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Bart Wilberg
Bart Dove
Friends, driving, drifting, nightlife. Fight club, Be cool, cradle to the grave, kill bill
Bart Simpson
Bart Andrews
Entertainer with a great sense of humor and vivid imagination I can fulfill your fantasy. Please no more request for face to face. I have a face for radio. Cyber-fun only.
Bart Howard
lets see i like to skateboard and ride my dirtbike...pretty much the only thing i do besides running the streets at night..i dunno i love making new friends partying as much as possible...thats about it!!! :)
Bartholomew Simpson
Bart B
Bart O
hi there yes i love the wild life. as you can see on my pictures (from kenia and Moroccoooo!). Im also very interested in traveling. Please if you have some nice places were I have to go to then let me know!! a happyfamelly man...... and back after 2 years i think...need to learn and get fubucksss lol traveling
Bart Hemphill
Bart Anderson
Bart Akins
Bartholomew Wolfe
Bart Lester
I am 24 years old and about to get out of the marines, then i get to return home to minnesota on july 22. I will be attending scsu in the fall which makes me the oldest freshmen ever, great im that old guy that can get everyone beer lol. anywho i am going to try out for the baseball team hopefully my skills are still good enough to play who knows. I like baseball, partying and getting wasted when the time is right Amityville Horror, Saw, Saw 2, Wedding Crashers, I Robot, Batman Begins, Shark Tale, Polar Express, Shrek 1 and 2, Blade Trilogy, Girl Next Door, Van Wilder, Elf, Frequency, Pitch Black, Chronicles or Riddick, Zoolander, Gladiator, Team America, Eurotrip, Roadtrip, Boondock Saints, Napolian Dynamite, Anchorman, Old School, Little Nemo, 8 Mile, and many more
Bart Goosseens
tall, open minded, curious, intelligent and educated man, looking for interesting contacts to spice up my life mountain biking, hiking, running, chatting, computers, sophisticated sex
Bartolo Sanchez
Bartholomew Agyei
Bart Paeper
Bart Williams
Hey There People.......I have no idea what this site is all about yet, but I guess I am about to find out. I am a 41 year old father of 5. Three girls are grown or just about there, and I have a set of 4 year old twin boys. I am a single father doing it all on my own. I am on the lookout for a good woman to spend some time with and maybe get a little something going.I am into a wide assortment of things, but you will have to ask me in person about them if you really want to know what they are.
Bart Marczyk
Bart Simpsons
First and foremost, I enjoy peoplewatching...and am a fairly new user to cherrytap...lured here from myspace by one of my favorite porn stars Belladonna. I am a pervert. I can say that I enjoy everything about the female form, to my fullest ability, and I am here because of the great amateur pics...which I simply love... and some of the pro-stuff that's on here too. So...Consider me a fan of your form, yeah, you, the one who's reading this. Know that your pictures will be fully appreciated by me. ; ) If you've not posted any super sexy pics, then you should still feel the love... because if you're reading this, I've probably sent you a friend request or commented on your page... which I hope you take as a sincere compliment. You can write me if you'd like... I'm a real person, living a relatively real life... so, feel free to start up a conversation! you never know what you'll find. So, I hope your day rocks...and thanks for letting me browse through!
I try to be independant, if I can do something on my own usually I will. I am not blinded by pride though and have no problems with asking for help, advices or assistance. I love helping people though. I might come off as naive I guess, not suspicious enough or not careful enough. I dont think I am though, I just guess everyone deserves a chance. Once you're on my bad side though, its pretty much impossible to get back on the good side. Respect and honesty are important for me. Humour as well. Being able to take a joke or see the humurous side of a shitty situation does help in life. To me being open-minded doest mean being cool with everything because you dont really care as long as it doesnt get in your way. I like to challenge my opinions, my points of view. Sometimes, things you assumed turn out to be wrong. I love when this happens to me, its a nice reminder that after all we're only human. I think people who are able to admit they were wrong and change are brave. My m
Bart E.
