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Brett Maxfield
Brett Byl
Brett Willey
Brett Partridge
Brett Maxwell
Brett Morrison
Brett M.
just thought i'd check this out! maybe meet sum cool ppls we'll see
Brett Attebery
Brett Leche
Brett Lane
Brett Seibert
Brett Bauman
Brett Tart
Brett Bishop
Bret Thompson
Bret Atwood
Brett Hutchins
Brett Gjesvold
Brett Kitzmiller
Brett Rogers
Brett M
Brett Tancock
Brett Holte
Bret Eliezer
Brett Wining
Brett Thibodeaux
Brett Stortini
Brett Metten
Im me I am like nobody else out their either that or im just weird lol Im into anything outdoors really i mean i get down something serious with video games but I would rather be camping or hiking hunting fishing working on a car or my new found hobby cave dweling lol but music is my life go figure im a drummer im into just about anything U just have to get me in the right mood lol
Brett Harris
Brett Andersen
I love music and fishing. I have too many hobbies but they keep me active.Please rate me,friend me or anything else you want to do to me, ANYTHING. I am a musician, woodworker, fisherman, skateboarder. I love my dogs I have 3 of them and have been frisbee training the younger two.
Brett Jewett
Brett Reeves
Brett Farrington
Brett Patnaude
Brett Gulley
Brett Broomfield
Brett Bowsher
Brett Leavey
Brett Pound
Brett Masten
Brett Priddy
Brett Burkett
Brett Cohen
Bret Brennan
Bret Manz
Bret Otis
Brett Coleman
Brett Knowlton
Brett Reed
Brett Bergeron
Bret Hope
Brett Coleman
Brett Andresen
Brett Nibler
Brett Reardon
Bret Barker
Brett Wender
Brett Covington
vol firefighter driver for vol ambulance company like to fish cook nascar college football KIK BTBG31 Snapshot svfd31
Brett Hopkins
Brett Krueger
Brett Seyler
Brett Widmer
Brett Spicer
Brett Robson
Brett Perigo
Bret Miller
WHAT IS AN IRISHMAN An Irishman is a man who? May not believe there is a God, but is darn sure of the infallibility of the Pope... Won't eat meat on Friday, but will drink Jameson for breakfast..... Has great respect for the truth, he uses in emergencies... Sees things not as they are but the way they never will be..... Cries at sad movies, but cheers in battle.... Hates the English, but reserves his cruelty for countryman.... Gets more Irish the further he gets from Ireland..... Believes in civil rights, but not in his neighborhood... Believes to forgive is divine, therefore doesn't exercise it himself.... Loves religion for its own sake, but also because it makes it so inconvenient for his neighbors.... Scorns money, but worships those who have it... Considers any Irishman who achieves success to be a traitor. Level Score Purgatory (Repenting Believers) Very Low Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers) Very Low Level 2 (Lustful) Extreme Lev
Brett Higbee
Bret Brockus
Brett Laurence
im a student at morton college in illinois im 5ft7 or 8 loves 2 draw and play games wit friends and hangen out i love watchen movies funny ones and anime ask if u wana know more bout me lol I like chillen with my friends and draw from time to time goin 2 school and haven fun and i like animation id love 2 skate board play some fun games go old school lol
Brett Tornow
Brett Spinner
About me lol well im a mellow person almost all the time. At the moment goin threw some shit with my ex gf but other than that i just like to chill out in town and play football
Bret Petriskie
Brett Preiser
Brett Shreve
Brett Swallow
Brett Massey
Brett Jones
Brett Shoup
Brett Rothenberg
Brett Widmoyer
Brett Bjornsen
Brett Caudle
Brett Heagney
Brett Hopwood
Brett Anderson
i am a guy who dont like being fucked with emotionally and physically. But other than tht im a pretty easy going guy who likes the simple things. I do smoke marijuana and i drink but hey what can i say i love a good time but i hope no one judges me.
