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Ashley Johnson
im 22 and i recently got in a car crash. no i wasnt the driver. i was sleeping in the passenger seat. i am an artist workin on my music going back to cali to record again soon. i go by the name of young ash
Ashley Haynes
well im 18 likes to have fun from denver colorado an loves to chill an lay back an watch football like to party hell im the party age likes to have fun an try new stuff
Ashley Slatton
Ashley Care
I'm Ashley. I'm a full time college student, 18. I am a hairdresser and a customer service rep, only one of which is a job I like. Ask me whatever, I'm pretty open
Ashleigh Williamson
Ashley Russo
Ashley Depino
Ashley Pate
I am one of 9 children. I guess you would say the third oldest, i have a step sis thats a yr older than me and a twin brother that is a minute older than me lol. We are all scattered all over the place lol. I like hanging out with my friends, and hanging out with my two cats watching movies, when I get the chance I like to go bowling and to the movies when I get the chance. I love being out doors, it doesn't really matter what I am doing even if its just sitting outside on the porch.
Ashlee Zamora
Ashlynn Brookes
Ashlynn Brookes
Ashley Reeves
Ashlee Cyr
Ashley Woodard
Im 19 and a college student. I love to play softball and volleyball. Going to the beach is one on my favorite things to do. Im a easy going person and am easy to talk to.
Ashley Harris
i love gettin fucked up an gettin dirty ;P lol
well im 20 im from oklahoma. Im a single mother and proud of it! i have a daughter named Ja'Den love her to death!!, if u wanna know anything more just ask!!
Ashley Rioux
Ashley Morris
Ashley Wilkins
Ashley Hargett
i am single and lookin 4 the right guy but he has 2 b around his 20s. he also has 2 like kids cuz i have a one yr old. i like to chat wit friends and take care of my one year old daughter and look 4 mr. right. cuz all i have found is mr. wrong. i like beauty and the beast, twilight saga movies and some others. there r so many movies i like i cant remember
Ashley Moran
Ashley Patnode
Ashley Packard
Ashley C
my name is Ashley, I am 19 years old & I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. Friends & family always come first to me. I love to have fun. anything else, just ask I love racing, being with friends and family, fishing, icefishing, hunting, travelling, taking pictures, going to the movies, going on dates, and just being myself. I am not high maintence & I'm pretty easily entertained
Ashley Walker
Ashley Green
hi im down for what ever
Ashley Adkisson
Ashley Semple
Ashley Ivins
Ashley Hardy
I am a fun outgoing girl who is down to earth and laid back and love to have fun whether going out or staying at home. Love spending time with fam and friends. If you would like to know more about me feel free to hit me up, message me and i will get bk to you when i can. take care be safe and God Bless Love the outdoors. Hunting,fishing, camping. Love to spend time with my children. Love hanging out with family and friends. If you would like to know more hit me up and we can chat sometime.
Ashley Mondosa
Well my name is Ashley, I am 22 yrs old. I live in ohio. I am a single *divorced* mom to twins a boy and a girl. I work all the time and barely have time to breath with two screaming kids lol, Just Kidding actually they are very much the best kids in the world. I love to party when I can and do get wild at times haha. Ummm if you want to know more just let me know. Spending time with family *my kids*, Hanging out with friend, Movies, Listening to music of course
Ashley Williams
Ashleigh Guy
well im pretty much 6foot im natural blonde but dyed my hair. im not shy i am open minded. outgoing very trusting nd honest if u wnt to kno mre hit me up
Ashley Reardon
Ashley Choate
im engaged so watch what ya say or ill block you i love my kids and my man lookin for frends only dont ask me to take my shirt off cuz ill block you and no you cant see my a s s so dont ask.
