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Benjamin Ozkaplan
Ben Jordan
Benjamin Dover
Ben Jamin
Benjamin Hessler
I'm a redhead who's go an attitude if you fuck with me. i really am a nice person until my feathers get ruffled. i'm a fun loving guy who just wants to live. i don't wanna be tied down to one place. i am looking for a relationship though.I just want to be loved and love the person i'm with. i'm just sick and tired of being with people who like me simply because they think i will have sex with them. i'm not trying to find a relationship for sex, i'm looking for a relationship to last for years and years. well that's about it. Peace out ya'll Love ben i am truly interested in Theatre Arts... and also playing on my playstation, also i love to draw.
Benjamin Jordan
Benjamin Velasco
Benji Shaw
Benjamin C
Benjamin Shepley
Benjamin Smith
Ben Jaski
Benjamin Steffans
Benjamin Station
Benji Wheaton
Benjamin Barr
Ben Johnson
Benjie Bryson
Benjamin O'bryant
Benjamen Anderson
Benji Stanton
Benjamin Trevino
I mexican and white i have brown hair my eyes are hezel they change color and my height 5'5 weight is 138 also shy guy that why i on to meet a girl here I like to skate board when i have time also hang with my friends or go to the mall or movies
Benjamin Thurston
Benjamin Assan
what do you want to know about me, pls ask and i will tell you.ok all people, have "inflow" and i. e. sometimes to me happens cheerfully, and is sometimes sad. I like to spend time in the cheerful noisy company but when me to have to long then I would like to remain alone with the most person close to me. I am extremely curious and impressionable. My friends speak about me as about and the true friend, I always am able to listen to them during the difficult moment and if you some thing of that sult then turn over to ready to council you,cos that is what my name stands for councila. MySpace Comments Graphics
Benjamin Hood
Benjamin Hubbard
lust look at my pics lol style type="text/css"> table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0;} body { background-color:000000; background-image:url(''); background-attachment: fixed; background-position:center center; background-repeat:no-repeat; scrollbar-face-color:000000; scrollbar-highlight-color:000000; scrollbar-3dlight-color:000000; scrollbar-shadow-color:FFFFFF; scrollbar-darkshadow-color:000000; scrollbar-arrow-color:333333; scrollbar-track-color:000000; } table table { border: 0px } table table table table{border:0px} table table table { border-style:solid; border-width:1px; border-color:555555; } table, tr, td, li, p, div { font-family:arial; color:CCCCCC; font-size:14px; } .btext { font-family:times new roman; color:2222EE; font-size:16px; } .blacktext10 { font-family:times new roman; color:FFFFFF; font-size:12px; text-decoratio
Benjamin Thomas
Benjamin Malone
Broadcast Yourself LIVE
Benjamin Cambre
Well I've been in the Army for about three years now and I'm stuck in Iraq now until November so I can't update my pictures to often without having an incedint like another guy in my unit had happen to him on myspace. Anyway if you want to know more about me then.. since you asked: -My name is Ben -I slaughter prostitutes -I have sex with animals -I gut kittens and kick puppies -I sodomize babies -I vote Conservative -I rape MILFs Anyways, that is all I can think of at the moment.
Benjamin Madrid - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?18-20 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given someone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?More than 15 6. What is your pubic hair style?Trimmed neatly 7. What kind of underwear do you wear?Boxers 8. Have you ever taken, or been in, naked photos?Yes, taken them 9. Have you ever been to a nude beach, or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 10. Do you watch porn?Yes, and I own some of my own 11. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?No, neither 12. How large are you...ya know, in the pants?About 6 inches 13. Have you ever expirimented with another man?No, I'm straight as can be 14. What is your favorite sexual position?Anything that gets me off 15. Are you circumcised?Yes I am 16. What gets you off fastest?Intercourse 17. How often do you masturbate?Whenever I can 18. Have you ever
Benjamin Burns
Well Im a FireFighter and First Responder. I love to go camping and getting muddy Hey Im Adam, Im 22 and live in Soddy Daisy.
Benjamin Powell
Ben J Love
yo yo yo im Ben J, im into sports like football ( soccer ), tennis, cricket and basketball. I Play for a football team called aston villa so i'm ok at football lol and im into girls aswell ....... i loooove em ........
