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Bennie Trevino
Bennie Lee
Ben Oleksak
Ben Olorpo
Beno Rodriguez
Whats up Gangstahhhhhh!!!well some basic facts abt me here we go get ready for this..and dont forget abt well im 23,my Birthday is April 19 even though thats not important ,i have black hair, tan skin, brown eyes, 5'2 or 5'3,and I weight 150 but im not fat just to let ya know ...Well what i like to do durning my spare time.. I like to chill,Go for walks, Go to the movies,Write poems and publish them online on, Drive around wit my cuzin Yuyito in Worcester, i love clubbin and if u wondering if i can dance the answer is yes i can... ya heard !!!Well as u can see im down for whatever at n e time...And I go to vermont to chill my nigga Sean (aka)White Boy... Get Code | Create Your Own! Some more stuff abt me...well i play Basket Ball but im not all that good in it but i try ..whitch is what matters most ... i watch WWE and Boxing matches...Some Girls think im a playa but im not to be for real, im not gonna lie abt it...But what can
Beno Mihelic
Ben Owen
well im 19 new to ct and im in germany. weird huh. oh well feel free to hit me sometime let me know what you think about me and ask me some questions.ill hit you up idols i dont have any cause i look up to myself so im never disappointed i like all kinds of movies
Ben Oldaker
Benoit Newby
Ben Ools
A little about me. Well theres not much to no really. Im a christian i play gutair for D.M.H, I own a company. Its just some regular stuff. First of all... Music playin music wit my band listening to new types of music. Hangin wit friends havin a good time. Wrightin songs and poetry. Lots of stuff interest me to much to type rite now.
Ben Orleans
I place a high value on being direct and honest when expressing thoughts and feelings. I tend to be tenacious about solving problems and a good problem-solver. The four things my friends say about me are: Creative,Respectful,Spontaneous and Perceptive. the first thing that people notice about me is my ability of making new friends through laughter. my jovial promptitude and great sense of humor. the most important qualities I'm looking for in another person are ingenuity, sincerity and ultimate affection. Tennis,camping,reading,writing,music,going out and eating out also.
Ben Orr
Ben Otto
Ben Osborne
Benoit Deslauriers
Ben Olson
Benorie Reyes
Ben O'connor
Ben Ocampo
Ben Olonode
Benoist Gideone
hey! I'm not really sure why I am on here but I thought I would amuse myself and make one of these things and see what comes out of it. Not really sure were I should start so here we go.. I'm italian I play college softball [short stop/2nd base] I'm pretty into music I hate to lose tattoos on a guy can be a turn on and a turn off. Well I won't wanna tell you everything here so just hit me up with anything you wanna know. just ask =]. Gold
Benoit Dupuis
Benoît Bonnet
Ben Ovrenovits
Ben Oyster
Benoit Gagnon
Beno Corleone
i like bisexual famale i am to marry and we look for a famale car game and my wife
Benoit Xavier
Ben Obrien
To start, my name is Ben. I currently reside in Toms River, NJ, but am moving to Charlotte in June. Looking to meet some new people and whatnot. I'm extremely 420 friendly. I'm a music fan in general. Love rock music, mainly hard rock and metal, but I love punk and all types of music, even some forms of hip-hop. I love going to shows, and try to go to as many as I can. I have one tattoo on my left arm, and it's the centerpiece of the half sleeve that I'm working on. I'm a very easy going guy, and I don't tolerate drama, so please don't bring it. I'm very fluent in sarcasm, and my sense of humor can be quite dark. I like it that way. Coffee and Java Monsters are my life blood. I have more movies that I've never even watched, kinda have to be in the mood to sit through a 2 hour+ movie that isn't going to have my attention. I'm a ridiculously avid professional wrestling fan. I critique it on a regular basis. I have friends in the business who are struggling and support them whenever I can