Ashley Fourcade
Ashleigh Wallis
Ashley Inzinna
Ashley Lealao
Ashley Meeker
Ashley Redmond
Ashley Vernati
Ashley Davis
Ashley Williams
Ashley Virgen
Ashlyn Smith
Ashley Stiles
Ashley Dufresne
Okay so the names ashley i live in webster i am 22 . i just moved back here from florida lived out there for about a year.I love my family they mean the world to me . I love to hang out with my friends and have a good time. I like to do just about everything. Party , go out , get all dolled up then again what girl doesnt.I am single i just got outta a 2year realionship. So i am livin the single life love it :}. I am me and if u dont like it then i reall dont know what to tell u . Im fun to be around. I am a goof ball heheheh. I have brown redish hair brown eyes. Im 5'1 . I get along with just about everyone! Im a nice and kind person. I have 2 sisters and a brother a 2year old neice. they mean the world to me. Im down to just have a good time. Cant stand the drama and the he said she said its all bs. so if u got somethin to say then say it to me. Im a very carein person but sometimes i think im alittle to nice. I can be a bitch if u rub me the wrong way lol im a girl it happens.I cant
Ashley Mills
Ashleigh Edwards
Ashley Whittaker
hey whats up everyone? just on here for friends, its been years since ive been on this website and saw it on facebook. so id thought id join it again. soo hopefully ill run into some good people out there. im a lesbian btw so no men please! anything you wanna know, just ask. music is my soul, it gets me through everyday life. my family, friends, drag shows, bars, clubs, reading, tv, internet, dogs, cats, my car, wal-mart (i work for them)..
Ashlynn Moore
Ashley B
My name is Ashley. I'm 20 yrs old. I am all tatted up. I work for a living. My Vacays consist of being in the country or at the beach. I like meeting new people and just having fun.
Ashley Hartgrove
Ashley Thompson
Hello there my name is Ashley and Im 22 soon 2 be 23...I like going out with my friends...spending time with my family...I love the outdoors, camping, fishing, ect...Im an outgoing person...I love 2 meet new ppl...Im always up 2 do new things...I dont like when ppl talk shit...if u have something 2 say then say it 2 my face....other then that I am who I am...
Hey! I'm a single girl who works a lot but also loves to play n have fun all the time (even when I'm working haha!) I am looking to make some new friends and explore new options.. see where it leads so if you want to talk, message me! I'm also on AfterHoursFunD0ttC0mm if you want to check out more of me ( if you know what I mean lol). music, reading, sports, outdoors, comedy, dancing, singing, fitness, fashion, cars, travel, partying, concerts, casinos
Ashley Ahlgren
Ashlee Nixon
I am an expecting mother of one and i have an amazing man in my life but we have our complications and i have 2 amazing step-sons. i love to just sit and chill. my favorite place to go is the lake behind my grandparents house its my place of peace. i do want to say chris beacham i love u very much and u are the best thing that ever happend to me and i will always love u for the rest of my life
Hi!!! I'm from West Columbia, South Carolina. I am 25 yrs old. I am a licensed Nail Tech at John T. Elliott!! I'm here to meet new people and get acquainted with old friends. I am outrageous lol I just wanna have a good time and make sure everyone else is having one too. So hope you enjoy the profile! If you know me add me and leave me a message, if not I welcome new people so add me and leave me a message! lol Hope to talk to yall soon!! Swimming shopping reading watching tv listening to music talking with friends and making new ones. books- echos, blood brothers, harry potter series lucky chances series of unfortunate events what dreams may come loving jack p.s i love you cold mountain northern lights sundays at tiffanys left behind series divine evil skin deep riding the night vampire academy twilight series tears for water and heart shaped box movies- nightmare before christmas die hard white chicks the ultimate gift house on haunted hill vampire in brooklyn music and lyri
Ashley Harrell
Ashley Norbeck-canning
Ashley Cline
