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I am a large cuddly bear. My heart and mind are both in the right place. I am intelligent and loving. I work hard for everything I have. Don't let my size fool you or scare you. I am roughly 6 feet tall and weigh about 210 lbs. I don't have any problems getting around or with my sex life. I admit to being heavy but I am not extremly overweight. People who judge others only by there outer appearance are unworthy of saying that they are deserving of friends. Though beauty will always be a major factor in making and keeping friends or relationships, the inner worth of a person is more important. If you feel the same feel free to write or leave a comment. If you disagree with me that's okay but you don't need to express your views on my profile. Please refrain from adding any negative personal messages. Do that on your own page. I love woman of all colors and shapes. I invite all females, young and old, to view my profile and contact me if you think I am worthy of communi
Bill Dillard
New Graphics Poems Images Top Comments After 3 years of being here, I have found some really wonderful people. The friends, and the family are truly diamonds in my life, and seem to make it sunny no matter the case. I do believe that everyone is special in their kind of way. And having friends, or some that just to your life is a plus, or addition to having a life worth living. No matter if they live just down the street, or half way around the world, to me they are only a thought away; and remain special within my heart. I am very thankful for the friends, and family I have here. If you have made it to this part, please take the time to show them some luv with a rate, gift, or just a simple Hi. They are truly the best, and only deserve a showing of kindness. As for me, I don't really care if you rate me or not. But please do show love to my owner, family, and friends. I have taken the time to get to know a few pretty well, and they really do have a way of brighten
Bill Crawford
I'll get back with you all on this one lol I suck at self summeries I'm open to new ideas
Bill Hansen
Bill Shamblin
Bill Plemons
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Bill Nellis
ll start with I'm 21, my name is bill i live in turtle creek/monroeville, i did start a custom car garage in 11/15/08, but i could not pay $1,300 a mouth with the way this world is with money. if i would had started it years before then i could had made it big.. it was in North Versailles,Pa, but rite now i trying to get back on my feet but i think my dream of owning a shop is over for now. im working for a company called alpha engineering-surveying property's. i love zombie movie's and having a good time with my friends and working on my mustang. to some girls hate that i work on cars but i never ever put me or my cars first.. if your my girl then i be there for you. "driven by heart" like's- cars/street bikes, art, music, movies, girls oh and my black T's and tattoo's, my 88 ford mustang and my 1991 nissan hardbody mini truck I’m really good at being me and i doing a good job at it.. *auto body *car painter *customizing *fabricating *welding *cooking *art/drawin
Billy Schwarm
Billy Vasin
Billy D.
let c what bout me well i have 4 beautiful kids whom r great even tho they dont live at home but i live 4 them and work hard so when i have them we can have a good time doin whatever well im bout 5'10" an around 216 weight live in the country where i love it im what u call a blue collar person work hard to get what i want im also single but ever now and than im lookn 2 find some1 start as friends and c were it takes us...........but if theres anything at all u would like to now or just wandering bout just ask and ill let u know.........thanks....Billy well there alot outdoors,camping,fishing,hunting,being out side dragracing,putt putt,gocart racing,bowling,offroading,riding 1 of my bikes,BBQing,just haven fun and enjoying life
Bill Elliot
Bill Offman
I am 29 years old and still trying to figure out which direction to travel in life. I feel that life moves to slow to choose a set path. Friend’s family and lovers are the most important things to keep close. I can never seem to be fulfilled and always need more. Anything that presents a challenge.
Billie Dawn Burris
Billy Blunt
Bill Conners
Bill Lasitter
my name is bill and i grew up in texas. i moved to the detroit area in 1971 to work for fords. i left and went to california for a few years but came back in the mid 80's after a year back in texas to work in the oil field. i'm retired now and lov,n the hell out of it. i dont spell real good so you'll have to forgive me if some of my babling doesn't come out right, i some times miss letters or put down the wrong letters you'll have to forgive me for that also. i never go to bed before 2 or 3 in the morning. i hardly ever sleep so i'm on line a lot. i spend quite a bit of time at the race track, i like playing harness races my favorite track is balmoral. thats about all there is to me.n
Bill Mars
Billy Mcglinchey
Bill Short
fishing , camping ,partying ,sleeping undre the stars ,watching movies ,and kicken back just relaxing
Bill Talbott
Bill C
What's up? I'm a regular dude that loves punk, drinking beer, and tattoos.