Beno Lope
Benone Shalom
Benoit Dupuis
Benoit Legault
Benoit Di Salvo
Benoit Rivest
Benot Charest
Benoit Alfred
Benoit Fournier
Benoit Lacey
Benoit Chardola
Benoit Thorne
Ben Owens
Ben Oliver
to whom it may concern: if i rated but did not lik it is because i did not read your profile other than that anything goes
Ben Onwon
Benoit Poirier
Ben Ott
Ben Pearson
I am Ben. I have no real family so I'm seeking one as of now. My life, well not much of anything. I'm single and have been betrayed by most women, this heart has been broken far to many times, but what doesn't kill you makes you strong some would say. But I'll keep looking 4 that special someone. But oh well I'm just here to deliver my services with advice and other things. Another thing is that I enjoy the Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts games quite a bit. TONY JAY THE GREATEST ALL AROUND DRUMMER EVER IN MY OPINION! JACK SPARROW IS ALSO THE MAN KUNG FU HUSTLE HELLSING ALUCARDS WRAITH
Ben Pezzner
Ben Pagotto
Ben Pratten
Ben Poledna
well my name is ben i currently live in fort worthless texas, i just turned 20 and moved out of mom and dads, just got a job at the wonderful world at walmart as a night stalker, the money is ok i can pay rent and eat so thats good enough...anything else you wanna know about me just ask... well my name is ben i currently live in fort worthless texas, i just turned 20 and moved out of mom and dads, just got a job at the wonderful world at walmart as a night stalker, the money is ok i can pay rent and eat so thats good enough...anything else you wanna know about me just ask... well i have said this before, but there are way to many to list! so ill just give a few,mom,dad,my cuz aaron, and my best friend kaydie... well anything horror! that does it for me.. i like some the serious movies as well just cant think of any right now.
Ben Pollermo
when everything seems so pointless. you keep typing but you wonder, who am i influcencing, am i making a difference. when it all comes down to it, was this message worth it? at the end of the day have i made some ones life better, or was this just enough typed script forever doomed to continue on into nothingness? when people look back, will they remember words ive said, will they remember things ive done. will i leave a mark or make an inpression. will i be the one they think back upon fondly and smile or will i be but a blip on the radar. everyone has but a flash of momentary existance and then its back to dust from which it was created. so what do we do. do we think of other, more happy thoughts, or do we take this existance by the horns and give it everything there is to give. when your time is done will you think i did all that i could or will you live in regret and the eternal torments of whatifs. this is all there is, there isnt anymore. so lets dry our eyes together and move on
Ben Price
Ben Presley
Ben Petrini
Ben Petrini
Ben Picko
Ben Podurgiel
Ben Potter
Ben P
What Up!!! Checking out this site and see'n whats going down!I'm pretty much down for what ever and i'll try any thing once.Ya wanna talk at me hit me up and i'll hit ya back!!I'm into all kinds of shit and will lat ya know whats on my mind!Let me know whats good!!!
Ben Perkins
Ben Partridge
Ben Pascoe
Ben Paterson
Ben Parks
Ben Pollaro
Ben Pham
Ben Perez
Ben Pike
Ben Peters
Hey all my name is Ben. I am here looking to meet friends and people with open minds and one that do not judge. I am an openly gay man that is in the middle of a divorce. I tried to do the "politically correct" thing and it just didn't work. I am very good friends with my soon to be ex but had to do what makes me happy. I am a father to a wonderful son who loves and accepts me for me. My employment is within the management field and I make a very good living at what I do. I love to cook meals for that special someone and hang out by the pool. I have to say that massages are my speciality. So what will it hurt to stop in and say hi. You might meet a new friend.