Benjamin Montierth
Benjamin Miller
45 year old guy. Please ladies if i want to see your nsfw stuff i will contact you. I am not going to hook you up with credits, bling, or other stuff unless i am interested in see more. Also i do not yahoo, kik, skype, or any of the other messager services. If we talk here and get to know each other then i might give you information to contact me off this site. Ok people just because i rate you does not mean i am gay or bi. I rate everyone cause that what the game of fubar is about. your lifestyle does not matter to me. Have fun and remember fu is a game. GOIN FOR 2500 LIKES COME AND SHOW SOME LOVE TUESDAY OCT 4TH. > > > CLICK PIC > > > > > > Warning!!! - Any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you DO NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any
Benjamin Tobens
i am 33yrs old i am married i have 4 step kids stephanie 21yrs old and mikey is 19yrs old and curtis who is 18yrs old and josh who is 14yrs old and my daughter kate who is 4yrs old and my wife tina if ya like know on us please feel free ask away thanks ya all for visiting are sight
Benjamin Aldana
Benjamin Bello
Benjamin Towery
Well my name is Benjamin, but please call me benji, Im bi Gay, I really perfer hanging out with girls. I love cuddleing under blankets and going to fairs w/ bois, I am a really lovable boy. Shiney things make me orgasim lol, I love meeting new people, I am a vegan... and thats about it I think, if you wanna know more just ask.. i like to cuddle up to bois and watch them, i will also cuddle with my chick friends. but when i am in a movie theatre i act crazy
Benjamin Page
Benji Digz
Benji Henry
im just a cool guy that likes to have some fun. Im at the University of New Mexico currently. well hit me up
Benjamin Hamer
Benjamin Lee
Benjamin Plaunt
Benjamin Wiseman
I am not a Dark Jedi. I am a Jedi MasterTake The Dark Jedi Quiz (are you one?) today!Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.You're not evil whatsoever. Instead you are peaceful, using your powers for only good, for peace, and for upholding all that is good in the galaxy. You would never dream of harming a person with your powers. Instead, you cleave to the light, and to the powers it allows in the ways of peace. But you are powerful, a strong wielder of the Force, and one to be respected by all for your wisdom. Good grief, where do I start? It was a cold and lonely night, Um, hm, uh, well, on Wednesday, October 22, 1975 at 4:28 PM, I entered the world. I'm assuming it was cold as it was the latter part of October after all. Skipping my childhood, I graduated high school in 1994. Went to airplane mechanic school. The airline I worked for went bankrupt. Although it was few years AFTER I worked for them, and I never worked as a mechanic, I was a baggage handler. I real
Benjamin Blaisdell
Benjamin Walsh
I'am single and love to go out and live life to the max and have a good time.I'am a daredevil and will try anything once.I love going out and having a good time meeting new people and sexual encounter's those are good to.I love to party btu then again just chill and hangout at home sometime's.If you to know more ask me. I like to go out try new exciting thing's.Will try anything once maybe twice to make sure I didn't like it.I love the outdoor's,partying,drinking and just having a great time but then sometime's just like to chill and hangout at the house. GrandFather,and Dad. Boondock Saint's,Gone in Sixtey Second's,Amercian History X,Grandma's Boy,Transporter.
Benjamin Schlau
Benjamin Olsen
Benjamin Riesgraf
Benjamin Brickhouse
Benjamin Adams
Benjamin Bradley
Benjamin Nixon
baseball and basketball bowling going shopping
Benjamin Dease
i'm a shy but complex guy. i'm not really good at this about me stuff, at least to start with. i prefer to reveal my inner thoughts as i get to know people. i like to "debate" not argue. they are especially fun when the debate ends in "fun". anything else you wanna know just ask. horror movies, rpg games, the night, the moon, meditation
Benjamin Ayala
Benjamin Valadez
I am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it -- I own everything about me: my body, my feelings, my mouth, my voice, all my actions, whether they be to others or myself. I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears. I own my triumphs and successes, all my failures and mistakes. Because I own all of me, I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and other aspects that I do not know -- but as long as I am friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously and hopefully look for solutions to the puzzles and ways to find out more about me. I am me, and I am Okay. Photography, music and love playing golf
Benjamin Adams
Ben Jackson
I don't honestly like to fill in this section on anything. I mean, I don't really feel that I can accurately describe who I am, what I look like, the type of person I am, online. I like people too see and judge for themselves as I like to find out about them with good old-fashioned time. I like to learn as I go, not everything up front. But, I am also the type of person who, if asked anything, will literally give you an answer to anything that is asked. So, don't be shy.
Benjamin Samedi
Some of you may recognize me. I am the founder and front man of the band Nightmare Sonata. It's safe to say that I am a pretty intense person, which makes me hard to handle if one is not ready for it. I live at home with my wife, three dogs, two cats, one brat- that is to say, whenever I am not off slaying my enemies by the thousands in shitty foreign countries to pathetic to mention. I'm somewhat spiritual, with a belief system comprised of several parts that most would not think could ever work together. I am an avid martial scientist, having studied the fighting arts for nearly 16 years now. I am a poet and a writer, a fighter and a musician. I chronicle the follies of man on my spare time. Human Error is one of my favorite subjects. I save the world on a daily basis, because I am, after all, a superhero. I have a PhD in Bull Shit that I earned at the School of Hard Knocks. Life was my professor and I graduated at the head of my class with a minor in Pessimism. I am a what-you-see-i
Benjamin Carroll
let see here i am 6'3" and 180 lbs. i enjoy snowboarding music and bars. now for something about me humm i am a laid back person i just like to have a good time with good friends and family. i am kinda an odd ball i dont look at myself as being liek most men. i was raised by my mom grannys adn aunts all my life my dad dipped out early on in my life so i got in tune with womans or so i think but evry now and then i get thrown that curve ball that life likes to throw out there for us. i am a very open person just a little shy at first but once i get to know someone i am fine and i open right up. if there si anythign else you would like to know hit me up and ask i will answer to the best of my ability. love peace and chiken greese
Benjamin Burdick
Benjamin Ward
I am happly engaged to a wonderful woman named Jessica.I love her more then my onw life. I love in a little town. I love to farm and hunt. I also like other things too. I am now happy to inform you all that my faince and I r now liven together. I have been dreaming of this day. If you would like to know more about me just ask. I am also looking for new friends on here. So dont be scared to ask me anything. Im interested in a lot of thinks, like fighting fires. Oh one thing i forgot to tell you in my about my spot is that Im a firefighter in my home town. I have been for the past 2 and half years. I love to go to my mothers and step-fathers farm and help out areound there. My main interest is the love of my life Jessica. Im just looken to make some new friends on here. Dosent matter to me man or woman just friends. So if you would like to make a new friend just let me know.