Bill Parsons
I live in Southern Oregon with my wife. Between us we have 5 kids. We like to have fun.........wink I have a wide variety of interests. Some are clean.....Others are VERY naughty.....Just ask me
Bill T
Billy Pursley
Billy Sprague
Billy Helms
Billy Budd
the names Art or arthur or Arty boy R2d2 whatever you like it all sounds the same jus plain ol me. Here to meet and greet with you folks you know linger rub elbows and what not..I enjoy drinking from here to tuesday and smoking doobies like no tomorrow Regrets, Ive had a few But then again, too , many to mention..Ghost Hunting, Ghost & Hauntings, THE UNEXPLAINED, SCI-FI , Horror Flicks, PORN, Bars, Shows, Friends, Check out
Billi Bennett
Bill Rockwell
Billy Jordan
Bill Dirinaldo
Its just ME... wanna know sumthing just ask! i have Myspace and alot om my computer.. Im single and have a gr8 son!!! live in a small town love to party and hand out with freinds. "kinda shy and quiet" till I get to know people Then WATCH OUT.. the Devil in me takes over KABOOM...LOL JK, love to have fun...4 20 yall INTERESTED?? think i left my email somewhere on here..todays my first login day..SO lets GO
Bill List O
Billy Wright
Billy Illnevertell
Billy Hill
Well my name is Bill...I am a very outgoing person.Love sports,outdoor activities.I like all kinds of music except country.I am here to meat interesting people...Who know how to keep it REAL!!!!If YOU LIKE DRAMA....DONT COME MY WAY!!!CAUSE, I'm NOT BEAT FOR IT!!!Want to know more about me....Holla! Meeting kool people,outdoor activities,sports,music...
Billy Melton
Bill Cashey
Bill Cashey is an engineer and author in the fields of electrical engineering. He enjoys writing about the topic and keeping up with current events and research in the area of renewable energy sources. Learn how to build a magnetic generator, a home wind turbine, a solar hot water heater or home solar power systems, and you will be able to generate completely free electrical energy for your home.
Billy Leach
Bill Finnimore
Bill Davis
Bill Me
MY Interests, computers, sitting on my butt too much by the computer. Digital and some film camera photo taking working on re doing a few rooms in the house
Bill Auld
Bill Jameson
to have sensual and hot chats with sexy girls
Bill Barsh
Billy Petrick
My name is Billy. I am 18 years old. Nothing is never promised tomorrow today so sing like no one is listening dance like no one is watching love like you've never been hurt and live like each day is your last. I am the product of Madelyn Cecile Stiglet & William Joseph Petrick Sr. (they should've used protection, help me God). My mother died Febuary 15, 2007 swear it was yesterday. I am happy for her though knowing wear she is pain and suffering doesn't exist. My dad works and sleeps and ... ... well thats all I have ever seen him do. I recently moved in with my older sister Madelyn (Meme) soon to be Berghman and her ole man Donald (Donnie) Berghman. She's so awesome. I also have an older brother James (Jamie) Seal. He's... well um... he is in his own lil world (God bless him)! Wanna know more? Contact me. I can't wait to meet you!
