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Benjamen Fair
Benjamin Howen
I like to make people laugh. I like to walk, Play 360, and work.
Benjamin Bowermaster
Benjamin Barnes
Benjamin Brent
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Benjamin John
Well right now im a single proud father of a beautiful daughter. I am also in college trying to persue a better future for me and daughter. I love to have fun and make people laugh. I also can be serious when the times call for it. Im a adventurer I love experienceing new things new challenges. My life has had its share of pain lije which has given me insight well beyond my short years. Im looking for new people who share in the belief life is short and that we should make the best of itl
Benjamin Bremer
Hello, my name is ben, i live in bryan texas, i'm new here and to this whole internet dating of a thing, im easy going, honest, loving, caring and very shy down to earth, yes im shy at first but once i get to know you, things get better, a friend of mine introduced me to this dating site and i thought i should give it a trial so here am i, hope i dont get disappointed, well i dont know if i answered all the question correctly but you can always ask me via my contact benbremer16 thats at yah00
Benjamin Vanswol
I new to AZ just moved from Maui Hawaii but i am liking it here. I work hard and i love to be outdoors. I am a good guy that like to be around great people. Beer bowling darts camping disc golf golf pool the outdoors
Benjamin Bands
Benjamin Adams
Benjamin Cardona
Ben Joe
i like big boobs and sex
Benjamin Bek
Benji Mcnair
Benjamin Clark
Benjamin Valenzuela
Benjamin Biggerstaff
Benjamin Burns
I am a 28 yr old male. I work for a heating and air company full time. I work from eight in the morning to when ever. I am single have my own place. Have two tv's a PS4. I am an animal lover i have one cat a boy and a pain in the ass but i love him. I have a 8 yr old little girl and she is my whole world. I like all kinds of movie's, from action, shooting,Sifi,horror, and others.
Benjamin Stein
Just an average guy looking a connection. I'm an indoorsy, gamer kind of guy. I do enjoy some outdoors activities, like hiking and metal detecting. I'm a very caring person, almost to a fault, and I'm very shy too. I'm not a very social person, but when I get to know you I open up. Video games Internet Music Metal detecting Online games History mostly about ww2
Benjamin Soria
Benjamin Roberts
Ben-ja-men Dave-in-port
I absolutely love exotic car hence my username. I love seeing them in person, I love racing them in games, I love seeing pictures of them online and if I ever got good enough I would love to drive them in reality. I have an interest in video games, food, different kinds of cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, some French cuisines and of course American cuisines.
Benjamin Bower
Benjamin Mcvey
Benji Highley
Benjamin Straley
I am me. Don't really know how to make it more simple. I come from Cleveland and live in Sharon pa . I tend to drink to much and can get loud. i like out door activity and just about anything else I don't like dance movies except happyfeet other than that my top five have to be 1. independence day 2. the mask (jim carrey) 3. Jurassic park 4. AVP 5. Happy feet though sometimes I changes to Unforgiving (Clint Eastwood)
Benjamin Marsiglio
Benjamin Hardingham
Benjamin Jones
Benjamin Hanson
Benjamin Meister
Benjamin Dover
Like women in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. Looking to tease and please.
Benji Hunt
Benjamin Carriger
Benjamin Britt
Benjamin Avalos
Benjamin Loza
Benjamin Wohlford I like games,sports,music,and fishing None i like all types of movies
Benjamin Davison
Benjamin Carriger
Ben Johnson
kik me at ben_theguy sexting or just talking. sports, ect... . .
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Branston
Benjamin John
Benjamin Gleeksman
Benjamin Buhler
Benjamin Driscoll
Benjamin Chann
Benjamin H
Benjamin Thibodeaux
Benjamin James
Benjamin Gee
Benji Benjamine
Ben Jamin
Thanks for the best way to get it now I like to see if it was a little bit of time to get it now and again in the morning and evening News
Benjamin Garland
Benjamin Rufus
Benjamin Tworek
Benjamin Gutierrrz
Benjamin Harper
Benjamin Pinks
Benjamin Johnson
Benjamin Boykin
Benjamn Lailson
Benjamin Claudio
Benjamin Driscoll
Ben Johnson
Benja_marduk Davora
Benjamin Abruzzo
I'm just a guy on the Internet, bored. I work 7 days a week and make videos for YouTube sometimes. I'm still a teen at heart, loving sci-fi and cartoons and comic books. I don't really know what else to say that isn't covered in the other answers, so I'll come back later. Food, folks, and fun... but as an introvert, now a lot of loud stuff. Love TV, films, books, comic books. If you are a sci-fi geek, we might get alone great. Ever play HeroClix?
