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Betty Rogers
Betty Mentos
Betty E.
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Betty Samol
Betty Vanvalkenburg
Betty Hargus
Betty Faulkner
i would like to describe my self as a cheerful,Kind , romantic, Affectionate ,very Active Sportive person with Good sense of Humor . i do like Nature, i consider myself Honest Caring , loving who wants to find that special person . i do like good Conversation . i seek a Man with a Good heart, Hardworking , im very open minded im young in Attitude very happy with my life with Ambitious for the future i do like Hiking, Camping and bowling even if im not Good at it
Betty Sanchelli
Betty Lyman
Betty Grace
Betty Francis
Betty Martinez
Bettyjo Deslauries
Betts Arnold
Betty Jones
Betty Absey
Betty William
Betty Booth
Betty Polick
Betty Absey
Betty Brant
Betty Black
Betty Kelly
Betty Diaz
Betty Berryhill
well I am married and I love my husband,and I am country girl I am from Kentucky and I live in ohio hiking,camping,listening to music,dancing, spending time with the kids twilight
Betty Green
Bet U Want This
Bety Lol
Betzaida Andujar
Betzaida Rivera
Betzaida Hernandez
Betzaida Jimenez
Betzabe Reyes Soltero
Betzaida Quiles
Betzabeth Terron
Betzy Marie
Beulah Wilcox
Beulah Bricker
Beulah Sexton
im 5ft 4 .long blond hair im looking for love a sole mate i love to dance.i work on cars,swim,ride a bicycle ,i love to go to water falls,and hike
Beulah Wester
Beulah Felton
Beulah Mcgovern
Beulah Ballbreaker
Beulahandre Gore
Beu Toygun
Beutiful Pricess
I'm all about music...its my religion and my love! First and foremost! I work lots but when I am not working I love hanging out with friends and seeing bands live. I have music on 24/ me obsessed! Anything you want to know just ask! Anything to do with music!! Love hanging out with my grandson! People who are honest and real. Any band that can catch me with their good music! Fifth Element, Sliding Doors, Knotting Hill, Horse Whisperer and many more that I can't think of now!
Bev I am in college and have 2 websites trying to make money!!! I have many interest NASCAR xbox games,music
Graphics and Glitters by Graphics by Glitter Graphics I only have a few favs really i love romantic comedies and proper chic flicks i hate horrors im a scardy cat lol
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I'm sassy spunky fun loving up for a laugh love meeting new people and taking adventures love party's I don't like liers and people that are out to take you for a ride I have no room for them here so keep walking I love different types of music like Metallica garbage Korn MCR Christian Kane marliyn Manson a bit of everything really so if u like the sounds of this and want to no more come check me out Btw I don't do drama or Bitches if you like that do one I'm a lover not a fighter coz I'm much better at it if your a controlling person dont waste my time or yours i will do what i want ENJOY THE RIDE Birthday Profile by Name Acronym Photo by
I enjoy good movies of all genre, reading, writing of poetry, listening to music of all kinds (mainly classic rock...Stevie Nicks, Eagles, Annie Lennox, Boots Randolph's "Harlem Nocturne" is my fav lol...but was raised on music so it's a bit of my life, sets my mood. Have 2 beautiful kids..17 yr old son and 7 yr old daughter. In a relationship, enjoy chatting with people from all walks of life. I'm also in myspace and mocospace, but not under this aka lol....if you would like to know more, please ask.
I am 56 years old living in the uk kent by the sea. I have 4 grown up children that all have children and yes that is right i am a nanny lol . Used to be a nurse now retired . I love life so i try and live it to the full even if i have had some knocks back in my life . I say Live for today as you are a long time dead xxxxxxxxxx Feel free to ask me anthing you want i am not prude xxxxxxx Love walking with my 2 dogs zubee and mitzi My family and meeting new people to talk to . I am not looking to meet anyone here just to make friends xxxxx3p
I grew up a military brat so I went to many schools, Oakdale, North Carolina, Blair and Navajo, Oklahoma to name a few. This is a great way to find so many of my lost friends. So many people have passed though my life and I have many great memories of growing up. I have been in EMS since 1994. I have three brothers which all have kids. I am so proud of all my neices and nephews. Sherrie is my sis by choice. I couldn't have got through Jr. High with out her. Plus I don't know what we would do without all of our friends.