Ben Pettigrew
well to be honest im a 6ft3 blond haired blue eyed teddy bear of a person ...i love to make people laugh,i love to draw,paint,sketch tattoo flash and read ....i live here in anderson ....and im in the frame of mind for a few new freinds. im also a take no bullshit kind of person rather not talk to people that like to play games ...because i dont. if you are my freind i would ....defend you to the end....bring you soup when you are sick honest and tell you when your doin something sorta ...fucked up. well thats me ...nuthin more nuthin less. NiN,ICP,Punk music,leather,straps,whips and chains,i like to party ...but i also like to chill ,its my perogative to make anyone im around happy.....or at least try ...:)
Ben Panuelo
Ben Pressley
Ben Palmer
Ben Pierce
Ben Paul
Ben Payton
i like to read, play ps2, running, spend time with my family.
Ben Pratt
Ben Parish
Ben Parkes
Ben Peters
Ben Purplle
Ben Peralta
Ben Papworth
Ben Pickering
Ben Patten
Ben Page
Ben Pridmore
Ben Pavy
Ben Poore
Ben Parker
Ben Pace
Ben Predmore
Ben Powell
Ben Puyol
Ben Puentedura
Ben Potgeter
Ben Parker
I am isterested to meet new people (especially girls/women). Other things i like is Drawing (cartooning), Traveling, Being outdoors, Playing video games (online or not), Watching TV , Clubbing, smimming, Hiking, Fishing, I hate fighting i think it pointless, Dancing, Working out. Over all I will do anything once and My list goes on and on . Martin Lawrence Ohbama Rev Jesse jackson Simpsons Movies 40 year old virgin Men and black 1 and 2 Toy Story 1-3 Shrek 1-3 All adam sanders movies Party much I like anything thats not a chick flick. But i am guilty of liking some ... some chick flicks.
Ben Pavlovets
Ben Pinkham
Ben Pearson
Ben Perp
Ben Phillips
Ben Phillips
Ben Plusion
Ben Pete
Ben Pakcer
Ben Paul
Ben Painter
Ben Pelletero
Ben Pilkington
Ben Poprawski
Ben Pieper
Ben Proffitt
Ben Peretz
Ben Phil
Ben Pier
Ben Pope
Ben Perez
Ben Pellow
Ben Pitts
Ben Petix
Ben Peterson
Ben Patrick
Ben Payne
Ben Pratt
Ben Peterson
Ben Probst
Ben Pilks
Ben Pezzot
Ben Paniagua
Ben Payne
Ben P
Ben Pedigo
Ben Parks
Ben Porter
Ben Parker
Ben Petersen
Ben Pennisson
Ben Poland
Ben Quick
Ben Qualley
Ben Queens
Ben Quick
Ben Qualls
Ben Quick
Ben Reclusado
Ben Rozza
Hello too all, well i'm from the UK, from Manchester, i'm 27 and love to go out with the boys and party like anyone else i suppose, love a large range of music and films, love gaming and extreme sports, love the Sun even though i hardly get any in the uk, DOH. Anyways if you wanna know more just ask, thanks. Just found my velcro pants and gloves all i need now is the Music, films, sport, gaming, beer, dancing, chilling, manga, lord of the rings, star wars, star trek, smallville, Battlestar Galatica, Coldcase, CSI, Weeds, Mallrats, chinese food, fizzy drink, tatt's, piercings, and loads more..... GOD i'm a geek
Ben Rich
Ben Robbins
so this is the part where I discribe myself to you, well..... Im the tipe of person that will tell my friends what I think and try everyone else but I cant always mabey its my concense or morals or Im just shy. anyways I am not a bad guy Im constantly being called sweet because I cant help helpin out people that need it (I dont do any charity work but I do give blood sometimes) now your thinkin "what a sap" yeah Im kind some times too nice but I do have a bad side you screw me and I will let you know what I think especally if you fuck with my family. I am seperated since 11/05 two girls born in 2000 and 02 if you want more info then you will have to talk to me. I do party now and then when I dont have my girls I drink socally sometimes rarley alone do not smoke but I dont mid people who do I do have a job at the moment it is so hard in MI to find a job and I dont wana go out of state cause of the fact I have my girls here the freak part of me you will just have to find out that from me
Ben Ramsey
Ben Ramirez
hello i'm ben i'm 21 single and wants to have fun i like the beach ,party, drink and shake my bootie :) The beach party drink dance
Ben Rosbotham
Ben Rand
Ben Russo
Ben Rorik
Benru Benru
Ben Rowe
Ben Rowe
Ben Rosado
Ben Rodgers
Ben Ruble
Games and Guitar... i got my custom Dean from Hell Dimebag Signature guitar... what the fuck else do you need to bust a nut...
