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Ashlay Jackson
im jus me i 21 i have a 2 yr old kid an i love him very much hes mi life umm ... im not a girly girl hate that shit but w/e ummm,,, what ever u want to kno jus ask cuz im jus me RIOT thats me all me pretty out there an open but w/e need to kno somethinor jus wonderin somethin let me know i aint shy ........ music ... tattoos tryin to become a tattoo artist soo hells yea lol ... but im jus like one of the guys more like it im bi soo yep yep !!!! ummm not really anyone to tell u the truth ....... blood an gore the scarier the better i love it !!!!!
Ashley Peters
Ashley W
Hi, my names ashley. I'm a lesbian. And I'm single and looking
Ashley Brown
Ashley Knight
Ashley Peeterse
Ashley Dearmon
Ashley Briggs
Ashley-one Edwards-a Kind
Ashley Nicole
Ashleigh Casey
I did 5 years in the Marine Corps. I have a son that means the world to me. And I am a full time student and mother and I have the most amazing fiance I could ever ask for. imikimi - sharing creativity
Ashley Davis
Ashley C
Ashley Arrington-doyle
Ashleigh Savill
Ashley Ballard
Ashlie Hurley
My name is Ashlie. I am 20 years old. I love to party and have fun!!! Add me if you want to
hey im 25yrs old like to party on t weekend most people tht know me think im a complete bitch but i dont give a fuck wht anyone says or thinks u either love my strait to the point not gonna suger coat it or ur gonna hate it but idc either single just got out of a decade long relationship n im ready to meet new people the more woman the better love their bodys being t best mom i can n parting on t weekends i like to do meny things n love trying new things shit i look up to noone fuck tht im gonna b me not really a tv person
Ashley Schober
Ashley Woodson
Ashley Carbutt
Ashley Mcdaniel
Ashley Boone
Ashlee Cash
Hey everybody out there! Whats up? My name is Ashlee. I'm 28 years old. I'm from Marietta GA. Just looking for some fun, I'm fun to be around. I love dancing, singing, and I love going out. I also enjoy yah know cute stuff like movies, eating out (alot) lol. I guess if yah wanna know something just ask me I'm so not shy!!
Ashley Stately
Ashley Snidemiller
Ashley Lancaster
Ashley Knight
Ashley Maxson
I'm Ashley, 25 Mom of two boys. Just here to meet friends, I loveeee my boyfriend Music, Tanning, going to the beach, reading....and the list goes on & on
Ashley Sweeney
My Name is Ashley i have a baby girl she was born on November 10, 2011 .. i have more picture if want to know what i look at them i have a plenty of fish .com my username is ams31791 and i have a facebook you can look at.. if you want to know anything about me ask... (AGE IS JUST A NUMBER) i am not just looking for a relationship i am also looking for friendship too JUST CAUSE U LOOK GOOD ON THE OUT SIDE DON'T MEAN YOU YOU Look GOOD ON THE OUTSIDE ... IT IS WHAT IS ON THE Inside THAT REALLY COUNTS NOT THE OUTSIDE REALLY .. YES LOOKS MAY HELP BUT THE ARENT EVERYTHING I have a little girl she was born on november 10, 2011 at 9:11pm .. I enjoy being a mother .. Her father is a****isnt around really found him but i cant stand him. I am try to get my life together as you can see i am not prefect any ways dont email if you are just looking to hook up , one night stand, or a **** buddy go else where cause i am not like that .. my daughter is # 1
Ashley Dillon
I have 2 kids and a wonderfull fiance. I love too ride horses and go mudding when I can. I love dogs and all animals. I have an iguanna and hamster. Im looking for a part time f*** buddy. Horse back riding, fishing, mudding, 4-wheeling, hunting, and spending time with my family. my mother love and comedy
Ashley-blaine Ward
Ashley Lockhart
Im a mom of 3. 2 girls one boy. I have a total of 20 or so tattoos and more still to come!! Love the guys with tattoos and piercings i paint, draw, read, the usual boring stuff horror, comedies, love stories. if it's good ill watch it no matter what category it is from
Ashley Sanders
i am a smart person.i love tto sing.i am a christan....i am a kind sweet loveable girl...i am a vrigan girl..looking for a bf
Ashlie Bonar
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Moore
Ashley Lazzerini
Ashley Cunningham
Ashley Frede
Im 20 years old and i like to have fun. I will talk to anyone. I have a 1 year old son that i take care of full time on my own.