Benjamin Grainger
Ben Johnson
well were to begin urrrm lol im jus a kool person to meet if ya wanna get to know me thn coment me i like to have a sence of Mystery about me lol my main intrests r parkour or freerunning how eva u wanna say it lol
Benjamin Milam
Benji Jesus!
I'm 20 years old, I live in shitty town. I'm a scene kid but of course with emo hair as you can obviously see. I love skateboarding it's basically my life. If it snaps I can buy another...Unlike friends... I'd rather be alone half the time....But that's only half the time I like to party, sing chill with friends and everything that every other kid does. Skating, singing chilling with friends Being an awesome scene kid Taking lots of photo's Flirting with girls. And lots MORE!
Benjamin Mortimer
Hey. Names Ben. Im actualy 17, live in NSW Australia. Im currently in yr 11 and when i finish i plan to go into the army. Im a prety out there guy, like to have a bit of fun. If ya wana chat msg me or add me on msn catchya
Benjamin Taliaferro
Benjamin Lane
Benjamin Inchcliff
Benjamin Shipp
HEY ITS BIG BEN HERE AND JUST LIKE MY HANDLE I AIN'T NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME, LOOKING FOR LADIES TO PARTY WITH AND HAVE ADULT FUN WITH. LOVE TO TRAVEL AND GO OUT TO THE BARS LOOKING FOR SOME ONE TO KEEP THINGS FROM BEING UNCOMPLICATED AND JUST HAVE FUN. FEEL FREE TO GET AHOLD OF ME IF YOU WANT TO PARTY, I SPEND ALOT OF TIME IN INDY, COLUMBUS OH, AND IN EVANSVILLE. TILL THEN GOOD TIMES AND HAVE A DRINK ON ME. I am a musician and a bartender and consider myself a proffessional party animal. my interest are anything outdoors, cars, motorcycles, wet wild and fun sex. love to go out and travel interest are anything fun slightly different, love being tattooed and I think tattoo's on girls are too sexy for words, into all things extreme, love to kayak and be a voyuer.
Benjamin Cole
Ben Jacobs
Benjamin Hill
Benjamin Byerline
Here we go! Im 6'0",23 yrs old,185lbs.Depending on summer or winter determines what I like to do.During the summer,I'm a lake person,into anything really.Im the least pickiest person you will ever meet. A little bit of putt-putt.Detailing car.Just normal summer things.During the winter,movies,shopping,snowmobiling.just cuddling in front of the fire place while drinking a cup of french vanilla coffee.Love to relax when I have the chance.You might ask: Sounds like what I want in a girl why arent you taken? Right now I'm always on the move ,and if I had a girlfriend I couldnt spend the time I wanted to with her.My girl would get lots of attention ,and I'd be there for her. Today... I said a prayer for you today and knew God must have heard. I felt the answer although he spoke no words. I didn't ask for wealth or fame, I knew you wouldn't mind. I asked him to send treasures of a far more lasting kind. I asked that he be near you at the start of each new day;to grant you health and ble
Ben Jaffey
Ben Jordan
I am a single full time dad with 2 daughters, the younger was very premature so she is a special needs child, that doesnt leave a lot of time for much else motorcycling, traveling especially to renaissance fairs, hanging with friends and my daughters, and about anything outdoors
Benjamin Frye
Benjamin Guedea
Benjamin Christlieb
I'm 31 years old. I live in Georgia. I'm here looking for friends/ I love spending alot of time with my wife and daughter as much as I can. They are my air to breath!