57 years old.. lived in Michigan almost all of my life. Have one adult daughter, a cool siberian husky ... he's 3 and awesome! A 9 year old grey tabby striped cat.. who is goofy as hell.. there is much more to me.. if you are wondering about it just ask !! Love being outdoors in nice weather my fav. seasons are summer and fall. Love walks in the woods, and love the beach... sunnin and hanging out by the water, camping, bonfires, spending time with family and friends. Music, concerts, reading, writing, making jewelry... lots of stuff!
Bevan Flynn
Bevan La Rue
Just a single skydiving cartoonist looking to meet new people and maybe the right girl. If you wanna talk then let me know.
Just a dude working on his dream. Stickyman is his name and crime fighting is his game. Unless he is doing the crime. I like getting ink and have a ways to go on my sleeves but I'm getting there. I enjoy skydiving when the weather is right. Here to make friends and maybe meet a cool girl. Peace to all and let me know what ya think of Stickyman. He's got a sweet fro. Skydiving, Writing and drawing my toons, meeting new friends.
Bevan Williams
Bevan Rice
Bev Allison
Beva Hoggatt
AT THIS TIME IN MY LIFE I AM LEARNING TO LIVE ALONE.. HAVE NOT DONE THAT IN THE PAST.. HAVE ALWAYS HAD MY DAUGHTERS.. VERY STRANGE.. NOT SURE HOW I AM DOING.. ITS HAD ITS UPS. AND DOWNS.. I HAVE TO GO GET MY GRANDSONS OFTEN TO COME SLEEP AT NANAS HOUSE.. LOL SILLY GIRL Well i now have five grandchildren. Three boys two fantabulouse girls. Love li e.. Have been searching.. For my place...still looking. I LIKE TO BE AROUND FAMILY... I LIKE TO BE OUTSIDE..I HAVE GOTTEN INTERESTED IN ASTROLOGY. I AM A DREAMER.. I WOULD LOVE TO MEET A MAN THAT I AM ABLE TO BE MY SELF.. I AM A HAPPY, CONFIDENT WOMAN. I DONT LIKE TO BE LIED TO OR TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.. I AM A STRAIGHT UP KINDA GAL.. I SAY WUT I MEAN AND MEAN WUT I SAY.. My daughters.. they are wonderfull.. I am very proud of them.. my grandfather also.. he has been gone for twenty years.. but I still look up to him.. I like all kinds movies. Except scary ones.. I have nightmares.. I know sissy. La la.. I am prety easy to please on the mov
Bevan Arango
Bevan Smythe
Bev Brown
Bev B
Bev Baligron
Bev Bauder
Bev Caruso
Bev Carver
Bev Carpenter
Bev Carrasco
Bev Cole
Bev Cavazos
Bev Diao
Bev Dufrene
I\'m a horse of a different color. (Aren\'t we all?) I tend not to talk too much because I\'m usually observing and listening, but I do enjoy intelligent conversations. I love to hear what other people think about different subjects. Feel free to talk to me anytime. Knowledge, Art, Music, Thinking about many, many things... lots of stuff... more to come, I'm sure.