Ashley H
Ok I am a single mother of 2 beautiful daughters. I enjoy doing stuff with them, and taking them places. I am 5'11 medium build. Laid back but love to have fun. If you know me personally well then you know the kind of person I really am. I absolutely LOVE playing pool. I am in pool leagues for 7yrs now and love doing it. Hanging out and having fun is another thing I love doing wit my close friends that stuck by my side through THICK AND THIN
Ashley Saenz
Ashley Stultz
Ashley Dietrich
Hi my name Ashley im fun to be with i like to make new friends i love my fiance and our son im a stay at home mommy right now if u need to know anything else leave me a message I like the beach i like to go places i like to cross stitch i also like to go to any type of parks i also like fuzzy posters i like spending time with my family and friends I love scary movies and anything good
Ashly Allbright
Ashley Mcmath
Ashley Smith
Ashley Woods
Ashley Elick
Ashley Malkin
Ashley Farleman
I am a single parent of 2 daughters Adalia and Jaycelynn. I love playing pool and having fun
Ashley Owens
Ashley Welch
Ashley Bookwalter
Ashley Ramon
Ashley Bradshaw
Ashley Jones
Ashley Marie
Ashley Maynor
Ashley Latecki
Ashley Ily
im funny im sweet im layed back and im out bi im looking for a girl or guy 18-27..mexican or white MEXICANS MUSIC- i write my own songs
I am nothing but a country girl who likes to work on vehicles and 4 wheeling, Hunting & Fishing, partying and just have a good time, kicking back and relaxing, I am a very laid back person!!! [b][i]A-2-Z About Me Survey[/i][/b] by [url=]bamachic49[/url] [b]{---Basics---}[/b] [i]Name:[/i] Ashley Lynn [i]Nickname:[/i] Tink [i]Age:[/i] 27 [i]Birthday:[/i] 11/20/1989 [i]Birthplace:[/i] Burien [i]Current Location:[/i] Ellensburg [i]Eye Color:[/i] Blue [i]Hair Color:[/i] Red/brown [i]Height:[/i] 5'7" [i]Weight:[/i] 160 [i]Lefty or Righty:[/i] Right [i]Zodiac Sign:[/i] Scorpio [i]What Do You Drive:[/i] A car [i]Screenname:[/i] Ashley AKA Cowgirl [b]{---Favorites---}[/b] [i]Color:[/i] Green [i]Number:[/i] 27 [i]Band:[/i] Run away June [i]Music Genre:[/i] Country [i]TV Show:[/i] Once upon a time [i]Movie:[/i] Burlesque [i]Actor:[/i] Mathew McConahay [i]Actress:[/i] Am
Ashley Lofty
Ashlee Chayka
Ashley Hammock
Ashley Burton
Ashley Readymade
Ashley Boyce
Ashley Alverson
I'm 20 and I'm lovin it... well what can i say...i love 2 hang with friends, listen 2 music, sing, dance, cook, going swimming, camping, mudding, party, chill with people just 2 meet new friends, play football with the guys, and i like 2 go out and get down and not a girly girl...i like 2 have a tomboy. Been looking for new people to hang out with, i love just going out and having a good time.
