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Barry Sager
Barry Lawson
Barry Sussin
Barry Morgan
Barry Brackenridge
Barry Matteson
Barry Vickery
Barry Schoen
Barry Talkington
Barry Leonard
Barry Carroll
Barry Ralph
I am kind, lovely and easy going man who will do unto others what i want them do to me, a man who has the fear of god, a man who love the things of god and try to keep his way, pls i am not here to be use as a football that one play around with i am here because i have been too lonely in my life. i need someone i can buy a flowers and chocolates and take her on a romantic trip, give her body massages and sponge baths, a woman i can love through sickness and health, I was married for 16 years, i just need a woman who i can proud of at any point in time.a woman with a lovely heart that will not do to other what she don't want them do to her, who is ready to love with all her heart and stand by each other no matter what.
Barrett Brill
Barry Wiener
Barry Breneman
Barry Gilbert
Barry Maynard
Barry Dorsey
Barry Kang
Barry Minton
Well, I am a single 31 year old guy who is just out to be himself for a while. I like wrestling bike riding, football, baseball, and knocking back a few drinks with some good friends once in a while. I have been divorced for over 6 years and am still not looking to get too involved with anyone. I am in school right now working on my criminal justice degree. I like the outdoors, and I love to hit the water, (the lake). I'm just here to BS and have some fun. There is a ton more to tell so I'm not gonna lay it all out here. But if you want to know more just hit me up cuz I'm not scared to tell it. I like to BS as much as possible. I work hard and play harder, and got no time or room for drama. I like meeting new people and making new friends. I like biking, swimming, four wheeling, fishing, football and baseball. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories about what they have done, where they have been, and things they have seen as I have many to share myself. I like all kinds o
Barry Lawson
Enjoys music,woodworking,gardening,and cooking.
Barry Pollard
Barry Oberlin
Barry Troklus
Barrero Smith
Barry Shipp
Barry Williamson
Barry B
Barry Hensley
Barry Glass
Barry Thompson
I an pretty much a jack of all trades. I can fix just about anything. I have small engines repair skills, carpentry skills, landscaping skills, and list is on going. I have served in the Marines. I like shooting guns, fishing, fixing things, lawn care, hanging out with friends and family. I also like horseback riding, exploring,and traveling.
Barry Helveston
Barrett Shipp
Barry Montana
Barry Montana
Barry Loomis
Barrett Houston
Barrington Toyloy
Barry Bouse
Barry Jones
Barrera Juan
Barry Dolen
Barry Solway
Barry Browning
Barry Sewall
Barry Knorr
Barry Stevens
Barry Frederico
Barry Ronolo
Barrie Falconer
Barry Colson
Barry Sam
Barronsillo Barron
Barry Ligard
Barry Owen
Barry Edmisten
Barry Gregory
Barry Mills
Barry Eisenberg
Barrie Bristow
Barry Spinner
Barry Kerylow Whippie
Barry Hearne
Barry Perry
Barry Shoesdl
Barry Bryant
Barry Jones
Barry Smyth
Barragan Patrik
Barry Becker
Barry Aucoin
Barry Costello
Barry Mcdaniel
Barry Linn
Barry Mcdermott
Barry Beringer
Barry Williams
Barri Brown
Barry Bannister
Barry Le
Barry Wright
Barry Highfield
Barry Lum
Barry Greenstein
Barrion Brown
Barry Nelson
Barry Parrish
Very much the outdoors type Campimg ,fishing ,hunting, horse back riding , scuba diving ,boating , and long rides on my Harley I enjoy long range shooting compettions and hand loading my own ammo.when you make that one great shot ,it just seems more personal when you've built the ammo yourself
Barry Molina
Barry Zollman
Barry Perkins
Barry Leclair
Barry French
Barry Mccockiner
Barry-michael Jesske
Love hockey . Pretty shy guy ! True romantic loves to laugh keep it real biggest thing is be a leader not a follower Camping dining shopping sports hockey dirt bike travel
Barry Nakamura
Barry Helmey
Barry Gordon
Barry Ratliff
Barry Tremmel
Barry Kihl
Barrett Baker
Barry Bond
Barry Brown
Welllllll just a cool laid back guy out of Texas. I work full time and am a full time student. I love art, movies, music, flipping, or just anything to get me out of the house. Art (traditional & digital), flipping, tricking, drinking, sports, working out, blah blah blah.