Bev Donaldson
Bev D
I have three kids, but only one under the age of 10. My older two kids are pretty self sufficient. I am looking for someone to be social with on occasion, but more often at home with dinner and a movie. I love scary movies and comedy, but the occasional chic flick is known to happen. I work full time and have recently started training to run a marathon so I have to train a few evenings a week. When I say I just started, I mean a couple of weeks ago so I have a ways to go. I love to cook. I like doing the bar-b-que thing with my friends. Most of my friends are in relationships so I am the third wheel. I just thought it wise to put my feet on the ground and clear my head after the divorce before dating again. I think I'm ready. I like to get away on the weekends when my daughter is with her dad, but also want to find someone who will enjoy going with us both to the zoo and such. We are a package deal. If you are looking to get lucky on the first date, I am not your girl. I am looking f
Bev Driscoll
do you really want to know...sometimes i am scared to think about this...then i remember that i am really a happy go lucky kind of person, unless you piss me off of course. i am very opinionated, open minded, flirty, and loud. I am ppl watcher half the time the other half i am the person being watched. I love my daughter and my dog. THey are the shit. I enjoy growing and want to keep on growing by experincing life and living it to the fullest. I go to school which takes a lot of my time, but it is important. speaking of school, i need to go study...finish up later BDSM, Severe play piercings, spirtuality, music, horror, goth, death, dragons, skulls, self improvenment, animals, local metal shows, goth porn, death porn, Rob Zombie, anything black, the net, Body art(tats and piercings), pain, my daughter, my boyfriend, and his band...
Bevern Kedl
Beverly Lau
Beverly Not For U To Know
im 14 dont like labels dont like mean people speak my mind have a terrable attitude get wat i want have low self esteem hate people in general hate people who think there better love to shop loves a boy named cody cell=life has to have music!! loves Panic at the disco mean to certian people hates perverted people loves her hamster is a blonde but she isnt dumb dont like wiggers loves taking pictures hates FAKE people (eww) thats about it wanna know more ask me until then.. my idol would have to be Rihanna, because she is really pretty and got a really good attitude. I really like how she dresses, and how she acts. well i like the movie- date movie, house of wax, hustle and flow, hills have eyes, final destination 3, stay alive, have many more just to bored to list em lol
Beverly Rumbergar
Beverly Drake
Beverly Doctor
Beverly Kessinger
This is my dog Tootsie. She is a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier/Poodle Mix. I am a 35 year old woman from North Carolina. I like to read scary books, watch horror movies, I like Star Trek TOS and Voyager. I also like to chat online. I am an Admin for on Club Pogo. We have tournaments in Lottso, Dice City Roller and soon to be added, Pogo Bowling! If anyone is interested, come and join us! Go to Club Pogo and become a member (it is well worth it!), then go from there to Lottso 30s room, Surfin the Waves! Hope you can come and join us sometime! We would love to have you!
Beverley Barnes
Beverly Turner
Country girl & Bad to the Bone! Music Movies Surfing the Net Chatting online Hanging out with friends XXX Queen of The Damned Dawn of the Dead Day After Tomorrow Batman Begins Pirates of the Carribean
Beverly Pike
Beverly Goins
Beverly Rogers
Beverly Harper
Beverly Hager
Beverly Massey
Beverly Levitt
I'm happiest being outdoors drinking in all that I can. Whether it's gardening, mowing or taking a long walk through the woods. To observe the smallest insect or the lucky spotting of a fox or turkey. My children, my grandchildren, my pets and my farm keep my life full and complete. I enjoy people with a sense of humor even in "down times." One of the biggest gifts God blessed us with is the ability to laugh. I'm a simple "farm girl" who appreciates the blessings God has given me & I realize that family means more than money. I DO NOT DATE, do not want nor am I looking for a relationship and am at a place where I'm very content with my life. But there's always room in my heart for new friends!!! You can take the girl out of "Texas", but you can't take "Texas" out of the girl.............. My life has been full of magic. The magic of being loved and cherished. The magic that only a child can fill you with when they wrap their arms around your neck. The magi
Beverly Lr
Beverly Lilly
Beverly Dickson
Beverly S
Beverly Ward
Isent This The Same as Telling you My Interests?? Game? Click Here to get this from! Click Here to get this from! I'm
Beverly Mccoy
I am a 47 year old mother of one Brandy. And have 2 beautiful Grandsons Nolan and Garrett. I am 5ft5 and have long Alburn Hair. As you can see in my pictures i am average in build, not skinny not chunky. I am very down to earth, not high maintance. I have been divorced for 5 years now. I love to ride motorcycles, I just sold mine. I am a native of Florida and been in Alabama one year now.