Hey, I'm Bart, a 20yo Active Navy man just out to have alittle fun and see what shit i can sturr up. Always out for a good time and love to hear from my friends and new people alike.
Bart ????
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Bart Pike
Bart And Nancy
Not sure how this works we are new to the computer age. we are from Northern Okla have a small ranch with horse cattle and a large garden. we are naturalist and nudest when the weather allows --sort of like fair weather ones only. have a large family --now 8 children--maybe should wear more clothes. we like open minded people, thaT are into the same lifestyle. Have a great and safe summer!!!! Bart and Nancy
Bart Hutchinson
I'm a divorced 38 year old male, that believes family is first. Was married for 15 years and have two wonderful children. A daughter age 10 and a son who is 14. Both are the center of my life. I enjoy good conversation, all outdoor activities and special times with that someone special. I'm looking for someone between the ages of 28? - 45 who believes in themself and takes pride in their way of life and looks. She should have an energy that is contagous and likes to smile. She would be comfortable with children and willing to open her heart to mine. Not looking for a replacement mom but do believe that she must be able to share emotions with the kids and become a part of the family. Someone who enjoys quite times but also enjoys going out and enjoying an evening on the town.
Bart Huyens
Bart Probst
Lets make this really simple. I am who I am. I'm a bigger guy and been doing Security for 9yrs for multiple bars and clubs so if thats not what your into you might as well stop reading now. So lets get down to it. I work 3 jobs, which one is helping out at my familys business. I'm the guy that roots for the villans in the movies. I'm heavily tattooed and some piercings. I dont like many people espically since i work at Peabodys Concert Club and Johns Cafe. I have walls that I rarely let down unless you can prove I can trust you. I listen to alot hardcore and metal. As much as I dislike alot the people in my state i cant really see myself living anywhere else. Screw earthquakes and tornados I can live with the snow. I dont have a filter and tend to tell people how it is when I should keep my mouth shut. I have a messed up sense of humor and love to laugh. I love video games but hate games in a relationship hint hint. I watch alot movies and like to veg out and relax when im not working
Bartimous Simpsonious
Bart Van De Pas
Bartek W.
Bart Joseph
Bart F
starting a 4 year apprentiship, for master mechanic! i live in canada, i love to snowboard. work hard like to play harder! party when you can, as much fun as i can ask me more if you want!
Bart Costi
Bart Palacio
Bart Howard
Bart White
Bart Trombley
Bartamus Maximus
Create a playlist at MixPod.comAll things relating to education, patience, help from superiors.The Hierophant is often considered to be a Guardian Angel. The Hierophant's purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. Where the High Priestess between her two pillars deals with realms beyond this Earth, the Hierophant (or High Priest) deals with worldly problems. He is well suited to do this because he strives to create harmony and peace in the midst of a crisis. The Hierophant's only problem is that he can be stubborn and hidebound. At his best, he is wise and soothing, at his worst, he is an unbending traditionalist. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out. Your Deadly Sins Envy: 60% Greed: 60% Lust: 60% Wrath: 40% Gluttony: 20% Pride: 20% Sloth: 20% Chance You'll Go to Hell: 40% You will die in a duel. How Sinful Are You? I'm 5'9", 220 lbs, 39 yrs old. I love to cook, sing (been doin it since I was 5), and shoot people (paintball, that is. Did ya think I
Bartolo Goldstein
Bart Diguglielmo
Bart V. R
Bartholomew Ariwozo
Bart Merrill
Im pretty simple I like huntin, campin, old cars and trucks I own 6 vehicles 5 of which are pre 1980 2 trucks both dodge and 2 muscle cars 1 mercury cougar 1967 and 1 plymouth duster 1973 my other car is a 1990 toyota tercel and i own a 1974 honda motorcycle everything needs some work but its mine and i dont have payments i dont like idiots downraters or people that think they're better than others cause ur not u may have more money or be better lookin but ur not better than anyone dont be stupid or i'll block u and just because im a redneck dont mean im racist wrong kind of redneck i like to party hang out and talk to friends and thats about it other than my critters 3 dogs and a goat
Bart Manning
Bart Hizall
Bartender4 Da Finest~
Bart P
Bart Clarke
Bartender@wheels Of Thunder
Bart Clapp
Bart Smith
Bart Warlick
Bart Mullin
Bart Barrilleaux
im a pretty laid back kind of person. i love to go hunting and fishing. i love being outdoors, 4 wheelers, etc.. i like to drink every now and again or when i go out. but if theres anything you would like to know feel free to ask. well i like a girl that would be down for me and not try to change me. personality is alot more to me than looks. dont be mistaken i mostly go for pretty girls but if they dont have a good personality i cant make anything happen
Bart Towne
Barthel Samuel
Bart Durham
Whats up everybody? I just wanted everyone to know i`m here 4 good times and fun. I believe work hard play hard. I hope to make some good friends chatting here,so this beer is for you guys. I love MMA,been sparring with freinds and tryin to learn as much as possible.I hope to be in a cage soon!!! Cant wait.
