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Arthu David
Arthur Cruz
Arthur Poole
Arthur Gangnon
Arthur Montague
Arthur Balta
Arthur Rosalez
Arthur Michelson
Arthorr Hemphill
Arthur Nunes
Arthur Ricks
Arthur Montgomery
Arthur Kearney
My name is also who I am, I am wiccan and proud. I will chat and be friends with anyone just no drama please and thank you. WARNING Any person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well. Wicca, Reading, Computers, Video Games, Traditional Karate. George Brett, John Elway, several of my close friends. Tombstone, and the Replacements, MASH
Arthur Lee
Arthur Bao
meeting fun loving locals who know how to have fun and roll w/ the punches life throw at them. not interested in divas. just a good old soul who deserves to be spoiled and knows how to reciprocate.
Arthur Elswic
Arthur Lewis
Arthur Dayne
Arthur James
Anything you want to know about me that I haven't already listed just ask I'm like an open book when it comes to questions. Also if you friend me and get to know me I am one of those people that you can lean on and talk to when you need someone. That's All For Now From the one and only ~Spider~ My interests............... Well let's start with movies I am a movie fanatic my favs being The Crow (the Original), The Matrix Trilogy, Enter The Dragon, A Beautiful Mind, August Rush, The Goonies, Explorers (if you don't know that one look it up), Star Wars (yes all 6 of them), Star Trek (all of them new and old), Powder (the one about the albino not anyone about snow) , and many more. Hmm....... Cuddling I like cuddling in front of a good movie or a fire and talking the night away.
Arthur Vaughn
Arthur Hoke
Arthur Robarge
Arthur Hallman
Arthur Lariviere
Arthur Murphy
Arthelia Groom
Arthur Williams
Arthur Rawding
Arthur Anyson
Arthur Millsapp
Arthur Siverling
Arthur Ocull
iam an actor and ben in alot of motion picture's and commertial's aswell this is wher u can check me out camping,swimming,walking,driveing,watching lightning, and sun set's clint eastwood very scary movie's that's my thing really
Arthur Woods Jr
My Name is Arthur, I'm 21, I live in New Bern NC, Just living life I work as a National Cemetery Groundskeeper and I'm in the Marine Corps Reserves, thats pretty much about it, I'm always bored as hell.
Arthur Morris
Arthur Hugo
Arthur Dunkel
Arthur Anderton
Arthur Cole
Arthur J Harmon Jr
Arthur Hernandez
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Hamilton Iii
Arthur Delgado
Arthea Salgado
Arthur Baleria
Arthur Claus
Arthur Singleton
Arthur Worthon
Arthur Betts
Arthur Kumer
Arthur Batten
Arthur Orcutt
Arthur Strickland
Arthur Crowley
Arthur Young
Arthur Ventura
Artha Wijayanto
Arthur Ecoffey
Arthur Ayala
Arthur Youe
Arthur Auxier
Arthur Green
Arthur Gottfried
Arthur Leonard
Arther Smith
Arthur Micek
Arthur Mckee
im single and lonly and i dont take crap from others thats whats up. reading books and surfing the net on face book and yahoo and fubar have none harry potter, death race and camalot
Arthur Ortiz
Arthur Brown
Arthur Allison
Arthur King
Arthur John
Arthur Hill
if u wanna chat male or female add me to yahoo if u have it
Arthur Ramirez
What up. Just an ordinary guy living an unordinary life. Looking to get by where I can weather its with or with out you. I'm 22 as of 6/8. I work hard to party harder. You in? Idk what were doing but let's have fun!! I just moved to orange county and don't know shit! I'm down for anything justt don't know anyone. Let's chat, chill, smoke? I'm really down to earth An hate the bull shit. Dramas wack and I rather walk away from it then deal with it. I don't sugar coat things but I'm not a dick about it either. Be real with me and let's get to know eachother. I'm done talking about myself. Let's just smoke a blunt!! 420!!! Work, chill, what ever the fuck I feel like doing! Always smoking that dank tho.