Benjamin Young
Benjamin Shepard
Benjamin Shepard
Benjamin Hernandez
Benja Ninja
Benji Bowman
Benjamin Linder
Benjamin Ruther
Benjamin Evans
Ben Jo
Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Helms
Benjamin Patterson
I'm a 36 year old male in Milton-Freewater Oregon I'm actually seeking a woman's company preferably younger between 18 and 30 I prefer smaller built women but I'm not too incredibly picky open minded honest trustworthy I forgive fast and I love hard for a long time now for about 3 years my only Interest really is finding that special person or friends.
Benjamin Fadal
Benjamin Patterson
Benjamin Nason
Benjamin Dominguez
Im 31, from Arizona and father to a priceless 3 yr old daughter. Im brand new to a site like this and just trying something new to start the new year. Im an open book so if you're interested in knowing more, feel free to get to know me. History, astronomy, ancient languages, archaeology, football, cooking, gaming, off grid survival, tiny houses and tree house building, music both as a fan and an artist, I love to read and travel and live every day like it's my last.
Benjamin Button
Benjamin Poage
Benjamin Lacaire
Benjamin Phillips
Benjie Parker
Benjamin Prince
Benjamin Levine
Benjamin Smolek
Benjamin Gagonitplease
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Jas Baker
Kurtis Blow, Robert DeNiro, Africa Bambaataa, Gerry Rafferty, Sid Vicious, Marilyn Monroe, Ezra from the good book, Axl Rose, Tom Waits... David Lynch still mesmerizes me, and should be our special National Media Director,. This is important, b/c I just finished up a Screenwriting certificate, last summer! And, I am trying to write at least one great, epic classic of my own. Anything w/ Parker Posey... Truly. Also, Martin Scorsese --- ANYTHING! I like old jock-o movies, 'Apocalypse Now', 'The French Connection'. New stuff - 'American Hustle', 'American Psycho 1 & 2', 'American Gangster'! 'On the Road' was actually fantastic, although I KNOW everyone really should READ THE BOOK! I recently bought a copy of 'I'm Not There', about Bob Dylan, and surely this is worth watching, although I know very little Dylan. 'CopLand' was especially memorable. Sometimes I like mushy stuff, I saw 'About Time' w/ Rachel McAdams recently, and I will admit it made me really cry for the first t
Benjamin Baker
Good boys, they don't make rock 'n roll - God gave rock 'n roll to you - Meet me down the alley... (MTC) Check out my new blog-in-progress @! I used to like walking until I was accosted. I am a screenwriter, making movies - someday! Axl Rose Anything w/ Parker Posey! Also, I love a good spy movie, but can't stand James Bond!
Benjamin Hart
Benjamin Evans
Benjamin Kall
All the fast n furious movies. Gone in 60 sec.dope.
Benjamin Edwards
Benjamin Brooks
Benjamin Moutray
trying to figure out how all this works and what to do on here.
Benjamin Harrison
Benjamin Warner
Benjamin Green
Benjamin Mowery
4803430230thats my cell number hit me up if your interested
Ben Jones
Ben Jones
Benjamin Castillo
Benjamin Griffin
Benji Brooks
Benjie David
Benjamin Michael
Benjamin Seidel
Benjamin Goessling
Benjamin Lopez
Benjamin Kerisiano
Benji Alderman
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson
Benjamin Mensah
A happy guy who loves doing good things for the sake of the family and the people around me. I am a kind ofa guy who deals with great values and make it as a sign of my self, being the guy with a happy heart. I also love being true to myself always and presenting the real me. I am the guy with an angelic heart and face. And I do believe that while living here in this world of paradise, there is still a reason to reserve this smile and a reason to be happy all the time.Will be happy to meet a new soul mate I want a woman that will never make my world go down, instead she will be my inspiration whenever I feel lonely and down. And I think I will never be lonely if I have a woman.i that will take good care of my heart and life, value me and make me happy all the time. I love a woman that is excellently honest and friendly. I am not choosy about my woman because love will suddenly show up.