Bart Zarcone
Barton Seehusen
Bart Berk
new to the internet lol.i work full time remodeling homes and building decks,looking for a nice loving woman to comeplete my picture.anything you want to know feel free to ask,im not shy
Bart Butler
Bartolo Poz
Bart Coma
I love fishing and boats but not commercial fishing boats. My favorite seasons are spring, summer, and fall. My job is the coolest job in the world. I love the beach and ocean. Beer is my nemeses. Tailgating is an art form. My favorite place in the world is the marina that I docked my boat. I hate winter. Live music is my favorite form of music. I can't dance. I speed when I drive. I need to constantly be around people. I hate annoying people. I love my truck. Country music is my anthem. I ramble when I talk. I avoid conflict. My boat was my most prized possession. New Orleans is the coolest city that i have encountered so far. I like weather where I can wear board shorts and flip flops year round. Grilling is an art and and my desired way of cooking.
Bart Bruinsma
Bart Scantlin
Art, Design, fashion, football, Digital Video, Animation, Surrealism, Found Art, Progressive Concerns, Philosophy, Web Design, Advertising, Psychology, NLP, Meditation, Dance, Taoism, sculpture
Bart Sorrell
Bart Ottosen
Bart Macdonald
im a former marine ,im into blistering down the hiway on my shovel,caming fishing,the out doars! love the beach,all though i some tmes dont play well with others, i do like meeting new people,if i had to explain my self in a word,it would be "SEMPER FI" MOTOR CYCLE'S ! REAL PEOPL! OFF AND ON ROAD SPORT'S!
Bart Macdonald
Bart Merr
I am a grouchy old man that loves young girls and fine eye candy. I like fast cars and fast girls. I have a hard ass attitude to most of the world and think that politics rips us off. I believe in god but not Churches. I like to have nature in all our doings. W.C. Fields had it all wrong, You gotta Love kids and dogs to be healthy I am interested in the beauty of a natural woman close shaved, Classic American care and trucks, Motor cycles and the Green movement to a point. I am too young to be a hippie and to old to be a yippie, and am not a yuppie or a duppie. I like 420 and am safe around most pets.
Love music the most, different kinds including rock, metal, blues, jazz and classical/early music - specialize in that; love art and architecture as well. Like normal man I do like hot chicks with intresting personality and ass also foregive me but better to be direct and honest then a misserible wanker kisses for all nice people! Love music the most, different kinds including rock, metal, blues, jazz and classical/early music - specialize in that love art and architecture as well. Like normal man I do like hot chicks with intresting personality and ass also foregive me but better to be direct and honest then a misserible wanker kisses for all nice people!
Bartt Jones
Bart Dragon
Bartek ZajÄ…c
Bart Spraker
Bart Ducheyne
Bart Ottosen
well Im single, and have no children...I lift weights and run...I also love the beach... lifting weights and running...I also enjoy a movie snuggled up with a special friend...?I dont currently have girl friend im speaking about....soon I hope.....