Brett Registre
Brett Boyer
Brett Buttitta
I wanted to be a porn star but they said that I was over-qualified, so I ended up working for myself. My goal is to have a web design studio and maybe a home recording one as well. Would like to sell songs to metal and rock bands. Like to meet new people and expand my connections. I am not an asshole about 95% of the time. Will work on the 5%. music- melodic metal/rock playing guitar and writing songs web design social media like FUBAR movies- dramas,action,comedy Directors-Kubrick,Scorcese,Cameron,Tarrantino,Stone,Scott,Carpenter Actors-Matt Damon, Jennifer Anniston, Ellen Burstyn, Sarah Silverman, DeNiro,Pacino, Kingsley,Kurt Russell, Brad Pitt, the brat pack, Sam Elliot, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Comedians- Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Robin Williams, Sarah Silverman, Carrot Top, Adam Sandler, Richard Pryor, Red Fox, Rob Sneider Travel and Sightseeing Batting Cages and Driving Ranges
Bret Littlefield
Brett Chilton
Brett Johnson
Brett Holt
Hmm, what to say here. Well, I'm a 23 year old bisexual guy here. I'm currently in a D/S (Master/Slave) relationship with my fiance and it couldn't be better. We are currently looking for another girl or select couple to join us. More about me. I'm a Geek. I love being a Geek, I love D&D, MTG, RPG's, and sci-fi/fantasy books. I love it all. I'm also an avid gamer, mostly into FPS and Action-Adventure games though. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, generally until they decide to ruin it by opening their mouth and being an asshat. Not too sure what else to put, so...I guess just ask. -------------- Yeah, I’m from Jersey, have been all my life. I’m gonna give you everything about Jersey - the good, the bad, and the ugly. First… New Jersey people are conceited. It’s true. We hate everyone else. And we think we are better than everyone else. And we never stop talking about how great Jersey is. Then we tell people to “shut the f
Brett Lawrence
Brett Shepparbottom
Brett Hern
Brett Savageau
I'm into the creative arts. Photography,writing, graphic arts. I love to party, cook, entertain, Hang with friends, smoke trees, ponder existentialist questions. There's so much to tell. If you wanna know more, just ask. I don't bite... hard. MUSIC, photography, graphic arts, sports, chemistry, psychoactives,, L.D. 50 Graphic Arts, again just ask. Timothy Leary, Albert Hoffman, Aldous Huxley, Alexander Shulgin, Hunter S Thompson, Terrence McKenna.
Brett Werner
Be a cowboy is what keeps me, me. I can't think of a time in my life that i have ever wanted to be any thing else.
Brett Smitherman
Brett Blackman
Brett Davis
Brett Miller
Bret Chambers
Brettiney Smith
Brettina Perkins
Brett Rockdale
I am a 34 y/o single male, who loves sports as well as the arts. I actually gave modeling a shot at one time as you can see by my fubar headshot (lol). Too much of a rat race. Was always good at IT so that is where my career landed, without regret. My dream night would be an Italian dinner with a fine wine and a fine and lovely lady to enjoy it with. My ultimate vacation would be definitely European including England, Scotland, Ireland, and of course France. Favorite TV shows: Monday Night FB, Thurs. Night FB, All Day Sunday and Sunday Night FB, ER, Lost, Dancing with the Stars, and of course and The Batchelor. The Tudors really rocks as a series on Showtime and I wouldn't want to leave out The Sopranos. Best Movies Ever: Jaws, Titanic, Mystic River (anything with Sean Penn), Schindler's List, The Godfather and Goodfellas, of course. For laughs: Christmas Vacation and Home Alone !!!
Brett Arden
Brett Mccloskey
Brett Mckenzie
Brett Billinger
Brett Cosner
Brett Richard
Brett Levine
Bretta Anderson Combs
Brett Campbell
Brett Foudray
Brett Franks
Brett Taylor
Brett L
Brett Ferretti
Brett Ferretti
Bret Redfern
Brett Braswell
Fun out goingvn very sexual but respectful Hooking up
Brett Miller
Brett Skiles
Brett Himmelreich
Brett Curreri
Brett Zimmer
Bret Huber
Brett Crosby
Bret Crawford
Brett Johnson
Brett Keough
Brett Hutchison
Bret E Henderson
My name is bret. Sheetrockin is what i do for work. I like huntin fishin campin an swimmin
Brett Mcgregor
Brett Taylor
Brett Mccloud
Brett Scott
Brett Neilan
Bret Paquette
i'm funny, outgoing, and ohhhhh so blunt XD i just enjoy having fun!!