Ben Robinson
Ben Rillo
Ben Ruiz
Ben Rouse
Ben Russell
Ben Roche
im always going too concerts around nd,sd,mn so if you need someone to tag along i like to drive and split costs 50/50
Ben Rider
Ben Rogers
Ben Roberts
Ben Roose
Ben Rowberry
Ben Rutter
Ben Roberts
Ben Reagin
Ben R
Ben Ryan
Ben Rocco
Ben Robinson
Ben Rowland
just looking for one night stands getting laid
Ben-richard Mcguire
Ben Rivera
Ben Rice
ask me and you might find out, because im not good at writing about myself so sorry, to freeker bad theres not much to say, i drink when a i can if i can and i do like to get fubarred sometimes, but only with friends that i know wont fuck me over, but for now that all you get. boondock saints, wanted, iron man, unleashed, cradle to the grave, and many more
Ben Robers
Ben Rod
Ben Riter
Ben Ramirez
Ben Riddick
Ben Rodriguez
Ben Rusch
Ben Ray
just send me a message and ask anything you want
Ben Rex
My name is Ben. I'm now currently working at EA games as a tester. I enjoy fireworks, slip on shoes, farting then blaming it on other people, waving at small children, getting fat and beer. eating children, midgets, toothpaste, armpts, james prescott roma, freaking the fuck out, small shirts, eating and then throwing it up, rocking out with my cock out, knocking haters out my grill, making lil eaters snack on my goodies, hot pockets, hotel rooms, apple sauce, robots, sick ink, sic mosh, being a badass, cockels, vomit, yoda, playing with my lightsaber, publix brand cereal, doing it with the lights on, tingers, hurricanes, pro football, not sleeping, stepping in dog shit, big toes, edward gorey, clowns, short people, farting, weiners.
Ben Ramsey
i am a asshole who loves all women lookin for a woman who can cook
Ben Raphi
Ben Rhyne
Ben Richardson
Easy going aussie bloke, love bikes fishing and having a good time
Ben Roche
Ben Randall
Ben Rook
Ben Reynolds
Ben Robinson
Ben Roos
Ben Rubinstein
Benrejeb Syrine
Ben Ross
Ben Rose
Ben Redman
Ben Rutledge
Ben Ross
Ben Ramirez
Ben Rees
Ben Rosihan
Ben Rote
Ben Ramirez
hi im a really fun guy to hang out with. if a girl wants me to get all dirty i will and if they dont want me to i wont. i respect the girls and always will. i video chat any time and ill do anything for any girl. just inbox me and ill do it.
Ben Rogers
finally got my shit together. went thru some shit and had some work to do with it. dont really know what to say. if you wanna know just ask. i like to try just about anything once, as far as interests well love king and koontz books. movies outdoor shit. kickin back and hanging with friends pretty much all the normal stuff i dont have one. idols are for people who cant get by on there own. but i do have mad respect for everyday people. the ones who dont get paid much, barely make it by and still get up every morning and do it all over again. horror, action, sci fi.