Benjamin Mensah
Kind, caring, supportive personality with serious intentions to find a life partner to share romantic, strong and happy relationship based on mutual support, care, love, trust and understanding. I like to have interesting conversations and discussions. Of course I have flaws, but I'm a good personality, and also very fun! I am not perfect and I don't need a perfect partner, but someone who is ready to compromise and to walk towards me, same as I am walking towards her,we could get to know more about each other as well and see what the future will be holding for both of us... Christiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi Black American movies
Benjamin Sack
Benjamin Wheeler
Benjamin Sheridan
Benjamin Nicolas
Benjamin Fuchsman
Benjamin Kall
Ben Jones
Benjamin Havard
Benji "blaze" Marquez
Ben Jones
Benji Martin
Benjamin Jenkins
Benjamin Taylor
I'm a chef by trade I love to cook I am a certified masseuse good with my hands love to please Looking for beautiful gorgeous women the knows what she wants in life I want to be loved and cherish
Benjamin Morse
Benjamin Bullitt
Benjamin Mccowan
Benjamin Hackworth
Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Thomas
Ben Jumper
Single, live on Beach in Florida. Love a good time, not a creep, lol. just like to chat. give me a chance. Wine, sex, fun on beach. no relationships. maybe... I'm carefree and would rather an fwb for now Braveheart, Die Hard
Benjamin Burns
Ben King
Im 21 enjoy my motorcycles rock women beer and pot Music,motorcycles,beer,pot,parties,video games,deep thoughts Ringo star,david bowie,john lennon,paul mcartney,george harison, jim morrison,jimie hendrix,ozzy,Indian larry to many
Ben Kulper
Ben Kulper
Ben Kaspar
Ben Kielbasa
Ben Kingsley
Ben King
I'm nice have a good sense of humor and a good personality i trust easy i have never had a girlfriend and i'm a virgin. I would like too have a girlfrind that likes the same things i like. So if any one here wants to date me let me know. i'm 6ft 4inch 280pounds dark brown hair and brown eyes. video games reading watching T.V walking Star Wars Kindom Hearts movies manga hentai etc etc
Ben Kinney
Ben Koflach
Ben Kingrey
Ben K
Ben Kallar
Ben Koch
Ben Kruckman
im 6ft 8in tall and im about average in weight i also am in the national gaurd of minnesota deploying in April of 2009
Ben Kofi
just kul and nice and will like to meet ya cus i am govern to fight for Freedom, Equality and justice cus when we talk about Equality of man i find, also a challenge and an opportunity; a challenge to breathe New Life into the ideas enshrine in the charter, an opportunity to bring Men closer to Freedom and true equality and thus, closer to a love of Peace..
Ben Knowlton
Ben Koons
Ben Kemper
Ben K
Hi! My name is Ben. I live in Southern Illinois. I work at walmart. And enjoy watching movies, playing games, listening to music and hanging out with friends. Music, movies, and friends
Ben Klimso
Ben Kobyashi
Ben Kahne
Ben Kauffman
Ben Karrle
Ben Keowns
Ben King
Ben Knight
Ben Kola
Ben Kay
Ben Kuo
Ben Kelly
Ben Kaiser
Ben Kidston
Ben Katz
Ben Klullerd
Ben Kasrel
Ben Kreyling
Ben Knight
Ben Kuhn
well i 21 i like hang with friends, party, bowling, 4wheeling, goin to movies...anythin else u wnna know just ask anything u wanna know just ask
Ben Kearns
Ben Krejci
Ben Kane
Benk Benk'
Ben Kenobii
Ben Koufie
Ben Knickerbocker
Ben Koury
Ben Keeperski
Ben Kennedy
Ben Knapp
I am always up for something new and exciting Hiking and camping Pretty much anything outdoors Larry Flynn Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, Heins Ward, My Dad Full metal Jacket, Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, Death Race, Rambo and Rocky
Ben Kenobi
Ben Keenan
Ben Keith
Ben Kelly
Ben Kitts
Ben Kadrou
Ben Leger
Ben Lindsay
Ben Loader
Ben Leclerc
tall and nice bulid likein to have fun all the time i like to party and have sex lol no one i dont need any backdraft ladder 49
Ben Lunsford
Ben Lavender
Well for starters I am 21 male from Minnesota not important where I will tell you if I want you to know. Well I am a very honest person. I don't care if it will hurt you, I'm going to tell you the truth its better that way to know the truth instead of be lied to just to stop you from hurting. I am disabled I have a birth defect called Spina Bifida. Don't come feeling all sorry for me because I hate that shit I don't want people to feel sorry for me because guess what I DON'T if I wasn't disabled I wouldn't be the person I am, I would be someone totally different. I am a big Dallas cowboys fans WE GOT ROBBED. I have moved around alot in my life. One year went to three different schools. Yes I know I have a White Power World Wide thing in my photos but I'm not raceist I'm just proud of who I am. Why is it ok for and African American to be proud of there heritage and let the world know but if I do it i am concidered a biggot or a raceist? Im just me I guess I don't kno
Ben Lewis Sr.