Bill Craf
Bill Hhhh
Bill Gray
Billy Murphy
Billy Tague
Billyjoe Billyjoejohnston
hi my name is billy and i live in enid ok and i am looking for me a women i can love
Bill Hanna
Billy Williams
Bill Dietz
Bill Philpot
Hello Just a little bit about me! My name is bill & I am a photographer... In the Detroit area... I shoot a wide variety of subjects…Landscape, Modeling, Portraits of all types!!! I work out of my home… So if you want a Picture touched up , or made for you, Just ask & if I’m not to busy I will be happy to help you! I travel quite a bit and my camera is usually in reach. So If you have a idea for a shoot !! Run it past me …maybe its something that can happen.. You can checkout my website at
Billy Stacy
Bill Johnson
Billy King
Billie Taylor
Bill Ding
I'm gettin' none and I want plenty! It's the only reason I'm here. I'm gettin' none and I want plenty! Only people with one vagina and breasts in pairs need apply. Please and thank you.
Bill Ratliff
Bill R
Billy Thekid
Billy Pannell
Billy Pessagno
Billy Erickson
i am 32 years old i am a single parent i have custudy of my baby girl i have been there done it ready to grow up want a good life for my kids and for me i didnt have everything as a kid but they will.
Bill Miller
Billy Walker
Bill Johnson
totally enjoy all aspects of the outdoors, especially fishing. fishing, music, photography, and travel.
Bill Levitt
Bill Erbar
Bill Carcary
Billy Flores
Bill Haas
Billy Milton
ask and i sahll tell women who are not perfect annd dont judge and like a man with a nine year old daughter thats on the honor roll
Bill Watson
hey yall my name is bill and im in the army Im 23 and really bored so please give me something to talk about
Bill Vinyard
Bill Walters
Bill Harbaugh
Bill Klein
Bill Bob
Bill Leggat
Bill Medina
Bill Williams
Bill Garner
Billy Mcneilley
Billi Khakh
Billy Strawder
Billy B Braggins
Bill D
Bill Livingston
Bill Robinson
As for me I am a hopeless romantic I love love. I like to beleave that there is good in everyone and will always give them a chance to prove me wrong. I like working with the mentaly challanged I am divorced for a long time but still looking for my soul mate I know she is out there just waiting to be found.I am not gay so don't bother and have a great day.I am a retired private chef and I will soon have a book (Bills book on cooking) There are thousands of cook books out there and I wanted mine to stand out. It is just what the name imples . I am also a furniture designer and maker. and an out door photographer. I live in SW Arkansas near , soon will be returning to central Texas. For now it's just me and my cat 2.the older one she thinks that she rules the house.There is now a secone one name La Patite My door is always open to welcome friends and strangers. Every one says that is a calming and warm place. If you stop by in the evening you will be greeted by the warm glow of
Billy Jacksin
well my name is billy im 22 and i live in nb its pretty boring around here.i got the most best friends u could ask for i wouldent kno wat to do wit out them lol i got a good job at a country club im a chef im also looking for a good girl to be wit .im always on aim u can hit me up there if theres any thing u would like to kno my aim is bignah187
Bill Olsen
Hi I live in sw florida, Single, looking for the right one ...
Bill Wilwel
Bill Mahoney
Billy Ray
The name is Billy Ray. I am 22 years old. My birthday is March 8, 1987. At the moment I am unemployed. I got laid off. So now that life sucks, I play video games all day, and don't get any better. I like to make people laugh. I am really cool when I want to be. Depends if I'm in a good mood. You wanna find a friend who is laid back, thats me. I am as easy going as you can get. I like to relax. I am always up for a good time. I love nothing more than to drink a few beers, and watch a movie or play a game at my house. I wanna meet my evil twin, or the good one. Don't know which one I am! Whats if cat food tasted like cheez-itz.