Beverly Hatch
Beverly Williams
5'5,light skinned,Brown eyes & hair,Pretty face,with a pretty smile,Nice body,looks nice at all times,Loves to flirt,Nice person,Happy person,freaky,Not concieted,I'm single and looking for the right one u know the one I can trust,love,be happy with,and be commited to forever.
Beverlee Brown
Beverly Hickman
Well I'm 24 years old I have three kids,I'm a very cool laid back type of person> I love to party,hang out with friends and just enjoy life! I love meeting new people. I'm here for friends and just to meet great people!!
Beverley Evans
Hi everyone who views my profile. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and I am very affectionate and loving and down to earth. My interests are travel, hiking, swimming, shopping and much more . I am here for one reason only to meet someone from Canada and have a man who not only wants fun but someone to go out with and date and enjoy the finer things in life (no marriage please). Would you be the one for me? I hope you enjoy my photos and message me a lot so come on you canadians and lets get moving. beverley
Beverly Tompo
Beverly Taylor
Beverly Gaudia
Beverly Gaudia
I am 5'4', average build, brown eyes, red hair, divorced, like the simple things in life, and just down to earth! I love travel, have't got to do much of that lately. Very much a family person. Like the outdoors. I love all kinds of art, especially gothic art. Like to go see a good movie ever so often, has to be something that will keep my interest for me to sit still. I love music, especially classic rock, southern rock and some country. I am game for just about anything, so thats all for now, maybe I will add somemore later on! I like movies, going to flea markets, bowling, romance, and alot more. I am just a county girl, like simple things, and don't like game playing.
I am a widow and a proud mother of 3. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter. I also have 5 grandkids ages from 9 to 2, three grandsons and two granddaughters. I like to have fun, drink occasionally and meet new people with interesting lifes. I love country music and watching football especially the PITTSBURGH STEELERS. I maybe be older and a widow but never said I was lonely. So for all you young men who only have sex on your mind and just want to cam I'm not interested. I think you need to get a new hobby to keep your hands and minds busy. Get More at Get More at Spending time with family and when that's not possible chatting and playing games with my friends. I also love watching football especially the PITTSBURGH STEELERS. Buried at Get More at Get More at
Beverly Avent
Beverlee Champion
Beverly Gomez
hi im beverly FUCK BITCHES talk shit! get hit! bitches get stiches!! about me . I LOVE GOING TO RAVES! i like parting .&&. hanging out with friends! if u cant handle ur self u cant handle me.. i dont give a fuck of what u think of me! i get annoyed and irrated easily .. well thats just me!
Beverly Hairston
Beverley Coster
oops see im new to this i put it in the interest lol... im a happy go lucky person, with a great sense of humour, im a good listener, with a heart of gold.Im going to melbourne to live for awhile just for a break, by myself, plenty work over there for nurses.... hi everyone im new to this so bare with me lol. Im from new zealand a place called taranaki, Im a mum with 4 lovely teenage children, nice to see them grow up and im free.... I also have a grand-daughter shes 19months.yeh im only just turned 40 lol but dont feel it.. i enjoy chatting to everyone over the world. My occupation im a nurse, a chef and a qualified baker, so yes im a busy woman.. but always find time for me.. i like to go out to the local to play pool, like the beaches, surf, etc
Beverly Logan
I'm looking for a male who's open minded to have correspondence with. If I meet the right one we could possibly take our relationship to the streets. I'm a strong, sexy, smart, independent female with many goals and lots of drive. I love to have fun and need a real man by my side to hold it down with. I need a man with good conversation, intelligence, street smarts and one who knows how to treat a lady. I want to explore the world and do new things when I come home. I'm willing to relocate. I love warm weather, tropical drinks and sandy beaches. I like to party and have fun. I don't want no more drama in my life. I live life in the fast lane but am willing to see what it is like to chill out and just be. I like romantic evenings and bedroom talk. I'm a real woman looking for a real man. What I've learned from my past relationships: I am a sexy, loyal, and devoted woman who's looking for a man to please me. Someone to share personal moments with, enjoy life and to firmly hold the bles
Beverly Duff
Beverly Wade
About me ummmm...... I am a simple person. I am respectfull, loyal, honest, loving and caring. I am Italian and was brought up with strong morals and values, and with these morals and values I love my family and friends very much and feel fortunate to have these very special people in my life.
