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Beckie Steiner
Becky Hogan
Becky Taylor
My dad is my #1 idol.
Becky Waldrop
Becky Gnas
Becky Cooper
Please, please check out my profile info before adding me or messaging me. I really don't like being a b*tch, but I will be if your contact is sexual in nature or you think calling me sexual nicknames will get you anywhere. I'm no prude, but Im not desperate either. Respect me and I'll return the respect. If having standards and boundaries make me rude and feministic and so on, so be it. BTW - I'm NO cougar. I'm also straight/hetero. With that said, I've no prejudice against anyone who is not. I appreciate your compliments just as much as I do heteros and I support you being you. Just because I "liked" and/or "rated" you doesn't mean I want something from you or I'm trying to flirt. If I'm not comfortable with the Pokes you choose to send, I might not return them or in the manner you want. I "play" Fubar. I add friends of all walks of life. I like & rate to get my points and give points, too. I own for the same reason. And so on...Nothing more is meant by it unless we extend th
Becky Kellos
Becky White
Becky Edwards
Becky Slack
Becky Dorsett
I love music, hanging out with friends and family and taking life by the horns and enjoying every moment of it. My nature is that of a caring person but I have needs just like any other. I am a sexual creature and enjoy the attention. I am Mistress Demona the keyboard player for Epic Death!! Never say never and always look at today as the best day of your life! Music, photography and more music!
Becky Maxwell
Becky Taylor
Becky Something
Becky Wade
Becky Thacker
To be be true to yourself you have to let it all go People say I'm a cold-heart its not my fault people have made me this way so i have covered myself with ice. If you think you're special and can melt the ice, good luck with that, people have tried and failed miserably. music, reading, movies, and enjoying the flip side of life you know who you are, won't mention names anything supernatural, horror, comedy
Becky Burke
Becky Thomson
Beck Piening
Becky Walters Walker
Becky Owens
Becky Snyder
Becky Dixon
Becki Claypool
Becky Barrier
Becky Mccollum Price Lovell
Becky Cecil-wiley
Becky Mckay
Becky Towey
Becky Pence
Becky Shepherd
Becky Howard-shepard
Becky Saurer Rodriguez
Becky Madison
Becky Humes
Becky Johnston
Becka Swigart-mardanes
Becky Rintala
Becky Lopez
Becky Caplinger
Becky Kinuthia
Becky Adamchak Kean
Becky Thomson
Becky Welsh Bonner
Becky Vogelpohl
Becky Fincham
Becky Pearl
Becky Taylor
Becky Rocchi
Becky Leighty
Becky Grahl Stichter
Beckie Stephens
Becky Missimer
Becky Davila
Becky Bybee
Becki Fischer
Becky Matter
Beckie Wileman
Becky Croston
This is Becky (: ♥ I Am Now Officially a 9th Grade Freshman! I Love swimming, eating, 4 wheeler riding, and hanging out with him. I Love my 2 sisters Judy Ann and Tiffany Nicole. ♥ Text me 304 641 0818 My favorite color is blue, my eyes are green, and my hair is blonde/brown And my age is 15. My Favorite Singer is David James Archuleta and Logan Henderson ♥ Adam's Baby Forever♥
Becky Zarantonello
Becky Heath
Becky Sergison
Beckie Renner
Becky Willison
Becky Ruttle
I am 5'5", long dark brown hair, wire frame glasses I enjoy doing beadwork on a beadloom, I love to ride horses, go camping, fishing,hiking in the mountains. I enjoy riding on motorcycles taking long walks on the beach I enjoy a good comedy as long as it makes me laugh, some war movies, maybe a few westerns
Becky N Jen Garcia
Becky Christensen Gill
Becky Boe
Becky C
Hi I'm new at this so I might need a little guidance. I'm 32, 5"3, 115 Lb and athletic. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.I work in an office as an auditor and acountant. I work weird hours and I get board and lonely sometimes.