I am far from spectacular, perfection, divinity. I live my life as the table provides it for me. There is no other way to really explain me. When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me". I, along with so many others, is made a certain way, is complicated in a certain way. To some people I could be the most wonderful thing to grace this earth, to other people, I could be the worst thing to grace this earth. I'm not going to type up everything about me, telling you how I live or read someone's page telling me how I should live, but I will say that if you're alive you've got to flap your arms and legs, you've got to jump around a lot, for life is the very opposite of death, and therefore you must at very least think noisy and colorfully, or you're not alive. She gives him his eyes, she found them among some rubble, among some beetles He gives her her skin. He just s
Ashley Cave
Hi everyone! ! ! ! My name is Ashley & I am from Dayton, Ohio. I'm a friendly person like making new friends & meeting new people & yes I do got a boyfriend if anyone asks! lol (: I'm bisexual & If you are a perv then you best hit the bricks buddy cuz I don't put up with that type of shit and I do have a man soo yeah....if you want to know anything then just ask. css">.fcsS{} Myspace Layouts - Fantasy Myspace LayoutsMyspace Codes - Myspace Generators - Myspace Backgrounds ">
Ashley Brooks
Ashley Leuschen
Ashley Mcdonald
Ashley Bright
Ashley Lucien
Ashley Haynes
Ashley Bissel
Ashley Berni
Ashlee Saunders
Ashley Harrison
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Ashley Hoffman
Ashley Myers-bennett
Ashley Moulder
In this world, as of June 02, 1988, there was a little bundle of joy by the name of Ashley born at Parkland Hospital at 8:35am to her parents, Steven and Kimberly. As she was in the hospital, when she was just a few hours old, they found out she was born with a syndrome called Nager Syndrome, which is a very very rare condition. It may or may not be genetically derived. Major symptoms may include underdevelopment of the cheek and jaw area of the face. Down-sloping of the opening of the eyes, a smaller than normal jaw, lack or absence of the lower eyelashes, lack of development of the internal and external ear with related hearing problems and cleft palate may also occur. There may be underdevelopment or absence of the thumb, shortened forearms and poor movement in the elbow. Breathing and feeding problems may be present in infants with this syndrome. Only ninety people in the US have it. It can be genetic but no researches have confirmed that, as well as them having babies that survive
Ashley Lawson
Ashley Goos
Ashley Fiorillo
Ashley Morgan
Ashley James
Ashley Cavola
Ashley Bullock
Ashley Musick
Ashli Ligon
Ashley Nicole
I'm gonna warn you from the start, I'll take your breath away . I'm a free spirit, thats for sure. I try my best everyday to put a smile on somebodies face. I tend to believe my mind works differently than others. I have my own outlook on life. I say what my heart tells me to. I don't regret anything. What you think about me is your opinion, and I could bluntly careless. I have a few people who are always there for me, and that would be my amazing friends. I always learn my lessons the hard way. I'm almost impossible to figure out. I forgive but don't forget. Once you get to know me, I can assure you, You won't regret it.
My name is Ashley. I work out and love staying fit. Dont under estimate my strength lol. I seem to have more guy friends rather than girls. Some girls don't like me and I guess it's because they are just jealous or they just like causing drama. I guess it's no surprize I get along with guys. They either have good taste or just want to get me in the bedroom lol. Oh you men, at least you know what you want though. If you're going to ask me to see more pictures, I keep them all on my FunLocalSex.,coom profile so go there to see
Ashley Brown
Ashley Weatherspoon
Ashley Gorby
Ashley Williams
Ashley's Nails To Go
Ashley Wells
Ashley Ford
i am very out going person.. i love to hang out, movies and i love meeting people coz dat is my way of getting to know someone...
Ashley Madden
Married mother of two beautiful little girls. Love my little family that my love & I have created. Not looking for skeezes. Just conversation and a way to pass the time.
Ashlee Pierc
Ashleylindsay Lopez
Ashley Zimmerman
Ashlynn Ford
just ask me anything u want to know...all i know about me is i am very out going person and i am down for everything
Ashly Smith
Ashley Castle
My name is Ashley. I live in PA with my fiance and my son who i just recently had. he was born on nov 13th. I just turned 19 on dec 12th. want to know anything else then friend request me. i am a really nice person, i love talking to people.
Ashley A
Hey! Just to let y'all know, if I don't respond to your messages, don't take it personal, I just don't ever check them. But thanks to all the people who have sent me request in anything, and do the whole drinks and bling and everything. I appreciate it!