Beverly Baker
I'm 56 and have been married/divorced twice. I have given birth to 6 children (5pregnancies) I have 8 grandchildren and one of them lives with me. I was born and raised in Alton IL. I'm on SSI and haven't worked in about 7 years now. Ask me any thing else you would like to know about me. I'm a solitaie freak, love to play all kinds of solitaire games on my computer. I love to read, paint, draw, sew, do needle work and play piano a lil bit. I collect movies and have over 1500 of them and I collect tea pots. I don't do any kind of drugs except the ones the doctor prescribes. I rarely drink and I smoke like a fiend. Cigarettes are like filet mignon to me. I want to quit but they just taste so good! I love to dance but haven't gone in ages. I like alternative, rock, hard rock, heavy metal, a few country artist/songs, classic, blues etc etc. You can learn more about me by seeing I love to kiss! I love cats!! AND HARLE
Beverly Jordan
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Hi- A little about me. I am 59, widowed. I have pets, 3 cats, a doggie and a bird. I enjoy making friends. Love to chat on the computer. I like short drives and to check out new places. Things to do at home besides watching tv, and playing with my cats. I enjoy cards, board games, the internet. Things to do outside of home is the movies, to dine out, I enjoy gambling, going to Disney world, dinner theater's comedy clubs, I like short cruizes, or even day cruises. I enjoy hugs with my boyfriend when I have one. Everyone likes to feel loved. I enjoy spending the day with my 5 year old grand daughter. Shes a joy and a hoot. I don't smoke. I do social drink. No drugs. I'm fun loving and caring. I hate hurting anyones feeling. I beleive there is someone out there for everyone. Its the search for them that is so much fun. I have lost a little of the trust I use to have. I would love to find a soul mate, but too afraid to look.... I'm 59, a little slower but still a
Beverly Pitman
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Beverly Escamilla
Beverly Patterson
I am a soccer girl to the max, but I also like to play basketball, volleyball, football, dirtbike, snowboard, and surf. Let's see here, I'm pretty random so if you're talking to me and I say something off the wall like...I dunno...I like broccoli, just keep talking to me like it didn't happen or laugh. It's whatever. I love poetry and I write it like it's water for my soul because it is. You can tell soooo much about a person from their poetry and mine is all pretty self explanitory. I'm not gunna lie people like me. I'm fun, funny, and to the point. Even people that hate me at first can't resist my some what big headed charm. You'll see. I'm basically interested in everything, I love music, sports, and poetry. Anything that gives me adrenaline going is amazing.
Beverly Stocum
A little about me? Well, I am married to a wonderful man and have an adorable 8 month old son. Don't believe me? Just check out my photos! I am also a born again Christian. I am hoping to met some people to just chat with while I'm hanging out online. So go ahead and drop me line.