Bart Kops
Bartolome Anchiboy
Bart Guidry
Bart Hollevoet
Bart Chamberlain
Bartley Elwood
Bartley Elwood
Bart Spellman
Bart Goodwin
Bart Wilburn
Bart Thomas
Bartolome Garcia
Bart Roberts
Bart Domanski
Bart Nash
Bart Theobald
Bart Dickinson
Bart Floyd
Bart Draper
Bart Merrigan
What is on my mind , is the end of time, and the start of a New world. Just look around you and see with you new eyes open to way of the God. Hear the sounds in the wind and on the air, hear the sorrow all around you , Oreoair for the coming , you will fell it through out your days. That the time of Man has cum to and end. Time Space and the meaning of life not controlled by the church or state. The general knowledge of the basic subject of life. Why it is cool to sell things that kill you but not right to sell a herb that heals. What the length of time I can go without letting anyone in. Am I the only one? the only old never wed guy that can not think strait because of his horn is sticking out ,
Barth Pirata
Bart Mazzara
Bart Shields
Bart Mcclain
Bartt Simpson
Hello, Im Bart. Im in the military, 6' tall, in good shape, have a house and vehicle, and am 23. I like the outdoors, swimming, hunting and horseback riding. I also like to game, watch movies, and just have "lazy days" around the house Im looking for a discreet friendship with some cool new people. The wife is a little paranoid when it even comes to me looking at other women so it drives me a little crazy. Let me know if you are interested in chatting sometime! Thank!
Bart Fu
Bart Grey
Bart Palkoner
Bart Fawcett
Bart Wright
Barton Fate
Bartolome Lapuz
Bartolo Vazquez
Bart Cavaliero
Bart Dunn
Barthley Parisse
Bartłomiej Fifi
Bart Wu
Bart Hescock
Bart Aerts
Bart Temmerman
Bart Mcclain
Bart Ryman
Bart Evans
Bart Jones
Barta László
Barton Smith
Barthelemy Gbogou
Bart Shart
Bart Johnson
Bart Johnson
Bart Faherty
I love to go for long walks and just relax in general if ur interested and want to ask me a question feel free im open to share almost anything Fish 420 Going to the hookah bar or just relaxing.with.some champagne
Bart Copenhave
Bart Eazyb
Bart Schut
ben 26 jaar woon in heerlen ben autospuiter en schadehersteller ben harde werker en heel goeie in romantsche sfeer kan krijgen geef ook graag goeie lange massages dus de rest mag je lekker zelf achter komen Mijn Ideale Persoon: BEN HETERO BEN ZEER GEIL OP VROUWEN DIE WAT OUDER ZIJN DAN MIJ EN ME WAT LEREN ANAAL I LOVE IT EEN DAME LEKKER IN DAT KONTJE PAKKEN Een sexuele fantasie die ik altijd heb gehad is ...GENEUKT WORDE DOOR 2 MILFS wil je meer contact skype:bartschut1986 fb chutbart1986 and myself fast and furious xmen superman jimseyboy
Bart Schiavo
Bartlomiej Dabrowski
I look sweet... but im rly bad, trust me music, movies games, mma, box, girls
Bart Anastasi
Bart Man
Bartek Rzepka
Bart Newton
Lets take a ride down the never ending Highway!!! Single Harley Rider. Looking for friends and other riders . My backseat is open. Long, short, day trips. Mountians are a favorite. Fishing ,Hunting, Shooting sports. Open and Spontanious!! Check out new areas Love good food like to cook Spontaniuos Makin Hooch Hot Spas Good Looking Ladies Shooting Sports Just plain fun NO IDOLS Action , Mystry comidy all sorts
Bart Richson
Bart Dixon
Bart Birgisson
Bart Craig
Bartolo Miceli
Bart Morales
Bart Gibny
Bart Anderson
Bart Wigginton
Bart Fletcher
Bartley Mark