Ashlee Reece
Ashley Marshall
Ashley Morris
Ashley Squailia
Name's Ashley. I'm 5'4". I Rep that blue and nothing else. I love to be outdoors more than anything. I'm always looking for a good time no matter where it is. I love being around family. I love hanging out with friends. If you wanna know anything else add me and message me!!!!! Eminem Anything interesting
Ashley Williams
Ashley Eakin
Ashlee Glover
Ashley Jones
My names Ashley n I love to hangout with friends and go out and party. Im a pretty intresting person. If you would like to get to know me just holla at me.
Ashley Sims
Ashley Daugherty
Ashley Reedy
Ashleigh Mills
Ashlie Hagwood
Ashley Whitehead
My name is Ashley. I've been told I'm kinda cute. I blow out the candles every January 15th. I hate cake. I love green beans. I'm complicated, sweet, shy, and sometimes very stubborn. I'm taken. I'm going to be the best cosmetologist ever. I'm kind of sporty, I play softball and I love to be outside. Thats pretty much all you need to know. Oh and I'm a pure Arkansas Country Girl. Don't like it? I dont give a shit. ♥ Softball, Tanning, Mudding, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, and Gettin my nails done. Taylor Swift. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Soon to be Breaking Dawn, Dear John, Country Strong, The Last Song...Stuff like that =p OHHH AND "MY SISTERS KEEPER!"
Ashley Degraffinreed
Ashley Young
hey my name is ashley iam 20 year old i live in va iam single for right now iam looking for the right person that will do me good and that will not keep breaking my heart everytime so i hope on here i will have that luck i like to go out to the mall and shop and the movie and partys and just chill with friends none none
Ashley Whitehead
Ashlyn Mathis
Ashley Carr
Ashley Giberson
Ashley Renee
Ashley Marie
Ashley Peters
Ashley Troxell-sawyer
Ashley Reedy
Ashley Campbell
Ashley Davis
my name is Ashley Nicole I live in,Pleasure Ridge Park in Louisville,ky. Single i am 21 and i live with my mom and my uncle, judge me all you want,but nobody's perfect. well here is my story...i was in a car wreck when i was 11 mounths old so thats means it left me with one bad eye and one bad hand but i'm no different from anybody else and i also have brain damage but its no reason to make fun of me just take the time to get to know me first before you judge me. i don't really have a type when it comes to men,it really just depends on the guy. IF I ADD U, TAKE IT AS A GOOD THING, BECAUSE I ONLY ADD PEOPLE WHO CATCH MY EYE. i'm the type of girl who can sit at home and watch some movies in some swaets and a t-shirt and be completely happy. i'm a one man kinda woman. i'm a woman that is not all about sex.its nice when u experience it with someone u love and care for, but it aint a necessity to live. the end. Miley Cyrus
Ashley Redden
Ashley Darville
Ashley Boyer
Ashley Means
Ashley Leskowsky
Ashley Smith
Ashley Sabio
Ashliy Celine Rejuso
Ashley Baxley
Ashley Denton
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Ashley Tilton
Ashley Pate
Ashley Dillinger
Hi everyone my name is Ashley or just AJ.I am bisexual by my own choice.I m 5'2...I know short right lol...but anyways I am an ordinary girl who likes to talk,chat,hang-out,cook,cook-out,ride bikes,go for long car rides,walks on a beach,go to the movies,and anything else fun.I have heard that guys like short girls I wonder if it is true or not,I know I like short dated a short guy but the height didn't matter to me,I liked him for him and he knew that I was in love with him and I think I still am but anyways I am different I don't judge how you look or how you act I judge by your personality...and someday I am gonna be a regular girl and find the right guy/girl and be happy...but I think I found the right girl already ...but anyways back to me bio...I have never been to a party but back to what I was saying...I am originally from Akron,Ohio but I moved to Flint,MI back in July.I thought moving here would be a mistake and I was kinda right at the moment....but being here fo
Ashley Jackson
Ashley Kenyon
Ashley Alston
Ashley Sperling
I love my life. i am bisexual &+ i love it. (: I have the best boyfriend ever.
