bills fan... welllll my interests would include..... black market organ dealing. knife fights. alligator wrestling. tight-rope walking. balancing ladders on my chin. monkeys. midgets. pirates. aaand tattoos,... exciting. sufjan stevens, conor oberst, alex grey, mc escher, paul kariya, Pat Lafontaine, Phaedrus
Bennyprimo Primo
Benny Vires
Benny Chevalier
Benny Garcia
Bennie Mabe
Benny Fowler
Bennie Livingston
Benny Hager
I love to hunt, fish, ride my harley, or out in my bass boat on the water, but mainly I love to have sex with my beautiful girlfriend and a girlfriend of her choice. Yes its great filling sexually fantasies of ours. If your interested contact us!!! Meeting New People for friends. Looking for Bi-Ladies for My Girl and I. We are looking to make friends with couples or single ladies that may want to get out and have some fun. If something does happen between the ladies, the men just have to sit back and watch. No ifs, and, or buts. So any of you close to lima, please send us a message.
Bennie Goodson
Benn Somewhere
Very interested in meeting fine women because i am soon to be divorced.
Ben Naught
Bennie Chadwick
Update: On December,29th,2014 my wife whom I was already separated from for nearly 5 years. Passed away from a massive stroke. Its not all about me so check out my top friends and all my family on here. They are truly wonderful and deserve all the love they can get. I personally wish I could be immortal and travel through time. I would go back one by one to each of them and spend their lifetime making them the happiest women in the world. Life is just not fair you cant love all them but you can pic one and make her happy. Women and sex oh and women and their girlfriends and women who love nerds. Women who love older men. Women who love younger me. women that love sex and nymphomaniacs. Reading comic books, seek and finds, walking in the rain, kissing in the rain, making love in the rain. Electronics, computers, fix it books, how to guides. Starting my own business and one day becoming a psychologist. Yes I planned for that. Going to school studying all those things i have not
I'm just a laid back semi retired musician looking to make new friends and have some fun. I'm not looking for a relationship. I like being single and have been for a long time. I answer to me and nobody else. Feel free to say hello anytime and you may also rate and and me if you like. I'm quite often showing as being online since I rarely shut my PC down. Don't be dismayed if I don't respond immediately. I have a life away from this chair too. I live on the northeastern side of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. My house is on many acres of wooded land and I have a pvt lake at the foot of my property. It is very peaceful and quiet here. Just the way I like it. Anyway, thanks for stopping by to visit my profile...feel free to leave this tab up and crank the tunes if you like em. I'll be uploading more pics as time permits. Peace & Love....TeleBlaster
Benny Mendes
Bennie Johnson
Benny Hatcher
Bennett Williams
I am real easy person to talk to and a good listener. I love to play golf and I enjoy chilling with my friend/family ,my profession I am in the networking business and i want you to know that you can also benefit from Networking, I like going to the movies , or watching movies in my room , I like swimming , fishing, listening to music and dance to any kind of music, traveling , going bowling and also a good cook.I am a family oriented person with a daughter,There is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself. I am looking for man and woman that I can introduce into the world business called Networking but on a more serious note if i come across and heart of gold woman we can definitely work things out with the help of God.Am looking for a woman that will be able to listen to me , communicate her feelings to me , make me laugh, hold and comfort me in need,stand by my side, respect me, passionate lover in every way, support me in every way, love me and on
Benny Benefield
I,m a 33 year old single father with a 7 yr old daughter. just got out of a ten year relationship with a psycho. I like to party and have fun but there's also time for work too. I want to meet some people and make some new friends. I've pretty much been out of commision for the past ten years. This is kinda new to me. My friend Wild Man showed me this site and thought it would be cool to check out. So, here I am. That's about all i know to say about myself. If anyone wants to add something go right ahead.
Benny Nataraki
Benny Street
Ask, U may get a answer ! If interested, ask, u may get a answer !