I'd like to meet someone that will be more than just an intimate encounter but someone to take control of my soul,someone who is open minded,creative, adventurous and spontaneous. Someone who is gentle,romantic, playful and confident...I'd like to meet someone whom i can trust and be honest with me..I want to meet a man that is understanding & a very hardworking woman. I'd like to meet that special woman to capture my heart and who knows how to handle it with gentleness, love and care,one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys together. Someone who's willing to spoil, pamper me,willing to grow with me & love me unconditionally, someone I can trust without a doubt and he trust me too. I am a very simply, down to earth person and I like the outdoor activities,I like all kinds of music, I love dancing especially dancing slow music with that special woman, i am romantic, loving, caring, passionate, faithful and with a big heart, I am a good listener, I like to sp
Barton Ligon
Bart Donnelly
Barton Prince
Bart Mortensen
Bartlette Timothy
Barton Thimothy
Bartosz Rylski
Bart Adams
Bart Bysecker
Bart Mejia
Barthingz Sales & Services
y name is Baruch Kaufman, I Am a GUY WHO LOVES LIFE. I split my time between LA, where I am trying to find the right job and my Jewelry Shop in Laguna Beach. He is the website for my shop I wear my heart on my sleeve. I like reading my Horoscope every day, but I take them with a grain of salt, I consider them my personal daily fortune cookies =) I am both laid back and intense, I love challenges, I am sometimes shy initially, but outgoing once you get to know me. Im straight forward about everything. Professionally I am ambitious, hardworking, and driven to succeed. I would love to travel to Europe, especially Ireland, Italy, and Greece. I also have a fond desire to see the Great Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt along with Israel. And last but not least I want to travel to Australia and New Zealand. And I plan on doing just that, gotta find a way to work it into my schedule. do you have a MySpace [?] if so, My URL there is http://www.mysp
Baruch Harah
Baruk Ibrahim
Baruti Wesley
Barua Chhoton
Baruk Ibrahim
Baruch Shalev
Baruc Bauer
Baruto Uzumaki
Barvid Dayfield
Barış Yaman
Bary Hunt
Bary Lovely
Barış Yaman
Bary Barz
Baryon Johnson
Barzola Marcel
Bar Zombies
Barış Özgenn
Was in the military for awhile got out had kids went through a divorce putting my life back together one piece at a time
Basani Frazier
Basan Da
Basalisa Valentin
Basat05hotmailcom Basat05hotmailcom
Basaga Indra
Basarab Cielo
Basanta Thegoatt
Basant Jain
Basanta Raj Shahi
Basalirwa Suzan
Basavaraj Bangari
Basafa Safa
Basam Dared
Bas Basbas
Baschkim Sylejmani
Basement Bomber
Basem Alqurneh
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. I am an honest person So im going to be as honest as I can here - I am new to this online here,I love romance and affection, kissing, hand holding .I have childrens but not in home i live alone and own my home. Come on and give us a chance maybe we can chat ... Take a Chance I am...Never know what can happen... Have a great day! For the real relation for the tru love for onther chance to the love i have much in my heart and i know you need this love please come my home your home to contact me please send mail : or ...... i wait you my love ... do you come ?
Baser Mia
Basem Makram
Basementradio Brn
Base Hase
Basem Ragab
Baseheadgod Taylorgang
Basem Ibrahim
Basel Al-autani
Basel Cool
Basel Khatib
Basetsana Mphaphuli
Basel Zaid
Basel Bsb
Basel333 Bbb
Basem Khatib
Basem Alnajran
Basel Yossef
Basel Tenzry
Basem Jabr
Base Gm
Basel Gazaz
Basem Saeed
Basements Forless
Finish your Basement with Basements for less, begin with great design ideas, finish with a renovation worthy of pictures. With many years in the trades industry, we have worked on numerous projects of all levels with an experienced crew of skilled trades professionals always present.