Becky Mcgrath
Becky Chapman
Becky Hatcher
Becky Lerma
Becky Cameron
Becky Jarrell
Becky Johnson
Becky Piktel
Becky Edwards
Hey the name is Becky and i am one of a kind.. I am in a relationship.. im fun lovin hard workin and love to be around family and good friends..Anything u wanna know all u gotta do is ask... I love to play sports and work out.... I like to work on cars, i can tear a 4-wheeler apart an put it back togetther. i love anything to do with the out doors... i like to look good but i love to get dirty to....
Becky Middleton
Becky Woolsey
Becky Tom
Becky Polly
Becky Reed
Beckie Todd
Becky Hess
Becky Willis
Becky Hill
Becky Tillery
Becky Schwartz
Beckie Harrison
Becky Thomas
Beck Kuhn
Becky Potter
Becky Arbogast
Becky Coulter
Becky Bishop
Just looking for some friends...and I do Photography so hit me up! Passions: Karate, Softball, Photography, and mma likes: reading, bonfires, quads, kickboxing, sledding, kayaking, music, and friends
Becky N Paul
Becky Moyer
Becky Teager
Becky Wells
Becky Furrow
Becki Cook
Becky Hill
Becky Robles
Becky Hogan
Becky Hess
Becky Baiz
Beckie Fuller
Becky Benitez
Beckiallen Allen
Beck Daines
Becky Thompson
Becky Mcdade
Cute Graphics
Becky G
Well hello fubarfriends and family im becky as some of you already know--lol Im 5'3 and im a bbw-(big beautiful woman) You dont like me well than just dont be firends with me cuz your opion means nothing to me i have friends that love me for me For all the haters---Some people think they can mess with me but once they do I will get you back twice as hard and ruin your world I'm not a mean person just don't think you can mess with me and me not get you back. Cuz I will get you back TRUST ME!! FaceBook Account Add me Having Partys Going To Occ Wid Friends And Family Hangin Out Wid Friends And Family Going To Movies Wid Friends
Becky Kyle
Becky Moseley
Becky Thompson
Becky Zehetner
I'm a Nole and Country girl at heart... I take life with a grain of salt; a slice of lemon and a shot of tequila. I believe 4 out of 5 people have trouble with fractions. I'm not cheap, but I am on special this week. I believe if you don't have the decency to be nice, at least be vague. And I believe if your born again then you must have two belly buttons, right??? Follow me on Twitter @bogie240 All kinds of Music and Scary places...Fav Musician Jake Owen of Course
Becky Dearth
Becky Cloukey
Becky Williams
Becky White
Becky Fearing Boots
Becky Brown
Becky Woodward
Becky Garcia
Becky Phillips
Becky Newkirk Merida
Becky Gutierrez
Becky Layne
Becky Mcadams
Beckhanson Isgod
Becky Raider
Beckie Jones
Becky House
Becky Gockley
Becky Vanburen
Becky Meengs
Becky Hernandez
Becky Booth
Becky Rockwell
Becky Roberts
Becky Reynolds
Becky Rodgers
Becky Stanley
Becky Miles
Becky Lamberth
Becki Henley
I'm a happly married bi-sexual woman. My husband is straight and I'm looking for sexy women in my area to cum play with us.
Becky Murray
Becky Tichacek
Becky Epstein
Becky Fenrick
Beck Hearsum
Becky Davis
Becki Lilly
Becky Brown
Becky Morriseau
i dont have any idols but if i absolutely had to choose someone it would be sharon osborne or tia from pitbulls and parolees. i love horror movies. blood, guts, paranormals good too.
I am 39 years old and Married i have three wonderful kids that i love and care about so much two beatuiful girls and a handsom little boy my kids are my world !!!!!!!! I am the type of person easy to get along with but dont take no shit from anyone and I am a woman that demands to be treated with respect as well i will treat u with respect!!! I dont video chat so dont ask, I dont do NSFW salutes, I don't care if you are God Himself offering me a fu-Pony or the world ...If i wanted to see your cock n balls id ask, chances are they arent that impressive. I don't Skype nor do I yahoo messager.... so don't ask...