Barry Slott
Barry Kauffman
Barry Robertson
Barry Patten
Barrett Kessler
Barry Dillihunt
Barry Sammons
Barry Bates
Barry Berger
Barry Moore
Barrigas Chavo
Barry Sears
Barry Brauner
Barrett Fowler
Barry Carlson
Barrera Renae
Barry Berger
Who am I? I'm Spiderman! Okay. You got me. I'm not Spiderman. However, it is part of my personality to be the hero in my significant other's life. I am a romantic at heart. I believe in living life to its fullest and enjoy it. I am a bit adventurous and I like to go to new places and try new things. Some of my favorite things to do is go on nature walks, go to the beach, go to Panera Bread, and walk around Wal-Mart at 2 A.M. (I get bored when I'm too idle.) I am a bit of a gamer. I like to p Roleplaying,Swordplay.,Reading,Gameing,Takeing long walks on the beach. Walking at night Jarred Vorn, My Daughters, My friends, A loved one, My Brother Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Meet the Parents etc
Barry Moore
Barry Dickey
Barrett Penrod
Barry Portell
Barry Price
i am single and looking
Barry Levalley
Barry Curcio
Barry Rogers
Barry Melnyk
Barry Parrish
Well all i can say is that I am who i am have a loving wife who makes me happy so how ever shity the day may be at the end I am always happy and she does that for me so i hope all of yall have a happy day i am from the south so some of the things i say or type may not be proper but I will always try to have fun and a good time so hope all of yall have a good day or night I am a rocker i dont listen to other types of music.I have a loving wife and she has 2 kids a 10 & 15 year old and i love them very much. I am a big race fan i go to many races from dirt tracks to nascar my driver is Jimmie Johnson and that is me on the fly if you want to know more all you got to do is ask
Barrington Hunter
Barry Hopkins
Barry Chatham
Barry French Sr
Barry Collick
Barry Wilkinson
Barry Melnyk
Barry Furtado
Barry Pardo
Barry Mclaren
Barry Lloyd
Barry Stienmetz
Barry Anker
Barry Crowley
Barry Phelps
Barry Davis
looking for descreet sex partner wife just not interested in sex, or maybe me who knows
Barry Eiffert
Barry Johnson
Barry Joe
Barry Murphy
Barry Conda
Barry Hall
Barry Dittmore
Barry Taylor
Barry Gerstl
Barry Murphy
Barry Dekmar
Barry Bean
Barry Anderson
Just a down home Kountry boy from southern ohio here to drink smoke and play games.....Cheers huntin floatin fishin drinkin campin........think that sums it up
Barry Padgett
Barry Fogle
Barry Porch
Barry Turner
Barry Mohr
Barron Black
Barrara Chris
Barry Bellaire
Barry White
Barry White
Barry Mccormack
Barry Townsend
Barry Grimes
Barry Rellin
Barry Scruggs
Barry Wise
Barry Alexander
Barry Drake
Barry Crane
Barry Scruggs
Barry Scott
Barry Davis
Physically I stand at 6foot 4inches. I am full blooded navajo/dine'. Brown eyes. Black hair. Long hair for now until I decide to cut it off when I return to running a board room. My life, I left for college when I was 16. But had to choose a different path after 2 years of having to try and handle my brothers Wednesday to Sunday drinking. So I grabbed a bag and called my sis from El Paso and just told her I would call in from time to time. I travelled and lived all over the US. I settled for a couple of years in Iowa and began travelling abroad from that point. Met my mentor in Australia and he became my benefactor and allowed me to travel the rest of the world. I also met my future wife. Though she was 16 and I was 20 when I did meet her. I kept in touch with her for over 15 years and married her when she came for a visit to the states just because it was right to do so. Though we were married for just a little over a year. We had a kid on the way. But a drive through Texas too
Barry Seaton
Barry Hoffman
I am an easy going person. I love to hunt and fish but most of all i love to workand spend time with family. hunting and fishing. anything that has to do with the outdoors. My father military, action and scary.
Barry Gilbert
Barry Wilkerson
Barry Williams
Barry Mcgee
Every man every woman is a star. we all have our own lightend path in front of us. our goal is to find that path. I believe in spirituality& not religion. religion separate people, spirituality brings people together. I'm a straight up, point blank guy. either you love me or you hate me. we are all individuals. were not made to be a alike. I love to be outdoors, fishing, hunting, camping, mountain biking, pretty much anything outside. I believe in honesty& and taking care of your family .
Barry Mckendrick
Barry Powers
Barry Murphy
Barry Cobb
Barry Bleich
Barry Rietman
Barry Keenan
Barry Miller
Barry Partain
Barry Lund
Barry Cuel
Barry Kopulos
Barry Edwards
Barry Albers
Anything action, comedies, crime and real life
Barry Leader
Barry Stuart
Barry Sanders
I'm in a wheelchair and am capable of having a relationship, but thats not why I'm here. Artwork and programs such as: Adobe Photoshop/Elements, Corel Painter 12.2, Autodesk, and Z-brush
Barry Klossner
Barry Katz
Barry Gallacher
Looking to make new friends male and female and up for a laugh. Play golf drink and football
Barry Blackson
Stumbled upon the site and dcided to check it out. Still learning the ropes so any advice would be good.