Beverly Clark
Beverly Pate
Bev E
My name is Bev, I am 21 and from FL. New on Cherrytap... and as confused as possible. =) Bear with me ... especially you, "Messy" lol Fishing (or anything else that takes place on the water) Movies, Music, Travel, Friends, and Myspace. =)
Beverly Atkinson
I'm anti-war, but I support the soldiers I do like talking about politics :] I enjoy being informed and I care about whats going on in this world I think life is for living everyone needs to make sure to STAY HAPPY honestly if you are just living your life to make money, buy a house, do those things you are expected to do, and you aren't fulfilled, that is not cool :/ oh yeah and I really like cute critters I don't kill bugs annnnnnnd I'm amazingngng etc I REALLY ENJOY: being a vegetarian portland, oregon writing pretty music interesting conversations learning new things ISAAC BROCK (aka the singer/ guitarist/ banjo player from modest mouse) he is amazingly talented, and his bandmates are as well. oh, and he is shorter than me. and wears lots of plaid. srsly what is not to love?! LINDA (who is my mom) she might not actually be related to me, but she might as well be. she has always been there for me and I know I ca
Beverly Bean
We Are... "DIVA AND THE DUDE" (Bev and John) I am Bi-Female 35yrs old, and John is a straight male, 41yers old. We LOVE walking on the WILD SIDE!!! We love to party, go clubbing, dancing, cookouts, traveling, hanging out with friends, family, meet new people, trying new experiences. "WE DO THOSE PARTIES" In our spare time we are Distributor for Fantasy Incorporated, doing Adult Home Parties. OTHER THINGS WE ARE INTO... We like to do body castings, massages, restore old cars, Tai Chi and many other things. Just ask if you want to know more more about us. Please feel free to add as Friend and Fan! We are always up for a good chat, so don't be shy. For goodness sakes we aren't we sell sex toys for a living LOL!!! We enjoy doing all sorts of things... Meeting new people Clubbing Dancing Trying new experiences Tai Chi (meditation in motion) Massages/Reiki Healing Fantasy Parties Body castings
Beverly Lynn
Beverley Leacock
Beverly P
Beverly Nelson
Beverly Schaeffer
Beverly Carlson
Beverly Jane Bautista
Beverly Jane Bautista
Beverly Cole
Beverly Walts
Beverley Collins
Beverly Mathis
Beverly Esford
Beverly Ditmars
Beverly Mason
Beverly Lynch
Beverly Lewis
Beverley Robinson
hi there im a 42 yr old single mummy of one beautiful daughter. i love her to bits. what u see is what u get with me. i dont pretend to be something im not. if ya gunna make fun take a hike. if ya gunna say u love me n want to move in with me or me move in with u when you've never met me then get a grip i aint stupid n it aint gunna happen. for those that do do this ya stupid and pathetic in my opinion not to mention putting your lives at risk. please seriously get a grip. this is something i feel very strongly about so dont even try changing mind about it or convincing me that its a great idea cause u will fall flat on your face. can u please show my fam lots of love xxxx i love to go out partying, meeting new people, the 3 letter word mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mwah.but most of all i luv my daughter. she my angel.
Hiya all Well i am 53 year old women living in kent in the uk. I love life and live it to the full if you know what i mean lol . I love chatting and having a laugh so if you like stop by and chat oh and i dont bite only if you want me to hehehehehhehee Love bevxxxxxx I love all kinds of music Walking as i have a beach nr me .Meeting people as i love to chat and i guess i just love life xxxxxx
Beverly Diego
LOVE is a wonderfully powerful aphrodisiac, euphoric and fleeting all at the same time. Acceptingly embrace it when offered and enjoy the magic. The possibilities are too numerous to mention. I must warn you there is what I call a "Bev Effect". It will take you by surprise you'll never know it hit you. The good news is you will recover...bad news is you will NEVER get me out of your heart or mind. I won't look back so, if you lose the opportunity to get to know me, you'll never forgive yourself.