Becky Lehman
Becky Zehr
Becky Thorne
Becka Wilkins
Beckey Freeman
Becky Speer
Becky Hammett Rountree
Becky Kwiatkowski
Beckah Grace
Becky Weibley-galloway
Becky James
Becky Howard
Becky Bryant
Becky Andrews
Becky Krince
Beckah Walters
Becky Krehn
I'm a single mother of a 16y daughter & 14y son, They are my world. I am very easy going, I get along with just about everyone. Love 2 have a good time once in awhile let my inner body escape.. Enjoying the new life that god has given me.
Becky Lynn Niles
Becki Cook
Becky Deems
Becky Roberts
Becky Roberts
Becky Michalec Jones
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Becky Hicks
im a bbw im 36 years old i like WWE Wresling, country music and i can be wild at times i like all type of movies
Beckert Apollo
Becky Mayeaux
fun funny nice kind sweet of when i want to be out goin some outspoken of saying whats on my mindthinking a lot and talking alot to do what i like where i wanna go or see im preety much a picker on guys and things and guys i get confuse lost undecided so help of friends family not like bad just figuring i want in life of who i am to be to have someone make me feel good cuzz nt all that great lookking perfect not tall skinny im avrege short im not tall just 4/9 not too skiiny i got little big bones i have lost lot of weight i dont rink smoke theres alot more to say but if wnana chat get to know and give a chance ill be on once in awile to talk pretty much anything romance comedy scary ones action and more depends of whose in i know or how that movie is about if got that spunk juice that keeps me waching over an dover if bored or tired but i watch what ever is playing at movie if not right way or wait till someone sees it if good and all then i will or rent it or buy it just mostly fun
Becky Ratliff
Becky Smith
Becky Thornton
Becky Cab
Becky Brummett
Becky Rue
Becky Manier
My name is Becky, I'm 29 yrs old i am hard of hearing i lost my hearing when i was 6 yrs old from meningitis. I recently graduated from college with a associates in general studies and an associates in arts i have a good and friendly personality im a friendly and outgoing type of person i like to draw, play on the computer go fishing do outdoor stuff and hanging with friends and just enjoy having a good time!!
Becky Mcbunch
Becky Baker
Becky Neal
Beckijo Baranski
Becky Varner
Becky Garvin
Hi I have been in GA for about 8 years now, I am currently working full time, and I have my masters degree. I have one son. I like bonfires, men in cowboy hats, pickup trucks, and country music.
Becky Walter
Becky Sparks
Becky Jones
Beck Rathbun
Becky Ahearn
Becky Richardson
Becky Ariks Murray
Becky Anderson
Becky Thomass
Becky Bain
Becky Gintonio
Becky Wiles
Becky Cooley
Becky Tussey
Hi, everyone my name is Becky, I am happily married so please dont come to my page being all nasty I will block you. I am here to socialize and have fun dont know what much else to say.
Becky Michalec
Becky Hill
Becky Cruz
Becky Cooley
Becki Hodges
Beckie Clark
Becky Schroeder
Becky Cooley
Becky Davis
Beck Adams
Becky Beck
Becky Rogers
Becky Michalec
Becky Streeter
Becky Lee Whitehouse
I'm 29, living in Massachusetts. I have Chiari. If you don't know what it is, then ask me! Writing Singing Reading Hanging out with friends when I can. Jennifer Lawrence Fear Labyrinth Red Eye Any Disney movie Saw series Paranormal Activity series Any horror movie
Becky Brand
am a simple caring and young in heart woman ...... singing, swimming and playing basketball...