Arthur Phaneuf
Arthur Ramirez
Arthur Germain
Arthur Petrokovich
Arthur Zogar
Arthur Koroteev
Arthur Cousineau Jr.
Arthur Decosta
Arthur Tyson
Arthur Silvester
Arthur Williams
Arthur Chapelle
Arthur Kelly
Arthur Faulkner Jr.
Arthur Aboltins
Arthur Little
Arthur Kidd
Arthur Miller
Arthur Corda
Arthur Santos
I'm a relaxed guy that plays video games all day and soon for a living! Video Games, Beer, Hot Babes! I don't really have an Idol at the moment. Maybe I grew out of that phase? or maybe I just haven't found someone that inspires me to do anything. I mostly like to watch Horror films, but since there haven't been any really scary ones I will end up watching some old comedies.
Arthur Shlevin
Arthur John
Arthur Leccese
Arthur James
Arther Andrasion Alexender
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Baca
Arthur Wanamaker
Arthur Jimenez
Arthur Moore Sr.
Arthur Whitman
Arthur Gores
Arthur Whitfield
Arthur Mann
Arthur Paulino
Arthur Smith
Arthur Dhaese
Arthur Smith
Arthur Sims
Arthur Black
Arther Keller
Arthur Gove
Arthur Bible
Arthur Derry
Arthur Thomas
Arthell Strobles
Arthur Cutshall
Arthur Valcore
Arthur Pesigan
Arthurr Eskalant
Arthur Obar Jr.
Arthur Walker Jr.
Arthur Grimstead
Arthur N Lee
Aleee Aleee music... Aleee is a Singer Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer building a musical movement founded on compassion & consciousness. Aleee has an extensive range of musical influences and it's these inspirations that have helped shape one of the most original and musically inventive artists in today's music industry. Using a mix of melodic vocals, Aleeecaptures his listeners through raw emotion and annointing. His clever song structures, catchy hooks and award-winning lyrics unite himself, his audience and the backs with him to great heights. His passionate songwriting, unique guitar playing and powerful vocals work together to create a distinct type of next level a new sound in gospel music. Aleee has written 70 songs and has been playing guitar for over all of his life. Years of songwriting experience, voice training and live performances have paved the road for one of music's leading music ministry. Simply put, he makes music to make people dance with joy to help shi
Arthur Pastuszka
Arthur Bundick
Arthur Gutansky
Arthur Rader
Arthur Jones
Arthur Benevento
Arthur Smith
Arthur Latham
Arthur Livingston
Arthur Thorne
Arthur Newton
Arthur Douglassjr
Arthur Griffin
Arthur Sabio
Arthur Dear
Arthur Ng
Arthur Wiedrich
Arthur Johnson
i am a 47yr 0ld black male looking for a women from ages 30 to 50 yrs of age.i am avery dependent man who is looking for the same in a women that is very caring and that is down for her man like i would be for her.and please no schitszo's bipolar's neither. a women that is down to earth and fun to be around with and likes to work. bruce lee/michael jai white/obama/labron james. i like blood and bone/bloodline/the wolfman/the adventures.
Arthur Livingston
Arthur Bain
Hello, My name is Art; I'm currently studying video animation. Art, animation, creating. Action movies and relaxing at home. Sylvester Stallone Action
Arthur Heathcoe Jr
don't like fake people.I try to stay away from haters so i stay to myself mostly cause earth is full of them music,the sky at night,women me girls gone wild
Arthur Jackson
Arthur Farnham
Arthur Pitt
Arthelie Debebar
Arthur Bland
Arthur Pearson
Arthur Gutierrez
Arthur Ar
Arthur Earhart
Arthur Preston
Arthur Fisk
Arthur Peoples
Arthur Scharein
Arthur Colon
Arthur Bray
Arthur Lee Richardson
Arthur Montero
Arthur Torreance
Arthur Sales
I am 5/8 289lbs.i am hispanic and i am a little chubby ..I am covered up with Tattoos on 70% of my body i am going to turn 41 tomorrow.. i been in prison for the most of my life..I have Ben out for over 2 years.I attend a conunity xokkege and i am self employed.. I love to go to the movies.I go every single weekend.I love dancing.i drink very little.but when i do, I am king of the dance floor.. I am very outgoing.I believe in respect .and live by it..I am always ready to please a woman friend.I believe if you please her and with everything you have.She will please you with miracles
Arthur Blake
Arthur Carriere
Arthur T. Jones Jr.