Ben Le-page
My Interests are Fishing, Camping, Shooting/hunting, spending money in Pubs/clubs ( and not being able to remember it) Motor Bikes, quads, Four wheel Drives,
Ben Law
Ben Lawson
Ben Lee
Ben Luck
Ben Lucas
im am 25 and im a truck driver and love it im vary out going and love to meet new ppl and have fun and i drink to much when i home and not haveing to work
Ben Lugo
Ben Liuchang
Ben Langston
Ben Leavitt
Ben Lee
Ben Lopez
Ben Lindahl
Ben L
Ben Lapan
Ben Lewis
Ben Lhamon
Ben Lacey
Ben Lane
Ben Lister Karona
Ben Loverso
Ben Legault
Ben Lafond
Ben Lemon
Ben Lawson
Ben Lexander
Ben Lunsford
Ben Logan
Ben Lawson
Ben Lawrence
Ben L
5'11 Shaved Head Goatee/beard Hazel Eyes Tattoo Sicilian/Irish Decent Build Big teddy bear.... Sports Vikings Avalanche Suns Cubs ............ Cooking Camping Wii Working on cars Meterology
Ben Langford
Ben Loser
im ben 19 single ready to mingle. im cool fun and exciting. i play sports. im fit and athletic and muscular. wanna know more just chat. i like anything girls partying movies food anything you name it.
Ben Lynch
Ben Long
Ben Landa
Im 18 i live in attica indiana. i play football and basketball. im a really funn person to be around im the life of the party. im single and really not looking for anyone right now but that could change. im 5'10 babie blue eyes brown hair and built.. My interests are: football, basketball, riding fourwheelers, paintballing,
Ben Lavender
I never know what to put in these things, so forgive me if it's pretty lame. Anyway I'm Ben, 29 from Iowa. Yup sounds as boring as it really is. I was born with Spina Bifida, and I am in a wheelchair. If ya don't like me for that, that's your problem not mine, and as much as you or I would like that to change it's not going to not with out a way to fully transplant a spinal cord and I don't even want to imagine the recovery time of a surgery that intense. I am single which sucks sometimes but not all that bad. Music is my life. I can't play or sing but it's what gets me through most days. I'm very much 420 friendly, and down with the clown so all the fam out there WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL. Movies, music, sports, 420, gaming, Dallas Cowboys
Ben Lightfoot
Ben Loftis
Ben Lenard
Ben Lunn
Ben Lavender
Ben Lashley
Ben Lopez
Ben Laden
Ben Lester
Ben Ludik
Ben Lackey
Ben Larken
Ben Lopez
Ben Licon
Ben L-d
Ben Locked
Benladin Abdillah
Ben Lois
Ben Luyster
Ben Lapierre
Ben Lamb
I am an American born and raised in upstate New York. Moved to Germany a few years ago to take care and to be a part of my daughters life. weight lifting, martial arts, bmx riding, my Daughter, techno, techhouse, kopfmusik, mixing, djing, producing music. My Daughter, the most innocent and pure thing to ever stand before my eyes, truly saved me from a life of hell. GOOD GOD! I am a movie buff. Bad B movies and zombie flicks are always good for laughs. Shaun of the Dead, Zombie Strippers, Flick, Goodfellas, Scarface, Legends of the Fall, Shaw-shank Redemption, Undercover Brother, Batman and anyother comic flick. Theres just to many to list.