Beck Cs
Becky Campbell
Becky Lewis
Becky Holloway
Becky Campbell
Becky Gibbs
Beckie Freer
Becky Casper
I am Becky from walla walla Washington and i am 31yrs old single and never been married..I am sweet, thoughtful, kind, and have a great sense of humor. I am very easy going and laid back. I am often told that I am very easy to talk with. I am not an angry person I'm optimistic, compassionate and youthful, in good shape and intelligent, well-read lover of classical music and jazz and all kinds of music it all depends on my mood...I would like to get to know a cool Man who feels or thinks like me you,you can reach me if you really care to chat...(502) 482-3890
Becky Gibbs
Becky Campbell
Beckey Jain
LOVE BOOTY? LOVE BLING? COME JOIN US @ ORGY AFTER HOURS! ***HIRING ALL STAFF*** Click the Picture and Come Hang out! GIVING AWAY BLING ALL EVENING!!!!! I like to read, play on fubar, use facebook and run around with my kids. I also love to dance not sure fav movie? depends on the mood I am in at the time
Becky Pruden
Becky Bottorff
Becky Hamblin
Becky Mark Tunji
Becky Kimber
Becky Campbell
Becky Seratt
I'm a loveing person n careing n will help out family n friend's n i have a big heart n im a Juggalette n have been since 2011 n i don't deal wit drama shit or bullshit so if ur gonna do dat den stat da fuk off my profile i have enuff problems. Playing games on my phone n making friend's n meeting new family
Becky Parkinson
Becky Simpson
Am Becky single no kids never been married before......I do love kids and they are also welcome to me.Would love to make new friends and meet new people....Ask me whatever you wanna know about me
Becky Morman
Becky Livingston
I am a Trauma nurse for a green bay ER. I have a daughter age 14. I am a no bullshit type of person, I take no bullshit off of anyone. Yes i am married and bi but it is quite complicated at the moment, but that doesn't mean i won't talk to anyone. Yes i can be a big flirt but that deosn't mean i can be taken advantage of. Love to cook, go shopping, camo, fish, my dad taught me to work on cars, so i do know my way around the engine lol. I love crafts and put some of my things into consignment shops. I a originally from Green Bay, so yes i know all the stupid cheese jokes lmao. none really any national lampoon mmovie, bill murray movies, dramas, etc
Becki Dowdy
Becker Logan
Becky Eitelman
Becky Riffey
Becky Becky
Becky Collins
Becky Martin
Beck Taijeron
Becky Leger
Beconce Jecob
Bec O\'driscoll
Becool Daily
Becozofyou Speechless
Becool Tobesmooth
Be Cool
Become Parents
Be Crawford
Bec Randle
Bec R 27 from brisbane as a beach movies music pubs watching bands..that sorta thing
Becs Hunapo
Becuz I\'m What\'s Up
1-812-457-1159. you'll find out the rest from there. i watch 'em
Bedard Jimmy
Bed Andbreakfast
Bedah Love
Get Your Own Scroller
Bedda Marzougui
Bedelia Dubonnet
My name's Hannah and I'm currently majoring in music hoping to eventually make a career performing as a classical clarinetist. The back-up plan is teaching. I listen to all kinds of music and generally like everything. I get along with pretty much everybody. I have sarcastic moments but overall I'm a friendly fun-loving person. I'm blunt; if you're being an idiot I'll tell you if I think you're an awesome person I'll tell you that too or just give you a hug. Sports I enjoy are golf/tennis/skiing/marching band in no particular order. I don't do the whole girl-chases-guy thing. If you want to get to know me send me a message I'll probably respond. I'm too awesome to be described completely in one of these boxes =P Cooking
Bedes Bozzy
Beder Alfaro
Bedford Hill
Bedford Wilson
I grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine. I graduated in 2002 as an honor student. I went to college at UMA for 2 years and then dropped out. I got married when I was 19. I have a new car and a new house. I have 2 chihuahuas and a pitbull. I absolutely LOVE Chinese food. Things You Actually Really Want to Know About Me by onmyown2723Height:: 5'7"Weight:: Right or left-handed:: rightHeritage:: German + IrishAre you in love?:: yesHow do you alleviate stress?:: smokingDo you swear?:: yeahIf you could have any job, what would it be?:: CSIWhat are your favorite sports to watch?:: basketball and footballWhat was your first car?:: chevy cavalierWhat kind of car do you have now?:: dodge neonWere you popular in high school?:: i dunno... Do you like thunderstorms?:: yeahIs the glass half empty or half full?:: half emptyBest places you have ever been?:: LouisianaFavorite food?:: chineseLeast favorite food?:: bolognaWhat type of music do you dislike most?:: classicalD
Be Dil
Bedlam Bishop
My name Is bedlam Bishop I a 5'9 225 lbs and I am the master mind freak power house in the world of Paris Wrestling Entertainment, your nightmares are my play ground your pain is my pleasure in the world of wrestling, I have one message to the PWE universe...... I'm here. I try to be reasonable man but my employers like to see people that cant live up to their part of their deal seems then when logic fails our passion and madness and when the GM of PWE pays for the pain from a man named and conceived In the hallowed halls of misery if hell had an address it would B h Finishers 1. Tombstone 2. Lobotomy -- reverse emerald fusion "crash landing" Signatures 1. Delirium Driver -- Straight jacket stroke 2. Vertigo -- Foward Spine buster
Bednarski Maciej
Bedo Ali
Bedo Castro
Bedroom Havoc
Bed Rocka
Bedri Kryeziu
1 Bedroom Apartments
Bedyee Alkhafaji
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I have no frikkin' idea. antiques, brighton, sewing, patchwork, letters, polaroids, travel, travel at night, drunk confessions, thin wrists, thin ankles, bald men, the sea, free samples, city life, music to sway to, good memories, expensive desserts, laughter, new places, new faces, insomnia, french baguettes, making future plans, unexpected postcards.
Im Bee =) Crush this person! I live in Hollywood, yes, the REAL hollywood! I am a smart chick. I have a masters in architecture and am currently doing a degree in media and film. I eat alot, i may be skinny but i am NOT anorexic nor do i have any other eating disorder. I work out and am naturally skinny/small. Dont get jealous, its pathetic. I love to dance. Surfing and snowboarding are my love. Guys who surf are my weakness. Im Italian! Im a Model and a good one at that. GUYS WITH MOHAWKS TURN ME ON! =D I love motorbikes and have two. I also have a Chrysler Crossfire which i adore! Cake makes me happy! BODY MODS I have 36 piercings and 2 tatts! If you want to know where: left ear x 5 + double Idustrial + helix right ear x5 + industrial + rook nose-side and middle lip x6-double snakebites and two middle tongue x 2 + web both nipples tummy x 4 vch Tatts are of the skinnypuppy logo which is on my arm and the outline of a star on t
I Smoke Like A Cimney & Cuss Like A Fuckin Sailor..I'm Rude & I'm Fuckin Crude... So If Ya Can't Deal With That Shit Then Keep To Steppin.. If You Can Dig On What I'm Liggin.. Then Were Straight.. Photography.... This Is My Gurl A, Gettin Head From Ysabelle The Headless Beauty!!.. Yup And I Took These Masterpieces!!..So Get The Fuck Off Me.. Cause Yo Gurl Bee Is A Pimp!!... Just Some Wine Bottles On A Field Trip @ The De Rosa Art Preserve In Napa Ca... Gettin Dicked Down Proper By My Daddy Warbox.. Love To Watch Life Go By... Practice Makes Perfect Bitch's.. My 11 Year Old Pit Named Mina Jane.. She's My Roll Dog... Smokin A Big Fat Bleezay Fo Sheezay.. Drinkin A 180 Degree Esphogus Singeing Tuxedo Mocha From Pete's.. My Fuckin Fantails... My Fuckin Bike... Drag... Gettin Sum Lovin From Them Fly Ass Ho's.. Coloring In Color Books...