Bret Henry
Brett Gill
Brett Miller
Brett Hyatt
Brett Reich
Bret Cartwright
Brett Vick
Brett Boe
Brett Shank
Brett Allen
Bretta Combs
WEll let's see im 24 and will be 25 next month . I have two daughters ,their really step but i never call them that to me they are just my daughters . My oldest is 14 and the other is 11 her birthday is also next month and she'll be 12 then . I got married to my husband almost 6 years ago now on memorial weekend . We've had out ups and downs but things seem to be going alot better now . I love art of anykind and am also very good at it my favorite thing to do is draw though ,that's what I spend most of my free time doing Art , Music (i like all kinds ) but mainly listen to rap . enjoy reading and have even written a book my self it's never been published or anything i just wanted to do it for fun . i love spending time with my family , i love animals i live in an apartment though so im not reall allowed to have any pets although my inlaes know the landlord so she did let me keep my cat jasper he's a big ass tom cat and weighs close to 45 lbs
Brett Rankin
Brett Ramsouer
Bret Crawford Ii
Brett Mcchristian
Brett Nicholson
I'm a sophisticated jackass -that's the best I have for now... Drinking, tongue baths, Post-punk and self destruction. Mark Edward Smith 24 Hour Party People, Cemetary Man and anything from David Lynch...
Brett Keim
Brett Dumain
Brett Jones
Brett Hart
Bret Reichenbach
Bret Mellon
Brett Janssen
Brett Braswell
Bret Flora
Brett Mcchristian
Brett Johnson
Brett Seyboth
Brett Swainston
Bret Whittaker
Brett Parker
I am a fairly simple and fun individual who is a part of an open relationship and we are always looking for others for a good time and friends. I am not here looking for cyber or to hook up so I won't ask but that does not mean I will turn it down if offered either. I am a guy after all. I am interested in many different things and always wiling to chat about anything. Other then the typical hedonistic pursuits my hobbies center around movies and games although I do like to keep up with a bit of everything. Reading and football are also big interests of mine.
Brett Sommer
Brett Southern
Bret Dotson
Brett King
Brett Bowman
Brett Brubaker
Brett Mcculloch
Brett Reddy
single divorced and just lookin around topper farming ranching hoses cattle and workin outside everyday ..and my dog CHUCK
Brett Norton
Whats up people?...a little about me huh?. Well Im in the US Army. Have been for almost 12 years now. Im an Infantry trigger puller. Im currently in Afghanistan on my 3rd trip here...6th overall between here and Iraq. I love what I do and cant imagine being anything but a banger. That being said Ive lived a hard life with more thanmy fair share of trials and tribulations. Ive seen good men die...i left blood, sweat and tears in some of the most hostile and austere environments you can be in...and along the way have been "Dear John'd" my ex wife and a GF. Im as loyal and dedicated as a man can get. I will die for my friends and kill for them without hesitation. I love meting new people and talking to them. Fubar and the amazing people on it give me a momentary lapse from the shitty reality that my boys and I face daily. I dont look or or even deserve your thanks...I dont lay my life on he line for your freedom...thats what my boys do...I lay mine down for them...nothing mor
Brett Ayers
Brett Kachel
Brett Cairns
Bret Foster
Brett Holloway
Bret Mccarty
Brett Kendrick
Im straight.. looking for a cute girl that loves to have fun. Get at me some time.. hit me up i like to chat.. later I like to go fishing, i enjoy watching my football.. Im originally from Ohio. So hopefully i can catch some cleveland and ohio state games.. Wanna know more.. talk to me..
Bret Bretness
Brett Miles
Brett Franklin
Bret Mcbreairty
Brett Dove
Brett Bloomquist
Brett Mannetti
Brett Bunnage
Brett Robinson
Brett J
Brett May
Bret Ashforth
Bret Peele
Bret Church
Bret Vail
Brett Washburn
Brett Matthews
Brett Wolfley
Brett Kline
Brett Mcintosh
Bret Ferre
Brett Rasnake
Brett House
Brett Snyder
Brett Webber
Bret Jones
Bret Gerding
Brett Young
Bret Horner
Brett Basinger
Brett Williams
Brett Mclane
Brett Hall
typical guy. 20 years old, lookin to make some new friends and see where it goes from there. hit me up my interest is sports, cars, huntin/fishin
Bret Rozier
Brett Myers
I am a member of Sanctus Vindex Paintball team based out of Columbiaville MI. I run a small bicycle repair shop in Otter Lake MI, the Bike Depot. Live at home, recently went through some emotional drama and am just looking for people to talk too. Anything else you might want to know... well, i guess your gonna have to talk to me to find out Also, My nickname is actually Kermit, has been for over 10 years. I love paintball, a good conversation, a hot cup of coffee, open-minded friends. Enjoy music from Linkin Park, Shinedown, AWOLNATION, Avenged Seven Fold, Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, System of a Down, Otherwise, Mumford and Sons, Dropkick Murphy's, and many more. Love most everything Irish, but oddly enough, i don't care to drink much, nor do drugs of any kind. Have nothing against those who do dabble in those activities, just don't prefer to be around it, thats all. I don't need any of that to have a good time, I am weird enough, trust me. I am a Black Smith, have b
Brett Tolley
Im an easy going guy, I love to make everyday an adventure. ok I dont really know what to put here. So if anyone has a question about who or how I am, feel free to ask. Be careful tho im not afraid to answer anything. BATMAN... He is my idol and my hero I love all music Outdoors... Being that special someones knight in shining armor is my hole goal.