Ashley Smith
Ashley Ervin
Ashley Davis
Ashley Thomas
I'm Ashlee. 21. From Mattawan, MI. I'm 5'3''. 260lbs. I have green eyes and brown hair. I work as a clerical aide. I love my job, but it's only temporary. ): I don't have a car, hopefully by June 2011. (: I love most of my family and all of my friends. I like to watch T.V. and movies. (comedy, chick flicks and drama) Also, I love listening to music. (mostly country, but I like a little bit of everything but stuff like jazz lol) I love to play board, card, dice and video games. (: I like to go out to eat, and go to the movies. I'm looking to be in a loving committed long-term relationship, that lasts a life-time. I want to fall in love again, i miss the feeling. I love to spoil my man! If anyone wants to know more, just give me a shout. ♥ I love most of my family and all of my friends. I like to watch T.V. and movies. (comedy, chick flicks and drama) Also, I love listening to music. (mostly country, but I like a little bit of everything but stuff like jazz lol) I love to play boar
Ashley Floyd
Ashlyn Thomas
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Gregory
Ashley Diehl
Ashley Lovett Anderson
Ashley Mcclellion
Ashling Fitzgerald
Ashley Rudnick
Ashley Wright
Ashley Wayt
Ashley Mae Raz
Ashley Foster
Ashley Moody
Ashley C
im a cheerleader im sr in hs i play volleyball basketball i like to go dirtbikeing fourwheelering dirtbikeing fourwheelers partys makeing out have sex famous people coach carter fighting guns
Ashley Aka Ashlander
hi im ashley. im obviously here to make friends. im single not looking. sorry! yes im emo and no i dont care wat u think of me. and everythin else that i like is down below Likes....boys and print.skinny tees..tats ..piercings..animals...funny people..plaid..bright colors....zombies...thunderstorms...the smell of rain....classic cars....popcicles....make up...cuddling ...the straight edge meaning im drug free..i dont need drugs to have fun or to act crazy im naturally fucked up XD...many more things....dislikes..fake ppl...mountain if u hunt dont add music..tanning..animal testing...animal abuse......i can name more but dont feel like it...bands i cant live without.....bring me the horizon...senses fail.i set my friends on fire..suicide silence..attack attack..brokencyde..horrorpops.
Ashley Kainer
Ashley Dickerson
Ashley Meyers
I am proud of myself, I respects myself and others. I am aware of who I am. I neither seeks definition from the person I'm with, nor does I expect them to read my mind. I am quite capable of articulating my needs.I am hopeful. I am strong enough to make all my dreams come true. I know love, therefore I give love. I recognizes that my love has great value and must be reciprocated. If my love is taken for granted, it soon disappears. I don't live in fear of the future because of my past. Instead, I understands that my life experiences are merely lessons, meant to bring me closer to self knowledge and unconditional self love. The ideal man for me is tall because i am tall too, cute not necessary drop dead gorgeous, respects me as a woman, holds intelligent conversation, loves to argue a point not a heated argument but civilized discussion, someone that has his own opinion. He does not have to agree with me all the time that pisses me off. I like guy that has a mind of his own,and who
Ashley Whitehurst
Ashley Coggins
Ashley Haworth
Ashley Bunton
Ashley Forsyth
Ashley Helton
Ashley Roseboom
Ashley Bailey
Ashla Cordell
Ashley Alonso
Ashley Brett
Ashley Odeza
ABOUT ME: I'm sensual and romantic lady who was born to love and to be loved. I love this world and life, I appreciate people who are near me. I'm successful in my job, but I don't have the main thing in my life: love and family. I'm strong enough but need a true man who will let me to be weak. MY IDEAL MATCH:I want to find a right man who will deserve my love and care; who knows what love means; who loves children and is able to be a good husband and good father. I very appreciate partnership and respect in relations. and I like men who are able to fight for the lady's heart Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed hoop..arnold schwar. many mension titanic may 2 mension