Ashley Keal
Ashley Ramirez
DO NOT ASK ME FOR SEXUAL FAVORS DO NOT ASK ME WHAT SIZE MY BOOBS ARE DO NOT ASK ME IF I WANT TO RIDE YOUR THROBBING ANYTHING! I am an engaged woman and virtual or otherwise i will not do things with anyone else . yes im naughty yes i like it rough tough shit that its my mans job and not yours to please me. if you start a conversation with me by saying hey sexy or hows my baby im likely going to block you because not only did you not read my profile but you decided that i was an object of yours a complete stranger. I'm nice and i like to be nice but i am also probably the biggest bitch you've ever met when you cross me. you can friend me if your a guy im not against guy friends but so long as your only looking for friendship we will get along great girls that means you too lol gay bi or lez it matters not to me i will friend anyone that wants to be my friend just dont hit on me and if you cant find something else to talk about the find someone else to talk to i love to sing and
Ashley Gil
Ashley Brundige
Ashley Christen
Ashley Thompson
Ashley Jeter
Ashley Marie Conway
Ashley Harper
Ashley Schlund
Ashli Smith
Ashley Long
Ashli D
Ashley Brandon
Ashley Riley
Ashley Abaigar
Ashlee Smith
I.. I.. am really not sure where to start. I'm a very strong willed person, I do no except anything for anyone. I know how to do it all on my own. I have no time for fake people. I'm not here to find my sole mate.. If I thought that I needed to use a web site to do that, I would use something with a little more info about a person.. I don't know you to tell me, or taunt me about myself. I can see myself. please keep the inappropriate comments to yourself. I seem to be a very hard person to read. When I say something you should take it all in..... and really think about it.. What I am saying is either the truth, or something that will impact your life some time some how. I am a young person, and know much more than Im sure I should at this time in my life. Nothing comes easy to me, everything I have I work for, and I'm very proud of what I have.. I do live a very confusing life at times, like I have said... Im a hard person to read, but Im honest, I will not sugar code anythi
Ashley Scott
hi i am Ashley Scott you can call me Ash,.24 yrs old, care to chat a pretty pussy woman here?? im naughty,sexy,hot model that want's to hook up with someone,,i want someone lay me at the bed of roses and i want exciting tot's to do...if you want me to know better about me..just add me at my YEAH WHO MESSENGER.. hot_ashleyforu at yeah who that come.. ill be waiting darling i love being with someone who trusts me and hanging out with them. .
Married for 11 years. One child 11 years old. Love my life. Forgot fubar was a thing
Ashley Cameron
Ashley Garner
Ashley Renee
Ashley Jaime
Ash Lander
Ashley Collado
Ashley Nicholson
wats good ladys im the kid bugalou im 24 years old no kids but love them i have a good head on my shoulders im looking for someone to who knows wat they want im life...and not about the honest respectful and outspoken i finshed high school i love to play my own whip and worken on gettin another place.... basketball,hangin out, movies good food, everybody all types
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Prettii Barbi Murphy
Ashley Feathers
Ashley French Nix
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Story
Ashley Roach
Ashlee Girard
Ashley Smith
Ashley Lee
Ashlee Pinder
Ashley Rush
Ashley Crowley
Ashley Bronson
Ashley Carlson
My name is Ashley, im 23 years old, i have 2 beautiful kids they are my life, i losst their dad over seas he was in Marines!! He was the love of my life.. I Love to spend time wit my family and friends!! I am a very outgoing kinda girl!!!I Love riding horses. My son's name is Devan Michael Nd My daughters name is Maryianna Grace!! They are my life!!! Rideing horses,snowboarding,dirt bikes,riding quads,talking on the phn,texting.....spending time with my babies My fahter,my kids father and all the men and women who are serving our country
Ashley Stewart
my name is Ashley i am 23 years old i am in a relationship wit it to guys. i have no kids im looking fo me a fulltime are a part time job i stay in the north county area of St.Louis i come from aa big family i have 1 sister and 4 brothers and i lov them dearly. i have a high school diploma and a college degree and going back to school to continual my education cause im trying to go for my AA degree in computers. i have alot of friends and i have 2 bf's that's crazy. my favorite tv shows ; love and hip hop bad gurls club the braxton family values tyler perry favorite movies; belly 2 baby boy all friday movies preacher's kid etc.. love sex music surfing the web
Ashley Mageras
Ash Leakey
Ashley Stoltzfus
Ashley Vipperman
Ashley Hemphill
Ashley Poetting
Ashley Carter
Ashley Peterson
Love is Pain, Life is pain. You cant protect anyone from it.its always gonna get ya. But, sometimes life and love can also be good. You have to be open, you have to take chances, you have to let go. Common sense Barrel Racing , *Hunting, fishing, anything outdoors i suppose
Ashlin Grace Marilyn Monroe
Ashley Danielle
Ashley Jenna
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Barnett
my name is ashley i'm 25 yrs old have a wonderful boyfriend and glad he's all mine i am faithful and if you think your going to say some nasty things i'll just block you bc im happy and dont want to lose him my man, friends, wwe, smack down, watching movie's and comady show's i love making new friend's im just really into nascar and football i also love the outdoors and taking naps none at this moment horror, comady, drama, mystery, romance,
Ashley Breaux
hi my name is ashley i'm 20ty years old i'm someone who is loyal and generous definetly sexy patriotic i'm also very active in games and interactions but however i can be impatient and hasty sometimes i'm very ambitious woman but very influential when it comes to organizations i'm very fun to be with friend wise i only want friends no males just females because i'm very commited to my significant other when i go and hang out with my friends i love to socialize with new people and learn new things i can't stand people who stay talking about old stuff lets try some new talk with action and verbs you know and i love for my homies to praise me with compliments lol watch out because i love me some attention and when i'm with my significan't other i loves to be loved i'm in a very commited relationship too joseph brown and i care not to hear about anybody else far as dawgs trying to chase me because you wont get this because this fine young woman is ALREADY TAKEN GOT IT.... i'm very honest a
Ashley Jackson
Ashley Davis
Ashley Morton
Ashley Williams
Ashley Daniels
Ashley Byroad
Ashlee Taylor
Ashley Holmes
Ashley Navarrette
Ashley Pera
Ashley Marie
Ashley Burkheart
Ashlynn Williams
Ashley Figueroa
Ashley Gray
Ashleys List
Ashlee Smith
Ashley Tapley
Ashley Redcay
Ashley Britton
I am 25yrs old, I have one child she is 3yrs old. She is my main focus in life. Everything i do in life she is always on my mind. I am fun, easy going, love to cuddle, I am not one for high school games I like mature MEN. I prefer older MEN however we will see as they come along. I've got a Harley and love to RIDE. That is become a huge passion of mine these last couple months.