B-rett Rice
Brett Hardy
Brett Harlan
Brett Breininger
Brett Waters
Brett K
Brett Hilleary
My name is Brett i am single if you want to know anything just ask i wont bite Love working on cars and up for anything that doent involed the cops
Brett Stclair
Brett Farrar
Brett Griffin
Brett Lee
Brett Goodwin
Brett Adkisson
Brett Erickson
Brett Phelps
I enjoy wine, camping outdoors, bon fires, rivers, bike riding, women, going to the local bar for Friday nights with who ever. I have my own computer shop (Home Base Computers) Your Geek Monkey!!! I'm looking for a girl friend, no luck yet lol... I collect music and photos, I love wine tasting and cheese. I build home computers and love to test out soft ware. I really like my android phone too. I do text alot and am a good chat person also. Hit me up some body. I love dogs too.
Brett Davis
Brett Miller
Brett Brunett
Brett Waring
Bret Hamilton
Brett Reines
Bret Mcelhinney
Bret Obrien
Brett Williams
Brett Brewer
Brett Schroder
Brett S
Brett Baker
Bret Louden
Bret Britton
Brett Wilson
Brett Mulligan
Brett Attebery
Brett Hiland
Brett Herthum
hi my name is brett from the Utica area.. looking for a woman to share interests with me.. the best way to get a hold of me to email me at I do have more pics I also do you Facebook.. I have a son who is 8 years old his name is for a woman who likes to go to concerts and a bunch of other things.. my general interest are . I like watching basketball baseball football.. spending time outside of my son if there's anything else you want to know like I said you just email me... I really don't have too many idoles in my life right now I'm in the action comedy movies
Brett Fehlman
okie dokie....artichokey.... my spelling has gone down over the years and.using this droid onscreen keyboard doesnt help much either. i was married at the ripe, tenfer age of 20, which actually went down as the good ol shotgun wedding! anyways enough about that as you can tell i am still bitter over never actually being ableasable to get dow cn on one knee and propose. married 12 years, divorced for two, only began dating the last 6 months. so.. take it easy on me ladies. graduated high school 6 months before any of my friendz and did absolutely nothing with the time. on a whim, like a dumb ass, i decide to put my way through scottsdale culinary institute le cordon bleu. wtf was i thinking. i had never set foot in a professional restaurant. five years now and i have done a lot of hard work, even moved my way up the kitchen brigade and title wise reached the pinnacle as executive chef. but now as school loan bills are mounting because in the chef worl
Bret Hart
Brett Mosley
Brett Tiemann
Brett Wilbur
I'm a fun guy.I love football go Broncos!! I enjoy movies friends you name it. I can have fun doing just about anything. I'm a person of honor and integrity. I try not to lie n I hate being lied to. I love the outdoors. Colorado is amazing I've lived here my whole life and I love it. I enjoy intellectual people to talk to. Smarts are sexy, but so is a nice body! Im here to meet new people and have fun. Lets hang out go for a walk catch a movie go for a drive have a drink. Im really down to earth and I love people. I love cuddling up and watching movies Im romantic like that. Like most guys i love sports and action movies. But you no what I actually enjoy SOME chick flicks. N yes ladies I've been notebook it was alright lol
Brett Vaughn Buckingham
Brett Bowshier
Brett Baumgardner
Brett Stovall
Brett Lacombe
Brett Kline
gedhjgedhydhjceygsruhxdyhc etc acetaldehyde Teodoro paradiso ioctl YaKutsk
Brett Jackson
Bret Samuelson
Brett Piper
Brett Harris
Brett Gomez
Brett Howell
Bret He
Brett Hembree-mueller
Brett Cowles
Brett Kline
Brett Heth
Brett Stevens
Brett Covington
married to the love of my life vol firefighter driver for ambulance company type 2 diabetes school bus driver
Brett Braswell
Brett Tippe
Bret Varcad
Hello, I am currently a college student seeking some friends, adventure, and fun. I'm down to earth, easy going, honest, and faithful when i need to be. I prefer to be drama free, and i'm always 420 friendly. wanna get to know me better, drop me a line. Have a great day and better future, Art, philosophy, science, spiritualism, tai chi, beautiful women, and most outdoor activities fit into my range of interests.