Benny Lacy
Bennie Wells
Benny Nielsen
Bennyblonkofromthebronx O
Benneth Baldwin
Benny Lubis
Bennie Teague
Benny Flores
Benny Bangaz
Im that cool, smokin, playin piano or makin any kinda music i can at the party kinda guy. The bars love me and the clubs adore me. I love the people and the attention i get as long as its positive. For oppurtunity that is.. i get the shit jumpin and pumpin, i got a show this SATURDAY, the 21st at KOLBEH in SEATTLE..See u THERE!!! Whud up FU' here to make new friends and network alot! i love music and making moneyand havin a night i will never forget every now and dont be shy. get aaaaat me. Benny Bangaz of Not Your Average/Real Paper Indie Music/
Benny Cruz
Bennie Rice
Benny Wu
Benny Snyder
Benn Mccurry
Benny T
My names Ben. Im fast approaching thirty and scared shitless. I have a wife and kids, I love chatting and making new friends. I love to flirt and tease the ladies, as does my wife. I work as a meat cutter at a market, and loving it so far. I wanna be a chef at my own restaurant one day. I watch all sports, along with WWE, TNA Wrestling and the food network lol. I like to play video games now and then but would much rather watch a movie. Sums me up I think, kind of a boring intro but feel free to ask questions if I left out something your interested in knowing.
Benny Sears
Bennie Taylor
Benny Edwards
Benny Ripple
Benny Williams
Ben Nicolas
Bennie Ewing
Benny Inman
Benny Bee
Bennie Richardson
Benny Hill
Bennie Webb
Bennie J. Webb here. Im in the United States Army, its that 31 Echo shit. Im staioned in Washington State. Love having fun. My family comes first. Hit me up and dnt be shy Basketball, drums, singing, and having fun
Benny Hulsey
Benny Ferraro
Bennie Passon
Benny Oritz
Benny Francisco
Ben Nanda
Benny Orta
Benny Mastervick
Benny Brown
kelly clarkson brittney spears g.i.joe missinon impossible harry potter
Ben Nordberg
Bennett Baumgarten
Benn Barker
Benny Tonert
Ben Nornby
Bennie Raines
Benny Astorga
Benny Jones
Benny Camp
I'm a natural born Cajun from Louisiana, been married to the same wonderful Lady for 15 years. We are both truck drivers and we have 5 beautiful grand daughters. We have been all over these United States and there's not much we haven't seen. Love goes out to the "Biker Holy Land" Sturgis, South Dakota. Love riding motorcycles. Right now building my first chopper. Hope to have it finished before I die, lol. My mutts are my best friends and doing some fishing helps relieve the stress. LSU Tigers are my Hometeam and always support them.
Benny Taylor
Bennie Brimage
my grandmother always was and always will be my idol she taught me so much and i'll never forget her horror movies, suspense
Benny Ashworth
Bennie Weatherly
Bennyloveschristine Hillard
Well Hello Everyone , I'm Ben or Benny as my friends call me .I'm a Us Marine. I have been a Marine for 17yrs .But on my free time i like to enjoy my pets , and my family . My 2 dog and my cat are my babies Scooby is just about a year old and Mugger is about 2. then there is the Queen of the house Savannah she rules the house !! Other that im pretty laid back . Just here to find some new friends an maybe find that Mrs Right ! I enjoy 4x4 , Grilling , Movies , reading .. and kicking back with the family !
Bennaceur Rhimi
Benny Hansford
Benny Angell
Benny Haughty
Bennie Hunter
Benny Cruz
Bennamma Meziane
Bennett Richard
Ben Neubauer
Bennett Farrar
Benny Dick
Benneth Mayra
Benny Zahrain
in GOD it trust, others pay CASH.