Benjamin Smith
Benji Thompson
Benjie Ribbs
I am currently living in Florida. I am just on here to pass time and meet new faces, which i find very refreshing and interesting. I am an RN. I like to meet women...all women...cos i think without them, this world would be plain and boring as F***. PimpMySpace Be Yourself. Pimp Pimped Comment Codes
Benjamin Rooney
Well if you really want to get to know me then there is two ways you can. Either you can find every book on astrology (western and chinese), look up everything there is to on sagittarius (both good and darkside),but I think thats the easy way out!I dare ya to find out personaly!! It will prove a lot more fun. Trust me!! Im here to make the world smile:) What better reason is there?? Sagittarius You are fun loving and independent, and you don’t like any of your partners to get in the way of that. You enjoy having a lot of flings and short term relationships because you get bored in a long term one. In bed you are demanding of your partner. You want to have hot sex all of the time. You also like to experiment sexually, with different positions and fantasies. Sex matches: Aries, Leo, Libra Take this quiz at I like working, outdoor activities, games, music(Rob Zombie)(techno), peircings, tatoos,bad spelling, writing poems, drin
Benjamin Rodgers
Benjamin Harpine
I live in the Eugene/Springfield area of Oregon.First and always I am a Juggalo. I rep JRB all day every day. I'm disabled. I really dislike drama, if I want drama I'll watch Jerry. But somehow I always wind up in somebody's drama. I have 5 beautiful bilogical children. 3 boys and two girls. My oldest 2 boys have been adopted by a great family in Eugene, OR and my youngest son and 2 of my daughters live with their mom in springfield.I also have another daughter whome I claim even though she's not biologically mine and lives with her grandma. I believe in GOD but I also believe that blindly following a dogmatic religion is how war,hatred,and suffering begin.I believe in magic, both the every day kind of magic such as love, friendship, and just being alive,I also believe in arcane magic as well. I believe that nilla wafers are my scooby snacks (lol Cassie you remember!!)I believe that Transformers Generation 1 was the greatest cartoon ever produced! I believe that Dark beer and dill pick
Ben Julian
i'm fun loving guy who likes to live like to the fullest and tries not to have regerts lol. the easiest to sum me up is i could be the best friend you ever have and the worest enemey you can imagine. i love been able to anything i want to because it get me full of confiendce for any changlles i meet which is quiet a lot,i'm outspoken and have no problem saying whats on mind,of course nobody likes someone with a that kind of attidude but it is the way i am and is not gone to chnage ever. one more many traits is, i can inspire people to have more faith in themselvels, remeber this lttle piece of knowledge "all things are possible if u have the desire and the courage to reach up and garb it with your own hands". more later hopeful.
Benjamin Kenny
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Benjamin Ragland
before you read this i hate a bitch that says she is gonna do something and well doesn't you do that you are obsolete ok i guess i could take the time to write alittle about myself and don't talk shit about my grammer punctuation is a bitch for me ok i like to draw as you can see i have a couple of my drawings on here my dad was an amazing artist i'll put more of his artwork up later i write drink party dance im so glad summer is comming up swimming is my shit watchout high dive here i come lol im gettn out the army very soon im looking forward to going home although this year has started off as the worst ever i believe it will all turn around i don't believe in gettn old i have no use for it im 23 years old in 2years ill be 21 again and i think i'll just stay there until i feel like growing up im from kernersville/winston salem i havn't live there in 2years due to the army i never have to jump out of an airplane again thank god i've jumped out 12times and thats the craziest scariest s
Benjamin Wilcoxon
Hi I am Benjamin. I am 18. Living in Joplin Missouri. HMMMMM what else. I am getting ready to go to college here shortly I hope. I wanna be a certified Machinist or a certified Mechanic. I love the outdoors. I like to write poetry. I like to draw. I LOVE HEAVY METAL.
Benjamin Perez
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Benjamin Garrett
Ben Jones
hi all i live in england and yea its always cold!i enjoy sports and films long walks on the beach u know the same old stuff most people new to this so if anyone wants to give me advice or just chat drop me a line
Benjamin Schuldt
Benjamin Fuo
Benji Martin
Benjamin Deivert
Benjamin Hagwood
Benjamin Sanchez
Benjamin Booth
Ben Jones
Benjamin Calvert
Benjamin Fettkether
Benjie Agustin
Benjamin Norris
Benjamin Ashall
Benjamin Edwards
Video games, Chinese & Japanese food, music, anime & cartoons(there is a difference), posters, movies
Ben J.
Benjamin Bridges
Benji Daugherty
Benji Gump
Benjamin K.
Ben Johnson
Benjamin Flores
Benjamin Bejan
Ben Johnson
Ben Jaynes
Benjamin Bonura
ok a lil about me =).ok i am twenty years old and work with inner parish security and i love my job. i am 6'4'' and very friendly and fun to be around.i have dark blond hair and i actually love people with all my heart which may lead to my destruction lol. I do not like fake people so if thats you and you know who you are then dont even bother .but if your real and honest then by all means plz come on in and get to know me =}.i love people and getting to meet new frinds and i love all my friends dearly and I am taked by malissa bertucci a wonderful girl who knows how to have a good time and isnt fake she is who she is and thats why i love her :).So yea she is my better half for shure.lets see i am a proud uncle of my nephew trenton james prine he is my heart.i like to party on the weekends and i love to take trips to different places .If you want to know anything else plz feel free to ask i'll answer them if i can .Love yall and hope to make new friendships :)
Benjamin Braswell
Benjamin Munoz
Benjamin Ahmaogak
Benjamin Miles
Benjamin Robertson
Benjamin Seagraves
Benjie Moppin
Benjamin Vangreen
Benjamin Huling