Ashley Sparks
Ashley Stephens
Ashley S
Ashley Lux
Ashley Stevens
Ashley Ingraham
Ashley Ernst
Ashley Cusack
Ashley Schmitz
Welcome to my page! I'd like to start by saying hope you have a good time visiting my page. I'm not here to please your sexual needs,to see you NSFW, or hand out my personal web pages. If you are wanting any of those please skip my page. ~ I'm an artist at heart[drawing,sketching,photoshop] ~ I'm happily engaged ~ I'm blunt but shy and quiet. ~ Be nice, I'll be nice. Give me attitude & you'll get it in return ~ I WILL NOT take NSFW pictures for you. DO NOT ASK ~ I love attention. But I'm not an attention whore! ~ I LOVE all types of music ~ I get distracted easily
Ashley Allen
Ashley Miller
Ashlee Goldman
Ashley Mcgarry
Ashley Monicca
Ashley Clark Wanna know about me? Just Ask..... [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
Ashley None Ya
I have a Cosmetology License I am Nineteen Anything else you want to know you will need an interview I love going to local band shows I just love to hang out and have a good time. Drama is not my number one priority so if you have it im not interested. Marilyn Monroe of course AND my grandpa RIP Zack and Miri make a Porno Wonderland Dirty Love Everyones Fine War Dumb and Dumberer
Ashley Jade
Ashley Whitaker
Ashley Dickerson
hELLO, i'm ashley ,i'm 23 fairy tall, fairy slim, with a long blonde hair,blue eyes. PoLish up and shine your armour, I am a lady who swoons over gallant heroes. Wine me and dine, and don't forget to hold my seat, if you mind your manners, i just might be your dessert. I maybe shy at first, but don't fooled; just wait until the bedroom door is closed! always the serious student, i am mote than willing to learn a few new tricks -- even in bed. fortunately for you. I like to oblique and rarely says no, Partnership and tyogetherness are important to me.The expression " it takes two to taNGO '" applies to me. Cradle me gently since i'm finely turned, leaved me a note on the pillow , or caLL me just to say " i Love yOu " and i'll be your's 4ever. Don't ever to lie to me. i can forgive, but i won't forget deceit. lets chat in yahoo instant messenger and get your surprise! I like this time of the year! spring is fantastic! i can always get fresh flowers! i adore open-minded people
Ashley Walsh
Ashley Bradley
Ashleah Bishop-pawlik
Ashley White
Ashley Mitchner
Ashley Franco Sanchez
Ashley Stallins
Ashley Ervin
Ashley Heisa
Ashley Hartman
I am a loving mother of one beautiful babygirl Khambri nicole who was born feb 19th 2008 shes my life, I am also in a relationship with my babyboy Michael Warren and if you have a problem with it then screw off because aint nothing gunna change between us he makes me happy and i make him happy end of story. I have haters every where i go but it dont hold me down i just keep going living life to the fullest. I am currently trying to better my life and show everyone that i can do it and be sucessful in life. I am a family type person and no matter how much me and my family fight i love em to death and will hold it down for them same as my true friends. i have changed my life completly around so dont say oh you've changed blah blah blah because i did it to better myself as a mother. If ya like to know more feel free and ask.
Ashley Postell
Ashlee Garner
Ashley Needham
Ashley Davis
Ashley Powell
Ashley Powell
I am 19 and I will be turning 20 october 21........I am fully lesbian and looking for a girl to be with Im picky to a point to being with someone who i got stuff in common with otherwise its ackward. i love horror movies great for cuddling and ill watch other kinds but horror is a fav
Ashley Fales
Ashley Stull
Well to start off I'm Ashley I'm 20 I have a boyfriend! Which I love to death...I love to party, travel, hang out, jus chill n relax, I have 20 sum piercings, 6 or 7 tats, n currently looking for a job, n I have a chinchilla and a pit bull lab mix puppy. I love my family and friends to death and will do ne thing for them the same goes for my bf....well if u wanna know more jus ask. I love piercings,tats, and animals. I would really like to go WVU and move to WV sum day. I dont have ne idols I like to many movies to put,