Ben Lacks
Ben Lowe
Ben Leonard
Ben Lemaster
Ben Li
Ben Lynch
Ben Lynch
Ben Linstead
Ben Letts
Ben Lasiter
Ben Leer
Ello Fubar folks, I am from Somerset County, PA. It's not quite the end of the world, but you can see it from my backyard, but it is the only place I would rather be. I enjoy the usual hick things like hunting, fishing, truck and tractor pulls and just being outdoors. i am a pretty laid back and open minded person, about the only one in my area, anything else you want to know just ask.
Ben Loeffelholz
Ben Loraas
Ben Lelang
Ben Leyva
Ben Loux
Ben Lindsey
Ben Lyon
Ben Lunsford
Ben Langer
Ben Logan
Ben Lyons
Ben Long
Ben Lujan
Ben Lambries
Ben Lyman
Ben Lewis
Ben Lucas
I like to have fun and enjoy life. I prefer to be outside doing something but never just relaxing a bit. I believe in loyalty,respect and honor. Treat people the way you would want to be treated!! You get what you give. I like the outdoors. Sitting along a river bank fishing throwing back a few cold ones and an interesting beautiful woman to enjoy conversation with,I couldn't ask for much more. Don't have many idols, if any. I just try to be the best man I can be. Will Farrell movies,The Town,and good action movie.
Ben Mcvey
Ben Mcsert
Ben Mcbride
Y'know, a guy has to have a wee bit o' mystery bout hisself, he does, tis a theme o' me irish brethern, it 'tis..In the venerable words of me sainted granda..."Shut ya face and drink, son. Plenty of time for jawin' when the drinkin's done." I'm not normal, but then who is? And just who the hell decides what's normal anyway?!! #@!$ that guy! Anyway, I'm weird, but harmless unless provoked, just a big dumb animal really. Vocabulary comes included. I spread the word of Bob Dobbs and preach of the power of the joke. There's a joke in everything no matter how bad, and it's either laugh or scream a lot in this world...I find if you laugh more than scream that they shoot you with tranq darts less. Anways hep cats and kittens, let's see what this site's like, let's have some FUN.... Hunter S. Thompson, Spider Robinson, Les Claypool, Jeff "the Dude" Lebowski, J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Seth MacFarlane, Rob Zombie, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, the Incredible Hulk (screw ya it's my list) Any. Al
Ben Myers
I am an actor that lives in the northeast Georgia mountians. I enjoy wild amounts of sex, alcohol, and scalding scarcastic humor. I am currently working on a plan to start my own militant group of heterosexual males and feamles that will be willing to undergo hundreads of hours of training in order to make sure that Keaneu Reeves doesn't get another cool role that he can utterly f*@$ up. Books have lost meaning for me but I still read them to pass the time before my next beer and I also enjoy nude pictures of other peoples girlfriends. Most of this is fluff and stupid lifestyle commentary because I don't know who I'm talking too, however I do hope that someone may read this find it slightly amusing and want to start a rapport with me then we may actually get down to the root of what is actually going on in the psyche of a near-thirty, over-sexed, pompus actor that has no respect for himself and few others. Have I whet your appitite for senseless self-bashing and unabated perversio
Ben Millers
Ben Mcguire
Ben Martinez
Ben Miller
Ben Mitchell
Well, thanks to the internet, I'm now bored with sex. I am from somewhere in Australia. The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the devil's own satanic herd. That been said, I'm very cynical and sarcastic, my two most defining traits. As much as I repress my nerd tendacies, some remain. I own a website, I read fantasy novels and I watch science fiction movies. They say madness runs in our family. Some people even call me crazy! And why? Because I dared to dream....of my own race of atomic monsters! Atomic supermen with octagonal-shaped bodies There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production Anything Else, Candy, Blow, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Waking Life, Hard Candy, He Died with a felafel in his hand, Prozac Nation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Ghost World, Serenity, Children of Men, Crank, The Illusionist, Garden State, High Fidelity, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Libertine, Secr
Ben Mccann
Ben Mccarthy
Ben Martinez
Ben M
Ben M
Pretty much everything under the sun except for skydiving and bungee jumping! I love Family, video games, and cars!