Ashleigh Haworth
Ashley Quill
Ashley Barker-audi
Ashley Camp
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Cook
ask an i will tell ask
Ashley Rose
Ashley Lewellin
Ashley Nicole Smith
Ashley Casort
Ashley Worrell
Ashley White
Ashley B
hi new to this site
Ashley Barrett
Ashleigh Dye
Ashley Coleman
Ashley Lindsey
Ashley Neiman
Ashley Mcmurry
Ashley Stone
Ashlynn Uyanik
Ashley Sizemore
Ashley Kidman
HOO AM I ? I AM PEICEOFLIFE THATS HOO I AM.Contact me sometime!Make me want you!Then I wil b easy to catch!If ya can read my profile then hoo ever wants to can .Please don't send me pic of your privet area's,If things work out, I would be able to see it anytime I wanted.I like the suprise!Like getting a Christmas gift,If you seen it once where's the fun in the suprise and I hate to Fake!I am a country gal at heart.I do believe in love!You can have sex or you can make love and if you don't know the difference don't bother with me cause I do !!I want a real man not a jerk ( I have had a few of them already)If your pic is of your best feature and it's your privet parts only,that must mean your a real dic... something to think about GUYS. I would reather get hot looking into some sexy eyes and work my way to the good stuff slowly,better then seeing the package right from the start and to be honest.I have seen some of your dicks on here and if that's all you have going for you... I s
My body is a work of art. My name is Ash. I'm 21 y/o I work in photography I like meeting new people and making new friends. I like learning new things. You should probably talk to me about something.
Ashley Warren
Ashley Harrison
Ashley Clingerman
Ashley Holston
Ashley Ayers
Ashley Pine
Ashley Kenski
Ashley Aills
Ashley Laffey
Ashley Hamby
Ashley Lovejoy
Hi Im Ashley. Im 18 and im just looking for friends
Ashley Capone
Ashley Fultz
Ashlee Ellis
Ashley Warnes
Ashley Jean
Ashley Nichole
Ashlee Lepley
Ashley Demayo
Ashlee Joseph
Ashley Zamarripa
Ashley Robinette
Ashley Martin
Ashley Stone
Ashley Snow
Ashley Brynildsen
Mariska Hargitay Law and Order SVU
Ashley Luther
We are a couple looking for a bisexual woman to have some fun with if you are interested let us know!!
Ashley Curtis
Ashley Rogers
Ashley Cervantes
Ashley Klingler
Just Ask Me.. I Don't Bite(: I Like To Read, Write, Sing, Dance, Party, Have Bonfires, Chill & Cuddle Wit My Boo. Just Living My Life If You Don't Like Me Then Whatever. Footloose, Hangover 1 & 2, Little Rascals, The Foxworthy Show, Dennis The Menace, Lady & The Tramp, Twilight Saga, Lifetime Movies.. & My All Time Favorite.. 9 To 5(:
Ashley Combahee
Ashley Fowler
Ashley Wilkinson
Ashley Jackson
Ashley Noelle
Ashley Bucciarelli
Ashley Crum
Ashli Jade
Ashlie Richard
Ashley Dunn
Ashleigh Ill
Ashley Eisenhour
Ashly Holland
I am married been married about 3 months. We are separated at the moment. I have a 2 yr old daughter who is my world. I dont like drama and dont put up with it. IF u wanna be my friend dont bring drama around or u will be deleted.