Ben Reilly
Ben Robinson
Ben Radford
Ben Roberts
Ben Ramos
Ben Rosiu
Ben Roberts
Ben Rodriguez
Ben Rennick
Ben Reel
Ben R
Ben Rumpson
Ben Roberts
Ben Roark
Ben Riley
Ben Resnick
Ben Rasmüssen
Ben Rivers
Ben Runge
Ben Ravenscroft
Ben Ritchards
Ben Ransom
Ben Roberts
Ben Rau
Ben Robbie
I like to give everyone a chance initially - but have dealt with my share of unsavory people - I really don't like all American spell check! Some times I take things to far. General interests in no particular order - music, fishing, working with hand, cooking, witty banter, outdoorsy stuff, teaching my little man to do stuff, board games, law, tinkering with my toys, my cottage, photography, football & futba, working in the yard not so pg - music, sex, a few bevies, hunting, sex talk, photography
Ben Ritchards
Ben Romero
Ben Real
Ben Richards
Ben Robertson
Ben Roach
Ben Robinson
Ben Roach
Ben Richards
Ben Rego
Ben R.
Ben Reyes
Ben Rogers
Ben Rivera
Ben Roderick
Ben Reigan
Ben Raulerson
Ben Steyer
18 from philadelphia loves sports, girls and music! sports,girls,music my parents,reggie white,troy vincent,steve prefontaine,allen iverson,michael jordan finding forrester,lord of war,forrest gump,remember the titans,rudy,friday night lights,hardball.
Ben Schroeppel
Ben Spector
Ben Summers
Ben Stone
Got this wrong, i wrote about me in interests by mistake and cant be arsed to change it. Please go to interests to find out more about me. I watch movies now and again but with my job i tend to just party when i get time off
Ben Stewart
Ben Smith
Ben Smith
Ben Stone
Ben Stegman
im 5 foot 10, long black hair, dark brown eye's that change color depending on my mood "hazel when im very happy, black when im very angry, blood red and sometime's glowing when im so angry that im out fer blood", i dress in all black most of the time, got 7 tat's "a black cat's head and girl with a scraped knee on my left shoulder, a dragon's head in flame's and a pair of dice with ribbon's that say born to lose on my right shoulder, smile now cry later on my shoulder blade's, a demon head chewing on a pentagram and a demon head on his forhead with horn's going down the right side of my spine", im slightly tan skinned, got a pug stomich from birth "got it from my mom heh", "nickname's" treanch coat, shaggy, silent bob, the crazy guy. wrestleing, the night time, walking, swimming, spirituality, poem's, anything with skull's, cumputer "of course", video game's, music, thing's that make me think. Nostrodomus army of darkness, hackers, vulge
Ben Saad Anis
Ben Smith
Ben Stevens
older women!!! and younger but older rock. addd meee mature porn
Ben San Marco
Ben Smith
Ben Smith
Ben Santiago
Ben Stemple
Looking for good times
Benselina Timisela
Ben Stenger
I'm a military brat, I spent half my life in Germany, and I enjoyed every minute of it, and I would jump at the chance to go back there. Back to the beautiful mountains and countryside, friendly people, and who could forget, the beer. I'm a bit standoffish, until I get to know you, I guess that comes from moving around so much. I'm down to earth and I respect everyone until they prove unworthy of my respect. I collect swords, and on occasion, I can be very chivalrous, probably comes from that time when I helped King Arthur build Camelot. Yea, you guessed it, I was the cook, no one could work without a bowl of Ben's rice and beans, or was it that they couldn't work because of my rice and beans? Eh, I forget which one it was, but anyway, all his ways kinda rubbed off on me. So, that's me in a nutshell, I'd tell ya more, but I don't feel like writing a novel.
Ben Smith
GodsmackAdd to My Profile | More VideosGet Your Own Voice PlayerManage Cool Graphics at
Ben Sequin
Ben Smith
g g
Ben Scott need to know stuff? Well......Lets start at the beginning: I was born in Grimey Mansfield at the dead end of the 70's, I lived and honed my skills on the mean streets of Warsop till I was 13, Me and ma famlia upped sticks to Edwinstowe where I finished school @ Meden and went onto college and University of Sheffield Hallam. I trained to be a teacher for a bit, but it wasn't my thing, so I went on to run restaurants. I am a serious hip hop junkie first and foremost but I also love all music, I play guitar, I support the world foremost second division football team Mansfield FC and I party crunk......YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Music ,Football, Travel,Gym, Live Music, Film, Fashion.