Bret Young
im bret im 21 im gay guy.. i like to have fun at times but sitting around relaxing is what i like to do most the time though.. im just here to meet people i guess. i am loud and annoying at times i will admit though haha.. im really friendly but im not a push over. so message me or whatever you do on here and ill try to reply
Bret Hastings
Brett Harris
Brett Jacobs
Brett Hawkins
Brett Anton
Well to start off I'm very analytical yet not any critical towards anyone I'm nice for the most part since I try to be friendly with anyone I meet in person or on here . I like going out and having fun with close friends or siblings and occasionally with family just enjoying every day I live to fullest without dealing about stress or problems ,also I'm very caring towards the people that look out for me too because true friends are present when you mostly need them. Secondly, I like watching certain sports on my free time such as the NFL or NBA for entertainment. I've worked at Pizza Hut for about 3 years but I unfortinately quit due to schedule and order complaint conflicts that were used against me unfairly alot of times. I currently work with my brother at a fladeboe Honda dealership at irvine so far it's been ok but the weather makes it uncomfortable at times while working . Lastly, I messed up on the beginning for not introducing myself with correctly with a brief statement ab
Brett Moore
Brett Jeffery
LIFE is about being YOURSELF. Someone only YOU can understand. SOMEONE that is unlike everyone else. SOMEONE that doesn't copy others to LOOK the SAME....SOMEONE who is extremely UNIQUE. Because YOU are YOU. BE origonal, BE creative.. Be YOURSELF....AN ACE YOU CAN KEEP!! > Home My Bling Hottest Latest Games Drinks .. Connect Search INVITE Help .. My Live Feed EditSee All .. [x] Yo
Brett Anderson
Im really just a simple Juggalo who enjoys music alot like metal and horrorcore and shit music and weed is who I am Music and weed and chillin with my psychopathic fam Woody Harrison Anything funny actionpacked and so on and so forth
Brett Goodemote
I am gay and proud.
Brett Hannebery
Brett Carnes
Brett Killman
Brett Braswell
Brett Smith
Bret Gundy
Brett Mosley
Brett Kurtz
Brett Lucia
Brett Williams
Brett Lenahan
To start off I'm the nerdy gamer type at heart. I'm very creative and artistic. Even in this day and age I'm a strong believer in honor and respect. I do what I can to help and care for others as this gives me a sense of purpose in life. I'm spiritual but not in any way religious. Don't let all of this fool you tho, I have my "bad" side as well I'm not as innocent as one may think longboarding, videogames, computers, crafts, art, camping, meditation, anime, manga, music, anything creative.
Brett Dickerson
Brett Temple
Brett Eastman
Brett Stetzel
Brett Hendrix
Brett Winn
Bret R.
Looking for a fun lady
Brett Brady
Brette Mcdonald
Brett Sawyer
Bret Hall
Brett Gabrielle
Brett Peterson
Brett Whetstone
Brett Thurman
Brett Christian
Brett Davis
Brett Timothy
Brett Hatfield
Brett Ellingsworth
Brett Turner
Brett Burgett
The names Brett, im 21, i live in Frederick MD, anything else you wanna know add me or message me, or just ask,lol im not a hard person to talk to oh and blow my candles out May the 16th Check out my mixes here---------> Music Cars Food Parties Producing Football Basketball To Many To Name LOTS AND LOTS OF MOVIES I LOVE LOL.
Brett Robinson
Brett Ask
Brett Santo
Brett Genaille
Brett Vonallmen
Brett Root
Brett Lindeau
Brett Martin
Brett Geib
Brett Reeves
Brett Broussard
Bret Bemis
Bretoria Lawrence
Brett Vanhorn
Brett Jeffery
Brett Crawford
Brett Bass
Brett Cadwallander
Brett Werner
Bret J
Brett Rolland
Brett From North Dallas
Brett Eastman
Shy, straight, bored most of the time. Looking for fun.
Brett Gerhardt
Brett Watkins
Bret Cartwright
Brett Wade
Brett Page
Bret Brown
Brett Robinson
Brett Winter
Brett Pyne
Bret Starkey
Brett Cooper
I'm 39 just got divorced I live in Piedmont SC hmu here 8438885861
Brett Brown
Brett R
Brett Hart