Benny Van Belle
Bennet Brown
Ben Nunyagoddamnbusiness
Benny Davis
Ben Nared
Benny Scala
Benny Antonio
Benny Tangub
Benno Königshofer
Benny Williams
Benny Chavez
Bennet Wayn
I am an entertaining and fun loving man who loves outing and having fun with family and friends. I love traveling and tasting of new foods. I love to learn different cultures. Am very appreciative man and understanding, am an easy going man who loves his work very much. Am not easily offended and does not get angry always love to overpower anger what ever the matter. I love reading, swimming, boating and exploring new area. I am honest, caring, down to earth and trust worthy man. . I am sometimes a shy, quiet guy, until I get to know people. I am however Caring, Understanding, Compassionate, Considerate, Empathetic, and of course loving to those that mean a Lot to me, and I guess I just simply wish for the same in Return. I Love to receive, but Especially to Give, Good, Warm, Relaxing, Intimate, even Sensual Massages to a person that obviously loves to Receive Intimate, Physical attention. All my life has been a very adventurous life and full of mystery. I remember when i
Benn Martenson
Benny Alvarez
Ben Nitri
Bennie Trapp
Ben Newman
Bennett Melissa
Benny Gil
Benny Mouliert
Benny Negi
Benny Kasiska
Benny Jordan
Benny Padilla
Benna Pilkington
Benny Moreno
Benny Blanco
Bennett Benson
My name is Bennett Benson Live in Liberia, very attractive, handsome, very friendly in the university of A M E Zion AM in interested in friendship Love-one Dating Good America and Africa Movie
Benny Medrano
Benny Blanco
I don't have much to say about myself...exept... No touching of the hair or face!! NOW LETS DO THIS THING. ask for the rest. Regards, Mick the puck
Bennie Mcneal
Bennie Wood
Bennie Smith
Bennie Treat
Benny Dunn
Bennie Bridges
Benny Layne
Bennie Jermaine Bryant Iii
Benny Duran
Benny Miller Jr.
Bennie Zhao
Benny Davis
Benny Dillon
Bennie Deans
Bennie Sims
Benny Gomez
Bennie Westbrook
Bennie Campbell
Bennie Swinton
Ben Nycee
Bennett Andrew
Benny Zeka
Benny Hyway
Bennie Herron
Benny Washington
Bennie Preston
Bennie Hodges
Benny Dobrava
Bennie Eaford
Benny Smith
Benny Garcia
Bennard Maccarthy
Benny Blunt
Apocolypse Now,A Clockwork Orange, Greenstreet Hooligans, Dawn Of The Dead(1978), Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, Shinobi, IP man, The Warriors, Boondock Saints, Dazed & Confused, Clownhouse, 3 Evil Masters,Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Little Miss Sunshine, Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, The 40 Year Old Virgin,Jaws,Angels With Dirty Faces,Public Enemy,Away From Her,The Notebook,For Colored Women and all Tyler Perry Movies,About A Boy,The Kids Are Alright,There's Something About Mary,Dumb And Dumber,Friday,Broken Saints, Dirty Ho (and its not a porno), The Star Wars Saga, The Godfather Trilogy, Pan's Labyrinth, Easy A, All Of John Hughes films, Friday The 13(1 to the remake), Halloween(1 thru 6), The Evil Dead Series, Paranormal Activity 1,2,and 3, Hellraiser, The Original A Nightmare On Elm Street,Horror,Sci Fi, Action, and Romantic Comedies
Benny Bachinski
I love playing hockey!! I water ski all summer and chill with the guys I like 4 wheeling Camping && Sex!!
Bennie Shelton
Benny Lott
Benny Nielsen
Benny Beavers
Bennie Billups Sr.