I'm Ben,aka Sexy German.I'm a 26 year old professional,intelligent,faithful,honest,strong minded man who is about my business.I'm from Germany,I'm mixed with German and Black...I love 2 do all types of things,but I love Martial Arts,I do mostly MUAY-THAI,and SHOALIN KUNG-FU AND BOXING, i like 2 workout,workingout is a big part of my life,i like to run,weights,and alot more,I love 2 pencil draw,im very good in my art,i can draw about anything there is.I like 2 do Poetry and i dance,hip-hop and break dancingI love to cook,I had taken CULINARY ARTS....I'm a KAMA-SUTRA,SEXUAL HEALING and TANTRIC Sex Therapist and a Psychologist.I own a small business,I STUDY/TEACH KAMA-SUTRA,SEXUAL HEALING aND TANTRIC Sex. Don't let my line of work get in the way of knowing me for who i'm as the real man that i'm....FOR YOU LADIES WHO WANT A ONE NIGHT STAND,get off my page cause that is not what i'm about and im not looking for sex.I would Prefer to get to know you FIRST...(SO OPEN YA MIND RATHER THAN YA L
Benjamin Cunliffe
Ben Jakobsen
Benjamin Simpson
The name is Benjamin Simpson, I was born on May 16 1989 in Seattle, WA and I went to Oak Heights Elementary until 2nd grade then i started at Meadowdale Elementary and then stayed in the Meadowdale school system the rest of my primary schooling. My senior year I joined the Army Reserves it was kool basic was hard but fun and the advance training was great join the Combatives team with is Military wresting and i won my match now I'm chilling at home about to go to Kawait in July so im just going to chillin with as many people as I can lol ight later if you want to know something about me
Benjamin Sales
Hey Hey....Well, I am new to this whole Fubar thng and honestly I feel like am about to go into an epileptic seizure with ll the stuff going on on this site. So the basics about me? I am a guy I am currently stuck in Iraq I own a motorcycle shop I am heavily tattoed I tattoo I love street bikes I love old VW's and I can tear up some cup o noodles! My friends call me Ben, Ben Gee, Benny or Bun Gee....yout take your pick! Don't be a stranger, shoot me a message I love getting tattooed and tattooing other people. I am a big fan of my street bike I enjoy my acoustic guitar I enjoy meeting new people Who the fuck reallycares what else I am into. Befriend me and you will leatrn, why spoil all the fun?...right?
Benjamin Sales
First off! If I do not answer or reply it is because this website gave me an epileptic seizure! There is alot going on and a lot to get used to. So the basics about me: I am a guy I laugh I make people laugh I have friends I enjoy my friends I get tattooed I tattoo I own a motor cycle street bike shop I love to ride I draw I paint I play my acoustic guitar I make a mean Mac N Cheese with tuna! There is the basics...if I told you anymore then getting to know me would be pointless with nothing new to learn!
Benjamen Collins
Benjamin O'sullivan
Benjamin Nunn
Benjamin Heinrich
عني : رقص شرقي حلقات الدخان التنظيف الاسنان موسيقى = حياة الحب والسلام والتسامح -------------------------------- About me: belly dance smoke rings teeth brushing music = life love, peace, tolerance i'd rather be running at night. i sing in the shower. immitating Cher is one of my strongpoints. [sad but true] i have a fear of hitting Sasquatch with my car. [not a deer] abnormal program terminations are my life. i march to the beat of my own native drum. I'm tragically romantic & terribly inappropriate. [and you love it] Honesty is the best po
Benjamin Davidson
Guess you could say I'm your normal college guy, except i'm not really that into drinking. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Pre-Physical Therapy. Going back to school soon to get my gpa up so that i can make it into grad school. Another list, you just have to talk to me to find out. Astronomy, Music, Video Games, Architecture, and a whole bunch of other stuff i'm too lazy to list.
Benjamin Morris
Benjamin Bennett
Benjamin Arnold
Benjamin Cope
Benji Boshers
Benjamin Smith
Ben Jollimore
Ben Johnson
Benjamin Kantogoti
Benjamin Logan
Benjamin Kooken
Benjamin Powell
Benjy Adams
Im a Juggalo, call me Duckets. You kno father ducketts off of Big Money Hustla. so Yea I am a wicked one and insane but still stable..........I think. I came from Fresno Cali. I had some down ass ninjas there but I had to go. I miss drinkin and smoking with my scrubby brothers. But I had to go and get out of that city. its one of those cities that rag you down and keep you in the gutter. So now I am in Modesto its cool but the same type of city I left b4. I don't plan on staying long. I want to jump state and go some where interesting and meet cool ass Ninjas and Ninjettes. I want to sample the various Kotton Kandy out there in the world. Play some neden games with sum wicked chicks. There aint much to tell you about me but I am a wonderer. I don't like staying in one place to long. I luv my family cause we r all in this together till the end. Down With the Klown Till the Day Im Dead in the Ground. So I give you all a warm WOOP WOOP and MCL. Juggalo Duckets
Benjamin Fox
Benji Anderson
im 6', 205 lbs. black hair, dark brown eyes. im a lover not a fighter but i will fight for the ones i love. ask me anything you want to and i will be glad to let you know Im a skateboarder. i also snowboard occasionally. i love to play all sports, anything provided in front of me. im a gamer. i love to hangout and jsut chill. watch movies, listen to music or even just talkin.
Ben J
Ben Johnson
Benji Fields
Hi, the name's Benjamin but friends call me Ben aka Benz. Wanna know more about me? Send me a message if you think I'm interesting enough for you. I promise I won't bite... well, not too hard. ;) i love tattoos, i think it's simply beautiful artwork and i don't care if others think so otherwise, i also try my best to keep myself in shape since i hate the fact of having to stay lazy at home and not worry about my health, umm... what else... oh, and i do enjoy competition, doesn't matter what it is, it can be the most basic thing to teamwork competition, basically, i love a good challenge so bring your A game! i also enjoy dancing though i'm not the greatest of dancers out there but i try :)
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Coleman
Benjamin Barnes
Benjamin Torres
I'm from seattle but go to the University of Oregon so I live in eugene, or most of the time. My life is a blast. I love school, have awesome friends and a supportive family. Love to be outdoors, party, hang out, exercise. Im adventurous and if its fun and relatively safe Im down. Hit me up on AIM sometime.