Billy Carnes
Bill Brieger
Bill Harris
Bill Wright
I am an athletic, easy going, fun Texas guy who still has some manners and knows how to open a door for sny stranger and my girl of course . Looking for that girl to open the door for. Just became single again , and I looking for new friends and a new girl to hang out with...only type I have is a good personality!! Like to play pool, hang out with good people. Love the summer sun and love to be at the pool and swim
Billy Joe
Billy Forde
Hi my name is Billy, i'm 22 and recently returned home to Barbados after a ten year stay in England. I'm a pretty straight forward, yet slightly confusing guy ( only when it comes to what I want). I'm THE ORIGANAL PRANKSTER , I love everything and everyone until they rub me the wrong way........... then I become a right cunt lol. I'm an open book so any questions ask away, you can also catch me on facebook as billy forde, Kingding-a-ling is only my stage name lol I like football, cricket, basketball, American football, hockey...... any sports really Music wise i'm a Rock n Rolla lol but i also like k-c n jojo, jagged edge, d'angelo, dru hill, basically anything that sounds good
Billy Johnson
Hi There! I'm not a daily player.. Thanks for all the drinks n' things you all send.. < /b>Sorry if I don't return the favor, it's not intentional, I'm just actively involved with Girl Scouts and my family, so I don't always pay attention. But feel free to spank me for it!! I'm a happily married Bi-sexual BBW female in Indiana with one daughter. Sure I may flirt, but I don't take the flirting seriously. And I'm NOT looking for a hook-up on here.. Anything you'd like to know, feel free to ask Hugs!
Bill Whitman
Bill Lee
Billy Gartin
Billy Wheat
Billy Walsh
Bill Burrow
Bill Harmon
Bill Mitchell
Billy Combes
Bill Mcclure
Bill Zerbe
Bill Foley
Bill Lucht
Bill Farmer
Bill Mcphail Sr
Bill Lozancic
Bill Adra
Bill Beatteay
Bill Archambault
Bill Hoffman
Bill Sillo
Bill Hudson
Bill Kennedy
Bill Gaines
Billy Olsen
Bill Romer
Bill Bessette Sr
Billy Forrester
Bill Chynesky
Bill Smith
Billy Simmons
Bill D'angelo
Bill Heath
I am 45 years old, divorced, I have 2 kids naturally (a daughter and son), 4 kids who (although are my ex's from her previous marriage) I claim as my own, 2 natural grandsons, plus 11 grandkids (4 boys and 7 girls) from the older 4 kids. I spend the majority of my time on the road driving an 18-wheeler. When I am home, I spend my time with my son and dog (Shadow, who is a wolf hybred). The rest of the time I am fishing, hiking, camping, or building things. Just a good ol' boy, out having a little fun to pass the time while out on the road. Lonewolf is the name and trucking is the game. I spend the largest majority of my time on the road crossing this country back and forth, and loving it. So, if you see me on the road in your neck of the woods, be sure to honk and wave, but please, make sure you wave with all 5 fingers in the air.
Bill Labrie
Bill Brown
Bill Parsons
Bill Wesolek
Billy W
Bill Enderby
Bill Wiilson
Bill Hicks
Bill Black
Billy Ray
Billy Mcdonald
Bill Looman
Bill Jeffrey
Bill Murphy
Bill Humston
Billy Foshee
Bill Shauf
Billy Kapsis
Billie Jo Deckard
umm walking my dog anything thats fun
Bill Eggers
Billy Richard
Bill Heosontaty
Billy Hartman Darkshadowz
Bill Johnston
Billy Moore
Bill Libberton
Billy Johnson
Billy Saunders
Bill Brown
Billy Ernst
Billy Vignoe
Bill Sibbitt
Billy Ray Kolff Jr
Bill Bomboy
Billy Macleod
hey im billy i live in a shity little town in the south of england called andover(shitedover)im a carpinter and trying to get a band going and just a fun loveing bloke. i dont no what else to say im realy not good with thease things if i sound a cool person than please feel free to message me netime
Bill Creasman
Bill Bussboom
Billy Thomas
Bill Beach
Bill Mathews
Bill Doe
Bill Lovely
Ive lived in Portland for the last 10 years. Im seperated and I just moved back to Olympia. Im just liking for some people to chat and have fun with.
Billy Parish
Bill Wise
Billy Saunders
Bill Brock
Bill Mills
Bill Hall
Bill Lacy
Bill O'connell
Bill Bernard
Bill Van Wagner
Billy Radig
Bill Perrin
Billy Mcminn
Bill Serckie
Bill Johnson
Bill Keefe
Bill Fanning
i am looking for women to enjoy life with.. But with out the drama, i am very humorus.and love to make people laugh. if interestedhit me up for phone num..