Benny Page
Benny Hammond
Benny Ponte
Benn Bennson
Benny Micha
Bennett Ramage
Bennett Gamble
Bennett Decima
Bennie Edwards
Bennie Phipps
Benny Young
Benny Harjo
Trying to be the best person I can be no matter how low things get. A Seminole indian born and raised in OK but. living in TX. Playing guitar is my outlet although I dont. play as much as I used to or should depending on how life is going that day. A free spirit that believes everyone should live as they want as long as its not. in a bloodthirsty manner. Besides who is anyone to tell anyone how to live. Its usually the people who have something to hide that scrutinize others to cover their folly. There will always be the unsavory but like anything you cant have one without the other. No good without bad, light and dark etc. Nothing will ever be a constant hunky dory hoedown but with Grim determination you will eventually break through it. Might be a minute, might be a decade. but have patience. We as a whole didnt get this far to just give up, did we? Playing guitar til I die. Rock n Roll,having fun and being alive, learning from lifes mistakes even if I dont learn the first time. Ap
Benny Phillips
Bennie Brown
will Im a country man that is looking for something good to come in my life .I love the outdoors and go to the movies and staying home and plying the box360.i have a 10yr old girl she is my hole world . if you can take that then more on just looking if you like let me know
Benny Mccloud
I consider myself a fairly attracted older man with much love and passion in my heart. Witty, intelligent with a great sense of humor I have always strived to be a good fair minded man and to treat everyone as I would wish to be treated. I have a zest for life and try to make to most of each and everyday. I enjoy travel music sports dining out and good sex. If you want a friend I can talk on many different levels and am particular interested in some mutual satisfying conversation. Please feel free to say Hello anytime!!!
Bennie Joe Rice Jr.
Truck driver was my profession but since I figured out how to turn plastic into oil I might just be tworkin for myself and keepin. It real.other than that I think we good now how bout u? What's yo story? I like sex with women fast car's and my oil still.
Not like anyone reads this stuff, but in case you want to know: 1) I don't need sex or NSFW pics to be your friend. 2) I am happily divorced. I've only been married once and it was truly a bad experience. I was miserable and very unhappy for years. I admit that it's made me very weary and "gunshy" about getting into a relationship again. 3) I consider myself somewhat of a sapiosexual. 4) I am totally straight, and you're not going to change that. Let's get that clear. I have a lot of friends who are bi or gay and that doesn't bother me in the least bit. I accept them as they are and they accept and respect that I am straight. 5) I'm an old school paramedic with many years under my belt. I first started working in the medical profession in a hospital as an orderly when I was 16. Eventually I went on to work in the emergency room and then on ambulances. 6) I usually work offshore, either in the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean. Normally on
Benny C
Benn Alexander
Benni Bengal
Benny Turner
Bennie Elliott
Benny Martinez
Ok well I'm very confident like to do just about anything most I am good with women have some real conversations,very respectful,fun,honest,say what's on my mind,don't play games,or beat around the bush,easy to get along with,open minded,think outside of the book,all in all great company. I'm Mexican American 31 years old ,160 lbs, 5' 10" athletic body exercise daily. Love to work on cars my fav,gardening is another,just about anything try new things and like to get knowledge on the things I'm doing on the daily, like going out dancing being with the family,just being around women can't be with them but can't be with out them you know.
Bennett Wood
Benny Padilla
Benny Aldaco
Benny Raygoza
Benny Honna
I'm Native American . I enjoy fishing and hunting . I am single ladies . I don't want gay men coming on to me your ass will be blocked . I enjoy pow wow"s. I am a very private guy .
Benny Stewart
Benny Dtf
Bennet Moeller
Designer from Germany here, searching for some fun Art, crafing, Nature, roleplay c: everything that has action, a deep story or is mindfucking... or all 3 at once :33
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Bennett William
My name is Bennett William,Native Americans,I'm 5'7'' tall. I'm from Adell WI and I'm a us soldier currently deployed in Brussels. I'm a Widow, lost my wife two years ago in an auto crash. I'm a man with a strong heart,loving, caring, honest, compassionate, affectionate. I have a good sense of humor and believe in God. I like swimming, camping, fishing, reading & writing, tennis, Football, Basketball, Baseball, golfing..etc. To find my soul mate and life partner. A woman to call my own and will be there for me when I needed her most. I'm a seeking a woman with a serious intentions. I like to meet a sincere, active, communicative kind of woman. I want to be love and to be loved. We live in a hard world now that we can spend this days without love. I'm looking for a long term relationship possibly marriage. Age is not the problem tome what matters most is maturity, understanding, and trust
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