Ashley Poulton
Ashley Spruill
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Pipkins
Ashlyn Rebecca
Ashley Wright
Ashley Rollins
Ashlyn Mayfare
Ashley Arnold
Ashley Crozier
Ashley Meyers
Ashley Gennaro
Ashly Fisher
Ashley Scott
Ashley Neel
Ashley Henderson
Ashley Mae
Ashlyn Garlanger
Ashley Gallegos
i am half white& half mexican. i am 5'4 have hazel eyes long brown/black hair. i have 6 tatz. i love to meet new pplz and have minded
lesbian so girls-videochat me we can have some fun
Ashley Stokely Stinecipher
Ashley Pitts
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Adams Brooking
Ashlee Gardner
Ashley Edmonds
Ashlyn Harcrow
Ashley Rutkowski
Ashley Sandlin
Ashley Fortune
I'm a single mother and here to party! anything outdoors
Ashlie Wyse
Ashley Simmons
Ashley Wolford
Ashley Wright
Ashley Scott
Ashley Little
Ashley Maestas
Ashley Callewaert
"I'm the kind of girl you can hear from miles away - the kind that if your sad its her job to make you happy ----- the kind of girl who keeps messing up' & saying "oops sorry" i trip over everything, i'm such a kluttz & i get so mad at the simplest things but im also the girl who holds everything back if y o u a s k m e w h a t s w r o n g i'll just lie & smile saying "oh nothing" ; the girl who's afraid to love, because she already lost so much" i love to run; camp; hike; swim; bike; jog; play soccer; hang out at the lake; bon fires and TRAVELING I'm a pretty down to earth girl who jus goes with the never know until you try something!
Ashley None Ur Damn Biz
My name is Ashley im 18 and im madlly in love with the man of my dreams. im not on here to fucking tlk dirty to any of u horny guys im hear to tlk to and meet new ppl thats it if u cant handle it then fuck off. i like to hang out with friends and the ones i love no middle man my mother and father HORROR movies 100%
Ashley Housh
Ashlie Mealman
Ashley M'banks
Ashley Trollope
Ashley Lauren
Ashley Hudson
Hi everyone!! Im simple woman 21 years of age,intelligent yet impulsive girl. looking a good partner to share my feelings and thoughts.I am educated, patient,confident about myself,trustworthy and unpredictable at times.I am quite a lovable lady.I have the capacity to make people laugh and also surprise them. I'm looking for someone who go along with me "somewhere down the road" to reach our dream together. Age doesnt matter with me as long as he can join me in my intimate moment. Looking funny,yet responsible and kind what is you waiting for chat me! to see the real in me Im interested in outdoor activities like hiking,kayaking,swimming..Im interested to matured men who are passionate and fun to be with..
Ashley Price
Ashley Ketter
Ashley Morgan
Ashley Moore
Ashlyn Jane Brooks
Ashley Lopez
Outqoiinq type of qiirl :] Whatever, don't bother me. Don't have any. Horror Films
Ashley Church
Ashley Nicole Yerkey
Ashley Mattingly
Ashley Mcdaniel
Ashley May
Ashley Dahdah
Ashley Ransom
Ashley N. Peacock
Ashley Wheeler
I am 22... I love metal. I love hanging out with my friends and getting tattoos and piercings. its fun. I have a thing for guys with piercings, and tattoos... mmm hot. lol I like to dance and eat chinese. i like going on car drives at night when its warm with the music blasting. I'm a zombie freak... have every zombie movie you could think of. i play video games love em. and thats me :) ZOMBIES!!!!
Ashley Ray
Ashleyanna Miletto
Ashley Hardin
Ashleigh Smoore
Ashley Shoemaker
Ashley Burke
Ashley Baulch
Ashley Webster
Ashley Williams
I'm a nerd. I love to read and also play video games. I play airsoft and can be counted as one of the boys until I walk around in a skirt, then all my guy friends look at me funny I'm in no way a party girl, but I still love to have fun I love to read. I have 400+ books on my bookshelf and I have read them all probably about three times each. My Aunt Mikki I will watch any movies, except horror movies. MY favorite movie at current would be the Boondock Saints movies.