Ben Schroader
well lets see here i'am 33 live in Watauga Texas i'am 6'1 325 never married no kids easy going guy that has a big heart and a sweet smile i'am not easy to make mad i'am easy to make friends with and once you have me as a friend its almost imposable to losse me as a friend. i was rased in Bellevue and on mercer island all of wich are in washington state. i have 4 brothers 1 full blooded and 3 hafe brothers. i love kids and cats. i love smiles and eyes i will give you the shirt off my back if you need it and i will go with out i can be shy or i can be the life of the party. i do like to hide cause i'am not good with croweds for a long perod of time. as you can see my spelling sucks. i can be funny at times i can't walk on water so don't ask me too i will be there for you one way or another no matter what i have big shoulders for you to lean or cry on. i'am a cryer. i know men should not cry but my heart is to big not to i'am not a robot i do feel. SO stop by and say Hello i don't bite un
Ben Smith
Ben Smith
I love talking to people all over the world! Communication I love it! If you want to talk drop me a message I will respond. If you need any advice for life I am starting to get pretty good at that too. I'm not this myspace pimp that this page makes me out to be. Drop me an email and you will find out. My aim is MrFuntimespace I'm a blast of Fun and a SHOT of Caffeine! I love to surf and body board. I luv the beach and I love drivingaroun it in either my f-bird or solstice. I love to talk to people my aim is MRFUNTIME I am very good at helping people with their relationships probs ha ha I've almost turned into dr phil ha ha if you want to pick my brain then go for it! If you want to just talk then send my an email or aim me. Gone in Sixty Seconds, Narnia, Tomorrow Never Dies, Die Another Day, Italian Job......list goes on
Ben Smith
Ben Stewart
Ben Struble
Ben Shanerman
Ben Smith
About Ben I am a young man just having turned 18 recently. To be honest I was looking for a much better love life, as up till this point I feel it has been lacking. I've always been the simple up for anything type of guy so I figured I'd see just who else my enjoy a person like myself. Ben Would Like To Meet... I am really looking for anyone. To me age isn't all that important and I am up for just about anything a lady could throw at me, I am a bit inexperienced but as always I am eager to learn. So just message me if you are in the mood and looking for a younger man to help you with any urges.
Ben Smith
Ben Shedokhi
Ben Scott
Well what can I say? This is Mr Scott, I'm from a shitty town in Wiltshire called Melksham. I'm an easy going kind of guy, very thoughtful, very opinionated, often very random and very honest, sometimes too honest! I ain't a stereotype like a lot of people, i'm a mixture of many different things so you need to know me very well to get what i'm all about! Some of you may recognise me as the singer from Armies Of Anger! If you aren't familar with us, we're a bunch of Melksham lads who make no-nonsense punk rock, and we're here to take on the fucking world, and if you're too much of a pussy to listen to some real music then don't fucking listen to my band! However if you are interested in hearing some top quality music then you may want to check us out...........
Ben Stevens
Ben Summerlin
work ,beer,tv
Ben Savage
anyone want to trade pics???
Benson M
Ben Simpson
Ben Sanders
Ben Sargent
Ben Smith
Ben Sieben
Well Im not good at these thing so Ill just try my best... Im a 22 year old man who is in the Army. Currently I live In Up-state New York. Im a Pisces to the very meaning of the word (even though i hate it LOL) I dont want a girlfriend right now so if thats why ur talking to me sorry. I just had a bad brake-up and im still trying to get over it. Im one of the most relaxed people you will ever know.