Ashley Ruthosky
Ashley Pothul
Ashley Zamsky
Ashley Led
Ashley Lisenbee Bowman
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Baker
Ashley Robertson
Ashley Trude
Ashley Davis
Ashley F
Ashley Duncan
Ashley Murphy
I'm in my 20's, happily married, I have 3 step children and a biological son I have 2 girls and 2 boys altogether. I am going to school to be an LPN. I am also working as a mental retardation specialist. I love my kids and my husband I am here to make friends and have some fun. I don't get to go out much anymore but I do love to have a good time and some good laughs I love to be me. I was a CNA for 4 years and I graduated high school with honors but I am by far a goody two shoes. I am an avid Star Wars nerd and I love Bruce Lee. I love the UFC and anything MMA. I also love to play LEGO anything on the PS3 and I love Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Punisher, Captain American, Thor, Iron Man, Green Lantern and older generation (some newer generation) comic books. I also love heavy metal, hard rock, some country, and anything with an awesome beat. Anything else just let me know
Ashley Duncan
Ashley Kyleswify
Ashley Holbrook
Ashley Sklooge
Ashley Eberlen
I'm a Florida girl from Jacksonville. I'm happily married to my husband William our anniversary in 10-4-2011. I like all kinds of music except gospel and jazz. Shit pisses me off. I'll talk to people and joke but start crossing the line and i'll block your ass. it's called take a hint. I'm a little weird Music Reading Mud boggin Singing Dancing Sleeping Freakin out!
Ashley Mcelhone
Ashley Knight
Ashley Darling
Ashley Christine
Ashley Stephenson
Ashley Savani
When you start a new beginning you must leave your past behind. Opening a new door and closing the old. There is no leaving it just a little open or unlock for a just in case or perhaps to let your past see a little of your new beginning. Be careful. You may trip for looking back to see who's peeking and before you realized the new beginning has lock the door.
Ashley Kane
Ashlee Bolden
My name is Ashlee Bolden. I am from North Carolina, but I reside in Hartsville, South Carolina. I am 23 yrs. old. I am divorced, I have a four yr. old son his name is Ayden. I have been a Certified Nursing Assistant for three yrs. I'm a very independent female. Very outgoing people person. I have a great sense of humor. I like to interact with people from all walks of life. Shopping, traveling, bowling, shooting pool, spending time with family and friends. Crocheting, swimming, fishing. Going out and having a good time, just enjoying life itself. God and my family!! Training Day, All Tyler Perry movies and plays. The Notebook, Save The Last Dance, and many more from various genres.
Ashlee Messersmith
Ashley Damoude
Ashley Conover
Ashlee Martine
Ashly Jackson
Ashley Bateson
Ashley Shade
Ashlea Bonito
I'm a spunky outgoing person, I work in retail right now but plain to go to school in September to take a 9 session course to get certified as a vet tech I love animals a lot, I also can sing and dance, if you wanna know more ask animals, singing, dancing, movies, drinks, food, beach, music, driving, shopping
Ashley Timmel
Ashlee Toney
Ashley Young
Ashley Macon
Hi guys.....I am not exactly new to fubar. I know how things are done, what can go on here. I am telling I am not at all interested in drama. If you like drama please go away and don't make me be mean to you. I am a 25 year old woman. I am in an open relationship. Let me get this out of the way....I like sex. Before you load my shoutbox and inbox with cyber sex I need you to remember a few things: 1. I am not your whore.Role play like that is a little different. 2. I am not interested driving half way across the country to me you and you shouldnt want to do that either 3. I may be willing to cyber with you. Listen VERY CAREFULLY: I DO NOT CAM FOR ANYONE If you can handle that stuff the still go ahead and send me a friend request.
Ashly Pink
Ashley P
Ashley Seale
i am 29 years old with three kids one of which is two months old im very family orianted but i know when to let loose and have fun i have been married for 5 years but i dont know for how much longer im a strong woman who goes for what i want i fight for what i believe in im funny sweet until u piss me off then all bets r off im short and thick but im happy with who i am im not here to impress people im here to be me and only me..... i love joking around and having fun when i can being around friends and good company i like playing video games...