Benjamin Mars
Benjamin Clark
Benji Gillam
Benjamin Prince
Benjamin Chua
Benjamin Love
Benjamin Hoger
Well... I'll start out plain and simple... A friend of mine told me about this site... so I don't know what I am doing... oh and I am gay... and if ya got a problem with that... you can go jump off a really tall building for all I care... I have learned to let shit roll off my back and not let it affect me... but don't think that means I take shit lying down either! Just be chill with me and I'll be chill with you...simple enough. My life's passion is cooking...and cooking well! I am in school learning to become a chef. I am already a certified Baking and Pastry Chef. I also love to read and write stories. I really like having the oppertunity to chill with friends... good times! Chef Ramsey is like my biggest Idol... next up is Emeril Lagasse... I haven't had a lot of time to see any movies due to schooling... so I can't say I have seen any new ones... but I do like classics like "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" LOL!
Benjamin Spencer
Benjamin Trotter
I am a fellow who doesn't talk much, but I listen very well. I am pretty honest and don't expect much from people and I try to take care of my business without seeking help. I take care of problems as they come, mostly because that is part of life. In no particular order Women Cars Guns Movies TV shows Videogames
Benjamin Lauren
Am Caring well Reserved with a Good Heart,loving and easy going Guy
Benjamin Moses
I am very up front. I like to go hiking fishing camping swimming and hang out with friends. I like classic country but Ill listen to just about anything. I am very truthful and Ill tell u how it is and not messed up about it at all Search Video Codes
Benjamin Merideth
Benjamin Raymond
well a lil about me im a single 23 year old male continuing a career in the military army 11b (infantry) well looking for friends and maybe more so if you interested in talking let me know on here and if im not on you can catch me on yahoo messenger caged_oblivian well hope to hear from ya
Benjie Marks
Ben Justice
Benjamin Murray
Benjamin Leff
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Cotterell
Benji Smith
What's up everyone!? I am Benji. I like to have fun and get a little naughty :-) Fishing, camping, going out, dancing, hunting, learning and being naughty .
Benjamin Wood
Benjamin Radford
Ben John-paul George Ringo
Benjamin Westphal
Benjamin Growdizzeo
Benjamin Bohl
Benji Gamble
Benjamin Costello
im athletic, very sporty, i love to work out, i like dancing, singing, writing poetry, listinging to rap, an a few other music types. i am intrested in finding some one that wants to be with me no matter what happens in life. if theres a lady out there.
Benjamin Salas
Benjamin Staples
im 23 years old 5'10' dark brown hair brown eys.Like to hang out with my freinds .like to do lots of stuff lol if you want to know more ask
Benjamin Hugley
Benjamin Buckley
Benjamin Cisne
Benjamin Carroll
I'm just an ordinary man, that has recently stepped into extraordinary circumstances. It's a good feeling to look around the fabric of my own existence and realize that I am standing in the situations I only dreamt about. I'm loving it! G.R.A.S.P. (Georgia Research of Apparitional Sightings and the Paranormal) Working out as much as I can. Reading alot, writing a little. Learning to enjoy my life a little more each day.
Benjamin Cserepes
Benji Oxner
Benjamin Edwards
Benjamin Emmerick
Benjamin Blank
Benjamin Wagner
What can I say about myself. Well i will say that I'm a fun outgoing guy who is always looking for new friends. I was in the Navy but my life needed a change. Well if you want to be my friend just send me a message and we will go from there. Oh if there is any question that you have on your mind ask and I will do my best to answer.
Benjamin Miles
Ben Johnson
Benjamin Gray
Ben Jones
Benjamin Harding
Ben Johnston
I am married and have 2 small boys. Blaze is 3 and Bryce is 2. I have been married for 2 years...and my wife is awesome. Im a big gamer and smoker (go figure huh) I love to hunt and fish...and pretty much anything outdoors. Into art (drawing and shit)......thats "generally" me. I am interested in meeting new people....FRIENDS... I am relaxe ladies!