Ben Mihalko
Ben Martino
Ben Macey
HiIm BenI Love my FRIENDS.I love my RuinI want a BOYFRIENDI hate bullys.+Fakes.Most people DONTlike me.I hope you do.xThese things make me who i am Gloves, Top Hats,GlamourHigh Fasion, Feather Boas, Period ClothesVictorian Era, Blasphemous language, America The Raring 20's1930's, 40's + 50'sWritingSinging, Crying, ScreamingWhispering Investigation, Performance, PhotographyMEN Hedwig, Katie Jane Garside,MY RUIN kissing in the rain, Unsolved CrimesClara BowCraziness,Art, Dreams, hate, Creativeness MOONSstars, Meteor showersGODS and GODDESS Dressing up, Make-up, Hair dye, Rocky Horror, Fairy Tales, burlesque, vaudeville, GlitterOLD FASHIONED ROMANCEFalse Eye lashes, Sparkly Things, Jack & Coke Paranormal, Vintage Photographs, Home made Recordings + movies, Classic Hollywood style, Theatre,Classic Film stars Customization, Pagan religions, Incense, Candles, Book of Shadows, The CraftPENTAGRAMS Music, movies, carnivals, Brutal Honesty, Unsolved MurderLove, Hate, Rev
Ben Mcmahon
Ben Mann
Ben Mcmanus
Ben Messer
Ben Mccormack
Ben Murdoch
Ben Martin
i like to get naked ,lol and i enjoy chating as long as i can about what ever ass hole boyfriends or ass hole girl friends whatever and yes before anyone asks i do have a nude pic in my profile and yes it is really me and yes i will have sex with you lol
Ben Murray
Ben Miller
Ben Meyer
lets see Im a 29 year old male from illinois...I do not have any kids..I enjoy good conversation and having fun...I have a very active and inventive imagination and a weird sarcastic sense of humor..Im also a great listener..Im here to make friends first and if anything should develop from friends so be it..If I go to your page and rate you and fan you..that means i liked what you had to say...other than that f you feel like a good conversation shout at me I have a lot of interests...just dont have the time to do them all..lets see i like reading, writing working and making new friends..and just having fun..My biggest interest right now is Fantasy art..I love Dragons wizards, witches and warlocks, you will probably see alot of fantasy art on my page..Im also trying to get some more photos up...I also Love tattoos. I have six..ill try to get pics of them on here as well
Ben Murray
Ben M
Ben Marquart
Ben Magaw
Ben Medlin
Ben Mays
Ben Mchenry
Ben Mead
Hi! My name is Ben. I'm here for friends, family, and fun. I am in the Army and stationed in Savannah, GA. My family is my life. My mom & dad raised 6 boys - and I am the youngest...HA! One of my brothers is dead (we will miss him). Another is a Marine, since 1995. I'm proud of him BUT he ain't no RANGER!! HA HA! The others work hard and are real good at what they do. I have two children I don't see much of, with all the training I am doing now. Love them with everything I have. Miss my family and friends in Florida. I will get back to visit when I can. Need to know anything else - just ask.
Ben Miller
Ben Main
Ben Miller
Ben Moliere
Ben Mitchell
Ben Mcintosh
Ben Mccrickard
Ben Mumnberson
Ben Mickle
Ben Moore
Well im very new to this site for starters. I moved here to florida a little over a year ago. Im looking to meet new people cause i pretty much know no one here. Anyone feel free to hit me up, im a pretty laid back person.
Ben Mavinga
Ben Macgeorge
Whats up every one . I just joined this site heard about it from a friend . Hoping to meet new people mostly women . I am tired of myspace so it is time for somthing new . I live in kalispell . Work for landmark builders . I moved to montana last year . Just started school for heavy equipment certification . Its what I like to do for work. For fun . Play in the snow mud or dirt. I love to go out on snow cats drink some brews and see who can do the craziest shit. camping fishing hunting . Basically anything out side . So if you want to get to know me hit me up .