Beverlee Mitchell
Some of the content in here could be NSFW. IF YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND TALK TO ME FIRST. My friends are people I talk to. I'm sorry to people who where actually my friends that I deleted.... Before adding me, or asking. I am celibate. It is a personal preference and it is my choice, don't like it, then bye. I do not have sex. DO NOT ask. I AM Dating somebody. I am a very private person with my life, and unless I choose to volunteer my private life to you, do not ask me. I am here looking for nice people and friends, nothing more. I do not like showing myself to anybody but the man I love. If you don't get the hint after I've asked you numerous times to stop asking me private questions and there is nothing else you can talk to me about, then I will block you. It is none of your bussiness and seeing as I'm not dating you, you have no right to know. I've tried to be as kind as possible on here but I am tired of being asked to fuck and all this other crap, if I wanted you to see me
Beverly Mcleod
Going to make this short and maybe not so sweet lol..... My name is Beverly or Bev I’m a Continuing Care Assistant at a nursing home for 18 years I have two kids 18 & 16...I am NOT here to hook up with anyone. I am here for the wonderful friends I have made and the ones I will make. I am not your baby. I dont want to date you, cyber you, or anything else but be your friend. Please do not get in my shout box and be rude or perverted. I have no problem using the block button. I enjoy helping people so if you need my help with something for leveling or achievements just ask and I will do my best to help you if I can. I am not here anywhere near as much as I used to be. I pop on when I have time in my life. Otherwise, I am probably at work, out with friends, walking, or maybe just chilling at home watching a movie. Please keep it real. I can't stand liars, fakes or cheats. I will definitely speak my mind and lastly Be kind to one another because you never know what there going through
Beverly Clifton
whatever you want to know ask i like whatever and i open do do whatever. have n e questions ask.
Beverly Guyle
Beverly Stevens
Just a good & nice 'ol gal here to make some friends!! :) Thank you for stoppin by!! :)
Beverly Metts
Beverly Johnson
Here to make friends and possibly a long term relationshipEnjoy talking to people and interesting conversationsSome things I enjoy doing are dinners out,traveling, spending time with family and friends, walks on the beach, flea markets,yard sales will capture my attention quickly...lolThat's about all for nowIf you want to know more about me, then stop by and let's become friends
I like to go out and have fun with friends and stuff. I like to drink Vodka is my favorite. heehee. Fun times.
Beverly Smith
Beverley Lafrance
Beverly Payne
Beverly Shoemaker
Beverly Not Sure
Beverly Cole
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Beverly Jensen
ROCK N ROLL from the 60's to todays rock. I like the long hairs but have been know to hang with the short hairs also. NASCAR and NHRA almost any motor sport.
Beverly Hardaway (bosen)
Beverley Sessoms
Beverly Brebner
Beverly Morgan
Beverly Chambers
wow so i really havent been on here in a mad long time.. i am 25 now i have 2 kiddos that are 7 and going to be 4 next month yay!!! i would get into more but what would be the fun in that wanna know about me ask me! quotes that i like: ~ MyHotComments ~ MyHotComments ~ MyHotComments ~ MyHotComments ~ MyHotComments ~ MyHotComments ~ MyHotComments ~ ~ my biggest intrest is watchin
THE DEEPER MEANING OF ME Many people have told me that I am the strongest woman they've ever met and it surprises me because I have never felt particularly strong when dealing with life’s circumstances that are not ideal. However, if “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” is true, I must be a strong woman. I’ve always been referred to as quite intelligent, but I think the most intelligent thought I have is the realization of how little I really know. Alas, perhaps intelligence is the ability to think and I can do that. I enjoy thinking. I consider myself capable of deep thought. I have a heart that aches whether be it with joy or sorrow. I experience life at my core. I can find joy in things others miss such as the sound of the rain, the smell of the ocean, and the texture of a rose petal. When I first moved to Alabama, the sight of orange dirt made me giddy. I look forward to all the new experiences life still has to offer. I am constantly working on imp
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im sexy, fun, charming and flirtatious! im always up trying something new. i love exploring and experimenting anything. from those, i improve myself and learn more things on earth. my curiosity drives me to do it.. im the kind of girl that likes to go out and have a good time. i real fun to hang out with 'cause i can get pretty wild and crazy!! i want to meet guys who are ready for anything, 'cause you can also assure me to do it so... hmm!! if you are interested in my life, i will share it to you, just go on... also here accepting you guyz... add me, swit undersc0re hersheyann at yahuu dat cum or at huttmale dat cum. thanks and have a great day!!