Ben S
Ben Sherels
Ben Sanders
Ben Somthing
Ben Starcher
I'm Ben, and I'm recently divorced, but not recently single; I had no idea it took so long to get one. I grew up in Texas, went to college all over Texas, was in the USAF and stationed in Texas, and now I find myself in Arkansas. I'm an electrical engineer for a large utility company here in the South, but I don't have anything to do with billing, so please don't hold that against me.
Ben Sen
Ben Seem
Take the Drink Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz Never do like explaining myself on these sites.. Instead why not ask me on here or yahoo :)
Ben Sowrads
Ben Sager
well im just some dude that likes to go and have a good time get drunk and go ride dirt bikes.
Ben Sigston
Ben Summers
Ben Shirley
Love outdoors and trucks.. Im kind of a wrench head any problems with my friends or familys cars or boats they all call me. I've spent most of my life in the country or on the water fishin. Im always up to meet new people to chill with. I have horrible spelling though. lol I love camping, boating, quading and fishing. Basicly anything outdoors. My family has a cabin on the beach and up in the snow. Then theres music, ACDC, Led Zepplin nad all country.
Ben Strickland
Ben Seiler
Ben Someone
film music reading urban legends video games etc...
Ben Shaw
alright.... this is what I got for everyone. I just got out of the navy and I'm looking for a new job I'm glad to be back home and my fiance just left me for her supposed gay friend who conveniently turned out to be straight. So these past couple weeks have sucked so much monkey balls its not even funny. So I'm looking for a great time with some new girls that I can have some fun with. till then y'all will find me rock climbing. sex, rock and roll, rock climbing, and snowboarding
Ben Smith
Ben Smith
Ben Smith
Ben Smith
Benson Akpan
Ben Schwartz
partyin, school, meeting people, and just relaxing when I get time. I love music and movies!!
Ben Smith
Benson Sunday
Ben Sommers
Ben Scott
Ben Stiller
Ben S
My name is Ben. Im just a big cuddly beast. Ive never been married. I dont have kids. Im still looking for the one. Im 6ft tall, I weight now 235lbs (on Feb. 21 I had gastural bypass surgery), Ive lost right now about 105lbs (todays date is 8/5/2014). If you wish to know more just ask.....IM EASY.....IM SIMPLE.........IM KIND.......IM GENTLE.........I ONLY BITE IF YOU ASK ME TOO (HINT HINT) Search Video Codes Anything around water, computers, bowling, motorcycles, Im somewhat open for anything.
Ben Snicklefritz
i am a general manager of a pizza shop in the mountains of western NC. when i'm not working, i like to spin records and watch movies. i recently got into growning plants. (i'm not tellin what kind though!) i got out of the construction trade about a year ago. i was building and restoring upscale houses. however, the market has gone straight to hell and i was not getting steady contracts. if you would like to know anything else, just ask me! my interests include: adventures, travel, spinnin records, smokin kind bud, and hangin with friends.
Ben Shulok
Ben Saunders
I'm not right in the head,I drink alot I play metal and bluegrass and work. This is who I am,This is what I am,If you don't like it...Go Fuck Yourself Metal,bluegrass,Irish music,drinkin,and just fuckin ask me.
Ben Smith
Ben Spencer
what it do im im 29 yrs old and i love to meet new woman dont mistake me for being a player or some crepper. im not her to lookn at all these beautiful woman im her for one. i would love to take someone out on a date. my first date would have to be romantic. my friends call me mr. romantic. i would have to go to the park and have a picnic and if she was really a bad girl maybr take a swin in the creek and then ride bikes and come home late. and do it all over again if she liked it.