Barry Harbison
Barry Bryant
Barry Young
Barry Walker
Barry Richard
Barrien Miller
Barrien Miller
Barry Gaston
Barry Quigley
Barrie Parsons
Barry Branson
Barry Soetoro
Barry Guittar
Barry Furtado
Barry Farnsworth
Barry Fox
Barry Rollins
Barry Graham
Barry Yount
Barrick Velazquez
just looking to have fun just moved to cali from florida im 23 love good music and tattoos ink,money,goodfood,goodsex
Barry Sutherland
Rock out with your cock out!!!! Music,Alcohol,And having fun with life!!!
Barry Zimmerman
Barry Wishnowski
Barry O'connor
Barry Wootton
Barry Wee
Barry Onna
Barry Price
Barry Bridges
Barry Vice
Barry Guittar
Barry Lindeke
Barry Phillips
Barrera Gary
Barry Branham
Barry Roe
Barry May
Barry Cordell
Barry Bickerton
Barrin Brune-thompson
i`m barely human wide range if interests but have a love for all types of music and i`m a huge movie fan especially horrors,,anything to do with zombies,,,sci-fi and fantasy i could`nt name all my favs coz they`re just too many but will name just a few,,,star wars 1-6,,the LOTR trilogy of course,,the avengers,,all batman`s,,any zombie movie,,,i could go on and on but then i`ll be here foreverrrr!!
Barry Mcgowan
Barry Booker
Barry Armstrong
Barry Roberts
Barry Eshleman
Barry Grand
Barry Bumgarner
Barry Patterson
Barry Verdon
Barry G
Barry Levalley
Barry Arnold
Barry Freedom
Barry Lavery
Barry Wayne
Barry H
TagFox TagFox Help my friend
Barry Charter
Barry Dodson
Barry Evans
Barry Bassett
Barry White
Barry Knowles
Barry White
Barry Austin
Barry Shaw
Barry Manuel
im a single dad of 4 amazing kids, my oldest son died august 19th of 2013 I realy miss him, im a Dominant type man, always been interested in the D/s lifestyle, spend as much time with my kids as I can, for tomorrow is never sure.
Barry Broughton
Hi there! Haven't done this in a while; so here we go....I enjoy the usual outdoor activities, the beach/ocean, snorkeling, the mountains, walks, festivals, gardening, traveling, sporting events, drag and auto races, BBQ's, hiking, scenic drives, 4 wheeling, Red Rocks events, picnics, flying kites, miniature golf, parades, croquet, IMAX, live theater, museums, movies, dining out, dancing, playing cards with friends, bowling, comedy and Jazz clubs, watching the flames of a cozy fireplace with a bowl of popcorn, thunder storms, the smell of fresh rain, sunsets and sunrises, candlelight, and spending quality time with someone special like you.I am also well-informed and care about the world around me; and sometimes I can be an Activist. I love Paris/London/Rome and all those back roads/villages/people in-between. Sometimes when watching a sad movie, you might catch me releasing a tear or two. Prefer Slacks to Jeans. You can dress me up, dress me down, or just undress me. I do have an adve
Barry Davies
Barry Myers
Barry Moore
Barry Snow
Barrett Greg
Barry Jc Mearns Mearns
Barry Delatte
Barry Moore
Barry Greenfield
Barry Laatirs
I'm a good man , Young at heart , educated , healthy , lovable , one man one woman, a risk taker, fairly independent and like to give my partner their independence and freedom . Loves challenges, flexible,wants to dream big,to laugh out loud ,to be real and sincere , to live passionately .There are so many things I enjoyed in my life , i do appreciate the adventure life, . I love nature tripping,adventure,exploring, long drive, travels , beach, camping , boating ,outdoors lots more Thanks . I am gently man with a real good sense of humor . Adventure
Barry Leblanc
Barry Greenberg
Barry Royal
Barry Allen
Barry Hibbs Jr
I am a professional photographer you can check out some of my work on I am an avid outdoor type. I hike,fish, boat, and if It moves or not i FILM IT!!! From portraits to still life. Lets create some magical images!!!! The only thing i stalk is critters with my camera. Nature photos Animals Zoos Parks Museums local events fishing kayaking
Barry Stepp
Barry Mcgee
Barry Davis
I'm kinda shy to start with but once we start chatting I won't be lol and please come n chat I don't bite that hard only gently nibble lol Like fishing,dirt bikes,ice skating,swimming, nice country side walks and music Top gun I'd my favourite but I also like Ted n romantics film
Barry Hollifield
Barry Miller
Barrie Woods
Barry Golub
Barry Mcquade
Barry Fitzpatrick
Barret Bohlman
Barry Hall
Im laid back love affection and cuddling romantic and drama free Snuggling watching movies spending time with that special person
Barry Poindexter
Barry Lyth
Barry Gaumer
Barry Chalmers
Barrister Mohammed
Barry Titus
Barry Turner
Barry Mc Nulty
Barry Griggs
Barrett Haney
Barry Mooneyham
Barry Geoffrion
Barry Stern
Barry Branhamjr
Barry Golub