Ashley Lee
Ashley Dinges
Ashley Bateson
Ashley Corder
Ashley Judson
Ashley Oswald
Ashley Taylor
Hiii I'm Ashley I'm 19 and live in Calii I'm in colleege right now and tryin to get byy I hoope I can make sum nice frieends in hereee, maybe sumthing else DDD I likeee romcoms like anyy other giirl off course DD I used to hang oout with my frieends but I'm kinda lonelyy I don't seee them as muuch noww I love Brad Pitt and Johnyy Depp, love all theeir moovies they're thee beeest haha!!!! My fave moovie eever is eternal sunshine of teh spotleess mind, it's soooo amaziing D I likee to go to anyy moviee as long as I don't go aloneeee
Ashley Cline
video games; geekdom
Ashley Hughes
Ashlee Beckett
Ashley James
Ashley Jones
Ashley Guist
Ashley Awestastic
So, the name's Ashley... Obviously. I'm 24 and live in Ohio. I should probably also mention I lean more towards woman. Sorry guys.
Ashley Denfourd
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Beach
My name is Ashley. I'm 18. Graduated and starting college in September. I love movies. I'm a huge movie buff. I'm a pretty nice person and I love to make people laugh!! I love to draw and I play xbox in my free time. Borderlands, Fallout, and Skyrim are my favorite games. I watch the news and tv constantly so if you ask me about a telivision show more then likely I will out talk you. I'm on the internet to much but i'm mostly either watching funny videos or spending my time on Netflix.(: Lol. I don't do drugs or drink anymore. I pick my friends carefully because I feel that the people you associate with can impact you. I live with my mom. I have 4 sisters and a brother I have never met but I hope to meet someday. I love my mamaw very much. She is the only true person in my life who I believe really cares. I have a dog named Daisy and a Teddy Bear hamster named Baby. I don't trust people very easily so you have to earn my trust. I'm a very emotional person and I don't care if peop
Ashley Perhealth
Ashley Sunshine
Ashley Sarlouis
Ashley Daggett
Hi im a 22 yr old cna i am smart funny big and beautiful. I love life and my family
Ashley Brown
Ashley Warden
Ashley Smith
I am a mother of two wonderful little girls. Being there mother makes me the happiest women alive. I am from the south. You can take a southern woman out of the south but you can't take the south out the southern woman. I like to do just about anything from watching movies to working on motors i love to fish and be outdoors love to swim you name it I would have to say my mother is one of my idols. Along with her best friend who I stayed with more than my own blood mother. I am into horror, thriller, action packed type movies. I hate romantic movies and will not watch them some comedys i like but they have to actually be funny not dumb shit
18-yr-old selling nudes. Add me on Skypee: ashleyxx1995
Ashley Perkins
Ashlee La Shawtyy
Ashley Howard
Ashley Jenderko
Ashleigh Willhers
Ashley Smiley
Ashley Winter
Ashley Bruner
Ashley Sanchez
Ashlee Cousins
Ashley Adderhold
i love to take long walks i am a love bug when it comes to relationships sexual wise im kinky lol or so ive been told. i work 3 jobs and have 2 beautiful kids that are my world when im not working i spend what little time i got with them.on another note im going to college to get my rn in pediatric nursing i love it! i like dragons, wolves, skulls, all animals etc. my mother who killed herself when i was 8 anything with stephen king i love!!!!
Ashley Piper
Ashlee Alley
Ashly Logan
Ashley Leonetti
Ashley Newton
Ashley Boyce
Ashley Vargas
Ashley Greenlee
Ashley Owens
Ashley Hogendoorn
Ashley Wells
Ashley Owens
I am a happily married christian wife of two beautiful children and one on the way.Last year I got married to my best friend and wouldn't trade him for the world! Waking up to him everyday is priceless! He is my yin to my yang. He completes me to the fullest, except when he's being selfish but even when we don't see eye to eye, I couldnt live my life without him! My husband has brought me closer with Jesus and I count my lucky stars that I wake everyday and am truly blessed with who I have in my life. We are advid bible readers and always puts the Lord first in our home! I am a LNA and want to further my career to become a RN. Thankfully I have my best friend by my side to pursue my dreams with me! I wear my heart on my sleeve however I do have a huge temper but I've been asking the Lord to help me with this. Just don't piss me off.. .. I am pretty easy going and love my children to death.I am very crafty and love shake DAT ass! If you want to know more just ask... BUT,.. I'm going to
Ashley Phillips
I'm Gothic, love to swim, have fun... I am a singer and hope to one day go farther into the occupation. swimming, singing, wrighting..... Andy Biersack horror movies
Ashlynn Davis
Ashley Millard
Ashlee Michele
My, name is Ashlee Michele I have two kids and a open relationship I am looking for someone who can send me money when ever they want ill even show you anything and do anything to get some money love and my kids
Hi, Im ashley!!! Yes Im into girls, sry boys... I love meeting new people, long walks on the beach and sports.