Base Booster
Basel Elmore
Baseem Absi
Bas Frescobar
Bash Mary
Bash Bash
Bash Fernandez
Bashir Malik
Bash Bash Zak
Bashar Jouda
Bash Alkasmikh
Bashkim Tahiri
Bashir Qureshi
Bas Hearon
Im a guy that works in radio... I produce national talk and host addiction recovery. My job keeps me insanely busy. My faith means so much to me... I've travelled many of rough roads and like the one travelled now the best! I have lived in Texas, Utah, Oregon and Washington. Cross country road trips are the best! I do not preach, judge nor condemn. I still recover and have life issues that I cope with. Common... It's the NW... Great coffee, weed and beer! I love the outdoors of the NW! Mountains and beach are within an hour from my house. Trekking the hills or beaches is my passion! Biking is refreshing. I like friends who are in tune. Life is not as dramatic as we can make it. If you like good chats Holler! I like the way a sunset makes colors so vivid. I like movies. Lucky Ones is the top flick so far. Independent flicks rock. Society can learn so much from other cultures. Popcorn and a pickle is a must at the theater. I like music from bluegrass to zydeco! I like
Bashir Alkaseem
Bash Er
Bashar Al-omari
hi for all iam bashar from jordan iam still singel and iam virgin i hope find frinds m mail ( farfar_bebo@hotmail /// or bashar_an@yahoo my number 00962799227643 i love all
hi for all iam bashar from jordan iam singil i love sex my mail : bashar_an@yahoo farfar_bebo@hotmail
Bashi Mumin
Bashir Hicks
Bashshar Rafiq
Hmm, the stats. 33, OTR truck driver. I rarely meet a stranger and always looking for new friends. I think its cool that I get to meet people in real life from here, since I most likely go through their town. In my spare time, I go out sometimes depending on the town I am in at that moment. Others I play WoW or SC2. Just a nerd of sorts who knows how to have a good time. Anything else, just ask
Basheer Bachu
Bashir Ahamed
Bashir Swai
Basheciro Ciro
Bashli Levi
Bashid Nuhu
Basheerkm Fathima
Bashir Hassan
Bashir Haikal
Bashir Suliman
Bashar Lakis
Bashir Denis
Bashir Homsi
Bashi Khan
Basheer Kunnum Puram
Bash Norgan
Bashar Ghazi
Bashar Rimawi
Bashea Theadore
Bashar Ajouz
Basharat Hussain
Bashar Zeineldin
Basher Obongo
Bash Jesson
Bashkim Ferizi
Bashkim Kelmendi
Bashir Mohamd
Bashar Sliman
Bashkim Sylejmani
Bashir Balochi
Basharatullah Bihzad
Basheer Yaar
Bashir Ahmad
Bashir Ahmed
Basheer Abdul
Bashiru Umar Yabo
Bashan Savage
I am the most charismatic man not on T.V. or in movies (American's Most Wanted and/or homemade movies dont count lol I am a Daddy in the Lifestyle, have been for a decade. If you don''t know what that entails, just ask I envision myself one day sitting around a campfire reading one of my personally written sci-fi novels to my follower...yes I did say followers.. What? You dont have any? I love to socially drink and play card/board games than the club. I love anime, anything Goth, great food, and playing MTG. I listen to 99% of the music created to make money, and about 45% of music made for fun (love most indies music) I get along with Republicans, Democrats and Independents, but NOT Trumpers (I like fiction but I also like reality.) I love binge watching tv series such as Supernatural, Law and Order, Dexter, etc I.....apparently like to start all my sentences with "I". (Be warned, I respond in 1 pump chump guy here, opps I meant no 1 line and recline..