B Ee
Beeaye Hunter
Be Easy
Bee A
Bee A
Bee Adriance
Bee All
Bee Addo
Beeanna Keyton
Bee Aguilar
Bee Bee
Bee Bee
Bee Bee
Beebee Johnson
Beebee Ferrell
Beebee Vee Vee
Beebster Fonner
Bee Boy
Bee Bee
Bee Blake
Bee Blake
Bee Boop
Bee Campbell
Beech Woods
I'm a fun loving lesbian. My real name is Beech. Adventurous and outgoing and outspoken so don't talk to me if you can't handle what I might say. I love motorbikes and playing in storms. BDSM is my passion and I have a very dominating personality. I caring and easy to get along with just don't piss me off. Blue is me color and love rock. I'm a chef and work on ships and drilling rigs. Yes I have modeled in the past. If you care to know anything else just ask just don't be dumb and ask me something that you can get from me profile or I'll tell you about it. I say what I think and am short on tact so beware. If you message me and I treat you stupid it's probably because you're asking questions that you could read the answers to on my profile. If you message me have something to say. I won't hold the convo up if you can't and don't message me if you're going to take forever to answer back. btw guys you can't change me so don't try. Cooking swimming dancing horseback riding some modeling
Bee Charles
Beecher Jones
I'm old enough to know better but young enough to still get away with it without the hangover in the morning. I collect and build guitars. I go to medical school. I have a pug that attacks me. I want a vacation but I can't take one. Any other questions will be taken care of by my staff. Thank you . no flash photos please! I'm so busy with school right now I don't have time for anything else. My Instructors feel my free time is theirs to fill up right now with their crap. I get to watch tv about once a week . I like the bike and car building shows. When I get done with school I'm going to San Diego and crash for a very long time on the beach and throw rocks in the sea and play my guitar at night while I watch ships go out. I like all kinds of music but if given a choice I like metal . When I get a chance I dig on Black label Soc. on my ipod. Any other questions feel free to ask I may or may not give you the answer you want but you will get an answer none the
Bee Don-d
Beeeeee Niiiitttte
Bee Ee
Beeficus Maximus
Beef Sloan
My Real Life Nic name is Beef... Everyone Calls me Beef, You can too. Love ya
Beefsoupclover Zero
Bee Gee
Bee & Gee
Bee Gee
Bee Gentle
Beeg Yep
Beeg Bent
A frenemy said I was a masochist sycophant..... I'm a little pissed off!!! Anything outdoors I despise indoors...
Bee Heffinger
Beehons Chen
Beej Bajada
About me. I am 35, live in sunny Tucson AZ. I was born in Texas, raised in the sonoran desert. I am a mom, and love animals. I also volunteer with numerous animal rescues and shelters, and with autistic kids from time to time. I adore the outdoors, and spend a lot of time there when the temps are cooler. I am a writer, a poet, and have a book due in the fall. I am very open minded, being a bisexual Wiccan/Pagan makes me kind of have to be. You Are Strength You represent both fiery energy and steadfast will. You are innocent and naive - yet unafraid and undaunted. Perhaps you don't have the most powerful physical strength... But your mental powers make up for any amount of muscle. Your fortune: Lately, you have been a pillar of ethics and moral strength. And while things may be difficult, your faith in yourself will come through. You may need to conquer the animalistic nature of yourself or others, with gentle force. Although this may seem like the darke
Beejay Shafer
Beejay Billante
Beejay Guy
Beejay Godson
Am BeeJay,A black young guy who believe in much love sharing and i know that love still exit am looking for a real woman to share some really love together and have a everlasting relationship,Am a kind of man who is down to earth and i don't cheat or lies to my woman. Love is Life. I will like to meet the woman that will love me for who i am and a woman who is straight in life. My Momma. Comedy, Thriller.
Beejay Addleman
Bee Jae
fun lovin 2 kids 1 kids' mom quiet, but opinionated lol overall kewl kat watchin movies havin deep convos wit Mary Jane KMSL betterin myself b.a.m.n. especially 4 my babies. o n possibly havin a 3-sum wit my gal (my birthday present)..., 1st tyme 4 everythang lol
Beejai Foster
Beej Jones
Beejayy P
Bee Love
Bee Lee
tall dark and handsome basetball, strip clubs, big tits nice ass
Bee Lee
i like to party, women, and video games...just the typical shit guys are into