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I LOVE NHRA Drag Racing!!!!!!!!! More Speed! More Power!! I love to sing, it helps me relax. :) My youngest special needs daughter, my fav aunt & my grandmother Top Gun, Pretty Woman, The Wedding Singer, Sixteen Candles.
Beverly Dosiern
I am a Sister I am a Wife I am a Mother Angels surround us no matter where you go Angels are around us don't you know Angels will be strong for you Angels will belong to you Angels will survive for you and protect you no matter what you do Angels will be there in time of need and angels will never leave as long as you believe
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Beverley Walker
drinking on a friday neet with all my family and friends,spending time with my bf nd my little dudes ie me kids lol nd of course here nd facebook lol
Beverley Paget
I love listening to music and dancing and going for walks and having fun too. Like listening to music and dancing and going for walks too.
I am a out going person and fun to be around try to make people happy when sad. Like to be outside when the weather is good. Like to spend time with the horse that i have. I am a proud mom of two girls they are 16&18. I have enjoyed growing up with them they have keep me young and energtic. We are very close as a family i enjoy being there for them when they need me to be. They are the best friend a mom could have.
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Hmmmmmmmmm........What can I say about me? I guess that I am funny and adventerous. If you have any questions ask...nothing shy about me.
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Well another year goes by here in fubar and i don't change the people do. Still have a hard time opening up to others but i will get there. I am not interested in meeting anyone in here and thats a fact. Please don't come into my sb i care not the size of your pkg. ,or your looks its alway's been to me whats inside a person that counts. Talk is cheap so chances are i won't really get to know you in here. sorry. I will tell u i have raised 6 awesome children ,all fully grown all college grads and i believe that might be one of my biggest accomplishments. Now that they are grown i do work part-time for fun money, swim, camp and work-out.Boring.But, aw yes, i have 1 grandaughter and another on the way so im blessed. I have no time for phoney baloney im just a down to earth person so please just keep it real and we can be friends.
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Well.. I am me. Any questions? ;) visited 38 states (76%)Create your own visited map of The United States
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My interest are scuba, travel and spending time with my grand children
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Diamonds in the dirt If I died today tomorrow My boss would be looking for a way to fill my position Some people where I work would feel sad , some would not care but pretend they do, some would ask questions to figure which one in my department died. My children would morn be angry fight come together, fall apart then go on. there mates would either be hurt or put on a very good show of being hurt. people would pass the news around as so many do a new topic or new piece of gossip some who never met me would be touched because in some way I touched them. Over the next weeks the ones who care would still think of me after a month I would be old news to most but still in the hearts of those who love me. within a year I would be old news but for the ones who I truly meant something to. years would not erase me from them. As you live your lives and give of your self to your friends , family lovers and so on. As you live your lives and turn your back on friends, family lovers and so on
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action, horrors, thrillers and the odd girly movie
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you want to know about me just ask me. music,writing,hanging with friends.
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Girls just wanna have funnn !!!
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I am a CNA and I love my job. I love camping and just being outside. I enjoy taking care of other people and sometimes forget about myself. My parents because they are the two strongest people that I know. My mom survived through cancer and my dad has had major health problems but they are still here with me. I truly admire them both. Twilight Series Dear John Ghost Dirty Dancing Titantic
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I'm looking for a friend with benefits. Love to meet people and build a relationship. I love men and women. Looking forward to meeting you Music adult movies candlelight dinners and a beautiful woman to share it with. OK. I like men to but going to a sports game like football or hockey is my ideal date with a man. I love oral sex and watching it also.
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