Basharath Fathi
Bashfull Brittany
My name is Bash. A few things about me is: i Love the color pink, I love playing sports for the fun of it, I love to dance I love hanging out with my friends and family. I try to make a difference in the world and to help out in our community. If you want to know more just message me. ♥ This is the first time I've been on here not sure what I think. lets chat add me on fb its i wanna talk on there message me if you like
Bashir Ahmad
Bash Claymore
Old style pagan witch. Energy begets energy. I usually am pretty good, some things happen though. LOOKING for members/friends/brothers/sisters.... I can do live rituals. I don't follow what you would prolly recognize as traditional MAGICK. The goddess guides us and blesses us, when we give to her. msg me pvtly
Bashir Lawey
Bashi Alan
Bashes Mendoza
Bashiir Osman Hasan
Basil Marsh
I am a native from the REZ. 20 years old. Pothead, that likes to chill & straight BS. I am looking 4 lady friends to talk to. I am still working on my real photo, so please dont get shook i am not a weirdo. i love to watch all sports. i play golf, basketball, watch a lot of tv, i listen to rap TECH N9NE is god. Women with big boobs,or fat ass, or both,
Basic Man
Basil Bob
Basit Hafeez
1basil Rate Fancrush All Love Returned
I am a truck driver so if you send me a message or messages please bear with me. When I leave and hit the road I am at ttimes gone for up to three weeks, when I do get back in I do check mail and answer and of course start to view those who have sent anything and rate profiles and pics. I speak my mind and say what's on my mind. If you can't handle that then you can't accept me for who and what I am... I am who I am... :) I do travel the Entire Eastern Coast and do get out to the Mid West. Hope to hear from you and perhaps we can meet up for coffee or dinner sometime.
Basierre Regenaut
Basil Mcgill
Basiru Manga
Basim Masoud
Basil Hamrick
Basil Rojas
its time to up date this am still a normal guy who loves MEN,yup thats right folks,im gay and that DOES NOT mean i want to fuck you just cause i said hi or rate or buy you drinks,its a fun site and i have no problem helping anyone level,so get over yourself,i am a fan of all music,goth,rock,indutrial,house,electronica,jazz,r&b,hip hop,soul,etc...I also am fighting cancer,ive been fighting it for 9years,and im still here,DO NOT feel sorry for me,i am fine and will make it cause i want any other questions,just holla back.i easy going and love to laugh,so lets have fun.... wow movies there are so many...francois ozon,larry clark,some of fassbinder,werner herzog,elizabeth,wings of the dove,mrs.brown,orlando,fatal attraction,dangerous liasions,far from heaven,safe,boogie nights,magnolia,like water for choclate,the gift,shadowlands,remains of the day,sense and sensability,eternal sunshine of the spotless mind,vera drake,being julia,high heels,women on the verge of a nervous
Basil Horn
Basil Saeed
Basil Ramirez
Basil Cooper Iii
Basil Magers
Basia Kotwica
Basil Derushe
Basil Briscoe
Basil Jost
Basim Dhawi
Basil Hunter
Basier Yousof
Basid Zahid
Basit Khan
Basil Ga
Basim Daoud
Basilio Alonzo
Basilio Ramos
Basil Jost
Basit Ali
Basil Davis
Basil Fernandes
Basil Dalrymple
Basia Wever
First off welcome to my page.I am a very loving and caring person who has feelings. I love getting to know others and helping them out where i can.So if you want to get to know me thats great and have fun with me even better.Little chance this is going to happen ....IF you want to know something about me all you have to do is ask me in a private message. You ask I tell.Yes I do know how to flirt.So plz go and spread love all over my page and have fun doing it.
Basilis Skapeti
Basino Kelvin
Basit Lincoln
Basically Basic True Story
Basil Smith
MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds
Basketball Booty
Baskram Mahabeir Jr
Basker Boss
Baskar An
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What can i say i'm not really from L.A .....and none of the other interests suit me! i'm proper junglette/dnb ed from loads of types of music such as hip on....other interests would be tae kwon do.....swimming ......ravin ......dancin....and all the rest of BIG UP THE U KNOW KREW...try lockin into not forgetting the checkout UPS~x~ BB~X~
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