Ben Merritt
Well I'm laid back and love making friends. I like to travel as I have been accross Asia and Europe a few times. I like to watch movies, play video games and hang out with friends. I'm always up for meeting new people as well as trying to make local friends and having a good laugh. I have low latent inhibition and a very deep side to me I love to laugh and my sense of humour ranges from downright dirty, camp to cheesy, stereotypes and lame! I love to laugh and make people laugh with my twisted yet fragile little mind! Japan, sex, movies, text messaging, games, music, travel, cycling, martial arts, MSN, Travian, XBOX 360, going out.
Ben Maisen
Ben Merrill
Ben Mcintosh
Ben Mccarrick
Ben M
Ben Mcleod
Ben Muratorri
Ben Miller
Ben Manu
My son mostly. Im a jack of trades. I live in California and travel just the west coast.
Ben Meyer
Ben Morrill
friendly guy who enjoy life 2 the fullest travel &seethe world 2 have fun also any of u females have a hard day at wrk let me know so we can meet u p4 great massages either 4 free or little of$$$ 40$$$ for an hour so holla at me cookin have great hands 4 great massages swimming watchin sports ufc wwe tna wrestling none only me little of thng
Ben Massey
Ben Mooneyham
Ben Mac
Ben Moore
Ben Mcmullan
Ben May
Ben Mauermann
Ben Mayfield
Ben Morris
Ben Morrison
Ben Mtahar
Hi, Nice to meet you,thank you for stopping by.My name is Ben,from Tunisia,a like minded men,spontaneous,respectful to others,I like to laugh,have fun and enjoy life.I like to meet new friends from all over the world,like to share a friendship based on mutual respects,expand love,peace,happiness around me. I belong to the travel sector since few decades,have been to several countries mainly in Europe. Actually I chosed the Tourism as a profession since I graduated from the university,because I believe that Tourism is a bridge for an inter-cross cultural exchange,it also a bridge for peace. Let me take this opportunity to invite you for a virtual visit to my country : I hope that you'll enjoy your virtual visit,who knows you might be attempted to consider a trip to Tunisia so we can meet in person and give my the chance to show you around. Feel free to write me,you'll be most welcome. Like any human been I have many interests : I like all sort of art : ( M
Ben Magallanes
Ben Mitchell
the same thing thats in my interests is basicly about me if ppl have any ? ask later just want to have fun and me new ppl thats all will i guess i like warcraft i like the ladys cant help it im a lesbeian lol will that really all im just a guy whos young and still got to just like everybody else have fun ride this motha intill the wheels fall and if the fall off its cuz im drunk lol
Ben Mcginnis
ugh...if you have any questions just ask me lol...i dont feel like typing that much right now I play guitar and video games in my spare time. If i'm not doing that i'm either skating (or doing some kind of outdoor activity) or writing/reading. I'm told i'm a very mellow dude...which i am. I work night shift in a grocery store but only until i'm done college. If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask. Nice to Meet you all!
Ben May0
Ben Madayag
Ben Mcchesney
Ben Murray
I am a male who has seen the ‘Ancient fire’ burning in your lifetime. Even so, it burns "once" as our lives spin away under a Star. I am done with living alone and want to bring one-true-woman friend closer to my home life. So, I have placed my profile below your eyes as a direct path for one-on-one intimate/personal viewing! Thank you so much for taking time to view my colorful little corner of the Internet! I´m really "very easy" to figure out. I´m simply looking for a Sun-spirited woman to spend lots of time with. Maybe if everything works out right I may consider cooling down with you for a warmer life together. I am not looking for “Hi! my name is (Ben Murray) thanks for writing me!” but a woman who has much softer than evening-light dreams to reveal. Expect me to seek your hand for “marriage” not, please. I´m not the desperate Sugar daddy type. (That much is certain!) However; I do feel honesty is best spoken sooner than later, so here goes: ‘ I am looking for th
Ben Mitchell
What's up, kids. I'm Ben. 24 from Illinois. I work, I fuck around, and I'm generally awesome all day long.
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