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Ashleigh Williams
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Ashley Ross
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sylvester stallone, dolph lundgren, arnold swartzenegger, jean cleade van damme. bruce lee. action movies sci fi fantasy
Ashley Lewis
Ashlei Bazin
I am rebellious, and sweet. Depending on the mood and if someone is pissing me off. I really am kind but I'm no angel. I like to read, watch movies, mess around online, talk with friends, writing... Typical stuff. I am random at times, and I love to make people laugh. I really don't like being a grumpy person because hey! that's not me. I am the type of girl who likes to have fun with family and friends. I love to drink and my favorite drinking game is BEER PONG or I NEVER... If you want to know something about me, feel free to ask... I'm not gonna bite your ankles off or anything like that. :) My kids, Music, Movies, Reading...etc... OH you know the damn drill lol My babies... they make me happy and the person I am today. I
Ashley Totten
Ashlee Caolas
Ashley Hufford
Hello; im Ashley! 18 Years Old, I have two sisters, only one living though. Junior/ Senior, Taken, and Engaged by the bestest yet. I love to sing, draw, and be with my boyfriend. Had a rough past to do with relationships, but im getting over all that and moving on. I hate to be hated, Im a lover not a fighter, but i will fight for what i love. I plan on going to college after high school, just really undecided yet. Sing, Hang with Family and Friends, Boyfriend, computer, & texting. My Parents, Boyfriend, and Friends. Dear John, A Walk to Remember, My Sisters Keeper, All the Saw Movies, Last House on the Left, Date Movie, etc. =]
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Ashley Thompson
I'm very down to earth and laid back, honestly, I just like being free of everything and every worry. I LOVE to cruise around and listen to the radio, pick wild flowers, read, tan, camp. I deff can appreciate the small things in life, love and peace are two of the major things I crave for. I have all the love I need, and I give all the love I can. I'm just working on the peace part. I recently just got out of a year & a half relantionship so I'm just looking for guys to talk to! Nothing serious.
Ashlia Love
Ashleigh Fenderson
Ashley Conliff
Ashley Irving
Ashly Donati
My Name is Ashly and If you want to know about me the best way to do it is by asking me I don't bite Photography, art, MUSIC Bette Midler Comedies
Ashley Ambroz
in the night i wait silently in the dark my heart is wounded from where you left your mark everyday i push through the pain and be strong waiting for you to come back to where you belong the bad times we went through pushed you away but the thought of you keeps my heart at bay you mean the world to me always have since day one your love for me is withering, completely undone i will wait for eternity, just look at your arm that mark there is my love, i mean no harm im sorry for all that iv done to you all i have left to say is that i love you
Ashley Lockett
Ashley Cordle
Ashley Smith
i like everything! i like everything! family and friends! horror and comedies
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Ashley Nicole
Ashley Burdock
Ashley Pookie-babe Harris
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Ashley Wood
I have been lucky in life and now I am looking to be lucky in love. I am a fun loving lady who loves to have a good time, and fully believe that laughter is the best medicine. I enjoy a wide range of activities from your stereotypical walk on the beach to something more offbeat like painting in the park. Generally I consider myself to be very open to new experiences and will try almost anything once. Really though, I think fun comes from who you are with rather than what you are doing. I look forward to seeing what the future will bring with the right person and am optimistic that I will find someone to spend my life with. However at this time I just want to take things slow and have some fun times with a fan
Ashlee Irene Woodworth
i have the greatest bf in the world, who treats me like a queen. i have a black dog named bear who is my number one.
Ashley Myers
i am told that i am a really shy person until you get to know me, i am very much into sports and i love to hang out with friends. my favorite sports are basketball and track i am in really good shape, i am not here to just get someone to fuck i am here to have nice and general converstation and meet someone nicee 1)paint 2)draw 3)shoot hoops 4)run 5)write books 6)hang out with friends 7)listen to music 8)dance 9)sing (: mainly just the poeple in my familyy(: anything and everything(:
Ashley Sheehan
Ashley Watkins
Ashley Galeano
hello there . im ashley. 19 years young. i love to have fun. i laugh alot and never stop smiling. I have a big heart, and im nice to everyone. love to meet new people. my friends and family are my world. lifes one big party and im going to enjoy every second animals, music, traveling, friends, men, swimming, snowboarding, movies, partys
Ashley Wagner
Ashley Hall
Ashley Parke
Ashley Eubanks