Ashley Ramirez
Ashley Delamont
Ashley Rana
Ashley Miller
Ashley Smithson
Hey everyone, my name is ashley, from the greatest state there is big blue Kentucky. I am not here to hook up or see anyones junk, i have a woderful boyfriend. Me and him are making a group on here called fubar's hottness. So if any ladies are interested in being featured on it send myself or him a msg. chuck anderson@ fubar Fubar Hottness   members: xXCuteFaceXx@ fubar Imperfection@ fubar xSYNABUNx@ fubar xXAngel FaceXx@ fubar MYSTI LOU ROXX@ fubar
Ashley Krietemeyer
Ashley Lennon
Hi Everyone!!! A little about me...I live in Beverly Hills, CA. Best place to shop, live, eat, pretty much anything your heart desires. I enjoy sports, clubs, dancing, music, and doing all sorts of out door activities. Not exactly into just reading, but I live living. Before I forget.....
Ashley Handy
Ashley Hanson
Ashley Hooley
Ashlee Km
Ashley Moberg
looking for a good time only. donkys mainly they have big %$#@%
Ashley Hideyoshi
Ashley Ramer
Ashley M
Ashley Bateson
Ashley Thurman
Ashley Cooper
Ashlie Brown
im a bitch and i am a stay at home mom to 2 kids, I have a boy and a girl and they are my world and there is nothing that i would not do for them. Everything i do i do for my kids. games with my kids, playing on the computer and the nintendo, atary, playstation 2 and playstation 3, going to the park with my kids, and just hanging out with the family
Ashley Everhart-powell
Ashley Morgan
Just ask Lots of things
Ashley Edwards
Ashly Hoskins
Ashly Laudenslager
Ashly Smith
im looking for fun only with those real people. dont like lying,playing games if you know what i mean..if your interested to know about me and having action for real person..add me up sweetashly23@ y.c waiting for you there
Ashley Schwabe
Ashley Wilcox
I'm a naughty naughty girl and looking for her Were she at
Hey all, I am Ashely, I'm a down to earth kind of gurl and i love spending time with my family and friends. If you would like to get to know me more just smack my sb and talk to me. I enjoy bonfires, walking on the beach and everything out doors, Love to go fishing and being able to spend that nice quite time on the water, also i love to go hunting. !!!!!!!!!!! Hanging out with family and friends, i love to ride horse and having the music up loud and being on the computer, texting and talking on the phone, playing board games and just laughing and having fun is the best feeling to me Kasey Kahne, My mom and my best friend michele OMG there are so many movies that i love, to much to say so if u want to know just ask me
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Ashley Alarcon
Ashley Brown
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Sims
Ashley Nichole
Ashley Culmo
I'm a Cherokee Native as well as a few other tribes and im very proud of my heritage. I am an outdoors kinda gal and I LOVE tattoos, haha...I love music as well, and I am constantly listenin to tunes. I dont like for people to message me, askin for nude pix or askin for "cyber sex" so if u wanna be my friend, the way to make it that way is to not perv up on me...HAHA If you wanna know anything more, just lemme know! Have a great fukkin day!! \,,X,,/ TATTOOS!!!!!!!! an art fanatic and i love Bob Ross... Nuff said. lol
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Ashley Cline
Ashley Clark
Ashley Hillman
Ashley Olin
Ashley Tune
Ashley Bateson
Ashley Noratel
Ashley Suarez
Hello world im ashley new here i want friends and lots of them! I'm outgoing smart. I'm the total package i love movies reading and dancing Reading, listening to music. Twilight movies and much more.
Ashley Smith
Ashley Daniel
Ashley Eichhorn
Ashley 22 years old Live in Angola IN
Ash Lyles
Ashley Bruce
Ashley Rhodes