Well I think I'm a Honest presn a loyal to friends and am allways willing to help when I can. I am a Animal lover I think Animals should be given more respect than what they get. I own a pitbull he is my hole reason for being alive right now he's really the best thing in my live he's a great Animal (Dog)I love him so much he keeps me from going crazy he's just loyal that's a lot to me he's there when I need a friend and no one else steps up I have very few friends here most of them turned out to be back stappers. Well I'm done here if you really won't to know more about me let me know. I like being out side friends are great to have like I said Animals are of big interestes to me I like art riding my bike the Beach to much to list if you wish to know more well here I am
Barry Hulse
I don't talk about myself so I'll tell you what other people say I'm caring and passionate I'm fun to be around I'm funny but there can't be good without evil i am loud and I have a temper. I have 5 kids and love my family I'm full of bad habits and don't care to fix them. I like cars swimming and art and if you read this congrats I'm out for now Drawing tattoos movies working out martial arts and cars
Barry Back
Barry Poindexter
Barry Hunt
Retired Trucker 63 years young. Male from British Columbia Canada Gardening, cars, trucks, bikes, Woodworking, Playing in my garden or workshop, I collect pretty much everything,
Barry Walker
Barry Chaisson
Barry Stern
Barry Brockman
Barry C
Barry Hartmann
Barry Demars
55-year-old retired custom home general Contractor. Wood carving and building lawn ornamenting
Barry Lee
Am a fun loving and easy going man who is new on here,i hope to meet a woman i can spend the rest of my life with,i have been alone for 5 years now since my divorce,life is too short i love cooking,playing golf,swimming,movies,working and travelling
Barry Royal
Barry Parsons
Barry Johnson
Barry Hedrick
Barrie Anderson
Barry Hulbert
Barry Brockman
Barrett Mcgivney
Barry Strickland
Barry Rosen
Barry Geyer
Barry Hilton
Barry Wray
Barry Mu
Barry Edwards
Barry Carden
Barry Myers
Barry Lackey
Barry Oliver
Barry Oliver
Barry Garmon
Barry Chris
Barry Allen
Barry Prestenbach
Barry Hicks
Barry Batey
I consider myself a good-looking, i do believe in soulmates and i know that God has the right woman for me when the time comes, I am a nice person as well. With my friends i communicate and sociable. In the couple partnership i am affectionate and romantic, friend and confident. i'm open-minded and cheerful. i work hard and i wants to grow both in my job both personally. i am romantic, caring, faithful.,I am jealous of what i love. I hope to find and meet a woman to fall in love with.. clever, communicative, honest and ready for commitments But also i would like her to be sweet, supportive, faithful, caring, comprehensive, family lover, elegant, cheerful. With whom plan his future, a nice family with strong feelings. I would like to meet someone special that I can grow old with, and that we can always look into each other's eyes and know that the love between us is just as wonderful and exciting as the day we met. I want to love a woman for who she is, to spoil her, and love he
Barry Lee
Barry March
Barry French
Barry Wilson
Barry Wray
Barry Lancy
I travel for work. I'm just here trying to have some fun. Jeep camp hike milf porn
Barry Gill
Barry Aaron
I am patient,generous, kind, and loving. I am always upbeat, have a positive attitude about most things and I like to have fun. I love museums,romantic dinners, seaside resorts and sunsets and I am a fun loving person who is ready to love! I don't want to play games, too old for that stuff. I want someone who knows what they want, willing to take risks to get it, and who isn't like a ship tossed in the sea. Here today, gone tomorrow.... someone that i can trust to really love me and be faithful to me.. I am a romantic, intelligent, gentle and sensual man, with a wicked sense of humor who is very open minded and has learned many lessons from my experiences through this little journey through life, especially how to treat a woman the way she SHOULD be treated. I'm a "touchy-feely" kind of man and very much enjoy holding that Special Lady in my arms, lightly caressing her and sharing intense passionate kisses that we can both feel in our toes. I like walking along with her by my side, hol
BarĂ½s Akan
Barsheen Lang
Barsan Adrian
Barsano Brian
Barscewski H
I'm SUPER awesome. Always one quarter away from doing laundry interests include high fives, fist bumps, bro hugs, chick hugs, headbutting, you know usual Extreme dinosaurs, Street sharks, TMNT, and Felix the cat are the best. BillY Idol, Kenny Loggins, and the band yello can't remember but its a superhero and his parents get killed