Ben Spate
Ben Smith
Ben Sprouse
Ben Scot
Ben Simm
Ben Smith
Ben Stoffer
just here to have fun and no b.s. and if you cant enjoy life to the fullest then you got issues
Ben Salyer
Ben Slovinski
Ben Sittler
Benson Kuria
Benson Near
Ben Schmeltz
Ben Steffes
Ben Sullivan
Ben Salwin
I'm 25 years old, 5'6", about 110 lbs. Basically I've joined fuBar hoping to find girls in my area. I know that may sound weird, but I'm just tired of being alone. I'll be honest up front. I don't drive, I don't have any income right now, and I'm living with friends. I'm pretty inexperienced in social situations, so I'm pretty shy and sometimes say akward things. But I hold out hope that there's someone out there who can look past my social ineptitude and lack of financial independance. I'm looking for a girl who doesn't mind picking me up when we meet, and one who won't expect me to take her out to super expensive restaraunts or movies every week. I can find a bit of spare cash here and there but I really am in danger of losing my home at this moment. Besides, I much prefer the privacy and relaxation of hanging out at home. If you enjoy the person next to you I don't see the need to go places to have fun. I'd also prefer a woman who is open to the possibility of something long-term
Benson Iruobe
Ben S
I'm a good guy who hates lying, and liars. I am a very trust worthy guy and like helping others. I am nice and want to be surrounded by other nice people. Anyone whos an asshole I rather not be acquainted with. I want ot meet a funny nice intelligent women that can complete me. My interests are Basketball tv computer anything entertaining movies w.e
Ben Stonebarger
Ben Schomer
Benson George
Ben Somenou
Benson Clark
Ben Sehon
Ben Sarro
Ben Scott
Ben Schwistiger
Benson Ray
Ben Simpkins
Ben Saxton
Ben Smith
I am 6'1, 200 pounds with hazel eyes. I have an aletic build and very outgoing, and also have a quiet side. I am a contruction worker and I have two daughters. I love to barbacue. I was born and raised in Louisiana where I learned the true meaning of respect. I still to this day address others by Sir and Mam. I am looking for my soukmate. I have been the type of man who has always put other peoples needs in front of my own. I am looking for a woman who is honest and looking for a long term relationship. A woman who is secure in hefself and will always stand up for what she believes. I want someone that I can share my dreams with, and theirs with me, and together we can make them become a reality. I love country and rock music,and I am a sucker for horror films. I also like action movies and chic flicks when I am with the right woman. I like to ski, swim, work out, camoing, motorcross,and long walks on the beach. I grew up on the ocean to me you can't find peace like you can w
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for a brief summary, im a dork, i look a skater with no skateboard haha, i listen to loud aggressive music (and soft stuff too haha), have tattoos and want more, and i like to cook when the mood strikes me. talk to me to find out more. later Video Games Going Out Concerts Singing in the Car Making People Laugh Making a Fool of Myself Being a Smart Ass Texting Sleep Your Mom Doodling YouTube Laughing Partying Tubing Batman Returns Batman The 40-Year-Old Virgin Sin City Watchmen Donnie Darko Robin Hood: Men in Tights Samurai Champloo Green Hornet Drive Angry 3D Trigun Young Frankenstein Forrest Gump Avatar Blazing Saddles Blade Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Donnie Darko Constantine Pirates of the Caribbean The Crow Sherlock Holmes Due Date Iron Man 2 Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Incredibles The Incredible Hulk The Butterfly Effect Fight Club Spiderman Trilogy The Punisher Transformers Super Troopers Batman: The Dark Knight Iro
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I am a livley and talkative guy who loves to conversate with people over intersting issues and subjects. Being honest gets me in some situations Pictures, music, films, adult topics Science and religon Witchcraft Symbols Marylin Monroe Dita Von Teese Elke the Stallion Beyonce Christina Milan Christine Agulleria Nicole Sherzinger Doris Day Jennifer Lopez Next Door Nikki FTV MET ART I love all types of movies including from around the world and adult ones.
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Just an average kind of guy trying to make something for himself lol. I enjoy playing some games with my good friends. I like to read and if I can ever get the oppportunity to I would like to go out places to hang out because I'm stuck where I live without and means of going anywhere. -_- I don't really have any idols. People are just people ya know. Can't really tell you what movies I like because I don't really get out to go see any.
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