Benjamin Gonzales
Just a Simple man Read the Bible, go Ski-ing, hang out with Frineds
Benjamin Langham
I'm into all kinds of things. I'm currently in the US Army, one more year and I'm out to travel. So hobbies are; Drawing, working out, throwing house parties, Poker, guns, and martial arts! Favorite liquior: Captain Morgan Grey Goose Crown Royal Wild Turkey Spy Burn Whiskey Patron Tequilla I like play Bar tender at parties, I've been doing it for years in the Army...You could say I have a natural talent for mixing Anyways, hit me up or send me a friends request, I'm pretty entertaining so I don't think you'll be dissappointed
Benjie Luchini
Benjamin Durre
Benjamin Jenkins
Benjamin Bess
Benjamin Leon
Benjamin Reddington
ask what you want to know women(der!) going out and having fun,i also like to fix cars
Benjamin Zachry
Benjie Salazar I
Benjamim Johnson
Benjamin Gandy
Benjamin Cadillac
I would rather live a short Life of Glory, than a long Life one of Obscurity!!! `'·.¸ (`'·.¸*¤* ¸.·'´) ¸.·'´) -----♥♥♥ WЄℓÇӨM€ ♥♥♥---- (¸.·'´ (¸.·'´*¤* `'·.¸) `'·.¸) ____________________$$$$$$$$$$$ __________________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ___$$$_$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$ __$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ __$$$_$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$ __$$$_$$_$$$$$$$$___________$$$$ _$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$___________$$$ _$$$_$$_$$$$$$$$$$ _$$$_$$_$$$$$$$$$$ _$$$_$$_$$$$$$$$$$$ $_$$$$$$__$$$$$$$$$ $_$$$$$$___$$$$$$$$ _$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$ $_$$$$$$$$___$$$$$$ $$_$$$$$$$$___$$$$$ $$$_$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$ _$$$_$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$ $$$$$ __$$$$$$$$_$$$$ $$$$$$$ __$$$$$$$$$__$ $_$_$$$$$__$$$$$$$$$_$$$$ $$$__$$$$$__$$_$$$$$$$_$$$$ $$$$$$_$$__$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ _$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Benjamin Kirk
Benjamin Colony
Benjamin Deleon
Benjamin Wright
i'm just a guy what do you expect.
Benji Jowers
Ben Joes
Benjamin House
Benjamin Christy
Benjamin Wagner
What would you like to know about me? Ninja Turtles Rox your sox Leonardo - Leader of the TMNT. He taught me everything I know. -Pans Labrynth -Lost Boys -Zombie movies! -Nightmare on Elm Street series -
Benjamin Cancio
Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Cohen
Benjamin Renfrew
Benjamin Bonnett
Benjamin Dennie
Benjamin Posey
Well i'm a truck diver/ owner/operater i love my job but i love my son more than life it's self. im single and maybe looking for the right one thats wants more from me then just my money. i dont have time for money grubbers i divorced my son's uterus doner for that reason i like making new friend's so im pretty much up for anything dont get me wrong i dont mind spending money but there's more to life than that like my motorcycle and quad's i love going fast..... so i guess thats all for now any other questions feal free to ask "no question is a dumb 1 only the ones not asked are" .contactTable {width:300px!important; height:150px!
Benjamin Howell
Benjanin Gelina
i am a 18 m in hopewell va looking for new friends meeting new people
Benjamin Johnson
Benjamin Heidorn
i'm honest, i have a lot of pride for some things, i don't mind talking about anything really but get me on the right subject and i tend to ramble on, if you want to know anything else just ask i like video games, movies, manga, anime, cartoons and that's all i can think of off the top of my head if you want anything specific just ask don't really have any i like a few studio ghibli movies, but ultimately my interest in movies are the same with games, adventure, fantasy, sci fi, action, so long as it's good and the story is good and the movie doesn't contradict itself or have a solution that can be thought of almost immediately ill probably enjoy it, then again i might enjoy it anyway and simply forget about it soon afterward
Ben Jablonowski
Benjamin Billings
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Caulfield
Benjamin Ulery
Benji Metal
hi im benji im the king of heavy metal and i am damn sexy heavy metal, beer, sex, hot women
Ben Johnson
Benjamin Lopez
Benjamin Clink
Benji Thompson
Benjamin Mickler
Benjamin Alvarado
Benjamin Clark
Well the basics are I love to be active and out going and I love the thrill of a fast pace life when it comes to work and play i have many talents and trades i can do any type of landscaping carpentry maintain and mod cars and trucks. build and maintain pc's any kind of video and audio components basically you name it i have probably had my finger's in it i have a grate passion for animals of all types most of all has to be reptiles thou. I currently work for tristate zoo Love making new friends and just having a fun or intelligent conversation or debate on topics have fun and dont forget to fan rate and if you'd like add before you leave thanks for reading
Benjamin Flurie
Benjamin Koning
Benjamin Bochenek
Ben Jacobson
Benjy Beaty
Benjamin Mayhand
Benjamin Richards
I am student in Wyoming. I am laid back and fairly funny. I am open minded and never judge people. I have a reputation for having magic fingers.
Benji Barnes
Benjamin Evans
I LOVE TO PARTY, EXPECIALLY AT REDNECK BONFIRES. Rebel flags, LOUD MUSIC, booze, a chance to hook up with that girl you wanna marry, aww It's a little peice of Heavan. I'm a Country Man who likes to do Country things. Including skinny dipping when the occasion calls for it, like on an anniversary or a special day with that someone special I've always been attracted to women a few years older than me. I wish I could just get married to a great woman, have kids, and live happily ever after. I'm not into headgames, liars, and/or cheaters. I'm looking for someone who's honest, loyal, and caring. I'm hoping we can also share some of the same interests. Until I find the right girl, I'll be doing what I love the most Camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and working on my hobbie car a 1984 Ford Thunderbird, with a 5.0, V8, 302 Engine. It ain't the biggest engine, but it can sure lay rubber on asphalt!!!!!! I also have a 2003 Dodge Dakota that I use for my daliy driving, sometimes it
Benjamin Martin
Benjamin Stewart
Benjamin here and I'm 25 years old and I marketing over the internet from home. Been single since July 2007 after my ex cheated on me, that I was with for 3 years. So for the last two years just been worried about getting my marketing going and that's about it, I guess I'm pretty boring right now .