Arthur Fritzinger
Arthur Garcia
Arthur Johnston
Arthur Schriver
i am from las vegas nevada what happens in vegas stays in vegas i am a simple man live a simpole life qwhat u se is what u get i am a star trek fan an collector my grandson breden sci fi action comedy
Arthur Adolphson
Arthur Barbine
Arthur Zultan
Arthur Strong
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Smith
Arthur Phillips
Arthur Kinary
I am interested in horseback riding,motorcycle riding,hiking,swimming,fishing and some others just ask and i will tell u. I watch all kinds of movies
Arthur Henderson
Arthur Summers
Arthur Green
Arthur Shigley
Arthur Valencia
Arthur Anderson
Arthur Roffi
Arthur Mccrimmon
Arthur R Jones
Arthur Myers
Arthur Beaulieu
Arthor Logan
Arthur Arvada
WARNING!!!!! Any institution using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members WARNING!!!!! Any institution using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well.
Arthur Mccormick
Arthur Waterbury
Arthur Escamilla
I'm ez going into WOMEN only..... I just want to find a lady who wants to be treated as such
Arthur Pessina
Arthur Johnson
I'm very active, optimistic, full of life man. My life is okay, but there is still a very important thing missing in it. I dream about having a good solid family with my special woman. I want to enjoy our life together, to share every moment. I am loving, affectionate and caring man. ask me ask me ask me
Arthur Holt
i am single ordinary guy nothing special. just looking to play I enjoy watching movies, T.V. reading, visiting new places. I am an excellent cook. vin diesel, milla jovvavich, Helen muirin, bruce willis, Vincent price, john wayne, Michele phiffer, Michele rodrigus, danny trejo. the hobbit, man of steal, fast and the furiest franchise, hello down their, hunger games, oz the great and powerful.
Arthur Paniagua
Arthur Woodall
a good ol country boy that likes working on cars fishing hunting working on cars larry the cable guy clint eastwood action and western
Arthur Sargent
Arthur Tardif
Arthur Luna
Arthur Webbs
Arthur Barton
Arthur Forsythe
Arthur Bonetti
Arthur Rothermel
Arthur Nilges
Arthur Quilty
Arthur Carter
Arthur Nalls
Arthur Ludowyke
Arthur Van Swieten
Arthur Forsythe
Arthur Hicks
Arthur Forsythe
Arthur Thomas
Arthur Debolt
Arthur Jennings
Arthur Van Spronsen
just looking for friends and have a good time have many interests listening to music, photography, movies, and trying food from other cultures love all kinds of movies except horror
Arthur Tsanaktsidis
Arthur Jesus
Arthur Bernhardt
Arthuro Leon Orozco
Arthur Prim
Arthur Hunter
Arthur Guillen
Arthur Pryor
I am an easy going outspoken person i speak what is on my mind. but am also open minded to suggetions love the outdoors love spending time with my family and friends they are important to me i enjoy music movies television good sensible conversation. among other interests is boating hiking riding a bike or horse. Fishing and camping. i have no idols I love sitting at home snuggled up and watch movies of all sorts from horror to romance.