Bill Barger
Bill Salcito
Billy Kasimis
Bill Barbre
Bill Mitchelson
Billy Dietz
Billy Clarke
Bill Porter
Billy Sanderson
Bill Wilson
Billy Fritts
Bill Jacik
Bill Nichols
Billie Withenai
Bill Murray
Billy Dunn
Bill Jones
Bill Mays
Bill Yocham
Bill Clark
Bill Shrader
Bill Delphin
Bill Longstiff
Billy Webb
Billy Aukerman
Billy Hazel
Bill Brown
Bill Cruys
Bill Adkins
Bill Wixom
I am an Insurance Agent, Have 3 beautiful Daughters and a son, and have the most loving amazing woman in my life who treats me like a King, and she is my queen. My life is Wonderful, I've definetly been blessed and try not to take it for granted. My queen, my kids, Family and friends and everything that goes with being able to spend time with them.
Billy Andrew
Bill White
Billy Booth
Billy Ross
Billy Kimmel
Billy Warren
Billy Remaley
Billy Puckett
Bill Proesel
Billy Jones
Billy Gibby
Bill Rudd
Bill Gibson
Bill Mcconathey
Bill Roberts
Bill Eaken
Billy Johnson
Bill Koepke
Bill Dye
If ya have to know or wanna know, just ask. Wouldn't ya'll like to know. Hahahahahaha
Bill Farr
Bill Williams
Billy Clarkson
Bill Oakerson
Bill Bill
Bill Milnes
Billie Peterson
Bill Decamp
Bill Jennings
Billy Bixby
Billy $#$#$#
Billy Sorenson
Billy Summey
Bill P
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Bill Bissell
Billy Felsch
Bill Lee
Bill Goff
Bill Valente
Billy Young
Bill Pogue
Billbo Strange
Bill Jenkins
Bill Mills
Billy Sloan
Bill Merkey
Billy Johansen
Billy Wilburn
Billy Balcombe
Billy Maness
Billy Melvin Iii
death metal and women
Billy Ginn
Billy Martin
Bill Shuman
Billy Brauer
Billy Seroyer
Bill Odie
Bill Peters
Billy Trutton
Bill Wilson
Billy Nuey
Bill Valente
Bill Fisher
Bill Kozlowski
Billie Steptoe
Bill Huff
Bill Law
Bill Mckee
Bill Price
Billy Holt
Bill Murphy
Bill Carrier
Billy Washburn
Bill Hammer
Bill Todd
Up for chatting...flirting. If you want to know anything just ask.
Bill Miltner
Bill Currier
Bill Mclaughlin
Bill Fleming
I am married to an amazing guy! I have a beautiful daughter that is four. My husband and daughter are my life! visited 11 states (22%)Create your own visited map of The United States
Bill Lumberg
Bill Johnson
Bill Stanley
Bill Holland
Bill Plummer
Billy Whitaker
Bill Sanders
Bill Clark
Bill Henderson
Billy Vas
Bill Riggan
Billy Cardwell
Billy Zucht
Bill Olsen
Bill Dillard
Bill Saunders
Bill Barker
Bill Thistleton
Billy Pickett
Billy Rippy
Bill Baker
Bill W
I'm a funky monkey. all sorts of gizmodo, music, running, cycling, gym, loud live music, eating, sleeping, weeping.
Billy Jarratt
Billy Stray
Bill Kelley
Bill Eastman
Bill Kovalchuk
Bill Matthews
Bill Hobby
Billy Hammond
Bill Wade
Billy Williams
Billy Do
Billy Inlow
Bill Smith
Bill Macdonald
Bill I
Billy Bynane
Billy Ferguson
Bill Chase
Billie Sons
Bill Yoki
Billy Bixby
Bill Brown
Bill Taylor