Benjamin Dean
Benjamin Jimenez
Hello all. My name is Benjamin. I live in Denver and I attend UCD. I am a music major, Audio Production to be exact. I play the cello, and love every other instrument out there. I am a homosexual, so Im into guys. I dont have a problem with saying I'm gay, and definitely do not hide it. I love music. I like chilling with my friends. Hanging out. Playing music. Listening to music. Whatever. I love to play Halo and Mortal Kombat on my 360.
Benjemine Carpenter
Benjamin Hernandez
Benjamin Parks
Benj19772000 Transtone
Benjamin Harding
Benjamin Rafemoyo
Benjamin Naperola
Benjamin Weisbach
im 23 currently living in ga, easy going person , just on here to meet new people death metal, art, drawing , tattoo's , piercings, paintball, horror movies, music , guitar, vodka, whisky, concerts. randy rhodes hellraiser series, hostel, yes man, inception, dark city, monty python, iron man, mafia!, fortress2, godzilla, from hell , wishmaster series, damage, terminator, beer fest, super troopers , slammin salmon,
Benjamin Flores
Benjamin Denman
Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Schaeffer
Benjamin Möckl
Ben Jackson
Benjamin Gentry
Benjamin Brady
Benjamin Lévy
Benjamin Hopson Iii
Benjamin Masterson
Benjamin Piercy
if you are serious and you want to know just ask me and i will tell you. there is to much to list. just chat with me and ask and i will be glad to tell you.
Benjie Moppin
Ben Jones
Benjamin Martin
Benjamin Campbell
I am a Leader and a Follower, a Conservative and a Liberal, a Judge and the Judged, Loving and Beloved, Laughed At and Laughed With, Polite and Rude, and one might say my impact on the world will be measured by those I called an idiot or those that I advised to simply shut their mouth. I believe that I am a good person and because of this I am respected and respectful. I enjoy eating. I enjoy sleeping. I enjoy working. I enjoy walking. I enjoy nature and gardens and beaches. I enjoy computers and the Internet. I enjoy movies. I enjoy games. I adore music and art. I will make something of my life! I swear that my name will be known - if not as he who entertained and lead the masses, then as he who touched a few people in a positive way. I love teaching and I love being taught. There is much to learn in this world and much to teach to others. I enjoy the finer things in life: staying at home, reading a book, Chopin playing softly from the corner. I like just "being," not moving, not cari
Benjamin Naunczek
Benjamin Blum
Benjamin Ciufo
Benjamin Wacker
Benjamin Lancaster
Benjamin Over
Benjamin Key
Benjamin Frierson
Benjamin Goldschmidt
Benjamin Wood
Benjamin Tauber
Benjamin Linton
Benjamin Andrus
Benjamin Steele
31 yr old white bisexual male looking to fin either another bisexual male to join me n my girl or a bisexual couple in need of a bi male to join them. 6 ft tall shaved head hazel eyes 188lbs covered in tattoos and few peircings(i also do tattoos if anyone is interested).
Benjamin Hodgkin
Benji Barryer
Benjamin Siemens
Benjamin Quick
Benjamin Murray
Benjamin Dover
Benjamin Coffman
Benjamin Mason
Benjamin Robertson
Hi My Name is Benjamin I'm a very easy guy to get along with if you dont blow smoke up my ass!!, I love to laugh so if you wanta know more just IM me or come talk to me! What i'm Interests is Movies,cars, talking on the net, meeting new people,drag racing wanata know more come talk
Benjamin Herstein
Benjamin Souther
Benjamin Masson
Benjamin Levenduski
Benjamin Kurtz
Benjamin Tremain
Benjamin Sims
Benjamin Freytes
Benjamin Davison
Benjamin Contreras
Benjamin Davies
Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Mattey Attafuah
Benjamin Mckinney
Benjamin Michaelson
Benjamin Garrett
Benjamin Lucas
Benjamin Reimann
Benjamin Hilton
Benja Morales
Ben Johnson
Benjermen Thomas
Benjamin James
Benjamin Marine
Benjamin Nat
Benjamin Castaneda
Benjamin Zandt
Benjamin Costello
I'm 19 years old, i am a sophmore in college. i enjoy the outdoors and gardening and stuff like that. i like fishing and camping. i'm a history major hoping to go into museum studies.. or just plainly a museum job. ***I would like to make it clear i am not on here for older women or men at all. There is nothing wrong with someone like older women or men but it's not for me. my rule is no one of age of older than my sister.*** visited 9 states (18%)Create your own visited map of The United States im an outdoors man so camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking and stuff is what i like to do. camping, fishing, outdoors, gardening, fun with friends, books, teaching others...
Benjamin Bird
Benjamin Golden
Benjamin Kammel
Ben James
Benjamin Williams
Benjamin Seifried
Ben Jackson
I'm a fun loving guy from Alabama. I'm 18 and I write poetry. My goal in life is to write a novel. If you want to know anything else just ask me!
Benjamin Eckert
Benjamin Mendoza
Benjamin Garciamartinez