Arthur Stroh
Arthur Shores
Arthur Davis
Arthur Stroh
Arthur Keith
Arthur Ray
Arthur Perez
Arthur Jhonny
Arthur King
Arthur Jennings
Arthur Head
Arthur Aust
Arthur Jennings
Arthur James
Arthur Williams
Arthur Lee Murphy
Arthur Ask Me
Arthur Armbruster
Arthur Lucas
Arthur Leon O
Arthur Murphy
Arthur Butler
Arthur Pullin
Arthur Espinoza Jr
Arthur Nunn
Arthur Ramsey
Arthur Scott
Arthur Bethel
Arthur Anthony
Arthur Graham
Arthur Rose
Arthur Elks Jr
Arthur Pearson
Arthur Bernal
Arthur Webb
Arthur Sandra
Art Harrison
Art Hardman
Arthur Aikens
Arthur Phillips
Arthur Chris
Arthur Desormeaux
Arthur Taylor
Arthur Jenkins
Arthur Carr
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Clemons
Arthur Steers
Arthur Segovia
Arthur John
Arthur Webb
Arthur Paniagua
Arthur Fleming
Arthur Nunn
Arthur Desoto
Arthur Shelton
Arthur Tsekoura
Arthur Bardwell
Arthur Bowles
Arthur Pfeiffer
Arthur Compton
Arthur Chapman
Arthur Ocull
Artie G
I'm Very Chill, I like To Have Fun. I Can't Stand Drama, Or Haters. I'm Not Here To B.S. Anybody, As I Don't Like To Be B.S.'d. I'm not looking for anyone or anything. Everything always seems to find me. People I wouldn't mind getting to know are very cool people that can be chill. Please No Drama, No Phsychos, and most definetly No Stalkers. I am "The Truthâ„¢". Girls, Sports, and Girls. I love Sports, all kinds College Football- USC(go trojans nat'l champs, no doubt in n e 1's mind now) UCLA(i still got california love for ya) UTEP(the underdogs of all time in my 2nd home the "EPT915") Pro Football- Greenbay Packers( with the "living Legend" Mr. Brett Favre) Minn. Vikings ("floss,boss i catch a beat runnin' like Randy Moss") Oakland Raiders( "Oak town, can't 4get Oak town, that's my block 4 sho'") Basketball-U know I got love for the Lakers,(don't worry we 'gon get back in to it, cuz Kobe didn't do it! Well maybe he did, but u know she wanted it
I am a contemporary artist, interested in street art, stencils, conceptual art and film - anything that makes you go aha, I hadn't thought of it like that before. I run the T shirt company conceptTshirts because I find that T shirts are the best contemporary artform - and one that is soooo ignored! I regard it as selling street art direct to people.
Artie Davidson
beer...metal...old games....yeah that about sums it up.
Artie Gordon
Artie Zimmer
Funny cool nice pretective his neice Hosted by Sparkle Tags Video games none any
Artia Mcdennan
Artie Campos
Artimissia Petersen
Artist Today
Just a laid back guy, try to have no stress and love life. most action movies, most comedy, and like just about anything really
Artie Clay
I Like To Hang Out with My Fam In The City Playing Videos Games ListeningTo Music And Watching wrestling i am intering in meeting new friends and fam Insane Clown Posse Twiztid Blaze Yoe Dead Homie And Wrestlers any movies that are good
Artie P
Artie Slone
I am a 32 year old stay at home mom. I have been happily married for 9 years to my wonderful husband buford. we have 8 beautiful children whom are my world.
Hey im Artie, im Bi. Lookin for a great guy to make me happy. my Myspace,, is . aim = artie572
if you want to know just ask I love to have fun meet new people. I am a guy so that means im a totall nympho well sometimes depands on the girl. I love to cook and love anything outdoors.
Artie Wischman
Artist Rhodes
Artie Hoffman
Artie Dwire
Artie Hall looking to make some new friends and have a good time!!! part time worker (not really I do work full time) and full time waterfowler!!!
Articia Galloway
Artie Hides
Artie Hasbrouck
Artie Gutierrez
Artie Disanto
Average italian.. I'm 6'4".. Don't be intimidated ladies i'm a big teddy bear.. hope to hav fun on this site n meet new people..
Okay ... Here's the deal: --- If you place me in your top 16, I'll let you have a cheap feel. But don't get carried away ! Two mins under the table during dinner and that's it. --- If you place me in your top 8, I'll let you sleep with me. You get only one night, so make the best of it. Now, before you get too excited, there will be a few rules. 1- No practicing any of that weird stuff on me before you try it with your Hubby, BF or for that matter your GF! 2- No video taping ! I don't want anyone sending my Mom a link to YouTube watching me in action ! She still thinks i'm a virgin ... 3- No slipping any blue pills in my drink. This is not going to go on all night ! I have shit to do in the morning. --- Leave two or more comments on any of my pics and you can have your way with me for a whole weekend .... AND ... If you have an IQ over 2 digits, upbeat personality and a sense of humor, You only have to send an e-mail and we'll get married ..
Artie Rodriguez
Artist Robinson
Artie Potter
i like to do a lot of things
Artie Wallander
Artie Gee
Artie Noga
Artie De Soto
Artists Unite
Artis Çervatoğlu
Artis Smythe
Artit Shah
Artie Weller
Artie Andrews
Arti Garg
Articia Allen
Artimius Lewis
Artis Bunru
Artin Babakhani
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Artilem Tenthes
Artisticdrywallnpaint Rachal
Arti Karjani
Artie Ponce
Artislife Tattooandgallery
Art Is Life Ink.ღ Home Of Paying By The Session Not By The Hour ツ ♂ ♀ ♥ ❤ ❥ 웃 유 ♡ ۵ ❣ Artist:Mike Jones/Asst.and Piercer:LadyDay Very Clean/Private atmosphere feel at home with a license Tattoo&Piercer*Celeb​rity Clients:WE BEAT ALL PRICES!!$60/UVink$60 We do accomadate Tattoo & Piercin' Parties! ~Life in a New Generation~ Art Is Life Tattoo And Gallery(Goolgle Us) Call For An Appointment (917)526-6267ღ Mike Jones and Lady Day of Art Is Life Tattoo And Gallery 2007 Has been A growing following. Supported By The Flatbush,Brooklyn Urban Community and now Spreading to the World from The U.S.Navy and Army, and Celeberties! Being A Icon In A Ruff World Of East 19th street in Flatbush,Brooklyn, Mike Jones Talent brought Hope To the Youth and Being Positive with A mentor Feel From where All People Can relate to Art.Being Able to open Pad locked minds and let minds breath with Artful impressions, as the
Artis Robinson
Artivist Ponce
Artie Shaffer
Artie Langlois
Artiste Twoface
Artie Armstrong
Artie Seifert
Artin Sam
Artis Smith
Artie Mehlfelder
Artikas Atabai
Artik Sonal
Artist Rodney Smith
Artie Troy
Artist Deloatch
Artiom Ryder
Artist Aurora
Butterflies graphics @
Artie Bartlett
Artie Alvarez
Artie Owens
Artis Allen
Artis Allen
Artie Dell
Art Jones
I love it when people send me emails, but not when those emails are asking me to look at some other guy's profile. Sorry - not into that. Please don't send me those kinds of emails. Also, please don't email me about your blogs. I'll search them out if I'm interested.
Art Joslin
Art Johnson
Art Kennard
HELLO,everyone!!!!! New at this so I hope U wont be TOO MEAN. Take it easy on this one. LOL I work 2 jobs and both of them I do love. not lieing!!! Work for a car dealership as well as a NASCAR sanctioned track in southwest virginia. ITS AWESOME!!! Relax being outside,racing of course,kids,outdoorsy things,jeeping,going out laughing at kari oki singers(funny) Thats it for now but MOOOORE TO FOLLOW
Art Lover
Art Ling
Art Labs
Art Lambus
Art Lucky
Art Ledesma